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$1,407 pledged of $15,000 goal
$1,407 pledged of $15,000 goal

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    1. Sam Strick 2-time creator on April 10, 2017

      @Andrw and @Ian I wanted to give you some news, you'll also be seeing an update soon regarding this as well. I'm canceling this Kickstarter and launching it with a new theme and some slight design changes. I'm also going to be working with a cool PR company to get more press. I really enjoy Lizard People, but sadly the theme is alienating to a lot of folks who are less pop culture / conspiracy theory savvy. What's more important is that the game comes out in some form, and hopefully the newly launched Kickstarter will be able to accomplish that! So get ready at the end of this month for the updated version of Lizard People called "Fake News!" Also, if for some reason you're super into Lizard People and aren't interested in Fake News, contact me here and I may be able to get you a prototype copy. :)

      Thank you everyone who backed and was involved!

    2. Ian Fenn on April 9, 2017

      Sounds like you are.

      This is pretty standard for a small indie card game with a goal of 15k.

    3. Andrew Irvan on April 9, 2017

      Given the lack of comments, updates, or forward progress, are we calling this campaign dead with 20 some days still left?

    4. Barb Bliss
      on April 4, 2017

      This looks fun! I'm backer #30. Long way to go to 750 backers so let's get crackalacking.

    5. Richard Kallok on April 3, 2017

      Love the social aspect, much like Red Flags, or Slash. Should be a welcome addition to my collection.

    6. Sam Strick 2-time creator on March 31, 2017

      Believe it or not, they don't give you a discount if you buy 5 lizard masks! :D

    7. Ian Fenn on March 31, 2017

      Ha, video is great. Looks like you guys dropped some dollars at Archie McPhee. Spare no expense!

    8. Ian Fenn on March 31, 2017

      Wow, you got Project We Love right out of the gate. :D

    9. Ian Fenn on March 31, 2017

      For Cascadia!

    10. Sam Strick 2-time creator on March 31, 2017

      @Ian IT BEGINS! :O

    11. Ian Fenn on March 31, 2017

      First. Go me.