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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Survey Info #4: Slacker Backer, Reward Upgrade/Add-on Campaigns Extended!

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)



Hello Backers,

We are happy to announce that the Slacker Backer on the official Shenmue III site and the Fangamer Upgrade/Add-on campaigns have been extended to August 31st (FRI) from the original August 13th (MON) date!


・August 31 (FRI) 2018: Last day of Slacker Backer campaign, reward upgrades and add-ons

 The next stretch goal is at $7.5M for the Battle System Expanded: High Ground Battle System. Will we get there...? The dev team is excited to find out!


Thank you as always for your support!



---------- General Information ----------

Shenmue III Backer Survey

Backer surveys are now underway. For information on your survey, please see the email sent to you by Fangamer. Shenmue III can only be completed with your responses! Thank you for your cooperation!!


Please complete or make any necessary changes to your survey by these dates.

・August 31 (FRI) 2018: Last day of Slacker Backer campaign, reward upgrades and add-ons

・September 30 (SUN) 2018: Surveys close


For further information, please visit:

Survey Support and Survey Resender


Choosing the PS4 or PC platform

We have a few notes to consider when choosing your platform. Also, if there would be any major changes in the requirements for either the PC or PS4 versions, the platform selection question of the survey is scheduled to remain open.


Choosing your PS4 region

Your PS4 region will be decided with your "Country" selection. Please note, if the disc region differs from PS4 system region, the unit itself, PlayStation™Network online services or DLC may not function properly.


System Requirements for PC Version


OS: Windows 7x64, Windows 8x64, Windows 10x64 (64-bit OS Required)  

Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 (3.40 GHz) or better; Quad-core or better  

Memory: 4 GB RAM  

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti or better (DirectX 11 card & VRAM 2GB Required)  

DirectX: Version 11  

Network: Broadband internet connection  

Storage: 100 GB available space  

Sound card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card  

Additional Info: Requires Steam Client to activate.

*Game is currently in development so system requirements may change without notice. We thank you for your understanding.


Fangamer and Third Party Use of Personal Information

YS NET has a written contract with Fangamer to carry out the backer surveys. Fangamer is a formal representative of YS NET to help process and fulfill all backer's orders through the surveys. Personal information is handed over and treated in accordance with the privacy policies of both companies for the purposes of conducting the surveys and reward delivery only. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

YS NET Privacy Policy  

Fangamer Privacy Policy


Official Links


Shenmue Link

S3 Facebook

S3 Twitter

Backer Survey on Fangamer

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    1. Andrea Collier on

      To those worried about upgrading from the $300 tier to the $450 level. I sent an email to, mentioning my concerns about it not showing my original $300 pledge, which has the autograph. Here's the response:

      Hey there Andrea,

      After talking with Ys Net, any backer upgrading originally from $300 -> $450 will have a signed poster included. The survey and software might not say this immediately, but we will ensure that you get a signed edition. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Steph Campos

    2. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      That suggests it's not from an official source.

    3. ShinAkuma on

      "Where did you see this?"
      If u want to see for urself shoot me an email: shin_aku**_18@hotm**.c**

    4. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      "<< We've received confirmation from the team that backers who already have the $ 300 level and want to upgrade to the $ 450 level will not lose the signature on the illustration.

      Ys Net Team>>"


      Where did you see this? I can't see it in the Updates or emails. I haven't upgraded to the $450 tier yet because one comment without any substantiation isn't convincing enough for me, and if I do change my reward on Fangamer I suspect I won't be able to change back if they then correct themselves (the $300 tier is not an option - presumably because it has the signed illustration).

      This would be simpler if they just added both the $300 and $500 tiers. I'd gladly use the $500 tier instead of the $450 tier with the say of one Kickstarter comment just to get the certainty.

    5. ShinAkuma on

      Aaron Healey - What is you current pledge?
      Miraglyth is right when he says:
      If you have the $250 tier and are upgrading to $450 you are not getting the signed illustration. (you slacker)

      AND if you already had previously the $300 tier from early kickstarter and wish to upgrade to the $450 you are keeping the illustration.

      So that said for all the $300 tier they are not loosing anything.

      << We've received confirmation from the team that backers who already have the $ 300 level and want to upgrade to the $ 450 level will not lose the signature on the illustration.

