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A documentary about 17 year-old Claressa "T-Rex" Shields, the youngest woman - and one of the first - to ever box in the Olympics. Read more

Flint, MI Documentary
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A documentary about 17 year-old Claressa "T-Rex" Shields, the youngest woman - and one of the first - to ever box in the Olympics.

Flint, MI Documentary
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Thanks to each and every person who has helped us reach our minimum goal for covering our production costs. With just a few days left, we've set ourselves a stretch goal of 70k to help begin to chip away at our post-production costs which will include licensing fees for Olympic footage of Claressa's fights.  Not a cheap piece to the puzzle.  Any additional contributions will go directly to the costs associated with those licensing fees. We thank you all for your continued support and generous contributions! 


T-Rex isn't her real name.  Her real name is Claressa.  Friends and family just call her Ressa.  She's from Flint, Michigan, and next year she'll be a senior in high school.  The first day we met, it was her 17th birthday.  She had a water balloon fight and a big, yellow cake.  She carries her money around in a plastic bottle.  She wears her hair in braids (sometimes).  She takes the bus to school. She likes Twitter.  She likes boys.  She writes in her journal.  Pretty everyday for a teenager.  But this is hardly an everyday story.  Six years ago her dad took her to a local boxing gym.  She said she wanted to box.  He said, "Hell no. Boxing is a man's sport."  She ignored him.  Next month, women will box in the Olympics for the first time ever.  Claressa will be the youngest among them. And that's just where her story begins.

This last year has been anything but normal for Claressa.  She turned 17 years old.  She finished her junior year of high school.  She lived in 4 different houses. She was named "Most Outstanding Boxer" at the Olympic Trials. She flew on a plane for the first time in her life. She beat the number 1 ranked female middleweight boxer in the world.  She became a member of the USA Boxing team.  She finally moved in with her coach and his family.  In August, she'll be the youngest woman to ever box in the Olympics.  And then in September, gold medal or not, she'll be back, sitting in first period, at Northwestern High School in Flint.

It didn't take much for any of us to know that Claressa was unique.  For Sue, it only took one fight.  For Drea, it was a birthday party and a Sadie Hawkins dance.  And Zack was looking at homes for sale the moment he landed in Flint. Needless to say, Ressa is special and we knew right away that her story was worth telling.  

Everything you read about her will mention how much she has overcome to get to this point:  Growing up in Flint, broken family and being a female in a male dominated sport.  Everything you read about her will mention the incredible set-up for the Olympics.  It's the first time in 2000 years that women boxers will compete at the games and she's the youngest of all of them.  All of it is true. But that's just the surface.  Claressa is a complex, dynamic, and strong young woman with a complicated past.  For the past 6 months we have followed her around the world as she navigates both the promise and the pitfalls of her newly acquired success and celebrity. From Flint to the Olympic Games, this is Claressa's story. 









We've been shooting for six months now.  Flint.  Canada.  China.  Las Vegas. Colorado.  And London is looming.  The almighty Olympic Games!  As you can imagine, making a film on 3 continents can get expensive.  Which is why we are here.  We want to finish strong but we need your support.  

The funds we are hoping to raise will be used to cover the hard costs of our production.  Flights.  Hotels.  Visas.  Hard drives.  Sandwiches.  Steadicams. Minivans.  Cameras. Batteries.  You get the idea.  We've have about another 4-6 months to go. 

Brass tacks: We need your help!  We need support and love and if you have any, we need money.  We wouldn't be asking if we didn't believe in this project, Claressa and ourselves.  We'll take whatever you are willing to give.  And we'll be forever grateful to you for giving it!

We don't make films in bubbles, vacuums or ivory towers so we promise a steady (but not annoying) stream of words and photographs from the road. In addition to all the fine gifts/rewards/prizes that are available, most importantly, a donation of any size makes you an official member of Team T-Rex.  So feel free to make little dinosaur arms and roar like an animal.  We do it all the time...


Zackary Canepari and Drea Cooper began working together in 2009 right after Zack shot Drea's wedding and then proceeded to lose all the photos. Since then, they've produced an online series of short documentaries called "California is a place", and have directed a handful of commercial films for clients such as Apple, Toyota, Ray-Ban, Adidas and Chevrolet.  They are the proud owners of 3 fancy glass awards from film festivals you've never heard of and one that you have (Sundance!).  What else do you want to know? Drea is better at racket sports. Zack has a red beard. Neither one of them really speaks Hindi or Spanish but they sure do like to pretend...

Sue Jaye Johnson has worked in pretty much every medium there is -- radio, photography, video and sometimes all of them together in award-winning productions.  She has been following the women who are attempting to be the first ever to step into the Olympic Boxing ring for the New York Times Magazine, NPR and WNYC.  She boxed just enough to know that her best shot at the Olympics is probably in curling.  No offense to curling.  

Bianca Darville is a documentary and commercial line producer.  A film theory graduate from UC Berkeley, she has produced films and commercials for the Pearson Foundation, Apple, Toyota, Ray-Ban and Chevrolet.  She dreams of one day directing a mocumentary about professional skipping.  You'll have to ask her...  


Spread the Word.  FACEBOOK.  TWITTER.  Handwritten letter.  Morse code. Megaphone.  TELL ANYONE!  TELL EVERYONE!  And we thank you.  


Drea, Zack, Sue and Bianca


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