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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. TURTLES on

      Still no gameplay and we are approaching release date. Only cgi placeholders

    2. MindChamber on

      All these goofy perks and not even a full minute of gameplay has been down.. I'm waiting for the big bamboozle

    3. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      @Joshua Camara I think you have a valid argument. Maybe if they had gone with BackerKit as the Distributer for crowdfunding, I think we need to take what we can get. Like when they tell you don't ever drive your dream car, it will never live up to your expectations.

    4. Tyler Waldman on

      Take as long as you guys need. I mean that seriously. I don't think we ever expected this game to be *announced* until it was, I think we can wait a bit longer.

    5. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Antonio Grasso - There's a "trial version" coming for backers in the $100 and up tier range.

      Digging back through old interviews, Yu Suzuki wants it to be like the "What's Shenmue" demo distributed in Famitsu about 5/6 months before the game came out. If they're going that route it'll be a bespoke little slice of the game for backers as a preview, rather than a Beta for testing and feedback, or the Bloodstained demos for example.

      Seems like all rewards are still intended to be fulfilled, so we'll probably hear more in 2019 about that trial.

    6. Antonio Grasso on

      Hey guys, question as I actually can't remember. Was there meant to be a Beta version for the backers to play at some point? Or am I making that up?

    7. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Keegan - What's the point of snarky posts like that, really?

      Games get delayed, and that Dec 2017 date had to be entered before the Kickstarter even launched. They had no idea the KS would get over triple their initial goal, and SURPRISE, increased budget and scope means it takes more time to make.

      Disengage your brain for the sake of being shitty if you want, but it makes you look like a kid having a temper tantrum.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      I agree with @Joshua Camara. Backers should be able to choose the region they want for their rewards. It's an issue that can be fixed with the great amount of time you have left until release.


      Thank you to the whole team, including the fans, for putting hearts into this work of art.





    10. Missing avatar

      Keegan on

      Estimated delivery: Dec 2017

      Yeah, real good job guys.

    11. Adam Clark on

      Getting closer to Shenmue 3! I'm assuming we won't see gameplay until next year but I guess that makes sense. Still can't believe the game is out next year and we're going to physically be playing it.

    12. Mel Saint Marceaux on

      Ganbatte for the crunch time! :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Joshua Camara on

