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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. Angelo Joseph on

      Keep up the work, fellas. I just hope the dev team is not pressuring themselves too hard. The game doesn't have to be perfect. I'd like it to be serviceable to the last two games which by today's standards, are quite tame. I'll accept anything really. I'm just glad it's happening.

      Hope to see a smidge of the game at E3.

    2. John Paul on

      Some beautiful insight into the relationship between story and gaming. I love how Yu really understands the flow of these things...and why his games are such masterpieces.

      He looks so tired though. I know I would love to see some gameplay, but I only wish Sony had shown a Shenmue 3 trailer at E3 that year, trotted Yu out on the stage and said, "Shenmue 3, Coming Soon" and then gave him all the money and resources in the world.

      It was a pleasure to support this, but if this had the AAA backing, we would have seen some more visual progress by now.

      You are the best, Yu. Keep up the great work with what you can do.

    3. Missing avatar

      Donald on

      Like how Yu-san has some Jack Daniels for long nights...

    4. Silena Buckelew on

      Hey, I trust ya guys, I just need to know when its getting closer to releasing so I can dust off ye olde Dreamcast and play the first two games. :D Planning some hardcore forklift grinding when I do.

    5. Missing avatar

      Larvagator2 on

      How is the development progressing?

    6. Chad on

      Really good answers from Yu-san. I like.

    7. Dexter Oliveira on

      TBH I love that they're not showing anything from the actual gameplay footage, just like in the past when I received the game and I wasn't ready for such masterpiece that I didn't preview nothing from S1 and S2.

    8. Missing avatar

      NIKOLAS on

      Arigato gozimasu Yu-san!

    9. Ronald Zimmerman JR on

      Please, for the love of Jeebus, show us some gameplay footage at E3, and announce that the December 2017 release date is still on track!

    10. Missing avatar

      Nathan Smith on

      Someone's having fun at the office! I saw an empty bottle of Jack Daniels in the background! lol In all seriousness, thank you Suzuki san, everyone on the Shenmue team, and all the fans who donated for making Shenmue 3 a reality! I'm so excited! Keep up the good work!

    11. Darius81 on

      Thank you Yu-san!

    12. Samuel Batista on

      These are great, thanks for doing them!

    13. Irxson

      We love you Yu-San!

    14. Vaev on

      Very happy to hear Yu-san's thoughts, always something to be learned from the master! Hope you all are doing well, have a great month Shenmue fam!

    15. Tom Lee on

      No No No.. this isn't just some long type RPG game... Its Full Realistic Eyes Entertainment! ;) But seriously am so excited for this game. Listening to Yu discuss the project gives me no doubt it will be a labour of love just like the first two games. :)

    16. Jesus on

      Did he say there's no romance between Ryo and Shenhua? I hope there will be some romance, I'm a sucker for these things :D

    17. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      Thank you yu suzuki-san!! I am very excited for shenmue3!!

    18. Kashif Shaheed on

      Sorry I was just paying attention to the background gameplay, seems like Ryo isn't the only payable character.

    19. Jesse spriggs on

      Just finished shenmue now onto shenmue 2 on my PAL Dreamcast. I can not wait till December!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who donated.

    20. Jesse spriggs on

      Just finished shenmue now onto shenmue 2 on my PAL Dreamcast. I can not wait till December!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who donated.

    21. Faith Michelle Thurmond on

      Everyday one step closer. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Juliano Mernak on

      Awesome to have such insight on how Yu-san approaches storytelling in videogames.

      ... and also funny to see that Jack Daniel's bottle on the back, it reminds me of my own bedroom :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Sean Abrams on

      Starting next month I'll be starting my new computer build specifically to play Shenmue 3 on PC!

    24. Marcel on

      Thank you for the background informations. Yes I think the nature scenes with Shenhua are much stronger because of the hard contrast to the action scenes. GD4 of Shenmue 2 was like a new game. More romance would be nice. I really want to know whats next.

    25. KosiKosa on

      Thank you for the update! It's always great to hear Yu's thoughts. Keep up the work and see you next month.

    26. Missing avatar

      Hazuki00 on

      Thank you all for your hard work! I trust in YU! I hope to see an amazing trailer at E3 this year!

    27. Norman G. on

      Better keep most of the game a surprise for everyone! We know what happen when we show every aspect of a game way before launch.

    28. Missing avatar

      - on

      @Daniel De Leon

      The E3 2015 video was showing because they had the page up. I'm not sure how that means they have nothing to show in any case.

    29. Amy on

      Thank you for the update, it's always interesting to hear Yu-san's thoughts!

    30. Norman G. on

      Cool !
      I hope that the Hokuto Shin Ken is not involved in this...
      Or perhaps Ryo will be taught how to blow a hundred fists in a split second :D
      Haha, see you next time !

    31. Leonel Soares on

      Keep up the good work guys and take your time to release Shenmue 3 perfectly.

    32. Missing avatar

      Andreas Straub on

      Very interesting interview! The only thing distracting was this elevator music in the background ....

    33. Daniel De Leon on

      There's a fine line between teaser/not showing too much and "we don't actually have anything done yet"....notice how the video in the background was basically e3 2015 stuff...

    34. Benji Copeman on

      Great update! When he was talking about car films with romance if he was referring to 'Days of Thunder'??


      The avant-garde savant has spoken. Shenmue III may very well be a masterpiece of a magnum opus.

    36. Adam Clark on

      Well said to Kevin Hana. Looking forward to all the monthly updates.

    37. Shane green on

      i Like the fact that teasers are very limited, i want to be surprised through the whole of Shenmue 3. I get that people are excited, and want to see.. but its like that moment when u try to sneak a look at your presents at christmas!! yes.. its exciting and you will satisfy your curiosity, but come the day itself.. you lose a little of the joy and expectation!!

    38. Joseph Michael Neenan on

      I love hearing from Yu-san!

    39. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      Like that you said "see you next month". Wonder if they're planning for monthly updates now :)

    40. HerbalNekoTea on

      Thank captain obvious, i means mister Suzuki, only the last question was helpful. Well, now hoping for HD remaster before playing #3.

    41. Kevin Hana on

      I love the answers Suzuki-san has for the questions in the video. He thinks a lot about his response and I enjoy his wisdom! Here's hoping for a teaser trailer of sorts very soon! Id love to see some finalized character models and animations!