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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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MAGIC 2018: New Pics Up!

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)


Hello Everyone,

Yesterday at MAGIC 2018 held in Monaco, we unveiled four new Shenmue III pics that we want to share with you!

Isn't she charming?

From a scene featuring the recently introduced character.

Who is this masterly-looking elderly gentleman?

That stance means war! Ryo, it's time for action!!

It was a pleasure to meet and talk with the fans and Shenmue community. It was also great to see Cedric face to face and not over the phone or Skype. Our time was very well spent!

Yu-san is now on his return to Tokyo, and will be back again Monday to focus on development. 

MAGIC is organized by Shibuya Productions who’s CEO, Cédric Biscay, is co-producer of Shenmue III. The event hosts conferences for manga artists and game creators as well as gaming, cosplay and manga contests.

Please see the official MAGIC site for more information.

Thank you as always for your continued support!

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    1. Alessandro Saiko on

      Those screenshots are looking good. Hopefully facial expressions and animations will be on par with their looks by now.

      Please use the old logo!

    2. Jimtendo32 on

      They weren't kidding about less project updates, huh? :/

    3. Diana Thai on

      Would be great if you could consider taking our feedback about reverting back to the original logo!

    4. Matthew de Roeck on

      4TH pic character looks spot on, but ryo's face looks off somehow.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Reid on

      Can you fix the face of the character in the 3rd picture? It just looks crap compared to the others. Almost too comical.

    6. Shenmue is back! on

      Why are you guys so damn impatient? Do you REALLY want a rushed game???
      It's obvious this game won't be ready until mid-late 2019.
      Late 2018 is pushing it.
      Just chill, it will be ready when it's ready.

    7. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      Is Yu Suzuki even involved in the decision making anymore?

    8. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      One of the perks as I recall was to play an Early released Prototype. Well the release for the final product is Five Months ago... Nothing so much as a Beta Release. How many more companies are just there making talented artwork? Sure it looks cool but I can't use a controller with it and learn the next part of the story.

    9. Gholll on

      Finaly pictures that look like something! I was beginning to worry.

    10. Adam Clark on

      Unless they are doing something different and not showing much to not spoil the game?

    11. Adam Clark on

      If Shenmue 3 isn't shown at PAX in April or E3 then it isn't even funny anymore, seriously.
      Please show how beautiful the game looks at some point.

    12. nyghtwynd on

      DId the surveys ever go out? I hope to pick the physical PS4 copy still.

    13. Brandon Gibbs on

      IMPRESSIVE!!! Keep up the good work!

    14. Timmy Han on

      Love the art so much! I just hope that the facial animation will look realistic.

    15. Adam Clark on

      Guys, Deep Silver just tweeted that they will post Shenmue 3 updates when it's ready and they said hopefully soon. Really hope they mean GDC or PAX!

    16. Max on

      Use the original logo guys

    17. Anonymous81 - #ShenmueSaved on

      *Pops in for first time in ages to say*

      Interview with Yu is up at:

      Touches on fishing & other part time jobs, and explains that the combat is not purely QTE based as some feared, but is still a real time action combat system, just not like the Virtua Fighter based system in the previous two games. In short, he wants to make it less timing-critical.

      *Disappears again for a hella long time* God bless to all those who have kept the faith in Shenmue 3.

    18. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      Delayed again until Late 2018. They never intended to fulfill the obligations on time did they? Well, don't expect me to help with a Shenmue 4 public funding donation. Of the 5 promises you've kept one.

    19. Changed man on

      This game is becoming a fraud more and more.
      We get to see old placeholders or photoshops. I believe this screenshots are real. But clearly they are again in early footage which again means that they might be placeholders again

    20. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Tom Kro

      Yu Suzuki got to Monaco on Thursday, and was back in Tokyo for work by Monday. It's also the only event he's been to in half a year.

      If you took a second to think about the above, and that the rest of the studio will still be working while he is gone, maybe you'd be calmer about this.

      @Samson Wick

      Same goes for you. Use your head.


      Beautiful progress. Keep the faith and keep pushing team!

      Limited money can't limit our limitless minds!!

      The dream is within reach !!!

    22. Char Lli on

      How beautiful to see how the project progresses.
      Take your time so that title is the best of the story, it does not matter when it comes out!

    23. Missing avatar

      Davidson Lucas Reis Pereira on

      Bom trabalho! Ancioso pelo lancamento.

    24. Michelle Vietor on

      All I want is a release date. :(

    25. Atom on

      PLEASE SUZUKI SAN I WANT THE FACE OF RYO OF THIS PICTURE , the face of the RIGHT corner , thanks

    26. fitters on

      Great work. Ryo's complexion is now spot on. It's looking fantastic I can't wait.

    27. BlackGauntlet

      New guy uses 心意六合把 eh...
      Doesn't look like a Chinese Muslim.
      Wonder where he picked it up from.

    28. Vince Vazquez

      The little girl looks great and all the screenshots look nice, but man, that big guy still looks like a "rubber puppet man" - I'm sorry :P I don't know if there's any saving him; he should probably get a new mesh that's more in line with everyone else's more realistic appearance even if he's supposed to be a roided-out monster or whatever. He just looks odd and single-handedly shows the game in a not-so-great light. But he's the only thing here that looks bad; everything else is looking great!