      Just got my japanese limited edition ps4 version of shenmue 1 & 2 (only in japan)today i own shenmue 1 and 2 for dreamcast in japanese (which was back in the days a project all on itself since it only had a PAL and japanese release) and here I am backing up shenmue 3, but wait..................even thought I AM THE ONE BUYING IT, i CAN'T CHOOSE my region? sorry i still stand by that's f'ed up. I PERSONALLY DON'T CARE IF I HAVE TO PAY MORE! (it comes with importing games and my entire collection is imports, so not bothered by it) JUST PLEASE MAKE IT AN OPTION! WE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO PICK WHAT "REGION" WE GET! PERIOD! MY ENTIRE COLLECTION IS IN JAPANESE! now i will be stuck with the "backer" version as an NA version all because i'm currently residing in USA. n i'm going to buy shenmue 3 in JAP anyways but the problem is, i'd rather have my BACKER version (the one that counts and shows you've been supporting since the begin) in japanese as well. that's the issue. it's our money, we should have the right to pick what region we want, all this excusese of it won't work in your region. PS4 IS REGION FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are no region locks, just on yah DLCS etc. guess what though? i have a japanese psn account! lol like not hard for others to do either, but they don't have to. the thing is HAVE IT AS AN OPTION! that's the problem, you want your game as the NA version, don't change anything. but there are people out there who live in countries for studies, so yes i'm currently located in USA, but i'm japanese, and i would like my collection of shenmue in japanese. i don't get what's so hard with just putting it as AN OPTION! not just forcing people to have whatever "region" the country they reside in is based upon. everyone wants to complain about no trailers etc. all i'm saying is i'm paying for this game, i backed it up, i SHOULD have the right to at least pick the "version" i want and because i personally understand import costs, i'm saying GIVE ME THE OPTION! just tell me i may need to pay more AND I WILL! but NOT HAVING THE OPTION IS THE PROBLEM! so NO it doesn't affect EVERYONE because people who just want the version they "live" in, they don't need to change anything, or pay anything extra, people like ME though, we DON'T EVEN HAVE THE OPTION TO CHANGE IT! n that's all I ask. i will pay more, i don't care about the trailer stuff, i believe in you guys and i know the game will come out great. I just ask to simply be able to pick our region for the ps4 version. my entire collection of shenmue games (dreamcast and ps4) are in japanese this will be the ONLY one that's NA and that's just going to be a slap in the face. i'm not trying to put a family members address either and then have their be problems, because trust me i already KNOW that'd be option one, just use one of my family members addresses in japan so it goes there and i tech get the jap version. end of the day. i'm saying i don't want to do anything extra, i shouldn't have to buy another jap version, and i shouldn't have to ask a fam member to have it shipped there then have them ship it to me etc. i SHOULD be able to just pick my region, pay more because it's tech imported, and just have a JAP ver on DAY ONE! please it's all i ask, i've already asked in literally the last 3 updates you guys posted, clearly no one is listening, because there hasn't even been a response towards the request. I just don't think it's fair, if this game wasn't kickstarted, and just brought to market, i'd be doing what i just did and got in today (having the limited edition of shenmue 1 & 2 HD collection for ps4 in jap) and buying it in jap problem is, it was kickstarted, that's not MY FAULT. i'm just a fan trying to make this game happen, so yes i'm going to support it. now i back it up etc. but i can't even get the version I WANT, and that I WOULD personally go out of my way and buy if it was just sold in the market. that's really a slap in the face. it's my money, i'm still showing my support and like i said I DON'T MIND paying more for a jap version, but again, THERE IS NOT EVEN AN OPTION! we as PAYERS SHOULD HAVE THE OPTION! WE ARE PAYING IT'S OUR MONEY! SO THAT MONEY WE ARE PAYING SHOULD GO TOWARDS THE VERSION WE WANT! NOT WHAT WE'RE JUST FORCED TO GET! again if this was released in the market and not kickstarted, this wouldn't happen, a market wouldn't "force" you to buy a game just cause you're in that country (or i wouldn't have a single jap game, yet as i mentioned, my entire ps4 collection is jap imports and games that aren't in NA period) you have the free will to take your money, pay more, and go to import sites (or hell even just amazon now) and buy the version YOU want. this should be no different. ps4 is region free, n that should be even more of a reason to give people the OPTION to at least pick their region. i get it's going to multi language as well. once again it's not the point. it's simply about principle. and just simply put. as i said, it's our money, we should have the right to pick our version and get the version we want/are paying for. instead we are "FORCED" to just accept the region we live in? it's not right that's all i'm saying. n there should at least be an option. I don't want a NA shenmue in my collection period. n i will get a jap version once it comes out on market if that's what i have to do, but while i have a voice, and i am a backer, i'm going to keep trying until you guys listen. or at least respond towards why it CAN'T be done. because there really is no reason it can't be done, especially as i'm saying, if you just make it an OPTION, n once that option is picked, the person understands they will have to pay extra for the different "imported" region of the game. I think that's fair. I don't think being forced to just getting the "region" your address is based on or whatever is fair. so please change this. game wise. as i said, i trust you guys, i know it will be great and i'm just patient on all that, i don't really care about trailers or gameplay etc. we've been waiting how long now? i'm just happy it's all happening and so i'll wait till it's all said and done to just be happy about witnessing it all. right now my only issue, is the fact that i'm paying for something, but forced to just accept the region my address is based on just because i'm studying. it's just not right, n that's my only issue. especially as i pointed out with ps4 a system that has NO REGION LOCKS it's 100% region free. so for you to just take that option away from people, it's just crazy. we're paying for it. so THAT MONEY should go towards whatever "version" we want. simple as that. as i said if it were on the market and not being kickstarted, it would be that way. no business would say, oh we can't ship to you or od business with you cause you're in another country, go buy "your region" not at all how it works and i'll just say one place playasia ok, but there are tons and i even pointed out even amazon now sells imports. and NONE of those places will be like go buy your "region" version. yet this is what's going on here, i'm paying for a game, but just being "forced" to accept the region my address is based in. i'm sorry that's just crazy. it is, it's our money and we should 100% have the OPTION to at least pick our region. simply don't change it if your happy. it doesn't affect you, but for people/collectors like me. it is a big deal and it does affect me so at least with AN OPTION to do so, everyone is no happy. it's a win win for everyone, people that don't want to change, DON'T you don't do anything extra you don't pay anything extra etc. but people who DO want to change the region, should at least have the option and then have to at least yah pay a bit more for import charges. i'm ok with that, i'm 100% fine with that, n if you import games you already know how it foes, so you'd be fine with it too. it's fair and nothing wrong with that but to just not even have an option to change it. please fix this before release! i just want a JAP backer version so i can put this side by side with my JAP 1&2 for Ps4 (i keep my dreamcast stuff seperate) thank you and happy thanksgiving to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck with the game and PLEASE LET US PICK OUR REGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      - on

