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$546,852 pledged of $25,000 goal
By WeTag
$546,852 pledged of $25,000 goal

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A Thank You Letter from WeTag General Manager


Dear "iFinders",

My name is Dr. Paul McArthur - one of the co-founders of WeTag, and the General Manager. On behalf of the WeTag team, I want to truly thank every single one of you who has supported us and been very patient while we finish the roll out process of the product iFind.

As we hit $500K just now, we will of course implement the stretch goal. A new video will be coming soon. In the case of product development we have a very precise timeline to achieve our fulfillment delivery dates.

Some people have wondered why I do not have a robust presence online. Well, unfortunately, my identity was once stolen. And when that happens, you think twice about posting anything online. I have not even created a LinkedIn profile. So, let me tell you a bit about myself here.

Currently I am working out of Plano, TX. I have been involved in this industry since 1984. After I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Microprocessor Design, I continued my education and obtained my two graduate degrees while I was also working full time as a senior RF design engineer in MRI, at the ripe old age of 28. My Ph.D. also included bipolar IC design at that point, but was more system level, concentrating on RF interactions with the body from consumer product sources. My other degree was medical.

My career path has taken me through some of the best companies in the industry such as Freescale, Philips, Olympus and more. During that time I learned the value of how to take a product from feasibility to mass production. That includes medical devices, consumer products, and Integrated Circuit design. Although a diverse set of skills, it covered all of the aspects of releasing qualified products. I know that all of the real engineers will understand.

I learned a lot of lessons in how to be successful and how to stay ahead of the curve by keeping inventions and product development within the confines of the organization. As much as we would like to divulge the technology, we cannot do so at this time. With patents pending, and confidentiality agreements in various licensing situations, we are in a position to reveal only the items that our legal team advises. We know this has frustrated some of our backers. However, our intention has not been and never will be to hide, lie, cover up, or mislead our customers and the public.

We are so excited that the majority of our backers have been kind, courteous, and most of all generous. We appreciate you and look forward to the exciting months ahead as we begin to prepare for shipping in October.

For those of you who want to communicate directly with me, please contact me through email: paul@wetaginc.com. We want our last 10 days on Kickstarter to be a good experience for everyone. I will go through each and every one of them and address legitimate, real concerns.

The 500k goal has been reached!


Good afternoon "iFinders"

Great news did come with a new, refreshing morning: we have reached our $500K stretch goal!

One of the results that is part of this, was the "last seen GPS" function and will now be available in the coming iFind APP. The APP will automatically remember the last seen GPS location of each of your tags. It serves as a great reminder when you have no clue where a tagged item could be lost. Using this new function with "Rope" will make iFind an even more powerful anti-lost and anti-theft tool.

That is not all. With you backers' generous supports, we want to make our technique more prevailing. We will include a software development kit (SDK) release in our future plans.

Thank you again to all our backers. We could have not achieved this without your support so far.

WeTag Inc

Technical Report II


Good Evening "iFinders", 

Here is our second technical report. This covers some of the testing conditions that we have performed on the harvesting circuits.

Hopefully this will answer some of your questions about different environments.

Thank you again for all of your support.

WeTag Inc.

Thank You for the Support


Good morning "iFinders"

Thank you so much for the support in reaching $400,000.

We appreciate all of you.

WeTag Inc.

$300K Reached!


Good afternoon "iFinders”

We just reached $300K last night. Again, we couldn't have achieved this without your support. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you amazing people.

In the meanwhile, we are checking with the manufacturer whether Day Glo, translucent and phosphorescent ”iFind” will be available. If that is found to be a fit with the process, we will put them as a new stretch goal later.

Wish you a great day!

WeTag Inc