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A bold new comics anthology that explores and celebrates the complex world beyond the categories of "gay" and "straight".
A bold new comics anthology that explores and celebrates the complex world beyond the categories of "gay" and "straight".
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Wibbly-Wobbly Sexy-Wexy!

Posted by Zan Christensen (Creator)

For those of you who missed out on the Anything That Loves Kickstarter campaign and weren't able to choose one of the Wibbly-Wobbly Sexy-Wexy t-shirts as a reward, I have some good news!

The shirts (and buttons with the same design) are now available at the Northwest Press website:

Backers, your books and shirts will start to go out in less than three weeks (!!) after I get the full shipment of books, and get home from Comic-Con, where Northwest Press will be sharing space with the kind folks at Prism Comics. (If you're going to be at Comic-Con, you can grab your rewards right then and there!)

In other news, the Polly Guo art prints have arrived and they look fabulous! These numbered prints will go out tucked into every print copy of Anything That Loves that's sent out as a reward.

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    1. Kim on

      Thank you for the sizing chart.

      I wore my shirt today and already got a compliment on it. I directed the complimentary person to, so with luck you'll make another shirt sale soon. =)

    2. Zan Christensen 11-time creator on

      Ask and ye shall receive! I've updated the product page with links to the sizing specs for both shirts:

    3. Missing avatar


      I second the request for a sizing chart :)

    4. Kim on

      Yay, I can get one of the shirts now! Is there by chance any kind of sizing chart available somewhere? I don't see one in the NWP shop.

    5. Zan Christensen 11-time creator on

      I'll export the list of backers and have it on hand at the event. If you have ID with your address on it, that would be perfect! (Not that I expect people will try to scam free copies of the book…)

    6. Elisabeth Aguilar on

      I would be interesting in picking up my rewards at Comic Con. Do I need to bring anything with me to do that?