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Zach Williams & The Bellow are an alt-country band from Brooklyn. They are in the process of making their debut record. Please join in!
Zach Williams & The Bellow are an alt-country band from Brooklyn. They are in the process of making their debut record. Please join in!
444 backers pledged $22,873 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Good Dogg. Location: Front Porch on

      Zach and Friends,
      Give us an update. Finished? Half way? Gone to barber college? Good news? Bad news?
      Need help?

    2. Joanna F on

      Looking forward to receiving your CD!

    3. Trey Shaver on

      Any updates? Itching to the hear the album.

    4. Anthony D on

      So, when are we going to get to hear the new album?

    5. JD Malone on

      Congrats Zach and company! You deserve it.

    6. Marcos Bessa on

      This was the first project I backed. I came here throught Amy Lee from Evanescence and I'm so happy to be part of this! Can wait to hear the whole record.... loving every bit we got so far! ;)

    7. Tony Williams on

      I agree. I hope the 4k donor is from ATL. Great job. We all came together and are making a wonderful thing happen.

    8. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Goal Reached!! So happy!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jordan Reed on

      Heard you all for the first time a few months back at World Cafe Live in Philly. Been a huge fan since then. I'm looking forward to the new album! Congratulations on reaching your goal. I had no doubts that you all would! Come back to Philadelphia/Baltimore!

    10. Missing avatar

      Tommy Awesome on

      This music is totally RAD, like a BMX movie from the 80s. I like to listen to it when I work out doing martial arts in the park near trees. I cant wait for Zach to play me a song over live video chat. I want the song to be a Mariah Carey song!!

    11. Sarah Mays on

      I believe in every single one of you with all my heart

    12. Missing avatar

      Billy V on

      Wow, great day for the project. Kudos to all who are supporting Zach & The Bellow. I'm also hoping that whomever did the $4,000 pledge lives in my area...

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian Steck on

      Play on, my friends! Play on!

    14. Joseph Dindinger on

      It'll happen! This is so exciting, never backed a project before, but I love the music.

    15. Missing avatar

      Debbie Kleinberg on

      Zach: Our son Robbie told us about your project and now you have fans in Florida. Good luck with your album!
      Debra Kleinberg

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthew Scheuneman on

      Emily and I are pumped about your album!! She says Hi! (She used to be Emily Mouyeos for reference ;) )

    17. Missing avatar

      Billy V on

      Well done Zach, almost to a full 50%. I put the word out as much as I can and I'm crossing my fingers some big donations/backers come along soon.

    18. JD Malone on

      Zach: My offer stands now more than ever. When you're ready - you've got a label with all the distribution you'll ever need and a believer in me. Amazing stuff!

    19. David Cameo on

      I'll never forget how you tossed me your album, free of charge, when I ran up to you to tell you how you'd simply left a few of them on one of Bar4's coffee tables. I was totally willing to pay for one, too! This, after I had only caught the last bit of your show when I stumbled in. But it's not the kindness that hooked me, it was the music; it's rare to hear a great musical act with vocal chops, like yours!

      MUCH SUCCESS!! ...I'll be watching~

    20. Nathan Clarke on

      I love what I heard at Q. It might be nice to include some samples (even links to "Story Time" - which I know isn't Bellow). Give the non-initiated a taste of what's to come.

    21. Zach Williams & The Bellow Creator on

      Dear Backers, You guys have inspired us so much! Thank you for your help and your kind words. I cannot wait for you to hear this music! I just got the first two mixes back! One is a song called "losing you slowly". Here is a video of us singing it way back when we first wrote it...… stay tuned.. we are in the process of releasing the first update with a video from what we are doing right now with the record! Please contenue to tell your buddies about our campaign. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    22. Dan Donehey on

      Stoked to see this album come together and have y'all down here in VA for a live concert!

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark Paul on

      I am so excited for this album! I've never seen you live...wish I had $4000 to get you to come play near me! Haha!

    24. Robbie Klein on

      zach this is fantastic man! i cant wait to hear this and be a part of the experience when i move to the city in the fall. talk to you soon!

    25. Joe Herzberg on

      Do it man! Can't wait to hear the new tunes. Story Time has been rocking me.

    26. Tony Williams on

      I know of 4 of the songs included and they are riveting, life changing and challenges the soul. Can't wait to hear the final cut.