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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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gamescom 2017 Travelogue

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)


Hello Everyone,

Today we want to give you a wrap up report from gamescom 2017 held this month in Cologne, Germany. With over 350,000 visitors, the event hall was really jumping!


The Koelnmesse exhibition center
The Koelnmesse exhibition center


The visitor numbers were beyond surprising!
The visitor numbers were beyond surprising!


Meeting with the fans was an invaluable experience for Yu-san.
Meeting with the fans was an invaluable experience for Yu-san.


New development pics

We are happy to show some new images that we did not present at gamescom!


The look of gallantry!
The look of gallantry!


The Hazuki Style bow.
The Hazuki Style bow.


What will go down in this city?
What will go down in this city?


Yu-san and the entire team give all their thanks for your support at the event and on social media sites! See you next time!

All released images are up on the Gallery at, so come for a visit and have a look!

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    1. Ari Tomi Stenberg on

      It sure looks better but still so incomplete. I know game is about beta phase and hopefully they still checking Ryos face.

    2. Vladimir Putin on

      Hello! looks very attractive!

    3. Andrea Collier on

      @ Trowa Barton Ryo had that Band-Aid before Lan Di showed up. Check out the intro, it's there on his face! ;)

    4. daniele benigno on

      was really great thank you that I could see yu suzuki and now can shenmue 3 come before 3 comes again 1 and 2in hd.

    5. Rhiannon

      I just keep getting more and more excited!

    6. Trowa Barton on

      its hard to please evoryone. ryo looks way more advanced then he did in the orignal games. good to see he still has that band aid from when lan di beat him up XD

    7. fitters on

      Love it Ryo is really looking like the Ryo we miss from Shenmue 1 & 2. Can't wait!!!

    8. Jcgamer60 on

      I absolutely love the colours displayed in these screenshots.

    9. Missing avatar

      Danmole on

      Still not liking how the characters look like. In this new captures one can see the same problems We all pointed in the previous update, both Ryo's and Shenhua faces are still too different from the ones they had in the previous Shenmues and they still look like made of plastic with too glossy textures and awful animations. The same "plastic lookalike" problem appears in some of the images with such glossy reflections making the sceneries feel artificial. A more matte appearance would be better. Still, the game seems to be on the right track and I'm sure that in a few months all this problems will be fixed.

    10. Marcel on

      Wow the new environment images in the gallery on your website look really cool and impressive. Now in higher resolution I can see that they are better than I expected two years ago with this budget. I love the colors, the details and the light, it's really beautiful and convincing.
      (Only the light in the 3rd image in this kickstarter update looks artificial, in particular the interior)

      The faces look compared to the backgrounds very work in progress (because they are), glossy but without textures, sometimes with strange front lighting, different face proportions and low details compared to the background and jacket.

      I try to understand why Ryo looks different, if you look closer you see many differences not only the eyes. I think now Ryos pupils are smaller and darker than the original high resolution model, the eyebrows are too straight at the end, a little too long, there should be a bigger bend, the space between them is in the original maybe a little wider, his lips have different color and expression, the chin is different the upper part of his nose should be wider and less abrupt on the sides, the hairline don't have this end and is placed a little higher, the hair is darker, more straight, in the original he has some kind of bags under his eyes, the face has a different shape, less round and higher, now he looks too young and female.

      I hope the faces of the main characters will look much more like improved Dreamcast models, especially Shenhua, she looks like having a different personality not only a different face, I think this is very important for a convincing story and how everything feels.

      Keep up the good work and thanks for the update.

    11. Adam Clark on

      Just wanna say, Shenmue 3 is looking very impressive guys. You seem to be keeping to the original as well as doing something new. Ryo looks great, Shenhua hmm not bad at all but maybe needs some more work. I'm sure in the end it will all look even better. Can't even tell you how much credit and gratitude I give to you for Shenmue III.

    12. Husson Eagle on

      I like the progress, we're getting close to the Ryo we're used to seeing. Ryo needs minor refining. In the 3rd picture his head looks huge compared to his neck. Ryos eyebrows are looking pretty long too lol.
      When comparing pics from Shenmue to Shenmue 3, his hair, in older pics are black and in Shenmue 3 looks dark brown, maybe its the lighting.…:

    13. Andrea Collier on

      @Jordan Zwack I think you mean 'legibility', rather than 'eligibility' of the cursive. I whole-heartily agree with you! The cursive logo should remain! There are enough cursive letters that closely resemble the printed letters that it will be recognizable to those who aren't familiar with the writing style. Yu-san, please, please, please use the original 'Shenmue' logo! It looks so out of place to change it.

