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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Dev Room Progress Report Vol. 2

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)
Greetings Everyone,  

It has been a long time since our last update, and we are painfully aware you all have been eagerly awaiting the monthly report. All of us here have been so wrapped up in the development process that time seems to have flown by...   

But no excuses! We apologize for the lapse and will do our best to bring you updates every month. It is beholden on us to keep you informed (without giving too much away of course!) and will do so as promised.  

So here we go with vol. 2 of our dev room reports!  

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Thank you very much, see you next month!  

From the Shenmue III Team



アップデートが、前回から期間が空いてしまい申し訳ございませんでした。 スタッフ一同、開発に集中するあまり、あっという間に時間が経過していました。。  





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    1. Mixus Galicia on

      Looks pretty good. Really guys, take your time. All greatest stuffs needs time to be cooked.

    2. Daniel Telles on

      I'm still worried about Ryo's character model and face... But otherwise, I can't wait to play it! Good luck!

    3. Simon Stallwood on

      Take as long as you need to get this right. A late game is always better than a shoddy game.

      That said, I liked what I saw and it actually took me a moment the realise they were dualshock buttons in the QTE game and not Dreamcast buttons!

      Keep up the great work guys!

    4. Missing avatar

      Christopher Shier on

      So excited. I can't wait!

    5. Brandon Gibbs on

      Great work fellas! Keep up the good work!

    6. Dale Rowe on

      I love the stilted Dreamcast animation 'feel' of the game.

    7. Missing avatar

      Juliano Mernak on

      Oh my gosh!! Seeing those footage of actual gameplay just made my day. It seems they're really putting a lot of effort in making the feel of the game and mechanics very close to the original ones on the Dreamcast.
      I know I'm a backer, we're all backers here, but it really amazes me seeing that this is happening after all those years.
      Thanks to all of you, and thanks to Yu, too.

    8. Missing avatar

      Santiago Sarmiento on

      I felt very nostalgic when I saw the Dreamcast sitting in front of the big monitor. I love you guys, thank you for making my dream come true. Keep up the good work.

    9. Michelle Vietor on

      I am SO excited!!!!! The qte is not my favorite, but even hearing that qte sound made me super happy! Seeing Ryo is nice too, I like how he is portrayed so far.

    10. Missing avatar

      Scott Neil on

      F off waves,looking goog,cannae wait.

    11. Missing avatar

      John F. Hall on

      I see PS4 controllers! But please, also include Xbox-style buttons in the UI for those of us who prefer them.

    12. Missing avatar

      - on

      Shut the fuck up, Waves.

    13. SmallCuteRedAnt on

      Grab that chateau first. Ain'tno time fo no shenmue3. Let us make a telltale game for them. (Zipping chateau meanwhile) this update is full of laughing drunks. The alcohol is strong in this one. Now ya'll who do not have IT skills will be happy like a dog havin a bone. But lemme tell ye this. They ain't honoring the UE4 engine. It looks more like deus ex revision attempt of the UE2 early version engine. Shame really and here we are amidst a bunch of loser blind fans that would even it a drole tirt when shezook poops it out. Aaaah there it is. It is shezooks tirty. Eat it. Cause that's what happening atm. We get tirt. And u guys are eating it

    14. Missing avatar

      Zvonimir Pusic on

      take your time .... i don't care how long it takes, just make it goooood ... please

    15. Missing avatar

      John McAlister on

      Still can't get over the fact that this is actually happening. So exciting! Cool video too, its really awesome that they take the time to do these when they can, considering how busy they must be.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Gameplay footage looks true to the original which is reassuring and excellent :) the team also look like they're having fun with it. I'm sure this will be the masterpiece we have been waiting for, at a fraction of the development costs of the first ones!! Can't wait!! Really hope this game gains new fans and critical acclaim.

    17. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      awesome! Thank you for sharing! Very excited for shenmue3! It is a dream come true! It is a super-dream game of my entire life! = ) I wait patiently with great anticipation!

    18. Missing avatar

      Sean Abrams on

      I fully understand that the development process isn't exactly a fun and games process to people watching. So making this update seem positive was likely a challenge. The fact that there is a group of developers smiling and laughing at all is a very good sign, because they're doing what they love.

      And I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone when I say we love that they love making Shenmue 3!

    19. Missing avatar

      elie on

      Please give us a 5-10 min update video that talks about the progress and challenges overcome, plus the state of development covering all areas of the game.

