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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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gamescom 2018 Update #2: Release Date Finalized & New Trailer!!

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)



Hello Backers,


We have just announced the release date for Shenmue III at gamescom 2018 and...


August 27th, 2019 is the day you will be able to take up as Ryo Hazuki to continue the adventure!


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From all of us here, we want to say how happy we are to be able to make this announcement.

Thank you again for your continued support!



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Memory: 4 GB RAM  

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti or better (DirectX 11 card & VRAM 2GB Required)  

DirectX: Version 11  

Network: Broadband internet connection  

Storage: 100 GB available space  

Sound card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card  

Additional Info: Requires Steam Client to activate.

*Game is currently in development so system requirements may change without notice. We thank you for your understanding.


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    1. Richard Hoppes on

      I sincerely hope the hard-working developers, designers, animators, etc... don't read these comments. What a bunch of entitled, whiny babies some of you are.

    2. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      I should have praised this much sooner, but the announcement NOT having two dates is quite promising to me!

      27 August 2019 is a Tuesday; in the past I've been burned by Deep Silver releasing games on Tuesdays in the US and then delaying it by 3 days for the rest of the world to publish on Friday instead. So I'm still a little nervous.

      But in the past they have announced the split dates at the same time. So if RoW gets the game on day 1, that'll be brilliant! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      I agree with many of the comments about character faces. Ryo/Shenhua still look "plastic-y" they need some specular highlighting done to the models (which I hope is still a work in progress) when Ryo moves the torch around his head there's no shift in lighting.

      The background texture work is beautiful, I saw a few choppy frames of during the approach to the boat, but the lighting and ambiance were a true sight to behold. Kudos on that.

      So yeah, fix those faces with more detail and adding the specular highlighting I mentioned and then I only have to wait less than a year to play it.

      Looking good Ys net, keep it up.

    4. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Coolsome - This is true, but I think the more reasonable answer is that the cinematics obviously aren't done yet.

      TBH considering we only learned about voice recording starting in like May-ish time, I wouldn't really expect them to be either. If you pay enough attention to the trailer you can see parts that are approaching being "done", and others that aren't, and it can vary from scene to scene or even character to character.

      Case-in-point; the fight scene with the old man. The old man's animations look considerably further along than Ryo's, and while the environment lighting looks almost done, the character lighting is still at a basic stage.

    5. Coolsome on

      About the faces not having expressions..Ryo barely shows any emotions in 1 and 2. Joy even says he's like a samurai.

    6. John Paul on

      I will add something that I am a bit saddened about. I was praising the music to no end in the latest trailer (even requesting to have the trailer music released as an MP3.). However, no wonder it was so fantastic - it was a piece of Epic Music by Immediate Music entitled "Panda Heaven." -…

      So as an FYI - THE TRAILER MUSIC IS NOT SHENMUE 3 ORIGINAL MUSIC or composed by Ryuji Iuchi.

      I know movies and sometimes games can include others music to give an effect so I am looking forward to what Shenmue 3 has to offer.

    7. Diogo Vasconcelos on

      I'm very excited about this. ^_^

    8. Brandon Gibbs on

      EXCELLENT WORK PEOPLE!!! Although I still think Shenhua's clothes should still be like how they were before. But other than that...GREAT NEW TRAILER!!!

    9. uphonix on

      Excellent work Team! Tremendous improvement to Shenhua and Ryo. Thanks for making their ethnic features more prominent. This adds realism that is relatable to their in-game demographics. Awesome theatrics! I can't wait!

    10. Marcel on

      Fantastic trailer with beautiful music! Shenhua looks much better. Thank you!

    11. Ted Watts on


      "Kickstarter provides a funding platform for creative projects. When a creator posts a project on Kickstarter, they’re inviting other people to form a contract with them. Anyone who backs a project is accepting the creator’s offer, and forming that contract.

      Kickstarter is not a part of this contract — the contract is a direct legal agreement between creators and their backers. Here are the terms that govern that agreement:

      When a project is successfully funded, the creator must complete the project and fulfill each reward. Once a creator has done so, they’ve satisfied their obligation to their backers."


    12. Adam Clark on

      The trailer was beautiful guys and I am so happy with how good the games looks. So excited to play the game in just over a year's time. You guys have done such a good job with Shenmue 3, the environments look beautiful, Shenhua looks beautiful, Ryo looks really good and Lan Di is looking good too. I probably prefer his DC model but he's what I thought he would look like today on PS4. As well as to be expected.

      Was so happy and surprised we got a release date and I can't believe we actually saw a scene between Lan Di and Ryo in the same room! The look on their faces was great. I can not wait to play Shenmue 3. One of the most hyped up games I've ever had to wait for.

