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"Art of the Bag" is a documentary film on the evolution of the speed bag and how it is being used in ways never imagined in the past.

"Art of the Bag" will follow the evolution of the speed bag and show that it's much more then just a boxing exercise.

More and more the speed bag is being used not only as part of the average person’s workout, but in rehabilitation centers and programs across the country. It has been proven to increase the quality of life for those with Parkinson's disease and helps build eye-hand coordination, speed and accuracy and is a great upper body workout.

I'll be talking indepth to Alan Kahn, author of "The Speed Bag Bible" about his extensive experience, insight and vision of speed bag training.

Be sure to checkout SPEED B.A.G. III

Being an indie filmmaker has both positives and the not-so-positives…

I’m lucky enough to have acquired (over the years) pretty much all the equipment I need to shoot and edit this film. This includes an HD camera, lighting and sound production gear…and a computer to put it all together.

As all indie filmmakers know, you have to fund most all of your projects personally or with the help of friends and family. BUT, it also means that you believe strongly in the project and will see it through to the end!

The funds raised here will subsidize my investment and go towards travel expenses so I can get to the heart of the story, visiting experts, trainers and rehab centers that use the speed bag in their daily routines. Help pay for the gas to drive down to Keyport, NJ and attend the SPEED B.A.G. III gathering. Sound design, music and color correction...Then there's the development of the web site for the film and duplication of the DVD's. 

If I can exceed the original funding, I'd like to look into renting a high-speed camera, for clear slow motion, to better show the coordination, timing and beauty of the combinations. Any additional funds will be used to make this film the best it can be!  ANY & ALL donations are greatly appreciated.

Everyone who pledges becomes a part of this project and can help get this film out into the world. Please choose a level of donation that works for you and receive some great perks. As a reminder of how Kickstarter works, we have until May 31st to meet our goal of $5,000. If we don’t raise this amount by then, we receive nothing, so please make a donation and share this project with anyone who might be interested.

Please visit the production blog & keep current. I’ll be posting regularly with interesting information & news about the film.

Bag on!

Joe Saba, Director/Producer
ZazaCast Films



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