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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Survey Info #0: Soft Open Announcement

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)


Hello Backers!

We know the backer surveys have been a long time in coming and apologize for the wait. The backer surveys are almost ready and will be going out to everyone soon.

The surveys will begin with a soft open for a few randomly selected backers. Those of you selected will receive an email from Fangamer with a link to your survey. The survey will be sent to the email address you have registered with Kickstarter for Kickstarter backers, or either your PayPal or registered email for Slacker Backers. Please answer the questions and hit that continue button!

The official survey start and end dates will be announced after backer feedback, system tweaks and a thorough FAQ has been compiled. The survey questions address both physical rewards and in-game content rewards.

The dev team will be eagerly awaiting your responses and would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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    1. Tony Saint-Smith on

      Has anyone else not got their email from Fangamer?

    2. Missing avatar

      Dekstar on

      I won't say that I'm angry and you should search for a really good marketing manager but I'm really sad that there was nothing to see of the game while the E3 2018. I was almost sure to see a new trailer at the Sony press conference or as an kickstarter update. But you give us backers nothing! Why? In my opinion E3 would have been a big chance to make some noise for Shenmue 3 and getting some more backers to hit finally this 7 million stretch goal after more than 18 month since the last stretch goal at 6.5 million. I beg you, Please give us backers something to be strong for waiting till 2019. I know you can do better than what you do now with your supporters.

    3. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Brandon A. C. Kilgore - You'll get my respect and consideration when you actually read the update properly instead of totally misconstruing it to act outraged.

    4. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      @Christopher Be Respectful and Considerate

    5. Anthony Benfante on

      Not everyone is getting this survey. If you didn't receive it yet you probably weren't randomly selected for the soft launch. It seems like everyone who did, received it shortly after the update. We'll probably get them whenever the finalized version is announced and sent out. Whenever that is.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt Ferguson on

      Not had the survey as yet

    7. TouchGameplay

      This is getting each time more bizarre.

    8. TouchGameplay

      This is getting each more bizarre.

    9. Missing avatar

      vegetafett on

      I have not received a backer email yet. just making sure I didn't miss it or anything.

    10. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Brandon A. C. Kilgore - Read the update again, bozo. Unless you're a drooling moron or being obtuse on purpose.

    11. Char Lli on

      Hello team, thanks for keeping us updated on the progress of this expected title. I think it is a very good initiative to carry out surveys and that we all give the options according to our perspective. I think that every day this is having more shape and surely we can enjoy Shenmue as it should be and whenever. Thank you!

    12. Missing avatar

      claire bradley on

      @Peter- I understand where you're coming from and do think all new projects will have to declare their intentions to use a backerkit style company to process the data in the future. Having said that, with a project this big were you under the impression they would be able to process orders without external help when you pledged? If so you probably shouldn't have have backed in the first place and I'd recommend avoiding backing larger projects in the future in you don't approve of this way of doing things.. I hope they do take your request into consideration but I wouldn't want you to lose your money/pledge through not filling in the survey.

    13. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      We aren't even doing a vote where everyone counts? Just a random selected bunch... ...This is how projects fail never listening to the individual and only the crowd that is on your side and when you ask for a definitive amount yet keep increasing it in the name of Tier Goal(s).

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Kadlec on

      Kickstarter already got my address data. And I dont accept transferring that data to any third party (beside the campaign team indeed). If you want to ship the perks then us the address database from Kickstarter directly (without transferring them to any third party)! Everything else is an breach of the GDPR and therefor you couldnt sell your games within the territory of the EU legally.

    15. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Steven Darras, @Dayes Abasi - From those that have the surveys/have posted screenshots of the survey, yes you can upgrade your pledge.

      @Adam - If they're generating an FAQ from community feedback like this update says, that will probably be something answered. Make sure your question is heard by messaging via the Kickstarter, or through

    16. ShinAkuma on

      Sim.. Vamos embora ;)

      Lets get sweaty

    17. Missing avatar

      Dayes Abasi on

      @Steven Darras
      *Changes to Reward pledge buttons are not allowed after they are pledged for, so please see the "Rewards" section below for complete Reward details.