      Thank you for all your work on the sequel we have waited so long for.

    13. Hunter F Kennoy on

      I really wish I could respond directly to backers who feel like they're entitled to something. (Spoilers: they're not entitled to anything. There is no contract or agreement when crowdfunding. You also don't get to act rude and disrespectful just because you put money into it.)

      I'm a game developer who has been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. Please don't let anyone discourage you guys from the hard work you've been doing. They have no idea what goes into making a project of this scale. I'm rooting for you, and the vast majority of us are as well. Please do not be discouraged by the vocal minority.

      As for those of you crying about how this is shaping up to be a "disaster", I advise you to do research on Shenmue's development and production history. Then compare.

    14. Phil Flanagan on

      Any chance of an Xbox One version with ability to port game saves from Shenmue I & II to make up for the ridiculously long delay? Original estimated delivery was December 2017. In any case, I am still excited for this game and I am currently enjoying a trip down memory lane with the release of the remasters.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Chand on

      Ryo's face is still very off, he looks too feminine and like a white actor playing a Japanese dude.
      After playing 1 and 2 again i realize ,3 might not be able to able to capture the magic without the original game engine or updated version.
      Ps. Deep Silver are useless

    16. Jimtendo32 on

      @Raymond Clark - Me too, tears of joy watching that. :,) Thank you YS Net.

    17. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      Besides the face (and yeah, Ryo almost looks bored with Lan Di standing right in front of him haha), what do you guys think about Ryo's jacket?

      Spent a few hours in Shenmue I & II now and I can't help but think it's two or three shades too light in this trailer, and could stand to be a little darker. I know a lot of the darkness in the Dreamcast models came from attempts to bake shading into the texture but it's still left an impression that the jacket in this trailer feels different to now.

    18. Raymond Clark on

      YES YES YES! A tear just came to my eye while watching that vid. Thanks for making a very old wish come true.

    19. Edward Zee Jones on

      I love it... nice work.

    20. ShinAkuma on

      @ Jeison S. G. Jack
      Musica pacarlho hahahaha

      you got hears dude!

      I wish this game to get better than Fist Of The North Start!

    21. Missing avatar

      Dino Nartea on

      Also...will backers get their packages before or on the 29th? I am a bit confused on the timing (ref. the closing dates for the survey). Please let me know. I am still excited either way.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dino Nartea on

      This is really exciting. Myself and other "True Believers" have been patient on this long "road". It is beautiful. I will also (re) buy I & II for PS4 in a hopeful attempt to get my nephews interested. O.k., the younger one. The older is off to college & likely wont. Anyhow....Woot!

    23. Husson Eagle on

      The graphics look on point and the environment and atmosphere definitely captivate the audience. I'm happy to be getting Shenmue 3 after all these years but Ryo and Lan Di models still need improvements.

    24. onan

      This makes my choice easier knowing the disc PC version will be the Steam version, making it completely disposable and useless once the code is linked to an account.

      Not going to lie, that kind of sucks, guys. Guess I'll get it on PS4 so my physical copy will actually be a physical copy. :/

    25. Ari Tomi Stenberg on

      Very nice even i was hoping early 2019.. Not sure if Ryo still has no face animations? still this trailer was lot better then that what they showed last year. Still hoping news from 100 $ tier demo as package promised.

    26. Missing avatar

      taidgh carr on

      Oh I'm so excited!! And the release date is my birthday!! Thank you all so much for finally finishing the story! 18 years waiting... but it's going to be amazing!! ありがとうございました

    27. Missing avatar

      john on

      Lan di is safe for one more year, he has been dodging us for almost a decade, another year won't hurt haha

    28. Missing avatar

      Rune Baadshaug on

      I only wish it wasn’t console exclusive. I’m sure Panic Button, Iron Galaxy or Virtuos would do a Switch port if asked.

    29. Wayne Beckley on

      If it was possible for me to pull my money out I would. This project is shaping up to be a disaster. The footage here looks terrible, the character models are still awful, how have they not been fixed yet? It was promised that these would be fixed but no work has been done on them. They look nothing like the originals, Lan di and Ryo are unrecognizable, How have you managed to make the character models look worse than the ones that were produced 20 years ago?! There's still no facial animation, the fighting animations are just as appalling as they were in the trailer before (the characters look like they're made of rubber). There's just so much wrong here that I don't see this being fixed at this point.

    30. Amy on

      Thank you!!

    31. Micah Gunnell on

      Looks happy that this game is finally being made. Thank you for all your hard work!

