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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Awesome can't wait!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael LeBrun-Turgeon on

      keep up the good work guys and thx again to make a dream come true !!!

    3. Brandon Gibbs on

      Alright people! Keep up the good work

    4. Enrico C

      I love this game, looking forward to it after the Tokyo Olympics!

    5. Stan on

      It's good to see that things are coming along nicely, keep it up! And wow, that Brianna girl is super cute!<3

    6. Nadim Alam on

      Great, happy you are doing it with English voices and English subtitles, don’t really care about the jap dub. I’ll be playing it in English like the original games 😊

    7. Adam on

      Yep, you can read it yourself in update #85 :) If only this was the norm with PC gaming.

    8. Bowl0l on

      Is that true? Can I have the source?
      Now I feel stupid for opening another KS account to get a physical copy just to get a coaster..

    9. Adam on

      @Mathieu Nogaret
      They did actually confirm the physical pc-version will have all the data necessary to play the game on disc. You will only be required to authenticate it on steam.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Nogaret on

      I won't play with the English dub, and if there is no Japanese, I won't play the game at all. I'm already disappointed not to get a PC Physical Copy as promise... If I know it would be a Steam key in a box, I wouldn't have backed...

    11. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      edit - can not can't

    12. Missing avatar

      Stuart on


      thanks for listing that. really good to know :) happy days indeed. can't stop stressing and get on with my other first world problems now.

      thanks again for taking the time to share.

    13. Bowl0l on

      @Davis Bailey,
      Please ignore my message.
      Actually wanted to share the info with Stuart

      Please read my previous comment.

    14. Bowl0l on

      @Davis Bailey,
      Contact the creator through KS message.
      This is their reply to me:

      Dear xxx,

      Thank you very much for your message.

      We are accutely aware of region discrepencies that may arise.

      A final confirmation method has not yet been established, but we can assure you that one will be implemented. Once we have finalized a region confirmation method, there will be an announcement made in the Kickstarter updates and at

      We please ask for your patience in the meantime.

      Best Regards,
      Oscar & the Shenmue III Team

    15. Davis Bailey on

      Hope you guys blow all the nay-sayers out of the water. Looking forward to more in the coming months.

    16. Amy on

      So great to hear how everything is progressing, it looks like the English crew are having a lot of fun here too :) Looking forward to the finished game!

    17. TURTLES on

      Very very dissapointment. No gameplay and still running around the confrontation. This is either gonna be a game novel or a telltale game. Mark my words. 2 mil or 7 mil. They planned to make the game just like it was 2 mil. U cant fool me. Not to forget they said that cgi was getting a repolish and it looks like dirt somewhat of a dumpster fire. The voice is abysmal. Ryo says i see at the end. Emotionless and robotic. Yeah guys this game will be better then red dead redemption

    18. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      i live in Japan by my PSN is US. can we please have the choice of region for the game so we don't get screw by the silly PSN rules. i understand logistically why you may have gone with shipping address = region. but we are a global bunch. its not always that clean cut.

    19. KazeNoBlast on

      Cool for thoose who need English Voices to enjoy the game, but personally I don't care. If We can't choose to play with japanese voices on PS4 at final, I'll get VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

    20. mjqjazzbar on

      John, the actress playing Shenhua is new. She seems to have a pretty good resume when you look her up:

    21. Vince Vazquez

      Super excited! It's really coming together now (^-^)


      Great progress! 7 months to refine until release! Keep aspiring for a masterpiece!

    23. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      Oh I hope they are not trying to make it like the dubs for the first 2 games. They were awful, a recast would have been fine. Lines like "Where do sailors hang out" are popular because of how bad they are, not because of talented performances.

    24. Matthew Timms on

      Are we able to check what region we put for our physical PS4 copies? And are we able to change the choice? Thanks

    25. Muffin on

      We can see that Yu seem very attentive to what "Tarantino" says, play is better: D
      I can not wait to hear the Japanese voices..

    26. Adam Clark on

      What a good way to start the morning, wasn't really expecting to see a small bit of gameplay!
      Can't wait to see more!

    27. Missing avatar

      MARTIN Thomas on

      No need inexpressive english voice!!! JAPANESE voice withe subtitles for everyone. Ryo is Japanese. And subtitles in every languages not just english.

    28. Egor Botov on

      Would like to see more gameplay updates, not much interested in voice acting, this was never a strong part of shenmue.

    29. Bowl0l on

      @Ys Net
      May I know why no action is taken regarding adding region selection in
      And the pointless which won't reply to emails? At least acknowledge the email is obsolete.

      My last reply from
      Oscar & the Shenmue III Team
      is January 8, 2019. Could you at least inform backers that you will be offering a method to change game region in the update, just to acknowledge what Oscar promised in the message to me?

    30. Ys Net Creator on

      @Rob Krum
      Pledge questions like platform choice and T-shirt size are still open, as is shipping info. Questions required for game development like credit name are closed. Your survey will continue to be necessary as we head into fulfillment and you can check it anytime. If you need to have your survey resent, you can go to the Survey Resender:

    31. Rob Krum on

      I never filled out my survey, so what happens to my order?

    32. Juan José Vélez on

      I'm seriously excited :3

    33. Missing avatar

      looking for sailors on

      This is gonna be great

    34. Missing avatar

      Sean B. Brown on

      Can we hear some samples of Brianna Knickerbocker doing Shenhua somewhere?

    35. Missing avatar

      Felipe on

      For the love of God, Please lets do some good voice acting this time around. I'll probably be playing in Jap. anyways as long as the the subtitles are accurate. But It'd be really great to not be remembered for the awful voice acting.

    36. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      Exciting stuff! A teaser line or two would have been nice but hyping too early is always a danger so it's good if that's being saved for the promotion push. Looking forward to that.

    37. MindChamber on

      Wasn't that river skipping scene already dubbed? Like 20 years ago? :D

    38. Missing avatar

      Carlos Bizyk on

      Awesome to see that 70-80% of the voice work is complete. Can't wait for this digital novel to be released.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kleist on

      I won’t be playing it in English, please make sure the Japanese track has proper English subtitles, not a transcription of the dub, but a real, seperate and direct translation.

    40. Hunter F Kennoy on

      Woo! This is exciting stuff! Can't wait.