    14. mjqjazzbar on

      Ryo looks fine to me. He could use more realistic skin or better animation, but otherwise I have very little to complain about.

    15. Kevin Hana on

      Yu Suzuki and the Entire staff of YS net and others involved with Shenmue 3; keep up the wonderful work!

    16. Aaron Healy on

      @Michae I understand your entitled to your opinion but that's a little extreme. The character models are still not finalised, so I wouldn't worry about it just yet. I actually think Ryo's character model looks really good, it maybe still need a little refinement. But it seems to represent the DC model, more and more each time I see it. Like I said before, that what the team have managed to achieve so far, in the time they have had is amazing. And personally I think they have done a really good job.

    17. Aaron Healy on

      Looking at what the team have achieved so far. I definitely can't wait to see what the game will be like closer to release, because it's looking amazing already. Keep up all your great work!

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Chand on

      Edit: Just to add i really want to punch this ryo in face,thats a face only an ine-san can love

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Chand on

      Ryo looks crap honestly ,use the DC model and upscale it .The original ryo had a slightly cartoon look which suited as he stood out from the games over detailed npc characters.I like to think im one of the biggest shenmue fans but that ryo face and model plain and simply offends me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jordan Zwack on

      Thank you for the update and all of your hard work Yu-san and team. The new screen look nice, the environments look beautiful. Ryo's model looks a lot better than at the reveal and I have no doubt will look a little better still by game's release. Thank you.

      Once again I'd like to offer my opinion that while I appreciate the effort the newest Shenmue logo does not stand up to the elegance and style of the original cursive Shenmue font, which is the best look for a Shenmue 3 logo as it is the signature logo for this series and should not be changed for Shenmue 3, in my opinion. I do not think you need to worry about the eligibility of the original cursive logo either, as a westerner myself I believe people will be able to read it okay.

    21. Missing avatar

      Maicon Wiliam Heiber on

      Looks amazing!

      Great work!

    22. Missing avatar

      Mo Elsayed on

      The third screenshot looks amazing!

    23. Matteo Enrico Neviani on

      The face still looks off, for me. It's too different from the Dreamcast model and from the concept art.

    24. Angelo Joseph on

      Those screenshots are looking damn fine. Looking good guys! Keep it up!

    25. Leonel Soares on

      Keep up the good work guys to me everything is looking good, Ryo looks pretty much like it should and the enviroments are awesome.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dennis Stachel on

      I like what I see but would like Ryo's jacket to appear in original, darker hue and I would also like to add that the final faces should come with a fair bit of texture then.
      I would also like to see the old Shenmue logo again.

    27. Missing avatar

      Patrick G. on

      I'm not feeling the new logo at all. Please change it back to the classic one.

      Everything else in those pics is looking good though.

    28. Lee Donagh on

      Thank you, Yu and team! Keep up the good work!

    29. Missing avatar

      Andreas Firnigl on

      Gutted. I was at Gamescom and had an 12:30 meeting which overran, then ran from the business area to the Deep Silver stand but the legend had just left 5 minutes earlier.

      I'm heading to Japan with my family in November (my 9yo daughter is on disk 3 of Shenmue and now definitely wants to visit Dobuita Street in Yokosuka "to buy a cool jacket"). We'll miss TGS, but maybe I'll see if I can invite myself to the Ys Net studio... for ... "a meeting" :D

    30. Scherge on

      I'm not entirely certain what my issue with Ryo's face is. Even comparing it to the old box art, I can't quite put my finger on it. I believe it's "too round", somehow, leading to Ryo looking somewhat featureless and "too young". The hair is very close to the eyebrows, too. Not sure if the whole face (nose, mouth, eyes) is maybe positioned "too high" in the head? That would counter my speculation about Ryo looking too young, though, as adults' faces tend to become longer, with a stronger chin.

      Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's just the preliminary (?) skin texture that makes Ryo look the way he does right now...

      P.S.: It was great seeing Suzuki-san at Gamescom, and many, many people seemed to feel the same! :-D

    31. David Deville on

      Thanks for the update ! I am really looking forward to playing Shenmue III.
      Keep up the good work !

      Best regards.

