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If Hillary is playing the woman card, this is the deck she's using.  || You all funded us! Thank you. Decks will ship this summer!
You all made this possible. Thank you.
You all made this possible. Thank you.
3,918 backers pledged $150,003 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Licia - so happy to hear that!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    2. Licia Owolo on

      Just gave my daughters their deck of cards for Christmas. They loved them as did their Grandmother watching them open it. The deck is just beautiful, from the case to the artwork on the cards. A really fantastic and great unique gift, so glad I got them in time. My college going daughter has posted it to twitter and there's already inquiries on where to get them. Thanks so much!!

    3. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Licia - That's because you never filled out our Backerkit information to get your cards! I'll shoot you a message in a moment.

    4. Licia Owolo on

      I haven't received my cards. Totally forgot about it, but was on here supporting another kickstarter campaign and realized this never came through. Please advise. Thanks

    5. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Maureen - Thanks for reaching out. It looks like, on my end, that you did complete your survey and that your order has in fact shipped. Send me an email with your information at and I'll connect you directly to our shipping team!

    6. Maureen Kushmore

      Hi Zach-
      I haven't received anything either. And tried to confirm my survey few times and couldn't get email to come through. Help?! Thanks. Maureen (mo)

    7. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Sue - will shoot you a quick email!

    8. Missing avatar

      Sue Protheroe on

      Hi, Zach. Same question as Bob. Haven't received cards & print or an email from the shipper. Any updated news from Blackbox?

    9. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Bob - Looking on our backend through our shipping team-- it appears that your shipping label *has* been printed, so if it isn't in the mail already, I expect it will be first thing tomorrow morning! You may have already received an email from our shipping team, Blackbox, which is handling our shipping, with your tracking number and an expected delivery date. If you haven't, you'll receive it when your package is in the mail!

    10. Bob Bieber on

      Just following up on my email of 8/17 regarding my order. As I can see by the thread, it appears that all remaining orders should have shipped by COB today (8/26) and we should have received shipping details in email. I have not received any email confirmation from the shipper. Can you confirm that all remaining orders have shipped?

    11. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Justine @Kiersten - yes there are! Coming at you soon. The short version is that packages are shipping and they are on their way! The last of them should be out the door by COB today.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kiersten Pinard on

      Hey there! Any shipping updates?

    13. Missing avatar

      Justine Heilner on

      Hi Zach! Any news on the shipment? Was hoping to give some of these away for birthdays coming up in a couple days. Thank you!

    14. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Angela - sending you an email right now and we'll get your second deck shipped out right away!

    15. Angela Garner on

      I too ordered two decks but have only received one...

    16. Thomas Hill

      Came to see what is going on with my order and the comments answer my question. Look forward to receiving my cards soon.

    17. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Molly - I'm really sorry for the delays. Needless to say, we've learned a lot along the way and the hiccups with the posters were certainly not intended or expected. It's something that we've learned from this time, but I know that doesn't change the frustration about this experience. I have been told by our shipping company that the remaining Kickstarter orders are going out today and tomorrow. If you email us at I'm happy to provide more information.,

    18. Missing avatar

      Molly Broder on

      Friends of mine have their cards and i don't have mine even though I contributed before them. I was planning on giving them as gifts, in particular, one this week! What is the hold up? If it is the posters, I am sorry I ordered them.
      By now the momentum is lost.
      Please give me an update.

    19. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Jason - great to hear from you! They'll be on their way very soon!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jason Jacobson on

      Hey Zach! I hope all is well! Just checking to see if we should have received our decks (5) and print by now. Arizona is hot but we're loving the change! ~Jason

    21. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Sarah - Hi! I'll shoot you an email to see what we can do!

    22. Missing avatar

      Sarah on

      Hi - I recently moved - how do I change the address to which the decks are being sent?

    23. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Byeul - so glad to hear you like the deck! And I'll email you right away to track down that missing deck.

    24. Byeul Chun on

      Just received the deck. Everything is perfect, right down to the casing. Thanks for leading this project. But there seems to be a problem though...I ordered two decks, and still got only one. can you check on that, and let me know what happened?

    25. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @cardistry sending you a message right now!

    26. Missing avatar



      I still have not received anything yet - are they still being sent out?

    27. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @ Susan- just sent you a message so we can get this figured out!

    28. Missing avatar

      Susan Mellecker on

      Oops just noticed the typo in my message so it didn't make sense! What I meant to say was I backed your project and have not received mine??


    29. Missing avatar

      Susan Mellecker on

      Hi, I just saw on Facebook that Prairie Lights has sold out of their Woman Card[s] but I haven't backed your project and have not received mine?? I filled out the survey. I am a little offended that you retailed these before you made sure your backers had theirs!


    30. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @ Min-gyrong - Hi there! I just looked up your records in BackerKit and it looks like we still need you to fill out our survey. I'll send you an email with everything you need to get your decks headed your way!

    31. Missing avatar

      Min-gyrong Kim on

      When does the Woman Cards shipped to South Korea? Just checked that it's delivered and I haven't received it yet. Excited to be one of eleven backer from Korea and can't wait to play poker with my fellow feminists

    32. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @michelle - Thank you!! So glad you like them.

    33. Missing avatar


      Excellent!! Ellen and Betty as the jokers...perfect!

    34. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Chris - Thank you so much!

    35. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Linda - Thank you!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Chris Ernt on

      thanks are in order to both whals siblings. these turned out GREAT.

    37. Linda Li on

      Just got mine in the mail. It's absolutely beautiful!

    38. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Madeline - Thank you so much!! I'll be sure to pass that along to my sister. :-)

    39. Madeline Belfonte on

      Just opened these... gorgeous! Love everything about them. Very well made well done!

    40. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Arthur - Very glad that they made it!! Thank you so much for backing the project!

    41. Missing avatar

      Arthur Wilson

      Mine arrived today. Thank you very much.

    42. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Janet - Thank you so much! Go Hawks!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Janet Esser on

      My box finally arrived this week and the cards are beyond beautiful! And the box they came in was a lovely surprise! Congratulations to the artist and to all of you!
      Janet (Phd. UCLA but BFA U of Iowa!!!!—and in 1951 it was an outstanding art program—as it continues to be!)

    44. Zach Wahls Creator on

      Lee - Thank you! We take enormous pride in the end result, and I'm so glad to hear the gift was well-received!

    45. Lee Lehto on

      My two decks of cards arrived here in Maine on Saturday. My daughter-in-law was here and celebrating her birthday so one deck was a great spontaneous gift. They are wonderful and I appreciate all the care that you took with all of the details: the box,etc. Thank you.

    46. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Jenny - Thank you so much!!!

    47. Jenny Lavallee on

      I got my cards and called my Mom to brag about them, she has banned me from posting them online as she is now buying them for various family members, they are awesome!

    48. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @jodi -- I'm so glad to hear that you like the cards! That's so strange about the postage. Thank you for bringing to our attention. I've flagged that for our fulfilment company--our apologies! Please send us an email at and we'll get you taken care of.

    49. Missing avatar

      jodi rosenberry

      The cards arrived yesterday...very nice. Only problem is it arrived with postage due. Label covered up to 8 ounces but the post office weighed it at 9.2 ounces. Not a big deal, just wanted to let you know for future shipments.

    50. Zach Wahls Creator on

      @Sara thank you so much!!

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