    20. Missing avatar

      elie on

      Please give us a 5-10 min update video that talks about the progress and challenges overcome, plus the state of development covering all areas of the game.

    21. Jcgamer60 on

      Love the new footage. Seeing this has really lifted my spirits today. Excellent usage of colour compared to previous showings.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Excellent update, good to see the team enjoying their work. Keep it up! :)

    23. Mark Armstrong on

      Much respect for you guys. It's hard to create perfection but this is the closest thing we will see to it.

    24. Leonel Soares on

      At last, a few glimpses of the game in motion and it's looking good so far.

    25. Billy Rigney on

      Looks great so far!

    26. Amy on

      Thank you for the newest update, it looks like everyone is working hard and enjoying themselves too!

    27. Abdul Rohman on

      Looking at the glimpse of gameplay makes me at ease, it looks like a HD shenmue we all dream for. I'm extremely happy that it manages to retain the original shenmue feel tho as a sequel it should has it's own perks but i'm sure they already have that in mind. Keep up the good work!

    28. Missing avatar

      Greglen on

      Nice work there Team. Shenmue, Zelda, even GTA have opened my eyes to the wanders of open world fun and adventure. These are the kind of games that hook people and most of the time it has anything to do with quests or main story/interest. Just the usual goofing around and raiding homes of unexpected victims. Also, does anyone know if Shenmue 1 & 2 are getting a remaster because if so.. i really need to set time aside ahead in advance.

    29. Char Lli on

      Thank you for the beautiful work you are doing team! <3

    30. Nobeel Khan on

      Awesome . This is the most important stage ladies and gents. Let's drive this thru the roof. It's not just for the fans , let's make this game a success and appeal to the gamers out there who aren't aware . Make Money , Have Fun , start making the floor plan for Shenmue IV !!!!! Let's do this

    31. Missing avatar

      Frederick jones on

      The game looks amazing keep up the good work and take as much time as you need to release it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jongeward on

      so excited for this game its looking great!

    33. Brandon Hill on

      Thank you guys for working tireless hours on this game. Its good to see that you're at least having fun while doing it. I absolutely enjoyed every little glimpse I could get at the game itself and can't wait to play it. Keep up the good work.

    34. Missing avatar

      Donald on

      Always puts a smile on my face when I see these updates. Thank you!

    35. yu on

      This is Shenmue!!!

    36. Eugenia Santos on

      It's great they're having fun! I'm kind of starting to regret backing this game, though. Hopefully they update the release date soon because I doubt this is coming in December in view of what little has been leaked so far.

    37. Missing avatar

      Larvagator2 on

      Thank you for taking the time to give us an update! Much appreciated :)

    38. maneauleau on

      Videos like these are perfect for me because they offer us a glimpse into the project and at the same time they don't take too much time away from the development team. Thanks for the update. I saw a few nice things in there but I hope the QTE won't be too numerous ;p

    39. Crysis Complex on

      What a heartfelt developers video. Love the work guys

    40. SilverbackSi on

      Not very impressed with this video tbh, 2 minuite video where 90% of it is people laughing and nothing being shown.

    41. Missing avatar

      Abraham on

      I see a mini map towards the end of the video; I really hope there aren't mini maps like in most open world games these days and it's just a Shenmue 2 style one

    42. Rodolfo Silva on

      Amazing!!though im still worried about ryos model... it still doesnt look exactly like ryo... his hair looks too "plastic".
      Keep it up and Thank Yu for the update

    43. Ryo Hazuki on

      I look forward to mastering all the arcade mini games!

    44. Ben Ferrari on

      Ahhhh wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!

    45. Marcel on

      You should work on your ambient occlusion techniques, remember the 4 Wudes. Gon - Everyday, without neglect, to keep training. :D
      Have fun and thank you for your work!

    46. David O Gara on

      LOVE these videos. Keep up the great work guys! The character model is my only concern, judging from that clip. No doubt more work on it is due. SHENMUE IS LIFE!

    47. Luiz Fernando Nai Ribeiro on

      The game is looking awesome, I can't wait to play it. My only concern is about the Ryo's model, if you guys can keep it close to what the Dreamcast was it will be perfect!

    48. Marcel on

      Thank you for the update! Maybe the ambient occlusion in the corners is too strong/dark? Everything else looks great! �