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WeTagBy WeTag
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pledged of $25,000pledged of $25,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter almost 5 years ago

A Thank You Letter from WeTag General Manager

Posted by WeTag (Creator)

Dear "iFinders",

My name is Dr. Paul McArthur - one of the co-founders of WeTag, and the General Manager. On behalf of the WeTag team, I want to truly thank every single one of you who has supported us and been very patient while we finish the roll out process of the product iFind.

As we hit $500K just now, we will of course implement the stretch goal. A new video will be coming soon. In the case of product development we have a very precise timeline to achieve our fulfillment delivery dates.

Some people have wondered why I do not have a robust presence online. Well, unfortunately, my identity was once stolen. And when that happens, you think twice about posting anything online. I have not even created a LinkedIn profile. So, let me tell you a bit about myself here.

Currently I am working out of Plano, TX. I have been involved in this industry since 1984. After I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Microprocessor Design, I continued my education and obtained my two graduate degrees while I was also working full time as a senior RF design engineer in MRI, at the ripe old age of 28. My Ph.D. also included bipolar IC design at that point, but was more system level, concentrating on RF interactions with the body from consumer product sources. My other degree was medical.

My career path has taken me through some of the best companies in the industry such as Freescale, Philips, Olympus and more. During that time I learned the value of how to take a product from feasibility to mass production. That includes medical devices, consumer products, and Integrated Circuit design. Although a diverse set of skills, it covered all of the aspects of releasing qualified products. I know that all of the real engineers will understand.

I learned a lot of lessons in how to be successful and how to stay ahead of the curve by keeping inventions and product development within the confines of the organization. As much as we would like to divulge the technology, we cannot do so at this time. With patents pending, and confidentiality agreements in various licensing situations, we are in a position to reveal only the items that our legal team advises. We know this has frustrated some of our backers. However, our intention has not been and never will be to hide, lie, cover up, or mislead our customers and the public.

We are so excited that the majority of our backers have been kind, courteous, and most of all generous. We appreciate you and look forward to the exciting months ahead as we begin to prepare for shipping in October.

For those of you who want to communicate directly with me, please contact me through email: We want our last 10 days on Kickstarter to be a good experience for everyone. I will go through each and every one of them and address legitimate, real concerns.


Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter and comments are closed on project updates. For more on project suspension, please see our FAQ.

    1. Sam Beckett on

      con·fi·dence man
      old-fashioned term for con man.

    2. Jesse Noland on

      I can't wait to see you prove everyone here wrong and it's never too late to convince us that you are for real so make it happen!

    3. DrTune on

      Dear Dr. Paul,
      It's been a while since this project lauunched and yet after multiple requests we still have...
      a) photos (or videos) of a prototype, a PCB, development hardware, a lab, necessary lab equipment, any team members, the routers you say you tested with, your test environments, any devkits, components, or an app that isn't obviously 'simulated'.
      b) answers to questions such as "the 10dBm input signal you based your technical updates #1 on is impossible to receive at distances greater than a few milimeters in ideal conditions from an FCC approved home router", "the routers you state you tested in update 2 output a maximum of 1/3rd the signal strength you say you actually measured", "using your figures but a realistic (and highly favorable) 2.4Ghz RF field strength, the charge time for your device appears to be roughly 1000 times longer than you stated"
      c) third party verification of your unique and unprecedented energy harvesting figures which according to calculations by at least two third parties (which you have doubtless seen but not challenged nor provided explanations for) appear impossible.
      d) proof of any sort that you have constructed a device that is real, functions as stated or is anything but a nice idea.
      e) demonstration (even on your own terms) of even an externally powered BTLE tag, which would indicate you have overcome the more mundane challenges facing all tracking tag manufacturers, including range (you claim 200ft) and usefully loud beeper volume.
      e) adjustment to your published schedule which claims to have flex circuit, housing and packaging production completed in one week from now. Your schedule shows you entering mass device production in 3-4 weeks from now and shipping completed devices to backers in approximately 9 weeks from today. It would be prudent to either adjust the dates or demonstrate suitable progress towards those goals at this point.
      If you could also let us know by name which of your team members have been perfoming which duties (e.g. answering replies on this thread, doing hand-on engineering work) that would be good.
      I am curious to know which of your four listed team-members have actually held and tested a working iFind tag prototype that operates without batteries and acquires its operational power entirely from harvested RF energy.

