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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Shenhua Finds Her Voice! & Voice Recording Report!



Hello Everyone!

It is now official! Voice actress Haruka Terui will be the voice of Shenhua Ling, the heroine of this story facing the adventures ahead with Ryo.

It has been quite a wait since the confirmation announcement of Masaya Matsukaze as Ryo in the July of 2015, but trust us, it was worth it!

The Main Cast

A word of introduction from our main cast members…

Comments from Masaya Matsukaze:

Sequel Excitement

When I heard that the project broke two Guinness World Records, I must say it did not really hit me at the time, but now, I couldn’t be more excited! We are making good headway on the uncommon amount of speaking lines, and as we do so, the faces of my friends who were also in the production of 1 and 2 are there with me in my thoughts.

For the long-time Shenmue fans, I hope they will also share this strikingly peculiar sense of going back in time; and for those new to the series, I hope they will enjoy this wonderful entry that will take them to a whole other world. And with the unimagined miracle announcement for the 1 and 2 remakes, I emphatically wish that everyone will experience all three!

Thoughts on the Series

Even with over 300 people so feverishly working on Shenmue, when production had stopped, I thought there would never be another sequel. Yu-san has watched as the landscape he presented to the world 14 years ago has now become the standard in the gaming industry, and I once again must give my admiration to him for building a concept on such a grand scale.

I also think how fortunate I was to be there back in my twenties. The hardware has since evolved, and now witnessing the improved quality of Shenmue, I get goose bumps all over again thinking if this is what Yu-san had seen all along. This sequel has the might of the fans behind it, and these past few years Yu-san said he has been meeting fans all over the world and would make it for them. Everything is in place, so let the journey continue.

Comments from Haruka Terui:

Sequel Excitement

I was both honored and terrified when I heard I had been chosen to play Shenhua. Shenmue has been beloved by so many for so long and fans have been waiting her. As I look Shenhua in the eyes and become her voice, I will remember everyone has their own precious memories and I will do everything I can to keep those memories like they were. The more I learn about her, the more I feel drawn to and taken over by her curious charm. I am incredibly happy to be able to walk alongside her.

Thoughts on the Series

I watched “Shenmue: The Movie” which I borrowed from Matsukaze-san who plays Ryo. I was greatly impressed you could make a movie just from the scenes in a game. It was actually a shock for me to see how much thought had been put into the dialog and action. Now, watching the Shenmue III movie while we record, the picture is all the more beautiful. The world, the forests, the people...they all live there. I can’t wait to play it. I will be acting my heart out for Shenhua and for you!

Masaya Matsukaze on Twitter

Haruka Terui on her Blog

Special thanks: AONI PRODUCTION Co.,Inc.

From the Recording Studio

The leading parts are cast and the Japanese voice recording is steadily moving ahead. The crew poses for a shot below taking a break from the excitement and emotion of the recording studio session.

 From left: Sound Director Nakamura-San, Mr. Matsukaze, Ms. Terui, and Yu-San

 Look at that smile! That's the one, Masaya!

 Leading lady Haruka Terui!

 The recording studio, in all its glory…

Hope you enjoyed the report!

Besides our leading couple of Masaya and Haruka, recording for the other Japanese cast members is ongoing daily! When the English voicing is all set, we will be sure to have an update.

So, until next time, we thank you for your support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dekstar on

      Thank you for this update.
      But we need some good new videos for E3 in LA and Gamescom in Germany to forgive the lack of information in the past and the delay to 2019.
      I spent around 100$ although I played Shenmue 1 for only some really wonderful hours and Shenmue 2 for no time.

    2. Jimtendo32 on

      Nice one! Let's forget about the last may update about there being a delay till 2019, hoping the once "monthly" updates will be getting back on track starting here. Will try and forget that Deep Silver one that said updates wouldn't be monthly anymore (for unknown reasons -_- ). Keep it up team and keep sharing your monthly progress please, do us proud! :) Best wishes.

    3. Max on

      Looking good guys, just need to change that logo to match the Shenmue I & II HD logo.

    4. Missing avatar

      - on

      @ Brandon A. C. Kilgore - Dose of fact? Get over yourself bro. Rattling off a "literally who" resume and suggesting Babelfish for script translation should tell me you're just another narcissist Dunning-Kruger case moron who thinks they know better.

    5. Timmy Han on

      I hope the English cast will meet the same standard too. It's really a good choice of the Japanese cast here! Love you guys.

    6. Brandon Gibbs on

      Alright keep up the good work people!

    7. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      Deep Silver, Perhaps the rewards will be announced at a later date, but the last message that was sent to me by YS Net was that the delay in the actual Shenmue III release was going to have no effect on it. It's easy with a tutor and BabelFish or Yandex. I'm doing an independent video game believe it or not. I was also a writer in 3dFx Development. Oh well I'm sorry if a dose of fact is lighting the fuse on your tampon. I hope that answered any queries.