      From what I read on the pledge page. Ya I'm in the same boat. Want to upgrade to the $60 to get the physical copy from my $29 pledge but them are the breaks.

    18. Missing avatar

      claire bradley on

      Yay. One step closer. Would love to see add on options that let us pick specific physical add-ons rather than having to go for a specific pledge level. There are a few bits I'd be interested in. Complete figure set on its own for example.

    19. Adam on

      It's exciting that the survey process has finally begun but this update left out more questions than it answered. I'm guessing most will be answered in time but there is one question I'm not leaving to chance.

      Before the deadline of the survey I NEED to know whether the physical PC edition will have the full game on disc or if it will make me have to download the game like some digital piece of crap. This is crucial and will have a big impact on the platform I choose.


    20. Justin De Lucia on

      Thanks for the update! =D

    21. Missing avatar

      Steven Darras on

      Can we upgrade our kickstarter pledges in these survey emails? I haven't heard a yes or no from the Shenmue team.

    22. Missing avatar

      Aubry on

      Take your time ^^

    23. MIchael Andre Brooklyn Gadson on

      Don't know if it is possible but. I am here and ready to answer the soft open question... I am here if you have a hard open question survey too. Good health, Gadson A, Michael

    24. Gabriel Guevara on

      Yet, nothing was mentioned at E3.

    25. Gabriel Montreuil on

      I cant wait to play this game.
      But i would wait until its perfect. :)

    26. iPLAY SEGA!! on

      Just take your time, we will wait!
      Don't rush it!

    27. Missing avatar

      - on

      @MindChamber - The Kickstarter pledge money was already taken in 2015, and adding upgrades via the survey is optional, so I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

      And please stop exaggerating about what we've seen so far, and instead pay attention to the content of the last two updates. Japanese VO recording is happening and the surveys are moving along for rewards fulfilment.

      You don't even know the meaning of the word vaporware.

    28. Missing avatar

      john noel cleary on

      Bring it on!
      Let us add our own slacker back rewards.
      I'd have to cool ideas for it!

    29. Missing avatar

      Cristian Merola on

      Can't wait!
      Thank you team for all the work!

    30. MindChamber on

      Please fill out the survey, and your bank information.. LMAO
      We've been looking at the same 3 models and 2 backgrounds for almost 3 years.. I call vaporware.

    31. Jeison S. G. Jack on

      Shenmue I love you, quero minha versão fisica hehe :D

    32. Tom Kro on

      Not GDPR conform

    33. Missing avatar

      Davidson Lucas Reis Pereira on

      52 minutos atrás recebi o email.
      Ancioso por atualizações!

    34. Dean Mabalot

      @peter they're probably using something like backerkit. It will allow them to give you more options and last minute add-ons. The survey process through Kickstarter is very limited to begin with.

    35. daniele benigno on

      hello to all when comes the survey, and what does it look like with the button ??? Thank you for your help.

    36. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Joseph Steiner - I guess it's a stress test/chance to iron out any problems before surveys go live for everyone. Y'know, like if some wording is confusing it can be pointed out and revised before the surveys launch widely, stuff like that.

    37. Missing avatar

      Peter Kadlec on

      Dear Ys Net support,

      since May 25th you arent allowed anymore to bypass personal data to third parties without the permission of the users. I will kindly support you on any questions you have via Kickstarter, but i dont agree to transfer my personal data to a third party company. That problem was also already solved at a different campaign that way.

    38. Husson Eagle on

      Any receive a email from fangamer yet?

    39. Missing avatar

      David L on

      There should have been an E3 2018 gameplay trailer. Come on guys!

    40. Norman G. on

      Alright, let's wait for it !

    41. Angelo Joseph on

      Nice. Looking forward to it.

    42. Missing avatar

      Paul Dent on

      How about a progress video with true gameplay!

    43. Anthony Benfante on

      Aw yeah. This is awesome.

    44. Joseph Steiner on

      What exactly is meant by “soft open”?