    4. Michael Lee

      @sorphin, as long as we're backers, we can be notified of updates and contribute to the ongoing discussion concerning the legitimacy of this product. We can also decided whether or not to pull our support before the end of the funding period.

      Lastly, even if we don't cancel our pledges, we can still be concerned about the ability of this company to deliver on its promises.

    5. Michael Lee

      It's a shame you had your identity stolen, but the fact of the matter is that you're now the founder of a company that's making amazing claims. In the midst of all this uncertainty about your company and its claims, the best thing to do is to be open and transparent with your impressive background, including making a thorough Linked-in profile so your former colleagues can vouch for your experience and accomplishments.

      I propose that you chose the wrong path after your stolen ID incident. When you are public about who you are, it is easy for others to verify whether you are in fact "you." The more you hide the details about yourself, the easier it is for identity thieves and scammers to fabricate a past for you. In fact, some backers here are wondering if you are in fact such a scammer, as details about your life are in such short supply.

      You said that you would address legitimate, real concerns. The legitimacy of your company, your product, and yourself should count high among that list. Will you address this concern?

    6. sorphin on

      @Nick Jenkins Then why is it exactly that you're backing it then?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jian H on

      Thanks for the self introduction. Could you kindly confirm that you are not one of the inventors listed in the US patent for Article Locator System?…

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      "As much as we would like to divulge the technology, we cannot do so at this time."

      The questions asked of your team were only related to what pertains to a 'typical environment' the iFind would be used and usable in, and also to help verify it's a real project. There has been no clear answers and most answers have been incorrect or evasive.

      There's a good chance, if the pledgers are lucky, after the KS ends...
      1. Update: technology not possible yet. Going to switch to using battery.
      2. New product.

    10. DrTune on

      "I know that all of the real engineers will understand." Understand what? Real engineers understand real evidence, real measurements.
      We know what a real PCB looks like, what a graph of real measured data looks like (glitches and all), we can read datasheets, look up FCC numbers, calculate power consumption, understand energy storage in batteries and supercaps, we know what's required for mass production.
      Real engineers are unimpressed by smooth talk and no facts, especially when the countdown is ticking to payday. Please be real with us.

    11. Justin Mitchell on


      Where did you graduate from? That would be helpful in verifying information

    12. Jeffrey Price on

      Please read the comment posted by Sarah:

      For people new to the comments section here, this is for you.

      When I originally pledged, I thought the users commenting were just bullying the creator for more information. After spending a few weeks reading the posts everyday, it's pretty clear that every negative commenter has been 100% justified in their criticism of this project.

      1) The reports the team has posted are using numbers that aren't really possible. (that's the talk about the wifi routers, etc)
      2) There's no mention of the shake-to-find-your-phone feature they advertize.
      3) No videos of a working prototype. That little clip in the video they show isn't real. You can see on the top of the iPhone screen that the Bluetooth system is off, which you would definitely need to have on to pair a Bluetooth device.
      4) The dimensions they give are too small to house the surface area an antenna would need to pick up all the EM's they claim.
      5) At the very, very least the iFind will have to be "recharged" by placing it next to a strong wifi signal once a week or month. In retrospect, this would be fine. Yet WeTag has not brought this up when asked.
      6) The transparency is completely non-existent.
      7) As Mr Bungle pointed out, Apple will not allow apps to "rope" at 5 second intervals. It must be less than 2, which makes the 2nd report even more suspect.
      8) All "testing" has been done themselves.
      9) Their company address is some guys house. Who knows if the house belongs to any of them.

      Am I missing anything? I might just copy/paste this in here every 12 hours. If they ever clear up or answer any of these points, I'll take them off. More likely though, I'll just add more points to the list.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      Backers should read the main comments section for this project, outside of just this update.

      There is valid concerns posted by numerous backers about this project and whether it really exists outside of just pictures and tech reports without much substances or facts. There has been no real evidence that this project is real and requests for details (outside of their self created reports) have not been provided. Details that they have provided has been proven to be wrong. (Your money and your own risk, but do yourself a favor and do some due diligence.)

    14. Warren Coakley on

      Yes anyone can do this infairness. He certainly doesn't come across as sincere. Someone stole his identify? How ironic.

    15. Missing avatar

      Brandon Zylstra on

      This really sounds fake.

    16. Steven Stangle on

      Where did you get your degrees from?