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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, August 10 2016 3:00 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $1,000,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, August 10 2016 3:00 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Missing avatar

      giuseppe on

      Hallo Guys, it's been two years i am awaiting for an alternative to the Kickstarter issue you had. Where can i buy your product or can I contribute to its realisation?

    2. Shane Nelson and Gary Nielsen

      I hope you guys will be able to move forward with this product. It is awesome!

      I would be willing to buy a prototype if available. Please advise!

      Gary Nielsen

      Gary Nielsen

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian Lindauer on


      Not sure if you're still reading comments on here, but wanted to throw out the suggestion that you create a double-sided Zafirro blade that could be used in the old fashioned single blade style razors. I funded the Rockwell Model To, and can't help but think it would be awesome with a Zafirro blade instead of a SS one.


    4. Carlos Ismael on

      For how much regular razors cost and their lack of durability. I would very much like to invest in this product. This is something we need!

    5. Calvin Lee on

      Would really like to see some movement on this project. I'm sure if we all had to pay a little more to get this project done, we would. Let's do it! =)

    6. 李奧陳 on

      Any any news?

    7. Gizmo on

      Good to hear that.

    8. Zafirro, Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi Folks,

      We had a couple of different groups get in touch with us after the campaign about investing in Zafirro. This stuff never moves as quickly as anyone would like and the hit rate is pretty low but we're continuing to explore all potential paths.

      As soon as we have any sort of substantive news I will post here and send out an update.

      Thanks as always for all the supportive comments!


    9. Missing avatar

      Marcos Vazquez on

      Wow. I was really looking forward to this product. More so then the other projects that I supported. Please don't give up. I will support it again if you start it up again. Good luck.

    10. Missing avatar


      Hi there,

      Would be nice to hear from you guys

    11. Alessandro "NeatWolf" Salvati

      My 2 cents:
      I think the marketing and the video weren't too efficient.

      I'd have liked to see a prototype in action, showing that it shaves without any problem or skin damage.

      I wanted to see close ups of the hair getting cut, even in CG.

      I backed the project but also thought:
      My skin is pretty sensitive, is it going to hurt me?
      Why people isn't backing the project? Does it sound like a luxury good?
      Why haven't they made some math comparison between shaving with a normal razor and the sapphire one?

      I hope you're gonna try again, with better press support and ads, maybe a cheaper alternative handle, and lower razor replacement cost.

      I, as a user, had the feel that there wasn't a clear idea or project on how to run a campaign since I saw it kinda improved thanks to user feedback.

      Please let us know if you're making a third campaign, I want to back this again!

      Why not to allow the pledgers choose to get a single, double, triple blade replacement blades as well?

    12. Missing avatar


      Like the idea with offering double edge sapphire blades. Anyhow what you decide, hope there will be a move ahead. Cheers

    13. Missing avatar

      Denise on

      PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP! It's a great project! There is nothing on the market compare to this! Your razor should be the best! My husband needs it badly!

    14. Chad Mason on

      I bought one but would buy two or maybe three if need be.

    15. Missing avatar

      Suvichak on

      Speaking honestly,

      I not bank this project because you told us not to do it yet. You told us to wait for next gen. And that is your mistakes (I thought)
      So i will wait until next gen come live and i will buy again.

    16. KimbaWLion

      Still hoping you find a way!

    17. Calvin Lee on

      Maybe lower the funding goal and slightly raise the price of each selling unit. Let's not waste any time, if most of the buyers who ordered one shared it to a friend or bought a second one to either keep, gift, or sell to another friend we can easily hit a slightly lowered goal. I bought 2 in the last kick starter event but more than happy to buy 3 to make this happen.

    18. Paul herman

      This a just a bump
      Some stubble
      If you will

      I believe you can still find a way

    19. 李奧陳 on

      I still want it by the end of this year ! Please don't give up!

    20. Cynthia Long-Franks

      This is an awesome idea, don't give up!!!! I know you will find a way to make this happen. Best wishes!

    21. Mark D. Manning

      Find a way to make this work. Keep pushing, keep plugging, keep promoting. Its too good of a product not to make a fortune. I'll be waiting to hear about the next step.

    22. Missing avatar

      Charles Li on

      Really sorry your campaign didn't fund.

      Any chance of partnering with luxury brand like Dovo Merkur, or independent like Harry's?

    23. Zafirro, Inc 2-time creator on

      Wow. Thank you! It's incredibly thoughtful of you guys to take time out of your busy lives to write the incredibly encouraging and supportive comments below. Very motivational. Thank you!

      It's a difficult path forward from here, but not unlike many apparently show stopping setback we've had to overcome to date.

      We'll send out an update when we have one.

      Thanks again for all the pledges and support!

      Hayden & The Zafirro Team

    24. Darkidris on

      I agree. I'd absolutely back a third attempt. You have an awesome product. Maybe an entry-level handle would be worth it. I'm sure that would pull more people in.

    25. Missing avatar

      Bill Quintrell on

      Sorry to see it fail - I backed both efforts.

