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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Release date Announcement by Deep Silver



Hello Everyone,

Along with our publishers, Deep Silver, we have an announcement for the release date of Shenmue III. Our report follows with a comment from Mr. Suzuki.

Announcement by Deep Silver:

“ Deep Silver today announce that their upcoming release Shenmue III has been moved and will now release in 2019.

The extra time will be used to polish the quality of the game even further, to the high standards it deserves and release the product in the best possible timeframe. ”

Original Announcement: Deep Silver

Comment by Yu Suzuki:

To all of our backers, we are very sorry for the delay. After much discussion with our partners, Deep Silver, we have concluded that extending the release will allow us to deliver Shenmue III at its best. We promise to use this time to improve the quality of Shenmue III.

We cannot thank you enough for your enduring support.


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    1. Jonathan Barnes just now


    2. Missing avatar

      Philip about 22 hours ago

      Given that I had long ago assumed that this was forever going to be a promised project that never materialised, I don't care about the delay as long as we see it eventually. A delay is far preferable to releasing an unfinished and badly optimised game without many of the promised features, just look at what happened to No Mans Sky. This update after so long without one was lovely to hear about.

    3. Missing avatar

      Branden Hoffman 2 days ago

      To KickNiaow:
      I don't personally care what part you've played in dragging down the professional standard of the industry. Just because it's become the norm to make a time commitment then fail to meet it, repeatedly, doesn't make it professional. It just drags the repute of the gaming industry through the mud.
      Regardless, the overarching advisory still remains: don't expect game developers using Kickstarter to deliver anywhere close to their approximated delivery date. Instead plan on multiple multi-month delays. I'll deal with it, as I always do. But for those backers who are entering their first Kickstarter game rodeo, just giving them fair warning this is how it typically goes (and in fact, they should not be surprised if there are even further delays). Seeing games get dragged out years beyond the initial window is common here. Again, I prefer a good game, and I'll wait for one even if it means a delay. That doesn't mean I have to swallow my disappointment and be an apologist though.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Douglas Moran 2 days ago

      I fully support the game's delay. It's far preferable to get a quality title that's been polished than something that's incomplete and buggy because it's been rushed to meet a release date. You have my full support. Delay the game if necessary. As long as I get a quality Shenmue title, I don't care.

    5. Missing avatar

      Allan Shek 2 days ago

      well at less i can slowly play yakuza 2 kiwimi and shenmue 1 and 2 and i hope 3 isn't like yakuza 6 (sega you promise only to release when it's ready)

    6. Missing avatar

      Adebusayo O. 2 days ago

      Well, it's a bummer the game has to be delayed, but at the end of the day, I want a game of good quality and a wonderful well put together story. If I have to wait to have the best quality there is, I have no problem with that. I'm sure "US" gamers out there are mature enough to wait and play other great games to fill in our time. There's god of war, zelda, beyonetta and many other awesome games to play until then. So I say thank you so much Mr.Suzuki to you and your team for your hard work and reporting back with updates! ^_^

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gill 4 days ago

      If Shenmue 3 is going to be released in 2019, it can only have 2 release dates, 9-9-19(Dreamcast 20th Anniversary) or 12-29-19(Shenmue 20th anniverary)

    8. Missing avatar

      KickNiaow 4 days ago

      To the team: take your time!

      To Branden Hoffman:
      "Doesn't matter how "professional" the developer is. Kickstarted games are notorious for failure to meet deadlines."
      I have been working in the video games industry and I have yet to see a single project which did not require a delay. There is nothing unprofessional about delaying the release of a work which requires more time to produce than what was initially envisioned.

      Planning something which has not done before is an essentially impossible task. Delays are to be expected, and their absence should be taken with utmost suspicion because they mean that the developers are only re-serving you something they have already done before.

    9. Missing avatar

      Branden Hoffman 4 days ago

      I'm half with all the "take your time" people and half really annoyed by how this happens on nearly every hyped Kickstarter game. Yes, make the game worth the money invested, please. But, word to the wise, never ever expect any publisher that uses Kickstarter to come anywhere near their estimated delivery date. Always expect them to delay at least twice (if you're lucky), several months per delay. Doesn't matter how "professional" the developer is. Kickstarted games are notorious for failure to meet deadlines.

    10. uphonix 5 days ago

      Guys calm down. Shenmue lives. Be content.

    11. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Moran 5 days ago

      I can't imagine how difficult estimating a release date has to be. There are so many factors to consider and it's difficult to predict what problems will arise. Not to mention the scope of modern games is far bigger than games of the past. I am fine will the delay and I think you should be too (unless you are planning on dying soon, then it's ok). The 2-year estimate was likely an estimate based on a 2 million dollar goal. With funds now 3x that size, they can afford further development, but that takes more time as well. As a web developer I know what it's like to be pressured into releasing content before it's ready. Many people are spoiled and just want things without considering what it's like to be behind the scenes. And even if they think they are considering, they probably can't fathom what it's like to actually develop a game. All I ask is that you know Ys Net is working hard on the game and will give us the best product they can given the budget and time. Please do not jump to conclusions.

