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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Say Hello to the Deep Silver Promotion Team

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)


Hello Everyone,

For the update today, we would like to give a big welcome and introduction to the new members of the project team, Deep Silver.

Gaming fans may already know, but Deep Silver is a video game publishing company and worldwide game distributor with a wealth of experience bringing games from Japan to countries around the world.

Their partnership is very reassuring, particularly in the promotion and sales departments, which our development team needs the support.

Message from Deep Silver:  

We are all in Deep Silver delighted to be working with such a great team on such an anticipated game. We are as excited about this release as you are! Here is a shot of our global marketing team members at a recent Shenmue III meeting (gamescom 2017, Germany) 


Concerning future updates 

Deep Silver and Ys Net are moving forward with promotional planning that will encompass the whole of the project. Due to these adjustments, there will be an increase in instances where there will not be an update each and every month.

However, we are also looking into other media and events besides updates to give you a better experience as we roll out latest information, so please stay tuned!

The next dev room report is in the works, so please look forward to that, too! Thank you all for your continued support!


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    1. Alessandro Saiko on

      While I think it’s great that Deep Silver is supporting the project I’m not happy about the announcement of less Kickstarter updates. After all we made this possible in the beginning so please don’t just feed us with PR nonsense from now on...

    2. Max on

      Change the logo back to the original one please

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Smith on

      I expected the game to take at least 3.5 years. So I know there's still a wait, and a publisher only helps them out.

    4. Michelle Vietor on

      Why do we need promotions when the campaign came in over budget? Just give us the game already!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Joseph L. on

      Any news about PS4 Pro support?

      And please, listen to the fans about the logo. Everybody wants the june one. Thanks.

    6. Husson Eagle on

      I think people need to relax and be a little patient with the production of this game. I'm sure when it comes out people will be more than satisfied.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nunes on

      Please keep the "true" logo.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nunes on

      Be focus on the game. No problem for me.

    9. Missing avatar

      - on

      The comments in here are ridiculous.


      No, it really doesn't. A video or update you consume in a matter of minutes is the product of hours spread through planning/production/publication. And also bare in mind, all of this is done by the development team. They had little to no PR or promotional support prior to Deep Silver's involvement. Every update was time taken away from the developer working on the game, and it's commendable that they kept it up as long as they did.

      And really, how many of you would bitch about the quality of an update *actually* put together in five minutes? I'm sure a lot of you would. Many of you bitched about the updates that took longer than that anyway.

      Two and a half years of nearly unbroken monthly updates, and now the game is heading into its supposed release year, and some of you are taking objection to transitioning to a regular promotional cycle? I cannot fathom the sheer level of entitlement happening here.

      Get a goddamn grip, all of you.

    10. Bowl0l on

      If it's difficult to share development progress for backers that want this project to succeed, wouldn't it be impossible to market it to a general public?
      Backers doesn't stop giving support after forking out the cash, we are also focus group samples, probably bug testers later, mouth pieces for the product launch, participants of game related events and so on. Kickstarters are not community driven loan sharks.

    11. Missing avatar

      Cal on

      Why does Y's Net keep "adding people to the team"??? Wasn't something said about Sony backing you in the promotions and distributions? Is Sony out? Also, that picture was taken at Gamescom... Gamescom was months ago! Why are you just bringing this up!?... and "less updates"!? Is every single person on the team (including the dozens of people "added") too busy to type up a few paragraphs with substance?!?! Are you, Yu-san, too busy to let YOUR fans know what's going on? No one can find 20-40 minutes a MONTH to write something meaningful?

      I'm honestly not familiar with Deep Silver, but I'm not hearing good things so far. That being said, something tells me that "The team", who ever that includes now a days, is low, or out, of funds and Deep Silver may have offered some help for something in return.

      As long as we get a good game within a year or so, I'll be happy.... but the damn ride is so F***ING frustrating!

    12. Missing avatar

      Hazuki00 on

      "FOR the fans and BY the fans".
      "The fate of Shenmue is in your hands now".

      I hope these words won't be forgotten.
      Please, don't let Deep Silver get involved with anything about decissions of the way to make the game. It must be as Suzuki has it in his mind.

      I wish the best for you all and looking fordward to the release of the game NEXT YEAR.

    13. TouchGameplay

      This Kickstarter is a trainwreck and that Deep Silver is now on board makes me fear of what will follow in the future since those folks have a record of screwing up even the impossible.

    14. JK Clark on

      Lol. "Meet our promotional department! Expect less updates."

      Are they bizarro promoters?

    15. Missing avatar

      Juan I. on

      You promised poll for the backers, so how about a poll to decide the logo?…

      Please, listen to the fans who make this game possible.