      My two cents:
      - Its about the blade. I'll take a cheap handle and upgrade later as designs/holders become available. Phase 1 get the blades out there and a demand for more handle options.
      - Serious credibility faux pas to overshoot the initial goal but decide not to move forward and then ask again. Understand how it happens but still a lesson we all should learn.
      - Next time I would be open to a pre-paid subscription if that helps startup cash flow

      Good luck - I hope to be a backer again...

    26. Mohd Khairul Nashran on

      The blade looks beautiful and the idea is an amazing one. Please dont give up, I'll keep backing you

    27. Matthew Weiler on

      Don't give up... 3rd times the charm.

      Get more aggressive on Facebook and see if Gizmodo will feature your product :)

    28. Gizmo on

      It's a Damn Shame we couldn't pull it off this time!.
      But echoing others Please do try again & try to ramp up interest in social media before you release it as the hype can help us all succeed.

    29. Andi Roberts on

      Hi Hayden - Like many, I am sad to see this not reach funding a second time. Would certainly back a third. I think the product, price and place (here) are spot on, but the promotion of the kickstarter needs to be reconsidered. Twitter and so on need to be really worked to get additional traction. i think "third time lucky" will really happen.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rolf on

      Too bad, a beautiful razor and technology-wise a great idea (hopefully a big cooperation is not going to steal this idea and make a mess of it). Hopefully you an get your necessary funds to continue maybe a combination of VC money and kickstarter. Having gotten 3400 backers is not a small number to go selling! And if you move forward let us all know! Best of luck!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      Kim Seoungho

      Not good news. I waited twice. I'm still curious about Zafirro. Making successful at 3rd time, plz. Don't give up! Good luck, dreamer!

    32. Missing avatar

      Robert Gauvin on

      I wanted this to go, even put a post on Facebook about supporting the advance in technology, getting away from the Gillette hype. I have paid more for DE Razors on Kickstarter and MassDrop, now I wish I would have pledged more for this, a true "game changer" in the shaving world. If you have a go at it again or on another approach I'll back you again!

    33. James Garrigan on

      Great spirit to keep going and trying again, Don't give up on it, as many others have said in the comments and I agree, we need your product, we will back you again and probably do so with more money to get you closer to your goal, next time I'm sure we will all know to just post online, and reach out to whoever we can, where ever we can in order to get the word out about this wonderful project. I really hope we see another go at trying to achieve the $1,000,000 goal. Keep us all informed, I'll be looking =)

    34. Missing avatar

      John Tran on

      Sorry, your campaign didn't get funded. I actually didn't even know you relaunched until the other day. I'm sure many people didn't either. Third time is a charm?

    35. Roman-Jaimeson Young on

      Have you tried indiegogo......im still a strong supporter

    36. Missing avatar

      Povl Kvols on

      Dear Zafirro, really sorry your 2nd campaign had to be cancelled. We really tried, I e-mailed friends, advertised on Twitter, Google plus, wrote to a local magazine for men, but still not enough. It's a really cool product, that i would love to have and i would of course like to sponsor it again if you find another campaign, other sponsors. Best wishes, and good luck!

    37. Missing avatar

      Anthony Audino on

      It too bad, I was looking forward to getting rid of my Gillette razor! Like many others, I would have contributed at a higher level if I felt it was not going to fund. Please keep us in mind it plan another campaign.

    38. Missing avatar

      Royal Toy

      You have an amazing product idea, and I look forward to further opportunities to make this a reality! Keep us updated to that we can continue to support you and this fantastic change to the shaving industry.

    39. Missing avatar

      bob oldfather on

      My feelings too. I would pay a bit more just to get one of these things.... Don't give up please.

    40. Kibeth on

      So sad and disappointed that this didn't fund. I would also be willing to back for a higher amount in order to get this project funded. I want to see this product on the market!!

    41. Calvin Lee on

      So what price point can the zafirro be made @ $431k value? Let's still make this happen because I'm down to pay a little more to get the real product. Good luck and hope there is a solution sooner than later. Great concept!

    42. Missing avatar

      Jon Choppelas on

      It's unfortunate that we didn't reach our fundraising deadline but don't give up. A sapphire razor is vital for a contemporary shaving experience, steel razors oxidize in a bathroom environment and cut the skin. I encourage you to find alternate sources of investment funding to bring this great idea to market. We need you!

    43. Ernesto Gaeta on

      Such a shame, a beautiful product like this deserves to get funded. Hopefully the future endeavors you guys take let us know. This product will be funded one day....

    44. Will Leben on

      Such a beautiful razor. Despite this setback, heres hoping all your hard work will pay off in the end.

    45. Abir Stolov on

      Was sad to hear you didn't make your goal, I hope you'll find a way to go forward with this project, I would love to use that product.

    46. Missing avatar

      Benedikt Koenebruch on

      PLEASE do not stop! We need your product and I would love to get the razor despite us missing the $1m mark...Is there any chance to continue?

    47. Rob Bower

      I was looking forward to receiving your razor! When you discover another way to fund the project can you please email me at gr8bighunk@yahoo.com
      Thank You,

    48. Missing avatar

      Peter Cassidy on

      Sad to receive the note that this didn't fund. I am excited for the company and really want to own this razor. I will keep an eye on your website, keep at it! If the claims here are true, this is an incredible value and product that just needs to be exposed to a broader audience.

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