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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Dev Room Progress Report Vol. 4

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)


Hello Everyone, 

This month we have our fourth progress report from the dev room. What makes a character a character is their facial expressions, so this time we wanted to show you the progress on the facial front. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the video! Make sure to stay tuned in for the next development report!

Concerning the Backer Surveys

We apologize for the wait in sending out the backer surveys. 
The survey preparation is moving ahead, however it will take some time yet before they go out. We will have a full rundown of the surveys coming soon. Until then, we ask for your patience.   

Thank you as always for your support!

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    1. Alessandro Saiko on

      Thanks for the update, but I have to chime in to the criticism, because those facial animations don’t look up to par with today’s standards. They’re looking way to artificial and stiff. I hope you can improve them.

    2. Shenmue_Is_Back on

      Very nice! Keep up the great work!!

    3. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      Hello YuSuzuki and Shenmue3 team! We are all very excited to play the game, please take your time and we wait patiently, oh so patiently. Shenmue3 is a dream game come true. I have been waiting since 2001 after Shenmue2; so 16 years and I can be patient another year. Cant' wait to see the shenmue3 masterpiece soon! everything shown so far looks beautiful!
      Thank you and take care.

    4. Vladimir Putin on

      Interesting about the support of PS4 pro?

    5. Ari Tomi Stenberg on

      These updates... Update that tell there is an update and they have no info just yet and asking our patience and see you in next update.. I guess this wont change until they really ready to launch actual trailer that last one was like a alpha teaser even this project shuold be beta by now.

    6. Rodolfo Silva on

      people dont get it if Suzuki uses FACEWARE or any expensive MOcap set it will cost him a big slice of the budget and time... he would have to push the realease date AND ask for more money or wait for more sponsors... which is a luxury we don't have unfortunatly ... thses would be Game dev "experts" kill me... seriously... do your own Shenmue 3 then if you think it's so easy...

    7. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      That's all we get? Are you serious?

    8. E.S. Am on

      Much can be improved. Want to see what is possible in Unreal Engine 4? Hopefully the team can be inspired by the following video:…

    9. Massimo Palossi on

      wow i really hype for this game...

    10. maneauleau on

      Looks great! Keep the good work

    11. Missing avatar

      Emiliano Sinópoli on

      Excellent!!! I can’t wait to play it!!! Is there any expected expected date for the demo? Keep the good work!!!!!!

    12. sleepyasianman

      I don't mind waiting longer to get what was promised to the backers!

    13. Brandon Gibbs on

      ALRIGHT NICE! Keep it up!

    14. Zach McGuire on

      Looking good! Keep up the great work!

    15. Cazre Thomas on

      The eyes look weird. Very creepy.

    16. Husson Eagle on

      @Jonathan lwiza, daaamn Lost Soul Aside looks good!!! And it was only made by one person, holy shit!!... wow, if one person can make a game that looks that good and the combat mechanics are on point, using the UE4, then Shenmue better look 10 times better. We have 1 indie developer making a beautiful game, in Lost Soul Aside vs a team that Yu Suzuki put together (Shenmue 3). Im shocked, Yu Suzuki better step it up!!





    18. MindChamber on

      haha!! 2005 facial tech presented by your home health aid provider!

    19. Char Lli on

      Hello team!
      Waiting for the survey :)
      Very good job, I want to try something of the game!

    20. Missing avatar

      jonathan lwiza on

      I love shenmue but this looks so bad, 95 percent of shenmue is character interaction through conversation, you're using ue4 which does so much of the work for you, yet you're simply blending between mouth and eye shapes, which is minutes of work to teach someone how to do and them doing it. indie's by himself could do a better job than what I'm seeing, no hyperbole… and he made after not too long and had a budget of zero dollars you guys had millions of dollars in funding, I don't know whats going on but this doesn't resemble a current gen game, or even past gen. If this even looked past gen I'd be like ok.. but this is not looking good, Shenmue deserves more than this.

    21. Aaron Healy on

      This is really cool to see implementation of the facial animations. I think people need to chill and understand that this is purely a test to show that the animations are being worked on. Plus the animation doesn’t have any correspondence/context to what is happening in the scene. So I wouldn’t really take anything too literally. And we still potentially have over a year of development to go yet!!

      Yu and team keep up all your great work and ignore the haters.

      I keep seeing so much negativity (media included, negativity twisting positive things), that I think some fans are forgetting why this Kickstarter happened in the first place. :(

    22. Husson Eagle on

      @David Brown, good point, Shenmue 3 being open world and allowing Ryu to talk to everyone, should be compared to Fallout 4, Skyrim, in terms of facial animations, with that said, Skyrim and Fallout are some of the best open world games on the market. I guess this means the game can still be really good even if the graphics aren't the best.

