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Young Voices Nation is writing a book on how to make organizing more effective through the use of Arts & Culture.

Share A Story…Save the world

Young Voices Nation is collaborating with Kickstarter to conduct an experiment in community-funded publishing.

Kickstarter is all or nothing: If we cannot secure at least $1,000 in pre-orders by May 31st, printing will not go ahead and you will not be charged.

The Book

My name is Terry Marshall, Founder and Lead Practitioner of Young Voices Nation, a creative engagement agency. For the past 16 years I have been involved and developed my own forms of creative activism. From blockading streets at the WTO protests in Seattle 1999 to helping put together the 1st Hip Hop Solar Powered Show at the United States Social Forum 2007 I have found creativity, imagination and the use of culture to be the most effective way to make (social) change.

It is this reason, along with a friend saying, “hey, you talk a lot and have a lot of stories…you should write a book”, that I am diving into this venture. The purpose of the book will be to share the stories, show the examples and shine a light on this emergent field of “Creative Activism/Cultural Organizing” so others may see the process of how it makes regular organizing more effective.

Along the way I have met others who are walking this path of combining culture and organizing. I am assembling them to showcase their stories in the book. Here is a glance at this all-star cast:

  • David Lloyd: Co-creator of the V for Vendetta comic book
  • Anasa Troutman: Founder of the Art is Change Network
  • Professor Stephen Duncombe: Author of “Dreams, Progressive politics in the age of Fantasy”
  • Martha Diaz: Founder of the Hip Hop Association

This is just a slice of who is in it.

We will raise $1000 to self publish the first run of the book (the name of which we are holding ransom until you help us reach our goal).By pre-ordering on this Kickstarter page you are giving us invaluable support to continue pushing forward on this project.

As we said above, this is all or nothing. If we don't receive the minimum $1,000 in pledges by May 31st, the project doesn't happen and you aren't charged.


By contributing, you take an active part in the publishing process and help define the trajectory of Creative Activism/Cultural Organizing. Also Young Voices Nation is a start up so this will go a long way in helping us fulfill our mission.

And please help spread the word on Twitter and Facebook using this URL:

To support YVN in other ways check out our beta site:, host an YVN workshop, or volunteer.

Thank you in advance for your support.


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