    12. Joseph Santos 5 days ago

      I always thought the initial release of 2017 being optimistic. I paid for a top quality Shenmue game, how long it takes is minor problem. We don't want another Duke Nukem Forever.

    13. Brandon A. C. Kilgore 6 days ago

      Well I'd hoped that this wasn't true, I wanted to have been wrong when I called it a scam; But that is all this is. It's not the most expensive lesson I've ever learned but is probably the most depressing and overwhelming. Remember the faqs “We should complete this well within 2017.” You’ve had since Shenmue II to get this together.
      This is why the video game corporations publishing and programing industry computers suffers. It is a hobby that innovates and is constructive. But it isn’t being run like an entertainment industry it is being run as a political party. Pleasing other businesses and then building ideas without constraints or protocols sounds fun in theory but isn’t in practice. Look at how long Duke Nukem Forever took to come out? It’s debatable on personal preference if it qualifies as a bad or good game. However it had let expectations build up to the point that it was impossible to please everyone.
      An example of such a scenario; People say I want fighting mechanics in a role playing game, the parameters are setting Unity Engine with Crytek Media, some idiot in charge then scraps it for Bethesda’s latest Physics engine mechanics. Things start coming together and the industry that wants to make money convinces another in charge of leadership “probably a boss that inherited the title and never heard of Physics in a game” hires a play tester of how accurate the moves and control to real life controllers are. So the once ambitious idea for a Roleplaying Fighter winds up being delayed 3 years and is shoddily pieced into a Unity\Crytek\Bethesda like beta with glitches.
      However seeing as how this is a world record public funded thing and other than the dinner with Yu Suzuki, most of the prizes are not delivered. I don’t think there ever was a game, the Digital Silver and HD Shenmue & HD Shenmue 2 game releases were going to come out anyway for the soon to be older Xbox One and Playstation 4 when 2019 comes. Shenmue Three is a myth it died with Sega and the credibility the Dreamcast once had.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brandon Hill 6 days ago

      I'd be lying if I said my initial reaction to the delay wasn't disappointment, but then I'd definitely prefer a game to be delayed to make it better than to have a rushed piece of crap. Also I can't forget that 3 years ago I didn't even believe Shenmue III was going to happen. So as a true Shenmue fan, I will be right there at the finish line waiting to play no matter how long it takes.

    15. Punit Dhorda 6 days ago

      Rome wasn't built in a day!

    16. Gabriel Guevara 6 days ago

      As long as the delay isn’t because they’re trying to make sure I could use every single vending machine, or pay phone, and money doesn’t run out trying to allow me to talk to every single NPC; I’m good. Close out the trilogy with epic ness please.

    17. Blazing Hero 6 days ago

      Okay I get the physical reward surveys not being sent out until the last minute but have they asked information for the ingame content for backers yet? Stuff like getting your name in the game etc? Did I miss that? Thanks to anyone who can set me straight.

    18. Mahan Harirsaz
      7 days ago

      We’ve waited over fifteen years. I’m pretty sure none of us would mind another one to make sure it reaches us in the state it should be. Thank you so much! <3

    19. ShinAkuma 7 days ago

      "Mais vale tarde do que nunca"

      On dit vaut mieux tard que jamais..

      Mais aussi l'impatience grandit avec les temps! Faudras quand même nous présenter une demo "trial" pour Noël! Un cadeau quoi.. on le merite aussi!

    20. Missing avatar

      jonathan lwiza 7 days ago

      knock it out of the park fellas

    21. Bobby Gomez
      on May 17

      I don't mind if this game delay. The longer it get, the better it get!

    22. DavidMackenzie on May 17

      Excellent news. I'm glad you're taking the time to make it as good as possible.

    23. Tyler Welch on May 17

      Delay all you need! I'm okay with waiting for quality!

    24. Aiken Drum on May 17

      Fine with me, as long as it means you're doing it right.

    25. Husson Eagle on May 17

      Some people on this site hinted at the title being delayed before the announcement, so I'm not surprised at this delay. Take all the time you need Yu! We want the game to be a masterpiece and live up to its potential.

    26. Bule on May 17

      Brandon Newsome,

      Even better than getting a complementary copy of Shenmue 1 & 2 HD is paying for it and showing Sega that this saga is still something that people are happy and willing to spend money on. Sure, it would be great to get a free copy by virtue of backing Shenmue 3 at a certain tier, but it doesn't make a lot of financial sense for these companies who actually make the games to do that.

    27. Bule on May 17

      Blazing Hero,

      It makes sense to send out the backer surveys later rather than sooner. That way they don't have to deal so much with all the inevitable changes of address that will occur between the sending out of the survey and the sending out of the rewards.