    8. Akule

      Excellent. I am glad to see the increase in updates. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Donald Miller on

      I am so excited and glad to be part of the millions that helped to bring this to life, Now all we need is a teaser video with them recording some of their lines? please please please.

    10. Jose Sanchez on

      I'm extremely excited. Great job guys!

    11. Sdzero on

      Congratulations, Haruka Terui! Do your best!
      Masaya Matsukaze, I look forward to hearing you bring Ryo Hazuki back to life!

    12. ShinAkuma on

      Uraaai ;)
      Some news :D

      Keep up the good work.. and us posted!

    13. Missing avatar

      - on

      God I can't believe I glanced at your posting history here. What an entitled piece of shit you are.

    14. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Brandon A. C. Kilgore - What company are you even talking about? You do know the rewards will be unveiled at a later date, and most likely ship when the game ships?

      Not even going to touch that part about Chinese speakers, etc. Sounds like total madness with absolutely no idea how game creation is done, let alone telling an actual narrative.

    15. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Pyke - She retired over 10 years ago from the entertainment business, apparently.

    16. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      This is so fraudulent, what a deceitful company it wasn't enough what they did with Red Ash. They're utterly destroying the legacy of Yu Suzuki's Shenmue. All this time not a single bubble Capsule toy, T-shirt, autograph, MP3 music download, or Martial Arts Scroll. If they'd just find the Chinese Speakers to do Chinese Characters, Japanese to do Japanese with the translation to English or whatever respective language lettering at the gameplay it would be done by now.

    17. Pyke on

      Why Shenhua voice actor was replaced? (Hazuki Ishigaki). To be clear, I have nothing against Haruka Terui, I'm sure she will do a great job. I just want to know if replacement was a creative decision or Hazuki Ishigaki wasn't available.

    18. Missing avatar

      Angel Alfredo Avendaño Aguirre on

      THIS is an update!!!, this is how we fans and backers get hyped!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Max Ingram on

      Wonderful update. I enjoyed reading this.

    20. Adam Clark on

      This is by far one of the most happiest and exciting updates in awhile. So glad to hear that the Japanese voice actors are so happy and excited to be a big part of Shenmue 3, and that everything is running smoothly. Like me and others, I can not wait until we see gameplay! Those pictures look beautiful too.

      I always loved Ryo's Japanese voice and I'm sure he and Haruka will do a great job. She seems like the right person to do Shenhua, just got that feeling.

      You guys are awesome and I can't not WAIT to play Shenmue III next year.

    21. Adam on

      This is great! Enjoyed hearing from both of them. Thanks for sharing.
      Terui has got a lovely voice. Can't wait to hear the new Shenhua!

    22. Bule on

      Glad to see things are progressing :)

    23. Mantis on

      Now THIS is the kind of update your fans want! :-) While like everyone I do wait for gameplay, "behind the scenes" featuring the cast is excellent.

    24. Juan José Vélez on

      I can feel the Shenmue magic again :)

    25. Amy on

      Thanks for your hard work everyone! :)

    26. Luca De Marini on

      Can't say anything else than: THANK YOU for your hard work.
      I really love you guys. Can't wait to play the actual game.


      Nice update!

      Keep pushing for excellence in every artistic aspect!

      You have an opportunity to make a masterpiece for millennia!

    28. Lee Donagh on

      Awesome. Love a Shenmue update. Thank you!

    29. Beh Kok Seng

      Woot! If they doing voice recording, that’s mean the FMV have been completed.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Chand on

      Fix ryos distorted face,old shenmue style logo.I'll also like to note the game was delayed for further 'polish' ,so this means the voice parts for one of the main characters werent recorded until now

    31. Missing avatar

      Philip on

      Nice to hear about real progress!

    32. Missing avatar

      Farris Denning on

      Nice update, thanks! Looking forward to playing this in 2019!

    33. Missing avatar

      Hazuki00 on

      Good update! Although I can't make out the pictures very well, it seems a beautiful landscape!

      Can't wait to play the game next year!

    34. mabec on

      I wish I could hear pictures.

    35. Missing avatar

      Weils on

      Looks like Masaya-san is enjoying himself, back in the role of Ryo Hazuki! Missed original Shenhua seiyuu Hazuki Ishigaki...:( Terui-san, I may not be acquainted about the other voice roles you have done, but ganbatte! Do your best in your role of Shenhua! The 2 main voice leads are in good hands.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michal Duch on

      Much appreciated update Thank You!

    37. Benji Copeman on

      Lovely update! I look forward to hearing the new Shenhua! ^_^

    38. Edward Zee Jones on

      Nice update. keep up the good work.