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Zach Williams & The Bellow are an alt-country band from Brooklyn. They are in the process of making their debut record. Please join in!

The process of making music—of making anything at all—is a risk. It is a risk because it forces us to look far deeper than we are comfortable with, down past the blood and the bone, into the heart and ask “Do I truly believe in what I am doing? Do I believe in the stories and the moments we are hoping to capture by making this record? Do I believe in the power of community to tell those stories in an accessible way?”

Yes. I believe.

The risk we are taking is real, and we know it. Weʼve already begun this project. Weʼve put our voices, our hands and our minds to work, without any assurance that we will have the money necessary to continue.Itʼs scary and exhilarating and not unlike the way I felt five years ago, when I first stepped on to a tiny stage late at night to share the first songs Iʼd ever written with people Iʼd never met. Iʼd just moved to NYC, leaving behind the comfort of certainty and a plan. It was a risk. And that night, I knew it was worth it, regardless of the outcome.

And here I am again.

There is no certainty. But there is hope. It comes from singing songs and writing music here, in this beautiful city, with truly talented musicians who have become family. It comes from the joy I see on their faces when we know weʼve captured “thunder in a shoebox.” It comes from you, the audience, when you sing the words back to us, louder and stronger than we sent them out from the stage. It comes from the quiet whisper after a show when someone shares how the words, the music, the experience of being in a crowded room with others who felt the same, moved them deeply.And we have hope that youʼll join this incredible journey already in progress, whether youʼve been a long-time supporter of this music or are just discovering it for the first time.

Our goal of raising $20,000 will cover the “hard costs” of making a record.

This includes things like equipment rental, engineering, and producing, and is roughly 1/4 of the actual need. If we are able to raise above and beyond our goal, that money will go toward promotion and touring to get the music out there.Iʼve decided to use Kickstarter to do it because it creates an opportunity for a group of people to create something they believe in, together. I will do all I can to keep you posted on how things are going. Iʼd also love to hear about what parts of this process are intriguing to you. Send me your stories, your questions, and your thoughts. Iʼd be honored to hear what you have to say.Thank you for believing in me, and in us. Most of all, thank you for believing in the music. Together, weʼre going to create something worthwhile.


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