      Goes to show for the update whiners, just because you can't see it happening doesn't mean it isn't. Some serious organization is happening behind the scenes for the rewards if they're going through the trouble replacing all the watch batteries with fresh ones, that's an extra step of care I personally wouldn't have even thought of.

      People who want gameplay will get their wish. Stay patient. That stuff is in the hands of the promoters now.

    15. Ugo April on

      When the digital copy of the trial version for PC is expected ?

    16. MindChamber on

      Ten months left gamplay trailers yet?

    17. Angelo Joseph on

      Only 10 months to go! Good luck all of you!

    18. Adam on

      Good job team, your math teachers would be proud. Makes perfect sense we waited almost 3 months for such an anticlimactic update...

    19. Ryan Lloyd on

      thanks for the update. It's great to see the character cubes as well.

      It would be cool if you could put more realistic PC specs up though. The Base PS4 has 8GB DDR5 RAM, but you are saying its OK to run the game with only 4GB on PC? For an open world game 8GB would be the ideal minimum. The GPU also could have more VRAM and be a higher minimum spec. My Computer has a 680MX in it and cannot run Witcher 3, Fallout 4 or really any of the latest triple A games. I did try, but 10fps is difficult to play with :)

    20. Stewart King on

      Fantastic news - I'm still proud of everyone for smashing the 7 Million target!

      Curious - Whats with the Watches? First I've seen of this

    21. Missing avatar

      Riccardo Agea on

      Just curious... when the demo from shenmue 3 will be released for who have it inside his reward? ok that still 10 months on develop are on the go(if they will meet the deadline)... but release it 2 months before the official release, it will be just useless... did i miss something?

    22. Dott on

      I've just seen that there is an additional picture on the website that doesn't show up here:…

    23. Dott on

      Ok, time for me to play Shenmue 1 & 2 again to be ready for 3.

    24. Jason Lundy on

      100GB! Wow, I better clear some space.

    25. Missing avatar

      Scott Neukend on

      I can't wait, I hope Yu Suzuki is so happy that he will sign all backer copies (not the discs, but the cases themselves) This is my favorite game of all time. Even Michael Huber's celebration/reaction is nothing compared to what I went through on E3 2015. I just didn't have cameras on me.

    26. SupaPhly on

      Just curious how much space the ps4 version will take on the hard drive

    27. Giga_Force on

      Thanks for the update! The watches look cool! I can’t believe we’re getting closer to playing Shenmue III :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      Keep it going! Looking forward to some of the big reveals.