      Ys Net Team>>

    6. Scherge on

      @love bump: I assume there will be lots of DLC right from the start. Otherwise, how would all those backer-exclusive in-game items (like exclusive skills, or the "S3 World Telecom" thing) be activated on specific accounts? For this reason, the region choice of the disc does matter, despite the PS4 being region-free.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Savoy on

      I have an e-mail from 3/13/2016 for a addon bought through your website consisting on the soundtrack. I never got a survey as to any kind of information (ie what format the audio would be) but that may be due to the OST being the only addon. Fangamer doesn't see the $13 addon bought through your website-just the $39 KS pledge I upped to the world telecom tier. Am I supposed to have gotten one for paypal backing in 2016? Will I still get the soundtrack despite fangamer not seeing that pledge?

    8. Missing avatar

      Keegan on

      Estimated Deliver of Dec 2017. It's Aug 2018 and you're starting to ask for more money to promise more shit when you haven't even delivered the shit you promised to give us. Pretty sure this project is going to be a failure at this point.

    9. Missing avatar

      Art Sir on

      Can I get a refund you promised Dec 2017 and it has passed. I lost interests in this project. Thank you.

    10. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      @Michael Chand - That little extension image is a representation of Yu Suzuki, not Ryo. It's possible that's a capsule toy.

    11. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on

      Instead of using the updates to beg for more money, why not tell us what you're working on? Are you working on specific areas, improving art, writing specific code subsystems, working on scripts, integrating music? Is the story complete? Are you tuning the animations? Giving the art a once over to improve the look? What's happening? All we are seeing from you lately is "surveys...", "We Want more cash...". We'd like to see some progress.

    12. Akule

      @Joshua - Send them an email at

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Chand on

      Ryo's face needs sorting out,skin tone is a shade too dark aswell

    14. Ryo Kimball on

      Is the 100 GB storage requirement a typo?? How big will the download be?!