    32. Jeison S. G. Jack on

      e essa música do caralho? arrepiei

    33. Jeison S. G. Jack on

      Shenhua is SO BEAUTIFUL Oh My God...

    34. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      Still jizzing.

    35. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      I think i'll jizz my pants. amazing.


      Great enhancements! Much better trailer than last year's!

      And much like the Wude, there are 4 areas that still need enhancements:

      1. Character faces which depict the original characters. Please see Yakuza Kiwami for a good example of updated character models.

      2. Character facial expressions which exude subtle emotions.

      3. Character animations which reflect real movements of martial arts and life.

      4. This is a fan opinion, but many believe the original Shenmue logo reflects the saga's timeless aura.

      All in all, keep up the great improvements! A timeless masterpiece is in the making!


      Great improvements! Much better trailer than last year's! And much like the Wude, there are 4 areas that still need enhancements: 1. Character faces which depict the original characters. Please see Yakuza Kiwami for a good example of updated character models. 2. Character facial expressions which exude subtle emotions. 3. Character animations which reflect real movements of martial arts and life. 4. This is a fan opinion, but many believe the original Shenmue logo reflects the saga's timeless aura.

      All in all, keep up the great improvements! A timeless masterpiece is in the making!

    38. Missing avatar

      Frank Gulino on

      Yassss it’s time to finish the fight! Lan Di must pay!

    39. ShinAkuma on

      Another glimpse of the atmosphere =]
      This time way better!

      One year to polish... this should only get better..

      Keep up the good work!

    40. Pass_the_M on

      Looks great so far. Some of ya'll need to chill and take a xanax. I'm pretty sure they are aware that more work needs to be done. Hence why they delayed it. Seriously get your anxiety under control. Because you will never be satisfied with the game if you don't.

    41. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      I can't believe it really is a trailer. And nothing is more appropriate for it than Shenhua's prophecy. Very intense and exciting!!

      I do wish Ys Net would finally answer our outstanding questions about Fangamer updates... there's only 10 days left before the upgrades and add-ons close and 2-4 questions would decide if some of us upgrade.

      Ys Net, can you please give us an update about this specifically within the next week?

    42. John Paul on

      Anyway you could release an MP3 of just this trailer music? - maybe as a little perk to backers? This was just so beautiful.

      One thing I love about Shenmue is that it is just not the characters or the story. It is the music, the atmosphere, the gameplay shots and choreography - the whole is the Shenmue Experience.

    43. Missing avatar

      Max Ingram on

      Beautiful trailer. I'm excited to play the game.

    44. Missing avatar

      Christopher Hopkins on

      I love it, I absolutely love it and have every faith this will be something wonderful. Thank you everybody.

    45. D Paul Leiba on

      Summer 2019, eh? And I say that broadly because who knows if that date will stick as time inches closer to it. Still, nice to see it being closer to finishing development.

    46. Francisco Benitez Martinez on

      The trailer has left me with literally watery eyes. This is the best day since the Shenmue III announcement and the beginning and success of Kickstarter campaign.
      Can't wait to continue playing the best saga *ever* in videogames history.
      Everything in the trailer is amazing, the presentation, the music, the voice of the first 24 seconds is *awesome*, those scenarios are beautiful (that harbour! etc), see Lan Di... that's how a trailer is made! Character models can be improved (Ryo, Lan Di) but they have time to leave the game in the perfect work. Thanks, what a great day, this and the release of Shenmue I & II !!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Niall Conlon on

      This looks great. Lot's of work left to do but the environments have an amazing atmosphere, the character models are much improved and it's good to see some of our favourite characters returning.

      It's not easy to emulate the Shenmue models and movement well in 2018. Some artistic choices looked good 20 years ago, but today, they don't work so well. Shenmue has always had a sort of stylized realism appearance and it's difficult to stick to that aesthetic in 2018 while still keeping the look of the original games. While games like VF evolved over the years, Shenmue has to jump forward a couple of generations, while maintaining an aesthetic chosen - in part - due to the limitations of hardware.

      Looking forward to a gameplay trailer and, of course, playing the final product next year!

    48. Missing avatar

      Doug Uthoff on

      Wow! Really excited but still can’t believe we all have to wait another year. I really hope this is not pushed back again. The waiting is the hardest part (Tom Petty).

    49. Missing avatar

      christopher campbell on

      I wish they put the same amount of effort into Shenhua and Ryo's faces as they did for Lan Di. Other than that it's looking good and one more year to work on it sounds reasonable to me.

    50. Mighty Rabbit Studios on

      This trailer gave me chills. I can't wait to see what happens when Ryo comes face to face with Lan Di.