    16. Andrew Ramien on

      What and insult that some marketing jagoffs are dictating the communication we true supporters get. We gave our hard earned money. They make money off of the project.

      I’ve had faith this whole time, but I’m getting annoyed. To me, the way that this update was worded is insulting.

    17. Missing avatar

      Travis Templeton on

      You delay a game only to give less updates which normally lack any real content "this one for instance", and you promised polls in the beginning there has only been one poll, which had no impact on the game.

      but yea less updates..? I'm confused. So far this has not been a community effort we have no say yet we are the reason the game is happening.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      That won't do. Kickstarter updates should be your primary outlet for informing your backers. Done that there could be some space for other venue, but priority should always be on the former.

      About Deep Silver I have mixed feeling. It's not that bad but it is certainly not a guarantee of improvements. Let see how that goes.

    19. Missing avatar

      Juan Pablo Ruiz Velasco on

      I'm extremely disappointed with this project.

      When I backed it...I imagined it would be delayed but not like this. The original release target will never happen and I would be surprised if it releases next year.

      Now we are told to not even expect updates? I's not like we were getting much. One picture is not an update anyway...

      I guess I'll just try to totally forget about this game and then be surprised when it drops in 2 years or so.

    20. ShenmueFan on

      Is that jurgen klopp on the far left? lol Yu suzuki please vet any trailer or promotional stuff deep sliver want to put out , look at the mighty no9 trainwreck !!

    21. Jesse on

      I hope Shenmue 3 won't make us cry like an anime fan on prom night. Seriously though I really this wont end up like MN9.

    22. Vyse Legendaire on

      I'm not sure if they are joking. Its just a matter of weeks now till the demands for refund begin.

    23. Vyse Legendaire on

      "Deep Silver and Ys Net are moving forward with promotional planning that will encompass the whole of the project. Due to these adjustments, there will be an increase in instances where there will not be an update each and every month.

      (╭☞ ☯ ‿‿ ☯ )╭☞

    24. Matthew on

      bye bye awesome japan?

    25. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      Well this will inevitably lead to three things.

      1. Deep Silver demanding the inclusion of gimmicky extra content that nobody wants like a Minecraft-style Ryo model.

      2. The creation of disgustingly terrible promotions and trailers that aren't vetted by the development team.

      3. America getting the game 3 days before the rest of the world, even if it is primarily a digital release.

      None of these are good. This is not good news. Shenmue 3 has just taken its first real step towards becoming a Kickstarter disappointment.

    26. Zachary on

      Reminds me of kids that say they don't have time to call their grandparents.


      Hire me to post updates to backers. I can work my job and update. You don’t have to pay me.

    28. E.S. Am on

      That is their global marketing team? It sure doesn't look like one to be honest.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jon-Paul Andaya on

      ....just wondering do we still get our names in the credits? (if paid for that tier) haven't heard anything about it.

    30. Hunter F Kennoy on

      As an industry professional, I trust you guys! Pledging a project is about faith, and I have no reason not to have faith in you.

    31. Adam on

      Deep Silver, fuck you for coming in this late, ruining our kickstarter and making demands for the game.

      I'm personally not opposed to Yu's new logo but there are a lot of people who feel strongly against it. It's obvious how you obnoxiously came in and decided to change the logo without any consideration and equally obvious how amateurish you are at PR to not only anger the fanbase but also trash the symbol which has identified Shenmue as an IP for all these years.
      Now you also dare exclude us from the project we helped launch. Without us there wouldn't even be a project for you to make money off.
      All this right off the bat. What more will you have imposed on us and this game before we even get to hold it in our hands? I predict a lot and probably a lot we wont even know about.

      Can't wait to see how you will go about promoting this game that will embarrass both the developers and fans. I know I will between my cringe.

    32. Missing avatar

      Wessel van Bendegem on

      Remember Mighty no. 9. Hope deep silver has learnd from that. Marketing wise

    33. MannyLaMancha on

      @ Richard - Well, rocket science and video games both involves a launch, so...


    34. Missing avatar

      risa2000 on

      If the picture depicts the marketing team for Shenmue, I am quite confused. I worked in global semicon company where the product marketing for one high profile product consisted of 2 people on worldwide scale and 1 or 2 people in each region. For what kind of marketing do you need so many people? It is a video game not a rocket science?

    35. Missing avatar

      Chas Carter on

      Please don't give us less updates. We invested in this game and would like the simple courtesy of a regular email from Ys. It would be nice to have Yu checking in from time to time too. We made this possible, so please hear our voice on this. We like updates. We want updates. Updates are good. I'll be this project's biggest cheerleader if I just can trust you to do what you say you'll do.