    32. Missing avatar

      TiamatNM on

      Ryo's face does not look right. Please make him look more like Ryo used to look in Shenmue 1&2.

    33. KosiKosa on

      Every new screen is looking more gorgeous compared to the previous one! You are doing an amazing job! Thank you so much Shenmue 3 team! Keep up with this fantastic work you are doing :)

    34. Adam Clark on

      Shenmue 3 already looks beautiful and I'm loving how Ryo looks. Can't wait till we see some gameplay or what the next trailer will be like!

    35. Missing avatar

      MaxCui on

      I think Ryo's face looks odd.

    36. Jonatan on

      Tengo muchas ganas de que salga!!


      Nice. Looks like development is developing!

      Keep pushing to surpass the classics!

      Faster releases don't make Masterpieces!

    38. Anna Tran on

      Wow Ryo looks very good. I already loved your Trailer and i think it was in a good way that it was released because due to youtube viewers on the playstation console, the trailer has 700K Views while others hat around 10-0K Views. So it created some publicity for shenmue. So it can only get better :)

      Keep up the good work!

    39. Louis Chua on

      For some reason Ryo's face looks out of proportion. Understand this is not the final model. Keep up the good work!

    40. Missing avatar

      Val Berger on

      I understand the pressure, but I wish you just hadn't released a trailer without the facial animations. I feel like it hurts the game more than it helped. I personally don't care anyways about any spoiling footage until its release (still had to take a quick look ;) ) so if you would decide to not show anything until the final trailer is ready, except some production-peeks of 3D models, people working on animations and stuff, I'd prefer that over unfinished teaser trailers. Still I can understand that it might have been a marketing decision due to the pressure of being present at Gamescom. But if you guys could manage to go into the direction of only showing stuff to the broad audience (outside kickstarter :) ) that has reached a certain level of perfection, it would really help raising the awareness and the excitement.

      That being said, I can generally understand some sad faces about this game's general visuals. Back when Shenmue 1 was released on the Dreamcast, it felt like a game ahead of it's time, some distant look into the future of gaming. The amount of details and of the love put into them was just so overwhelming and paired with the warm feeling inside your belly, as everything went along with so much charming characters and ideas.
      Todays graphicstandards are obviously completely different ones. We've been spoiled by games like Uncharted or Horizon Zero Dawn. But this might only concern people who might not fully be into Shenmue to begin with. People who bought it for the Dreamcast to then find out, while it might look awesome, it's not a game they wanna play. For Shenmue-fans, this game should still work out perfectly well, look absolutely nice enough to carry the whole concept into the next generation of gaming. If it's good enough to also get the mainstream masses to buy it, I don't know. Maybe things will feel different as soon as facial animations are added. Zelda Breath of the Wild basically looks like it would be sort-of-possible on a Playstation 3 and still has become one of the greatest games of all time which graphics aren't a concern to anyone thanks to its good art direction. So there's quite some room and people might not always be so focused on visuals only if the game works. And with Shenmue there's exploration, adventure and fighting to be found inside the package, so I do believe it's gonna be great.

    41. Bouillo on

      Je soutiens votre projet c'était inespéré je possède les deux premiers et les est fait à leur sortie en 1998 et 2000, beaucoup de forum débatte sur votre dernier teaser au sujet du design des perso et les regards qui restaient fixe je leurs explique que le jeux est toujours en court de développement jusqu'en 2018 , je leur explique surtout que ce jeux à un coté spirituel pour les traditions chinoise et art martiaux et qu'il ne faut pas s'attendre a un GTA , en espérant qu'ils comprennent et qu'ils vont aimer .

    42. Warren Rehman on

      Follow your artistic vision, I'm eagerly awaiting your efforts.

    43. Ronald Zimmerman JR on

      I have no issue with any of the footage. It looks absolutely beautiful. Hoping it comes out within 2018, even if it's Dec. 31st.

    44. Missing avatar

      Hazuki00 on

      Thank you all for your hard work! It seems we have our handsome boy again!

    45. Husson Eagle on

      Hell Yea!!! I'm hoping we can get more than 30 hours of gameplay. Just cause I don't want the story to end. ;-)

    46. Tristan on

      Damn auto correct

    47. Tristan on

      Looks nice, Rui looks like he's made out of plastic though. But I'm sure you will work on the athstetics more.

    48. Jcgamer60 on

      Environment looks really nice. I am sure we will all get the Ryo character model we really want in due time.