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Emerging Voices Project - music for voice and sax's video poster

Elisabeth Halliday and Zach Herchen will commission, perform, and record music for voice and saxophone. Read more

New York, NY Jazz
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This project was successfully funded on January 31, 2011.

Elisabeth Halliday and Zach Herchen will commission, perform, and record music for voice and saxophone.

New York, NY Jazz
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Rehearsing, Recording, and Music Written!

Greetings EVP supporters,

It's time to break radio silence! We have been hard at work the last two months and now it is high time for an update:

Coaching With Lori Laitman - We traveled to Potomac, MD in April to work with composer Lori Laitman on her piece I Never Saw Another Butterfly.  Elisabeth and I first performed her piece 7 years ago and it was awesome to finally meet her in person!

Recording Has Started - Through March we made test recordings and started to official recording!  Up next is rehearsing and recording Adam Knauss' new work during May.

Music In Hand - Our original three commissioned composers have finished writing and we now have all the music for our CD in hand!  The new pieces are Adam Knauss' Portrait, Kathleen Bader's Two Songs for the Sounds Outside, and George Lam/Benjamin Rogers' The Person In The Room Wishes To Be Left Alone. Detailed info will be shared on our blog as we record each piece.

Guggenheim Fellowship for Amy Beth Kirsten - Congratulations to our fourth composer Amy Beth Kirsten who was named a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow in April. Amy joined our project through your generous support and is writing us a piece to be completed in the Fall.

Tour Plans - We are narrowing down CD tour dates!  As soon as things are official we will announce the dates/locations.

Custom Songs - For those of you awarded custom songs, we are working on them!  You will be sent your song as soon as it's ready.

Finally, thanks for your support.  Attached are pictures from recent activities.  We don't want to spam you with updates, so if you would like more regular news check out our blog:

-E and Z

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