    23. Missing avatar

      Redfield on

      it's really annoying to see people keep complaining about the slightest detail that is not to their taste or below their expectations. As far as I am concerned, I am happy to be able to find characters left to their fate long ago, and to see the story progress a little more towards its denouement. I am sure that Yu Suzuki and his team are also doing everything possible to carry this project, which is as close to their heart, as high as they can with the means at their disposal, and I look forward to seeing the final result.
      All my support to the team ! <3

    24. Gromber Fox on

      we want june Shenmue 3 logo

    25. Yohann Denis on

      Davis Bailey > when you see now technology like facerig where everybody can see a cool motion capture of him / herself in real time with lot of expressions on funny 3D models (or 2D anime characters ! ) it's strange to think nowadays it's difficult for VG companies to have this kind of software to improve their games... (excuse my poor english)

    26. Missing avatar

      LUIZY on

      It is always nice to see some news about Shenmue 3 :)

      Ps:You should put some AO (Ambiant Occlusion) in the mouth ;)

    27. Jcgamer60 on

      If the old logo is forever out of the question then the new logo needs 'work'. At present, this new logo does not look appealing.

    28. David Brown on

      When you think about it, what other open world game lets you talk to every single person? Maybe Fallout and Skyrim? That's about it, really. So the facial animations should be compared to those games, and let's be honest here, Fallout 4 and Skyrim facial animations are practically nonexistent, except for with the main characters.

      So in short, good job guys!

    29. Davis Bailey on

      Husson Eagle Again: L.A. Noire spent more on it's facial animation budget than this game has as a general budget. I don't care if the game was made in 2011, studios don't share their hardware, if you're expecting L.A. Noire level facial animations from every modern game then you're living in a fantasy land and really need to come back down to earth. Expecting this to be the best anything ever made is asking far too much, much less RPG given Shenmue isn't even in that genre (RPG elements do not an RPG make).

    30. Husson Eagle on

      Can't wait to see what the final product looks like. I'm wondering, what Yu Suzuki is going for, in terms of looks? Realism, Anime, Cartoonish? Someone posted a video of L.A Noire back in 2011 and the facial expressions are top notch and it's a game that was developed years ago. I hope Yu makes the game look realistic and not cartoonish. I'd be very dissapointed if the game looks cartoonish. I just want this game to be a 10/10 and to go down in history as one of the best RPGs ever made. Maybe that's asking for much.

    31. Davis Bailey on

      Yohann Denis I can't believe you're comparing to L.A. Noire, a game that spent a large sum on it's facial capture tech and hired and recorded actors faces live. Talk about unreasonable expectations.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Miller on

      Loved the update. Keep up the good work. And it is good work, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    33. Meshal on

      What was the point of this update?

    34. Marcel on

      The eyes don't move. I would never release a new game trailer without realistic eye movement included. It still looks like a mask.

    35. Adam on

      Don't you just love how some people no matter what will always choose to complain and never be content?

      The new logo is fine, please do not go back to the old logo.

    36. Adam Clark on

      Looking better in facial expressions already! This is very Shenmue and credit to the team for that.

    37. Missing avatar

      Fernando Lino on

      Guys, if there was a thing that everyone agreed was on how much the last logo was better than the new one! Every single comment I came across! Please change it back!

    38. Missing avatar

      Guy the Fighter on

      Pas mal, on atteindra d’ici quelques mois le niveau de Shenmue I

    39. ShinAkuma on

      Expressions give life to a character! Motions and feelings are expressed into these little details! Too bad the video is too short to see more in action!!
      Keep up the good work! We need more...

    40. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      For those asking for less stiff animations, that requires a bit more investment with mocap and surrounding technology/tooling to support it. You typically won’t see it on low budget games. Let’s let time bring their artistic direction to fruition first before judging the sculpture as it’s being carved

    41. Missing avatar

      Joseph L. on

      Please bring the old logo back! :(

    42. Missing avatar

      Juan I. on

      In june update you said you took our comments into consideration about the logo, but you definetely didn't. That's not counting on fans in a game "for the fans, by the fans".

      Sorry, but I'm dissapointed.

    43. John Englezos on

      I cant imagine how hard it is for Yu and his small team. They are trying to please all of us as well as making a great game.

      I honestly dont care how long it takes them and if they are behind in small things like the backer surveys, because I just want the game to be as good as it possibly can and would rather they concentrate on the game instead of wasting time with us.

      Just update us when your ready but please put the game first and yourselves.

      Thank you for even making this game and cant wait to play it when its done.

    44. Missing avatar

      Juan I. on

      Thanks for the update, it looks lovely.

      Talking about surveys, any chance to vote for the logo? Many fans prefer june logo and we are dissapointed to not be able to take part in the choice.

      Thank you.

    45. Andrew Donaldson on

      people compain and say things like it looks like PS2 era, but seeing as all we ever wanted was a sequel to a Dreamcast game, what's the problem? I wouldn't mind even if Shenmue 3 just used the Dreamcast graphics. I can't believe we're finally getting Shenmue 3 and people still complain.

    46. J M Loma on

      It's an improvement.probably will be much better. Pretty sure about that. And please bring the old logo back.

    47. Joseph Williams on

      This looks PS2 era. Please, for the sake of having some decent quality (and to get more people to buy it), ask Sony to help you with some facial animation tech. This is not exactly inspiring