    36. William Matthew Langtry on

      Just wondered if there will xbox one x 4k enhanced version of shenmue 3

    37. MannyLaMancha on

      Having backed over 100 projects, I'm fine with delays, but with over six million dollars raised, you can't stick someone at a computer for 20-30 minutes once a month to give us a substantive update?

    38. Missing avatar

      Arthur Maloney on

      For the love of Nozomi DO NOT LET THEM DO THE TRAILER!!!!

      We don't need a repeat of what happened with Mighty No9 and the "Anime fan on Prom Night" Fiasco!!!!

    39. "Wakko" on

      Deep Silver taking part in "promotional planning"? Yikes! Probably best if you don't leave them in charge of trailer videos!
      *winks and sips champagne*

    40. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kleist on

      Given the new influx of cash, which I’m very happy about, I’m hoping that this means that there will now be an Xbox version shipping simultaneously, hopefully enhanced for Xbox One X? I don’t care about 4K, just lighting, filtering and consistent 30fps (for a film look).

      F course, since Deep silver is involved with Yakuza’s remakes, it makes me more optimistic for Shenmue 1/2 HD (please both with Japanese dialog options). This is great for Shenmue, please take your time, get it right, but I hope maybe by PAX Prime we can see some gameplay? What better time to reveal the experience of Shenmue 3 than during hanami!

    41. Missing avatar

      Robert murphy on

      you promised us monthly updates it only takes 20 min to give an update on how the project is coming along.This isn't acceptable at all.. im tempted to ask for a full refund as your not keeping to the original promise on your kick starter campaign... i dont mind the game being delayed a year or 2 but this is not what you promised.

    42. Missing avatar

      Marco Aurélio Justo de Sousa on

      I'm actually happy there's an real marketing team to handle how information about the game is released outside Kickstarter. The last few press -releases proved they need it.
      On the other hand, Deep Silver doesn't have the best track record regarding marketing, so I'm not without worry. Prove me wrong Deep Silver!

    43. Adam Clark on

      I liked this update, it was to be expected that next year is going to be different as Shenmue 3 is coming then. I wasn't that surprised by the not so many monthly updates. Looks like you guys are working very hard on the game and want to get the game in full swing next year.

      I feel Deep Silver will do a good job and will be successful in promoting Shenmue III.
      Really hope you guys will be showing the game at PSX 2017!

    44. Missing avatar

      Sean B. Brown on

      I understand why most people in the comments are upset. But I think it's mostly due to the wording and explanation of future updates. From my reading into it, I think we're going to be seeing much more stuff about Shenmue III in the future, but it's not going to be specifically tailored to backers. Rather, to the world at large. Articles, interviews, hopefully videos, etc. But I'm with everyone in wanting to at the very least receive updates on Kickstarter with links TO these other media. Anyway, Deep Silver have worked on the Metro games, Saints Row, Dreamfall Chapters, etc. People seem to be singling out Might No. 9 and one or two other games they didn't like, but in my opinion Deep Silver have been involved in more good stuff than poor/mediocre stuff. I'm still excited.

    45. Peter Gilmore on

      I don't really understand the need to bring in a promotional team, this is Shenmue 3 we're talking about, the gaming press, social media and word of mouth should be more than enough to promote the game... have faith in the Shenmue name...

      Also, an update saying there'll be less updates but you're employing a dedicated promotional team? Nobody can take half an hour to an hour out of their month to record and upload a video or write a quick post? That's just crazy talk! Way smaller dev teams manage weekly/more frequent updates.

      Minor complaints aside, keep up the good work!

    46. Ben Warner on

      Last time I backed a game that got in with deep silver it was delayed for so long and turned into utter trash. Please don't let me down

    47. uphonix on

      Guys, it's 2017 and we're talking about SHENMUE. Guys, that's got to mean something. Patience is not unrequited love. We've endured much more tedious times as fans in adoration. I'm still excited. I also understand the necessity of publicity and distribution of sales. This partnership PROMOTES MORE SALES! The secrecy in marketing is necessary for pre-market products because there is always a competitor/s that vigorously compete for product launches. I know my post doesn't make those in disapproval any less disappointed, but at least understand what I'm trying to convey. We're ACTUALLY getting Shenmue!

    48. Frank Lepert on

      Please do not stop giving us monthly updates its one thing i look forward to each month. As for DeepSilver i am concerned since almost every game they get involved with they tend to get ruined. Non the less i still have faith and will support you Mr Suzuki.

    49. Frank Lepert on

      Please do not stop giving us monthly updates its one thing i look forward to each month. As for DeepSilver i am concerned since almost every game they get involved with they tend to get ruined. Non the less i still have faith and will support you Mr Suzuki.