    15. Missing avatar

      Joshua Camara on

      "Choosing your PS4 region

      Your PS4 region will be decided with your "Country" selection. Please note, if the disc region differs from PS4 system region, the unit itself, PlayStation™Network online services or DLC may not function properly." PLEASE CHANGE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's not right, you guys added "tier" upgrade then have an OPTION to choose your region as well PLEASE! I have a jpn ps4, a jpn psn account, and my entire ps4 collection is jpn, my shenmue collection is all jpn (because i was one of the FEW that actually bought it on the dreamcast not xbox) now my shenmue 3 won't be jpn version or i have to buy another one (but my "backer" version [aka the one that matters] is going to be a NA version, that's VERY upsetting. i import games all the time, i'm aware they cost more, so if $ is the issue, then like you did with tier upgrade etc, give us the OPTION to "upgrade"/change our region, if it costs more to get a jpn version to be shipped to NA that's fine I WILL PAY EXTRA!!!!!!!!!! just to not honestly give us the option is sh*t, we've been waiting for this game for years, we backed it up, ps4 is REGION FREE! there should be no reason we honestly don't have the option to pick WHAT VERSION we want. it's not my fault i'm in the states atm for schooling, but to just pick the region for us based on the country we reside in is stupid. i'm also not trying to put someones address in jpn (like one of my fam) then have them ship it here etc. it's the same damn thing, n just inconvenient honestly. i shouldn't have to do that for something i paid money for and backed etc. yes i live in NA now, but my entire collection is jpn, my ps4 is jpn, and i have a jpn psn account so redeeming codes won't be a problem in anyway. just please give us the option to PICK our region before surveys close on sep 30th. PLEASE!!!!! right now that's my only complaint/issue. as i said, i would pay the extra, i understand imported games are more money (as i said my entire collection is jpn, n even tho i reside currently in usa for school, i still do not buy NA games, i still buy jpn games, with the exception of some sports games i have which are NA) i have no issue with paying more, just give us the OPTION please! i'm also not posting this to like boast or anything about my collection. i'm WELL AWARE shenmue 3 is going to be in multiple languages, that's not the point, i'm a collector, and as i mentioned BOTH my shenmue games are for the dreamcast and BOTH are jpn i've been waiting for years for a shenmue 3 and now for me to not be able to have a jpn version to finish that collection all because i live in usa, it's just a slap in the face. we should have the option to pick! so please change this, even if we are required to pay more, or however it needs to be done, just please actually give us the OPTION to choose our region. even how you're posting it "choosing your region for ps4" like we don't even get to choose as it currently stands you just pick it where our address is based/country etc. n that's just a shame. so please change this by sept 30th. i know for some it may seem like something minor, for collectors though, and someone who's been waiting years to just complete their collection, it's def something that needs to be taken into consideration, like i'm saying, if $ is the issue, then i will pay extra to have a jpn version shipped to NA but there isn't even an option, n that's the problem, just please at least give us the OPTION! how you work it out, obv i leave to you guys. just change that by the time surveys close. i will update, i will pay extra. just please don't force us to get the region/version based on our country. that's just not right. it's our money. n aye if "I" personally could i'd do like i did with shenmue 2 for the dreamcast n that's buy the imported version etc. sadly this game didn't just come out, it got kickstarted. so the "ONLY" real way you can "BUY" this game atm is kickstarting it, or obv wait, as i said, if you're a collector though, then you'd be a fool to pass this option up. because of obv the rewards that come with being a backer and will only be available for backers etc. BUT with that said, because this currently is the only option to get the "exclusive" backer version, then yah you SHOULD have the OPTION to pick your region. if this game wasn't kickstarted, and just came out, you'd have that option. so why can't you have it now. by that i mean, game comes out (regardless of if it has exclusive versions or just normal versions) and guess what, i can go and buy the jpn version no problem, do i pay more for importing, yes 100% but guess what? the OPTION is there for me and in many cases with jpn games you get that option way before NA users (look at berserk and fist of the north star, jpn already has it, i already beat it, NA still isn't getting it till oct) so yes you PAY more but the OPTION is there for you day 1 of release, and i'd be importing my game. so it's not my fault this got kickstarted and not just released, but i am still paying for it, n as i said, i'd pay the extra for importing it if it NORMALLY came out. so to just not have that option, really is a slap in the face, we've been waiting years for this, this is as much our game as it is yours, we SHOULD have the option to pick our region. i can't do anything about where i live because of school etc, and i can't do anything about how this game is released (be it kickstarted or just officially released kinda thing) so all these things aren't my fault but i shouldn't be penalized for it because they just happened.(being forced to get a NA version just because it's where i currently reside) i should styill have the OPTION to pick what version i want the same way i'd have that OPTION if the game just game out normally. it's my money, i don't mind paying extra, but what i do mind, is being forced to get a version that i don't want. please give us the option to pick our region! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      love bump on

      " PlayStation™Network online services or DLC may not function properly. "

      Are you planning on releasing dlc?

    17. Aaron Healy on

      @Miraglyth just looked at that comment you quoted. Ys Net need to stop posting conflicting messages, now I’m even confused. Do we still get the signed illustration if we upgrade or do we not?. XD Please clear this up Ys Net.

    18. Aaron Healy on

      @Miraglyth That information is false, Ys Net posted a comment in update 85 saying the following ‘The reason the Toy Capsule Box Set is $50 cheaper than the Kickstarter reward tier is that is does not include the Yu Suzuki signed illustration.’ So basically you will loose you signed illustration if you upgrade (that’s the impression I get anyway). Which is a shame as I wanted to upgrade too, it’s definitely a missed opportunity.

    19. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      Very smart move. I hope a lot of I & II players fall in love with the game quickly enough.

      Is that a little Yu Suzuki capsule toy we're getting a sneak peek of there? It looks great.

      This came in as a reply to my comment in the last update:

      Ys Net Creator
      "@Miraglyth Backers who originally pledged for the $300 reward on Kickstarter will retain their signed illustration if they upgrade to the Toy Capsule Box Set."

      Just to be absolutely clear, is this official word from an official account? I'm not sure if this is possible (how would Fangamer know if you were on the $300 tier previously?) so I'd love to see this added to the update for confirmation that it's set in stone!


      Superb news!!! More time for new Shenmue I & II players to jump on board the Shenmue III HYPE TRAIN choo chooooooo

    21. Alessandro Saiko on

      Great news! I even would appreciate if it would have been extended to 31st September because then the people getting Shenmue 1 & 2 HD have more time to get on board.