    28. Blazing Hero on May 17

      I certainly don't mind waiting longer but I really wish they would go ahead and send out the backer surveys. I didn't miss it being sent out did I?

    29. Criege Pennant on May 17

      Take all the time you need. :)

    30. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on May 17

      It's funny that under the comments it specifies Be respectful and considerate. Now that I have had my opinion blocked off twice I would say it's justified in calling the moderators to this as inconsiderate and disrespectful. And rest assured that I will be reposting it from a different computer.

    31. Max on May 17

      Use the original logo please guys. Look at SEGA with Shenmue 1&2 HD, they're using it.

    32. E.S. Am on May 17

      E3 is right around the corner so hopefully we'll get a more substantial look at the game then. I'd be worried otherwise.

    33. Missing avatar

      Brendan Newsome on May 17

      I'm happy to wait, but would it be possible for backers of at least a certain amount to get a copy of the PS4 release of Shenmue 1 & 2? I think it would be extremely fitting and deserved. I spent $300 on this Kickstarter project three years ago, it would really be a perfect reflection of appreciation for the generosity and patience of many backers.

    34. Kevin Hana on May 17

      The delay is understandable as the scope of the overall franchise is huge. Keep up the work and please show off gameplay videos on a regular basis!

      If more actual gameplay is shown I believe a lot of backers and fans will feel better!

    35. Rhett Connelly on May 17

      YES! Polish :D

    36. Seppo Seppälä
      on May 17

      Take your time guys. We get to play HD remakes of first two games before Shenmue 3, so it's perfect. I rather wait than get rushed and half finished game which nobody would be happy about.

    37. Forra on May 17

      Thanks for the update; we've waited this long so a little longer can't hurt to make sure the game is what it needs to be!

    38. Missing avatar

      speedery on May 17

      No problem guys take whatever time that will , but bring to us the best Shenmue ever , even better than Shenmue I&II . Thanks for the update

    39. Missing avatar

      Joshua Camara on May 17

      Don't worry about it guys, as i personally already predicted shemue 1&2 HD remake collections have already been confirmed to be released this year (2018) so honestly it's no rush, we have that to play as we wait for 3, and we know you will make it the best ever! take your time! also most people cry/complain that they haven't even played the 1st or 2nd one and so why be so hyped with 3 etc. well now 1&2 will be coming out so relax, be patient, just wait n while you're waiting enjoy 1&2 for the first time, or again in it's HD remake glory! <3

    40. D.S.SIRIUS on May 17

      For real, take as long as you need to make sure it’s perfect. No need to apologise!
      I’d be happy with it releasing in 2020 if it meant it was going to be absolutely perfect!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jimtendo32 on May 17

      With how little of it we've actually seen I think it was fair to assume this months ago. Please provide updates that actually show us progress. Actually seeing some progress to account for the last 2 months would be nice though. Along with many others I have no problem with another delay. Best wishes.

    42. Diego Giacomelli on May 17

      Thanks for the update.

      I hope to play Shenmue III as soon as possible. I trust your professionalism to improve the quality of the title. See you.

    43. Missing avatar

      Brandon Spagnuolo on May 17

      The delays don't bother me. I'm just really haven't seen much progress, only vague updates

    44. Simon M Greaves on May 17

      I'm thankful for this, I want this game to succeed and feel like a Q1 or 2 release would give it the best chance. Far better a delay into 2019 then coming out in a busy holiday period where it would get lost among the blockbuster titles.

    45. Scott Mclean on May 17

      @Javier Cabrera: delays don't always mean a better game. Depends on who's managing it. Case in point: Final Fantasy XV

    46. Javier Cabrera on May 17

      It makes me happy every time this game gets delayed. It means that we will get a better game, I hope so at least. I am looking forward to playing this game :D

    47. Dott on May 17

      I'm just joining the other to say that you can take your time.
      I've waited so long for Shenmue 3, it is not few more years which are going to change anything.

    48. Missing avatar

      Maria Bedoya on May 16

      Take your time. Love you guys :)

    49. Eythan Hensley on May 16

      I don't care if this game takes a long time to truly realize. Just as long as it's before the next console generation, then everything is GOOD. Keep up the hard work dudes.

    50. Missing avatar

      Dylan Lee on May 16

      When I backed this project, I was looking forward to playing through Shenmue 3 with my sons. When it finally releases, my sons will be off to college. What a joke.

      All signs point to troubled waters. Vague "release year" announcement/delays, little progress shown, incompetence all around. Well, maybe "incompetence" is a little harsh. It actually appears this team just bit off more than they can chew. The team's size likely just isn't equipped to fulfill their vision.

      Oh well. I'm still looking forward to the re-release of Shenmue 1 and 2! Would be great if Sega stepped up and gave us a proper Shenmue 3.