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I created a full-length puzzle text adventure. (Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS.)
I created a full-length puzzle text adventure. (Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS.)
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Jason Shiga's Meanwhile is now available on Steam

Posted by Andrew Plotkin (Creator)

I know this channel has been silent for a couple of years. Sorry!

I don't have a new game to talk about. But I can announce that Meanwhile, one of my older iOS projects, has now made it to Steam. (Also Itch.IO if that's your platform.) It's now available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Meanwhile is an adaptation of the groundbreaking choose-your-path graphic novel by Jason Shiga. It's about a kid in a mad scientist's wonderland. Travel through time or wipe out humanity -- or both -- up to you!

Buy Meanwhile: Steam, Itch, iOS App Store.

If you already saw this announcement when I tweeted, blogged, and tap-danced it last week, no worries. Just making sure.


Steam release of Hadean Lands is June 20th!

Posted by Andrew Plotkin (Creator)

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Quick question about the acknowledgements list

Posted by Andrew Plotkin (Creator)
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XYZZY Awards

Posted by Andrew Plotkin (Creator)

The XYZZY Awards for best interactive fiction of 2014 have just been announced. I'm happy to say that Hadean Lands won in four categories: Best Puzzles, Best Setting, Best Implementation, and Best Use of Innovation.

The overall Best IF Game of 2014 went to 80 Days, which absolutely deserved it. It was a tightly-contested award -- Hadean Lands was in the running, along with Kevin Gold's Choice of Robots, Porpentine's standout Twine work With Those We Love Alive, and IFComp winner Hunger Daemon by Sean M. Shore.

Winners in other categories included Lynnea Glasser's Creatures Such As We, Ade McT's Fifteen Minutes, michael lutz's the uncle who works for nintendo, and a symbolically satisfying tie between Twine and Inform 7 for Best Technological Development.

Here's the full list of winners and finalists. Congrats to everybody!

Since this is my brag post, I'll also note that I'm working on a new IF game! This will not be parser-based. I've got ideas about cool things to do with a touchscreen other than typing a lot.

No other hints right now. Stay tuned for more information.

Why it takes longer than you think

Posted by Andrew Plotkin (Creator)

In case you're wondering, nobody hassled me about how long the rewards took. Apparently you folks really were in it for the game -- or to support me, which is even nicer.

However, I bet there are people out there who are working on Kickstarters. And they should be warned: it always takes longer than you think. To substantiate this, here's a timeline of Hadean Lands work that came after the game shipped.

Note that I did lot of reward design in December, but didn't order the stuff until early January. That's because I knew I would be out of town for the last week of December. I didn't want expensive parcels arriving when I was gone.

  • Oct 30: Hadean Lands goes live for sale. (I won't describe the whole monkey dance of sending out iOS gift codes. Too painful to recall.)
  • Oct 31 to Nov 3: Catching up on backers who had problems getting the game, or who sent in late Kickstarter surveys. Also general PR work -- answering emails, posting on every social network I know. 
  • Nov 5: Submit iOS app version 1.1. (Better iPhone 6 support.) 
  • Nov 7 to 10: Toronto trip for WordPlay. (File under "marketing".)
  • Nov 10: Release iOS app version 1.1. 
  • Nov 13 to 17: New York trip for Practice. (File under "networking".) 
  • Nov 30: Finalize book design; order proofs. 
  • Dec 2: Finalize postcard design; order postcards. 
  • Dec 6: Get first proofs of the book. 
  • Dec 8: Finalize map poster design; order proofs. 
  • Dec 12: Decide the books are too large. Reformat smaller, order more proofs. 
  • Dec 19: Submit iOS app version 1.2. (Save-file import and export.) 
  • Dec 25 to 31: Out of town. Not thinking about HL. 
  • Jan 1: Release iOS app version 1.2. (I didn't want to release this while I was gone, either.) 
  • Jan 2: Order books. 
  • Jan 3: Order posters. 
  • Jan 6: Look into CD pricing. 
  • Jan 11: Finalize CD design; order CDs. 
  • Jan 21: Positive Slate review! (And PocketTactics too.) Suddenly I am back in PR mode. 
  • Jan 22: Argh, half of the posters are misprinted and not usable. Contact customer support and ask for replacements. 
  • Jan 24: Post Steam Greenlight page for HL. 
  • Feb 1: The Month of Postage begins. (Assume days and days of sticking labels on things.) 
  • Feb 17: Haul books and posters to the post office. 
  • Feb 27: Haul half the CDs to the post office.
  • Mar 3: Haul the rest of the CDs to the post office. 

(In case you were wondering, the foreign postage seems to have all turned out okay. Nobody has reported a delivery with postage due.) (If you don't know what this was about, don't worry about it. Potential problem that didn't wind up occurring.)