    29. Adam Clark on

      New pictures look great as well as Ryo. Loved the extended teaser too. Are you guys going to GDC 2018?

    30. Mohsin the OldschoolSegaKidd on

      The models are getting better but still needs a little more improvements. Keep it up Shezook ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      Juan I. on

      Models still need a bit of work , but there is a HUGE improvement since GC2017. Good work!

      But, please, remove that AMATEURISH LOGO, it's terrible. If you don't want to use the original, try to design a good one, but for god's sake, this new design shouln't be in the final game, it's unprofessional.

    32. Missing avatar

      jonathan lwiza on

      looking much much better.. still only pictures cant tell for sure but extremely impressive visually. I say take as much time as you need to get this right, we've been waiting for 17.. Jesus, 17 years a few more won't kill us.

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael Chand on

      Use the dreamcast ryo model as a guide cos the artist dont have a clue

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael Chand on

      Ryos face is still fked up, please mend it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kleist on

      Please make sure that the English subtitles to go with Japanese dialog are a true translation, and not a transcription of any dub script )(aka “dubtitles”). People in the US have been denied good acting in Shenmue, and the authentic experience so far, and we want to make sure we get as close to the original as non-Japanese can.

      Playing Final Fantasy XV “dubtitled” last year was very aggravating. My Japanese is good enough I noticed right away, but not good enough to play a game like Shenmue “raw” and untranslated and still get the emotion and nuance of the story. If there is a remaster or 1+2 coming, please make sure Sega includes the original Japanese dialog as well if you can.

    36. Marco Antonio Garcia on

      The visuals are really looking promising! I can't wait to see how actual gameplay is, a lot has changed and advanced in gaming since 2001. I'm really curious to see what the fighting system will be like. Since Yu Suzuki is a master innovator, I'm really hoping his team blows us away with something new and amazing!

    37. ShenmueFan on

      wow much improved !! Finally got it right . So excited to play shenmue 3 !!

    38. Matteo Enrico Neviani on

      Facial animations still look very stiff and Ryo's face is still kinda off, at this stage of the development.
      On the positive side, the environment are visually rich and gorgeous and the fighting animations look really fluid.

    39. Robert Battersby on

      These character models look incredible!
      They simultaneously look realistic enough to be seen as modern-day graphics, while also being reminiscent of the style the character models had in the Dreamcast games.
      Very excited!

    40. Missing avatar

      speedery on

      great update thanks

    41. Oliver Sha on

      Looking much better. Can't wait!

    42. Missing avatar

      Ramazan Bayram on

      Finally my dream comes true. After playing parts 1 and 2 on the Dreamcast, I can not wait to play the sequel. When the game appeared on the Dreamcast, it was still the best gaming experience to date.
      The pictures look fantastic. Many thanks to all contributors and the people who funded the game.

    43. Amy on

      The updated models look beautiful!!

    44. Tristan on

      The updated models look great, I think they nailed it this time. I hope to be able to see it in motion soon.

    45. Missing avatar

      Chafik on

      Toujours aucune vidéos de gameplay, ça devient vraiment inquiétant. Les images sont belles mais pourquoi ne pas avoir montré une petite séquence ? Cela n'aurait en rien fait du mal au jeu ! Voir Ryo marcher, quelques interactions ou ne serait-ce que voir l'interface globale.

      Pas la peine de bluffer, personne ne croit que le jeu sortira en 2018 et il vaut mieux que ce ne soit pas le cas.

    46. José-Manuel SIERRA (Pseudo : Vyse69) on

      Magnifiques images, on aurait bien aimé cependant voire une scène ou deux de gameplay en vidéo, mais on voit déjà au travers de ces images l'excellent travail qui a été accompli *^▽^*
      Par contre, j'espère que Shenmue 1 et 2 HD sont bien sur les rails, car il serait dommage que ceux qui n'ont jamais joué ces deux premiers opus commencent directement par jouer à Shenmue 3 >_<
      Quant au logo Shenmue, je préférais celui des 1 et 2 * ̄m ̄
      En tout cas, continuez votre bon travail, Shenmue 3 va être une bombe atomique... d -_^

    47. Aaron Healy on

      @ Tom. Yu Net never said they were releasing the game this summer XD. All they said, was it had been pushed back to Q3/Q4 of 2018. But with a vagueness still on the release date, it’s possible this might slip to 2019....But so is life.

      Getting back on track though, the character models are looking amazing. Ryo now looks the same as he did back on the Dreamcast all those years ago :). I’m really liking the visual style this game has adopted to. Plus animations look like they are starting to come along nicely. It’s brill because you can tell this game is starting to come in to its own.

      Keep up all your great work Yu and team. All I say is take your time and make a great game. Just don’t cave in to the impatient people, and feel you need to rush.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mark Richardson on

      Looking good. Ryo's model is looking much better and I dig the art direction. I hope we'll get a more indepth update look at the game's progress in the coming months.