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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Campaign and Progress Update

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)


Greetings Everyone!

Lots to update this month, so here we go!

PC Version Available on

There have been many requests for the PC version pre-order option during the Slacker Backer Campaign, and now that agreements by all affiliated parties have been finalized, is accepting Shenmue III PC version pre-orders as of today. As always, sales from the PC version will also help towards the Stretch Goals.

Just as with the Kickstarter, backers will be able to choose whether they would like the PS4 version or the PC version. For example, if you have pledged for the PS4 version, you can still switch to the PC version, or vice versa. Backers will be able to make their choice during the backer surveys. (More on the surveys below.)

Game Development

R&D for various game elements is on course as the development team shifts its focus towards production. Main game scenarios are nearing completion, motion capture tests are well under way, and voicing tests with the cast have begun. Yu-san and the production staff are happy to say they are enjoying the work as they continue to diligently make progress on the mini-games, events, and battles.

“I have been completely absorbed in development Shenmue III recently, and often stay at the studio throughout the night to make it the best game possible. My life has become Shenmue both day and night, and I’m happy.”-Yu Suzuki

New Work-in-Progress Visuals

These are still work-in-progress and are subject to change.


Rising moon over the temple gate
Rising moon over the temple gate


A fight breaks out at the morning market!?
A fight breaks out at the morning market!?


This piece of heavy machinery looks familiar...
This piece of heavy machinery looks familiar...

Backer Surveys

Currently backer surveys are currently planned for the summer of 2017. On the surveys, we will ask you for your reward preferences that pertain to the different tiers and for your shipping information if you have pledged for physical rewards. There will be further updates ahead with more information regarding the surveys.


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    1. Husson Eagle on

      Whoaa, I'm loving the detail in the pictures, especially with the grass. Also the first picture looks beautiful. Ryos head is still a little iffy but overall I'm happy with the progress made. Shenmue 3!!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Steven Rogers on

      So happy for Yu; no doubt he'll put everything he has into this game.

    3. Missing avatar

      Albert Ellis on

      Looking great so far :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Cameron Cameron on

      @ Noah Jung How fascinating (^_^)

    5. Noah Jung on

      Cameron - Both Japan and the US are in the northern hemisphere.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cameron Cameron on

      @Corey They will be sending out surveys next December to ask which version you want.

      If you asked for the PS4 version during the kickstarter, you can change to the PC when they send those surveys out.

    7. Troy Taylor on

      Screenshots look good!

    8. Missing avatar

      Corey on

      How do I switch to the PS4 version if I originally requested PC?

    9. Nguyen Manh Khoa on

      You are my hero Suzuki-san, and as well the team. You all are great heroes that keep working hard to bring the best Shenmue to us.
      But the first picture, isn't it look a bit "un-real" as 2 other pics? Anyway, I believe in Suzuki-san and his team.
      Warmest regard from Vietnam.


      Bless you YS Net, Yu Suzuki-san, and company. You really just might pull this masterpiece off. Even after all the adversity, those pictures speak wonders. Thank you for never giving up. This art is one of a kind. A timeless piece for humanity to ponder.

    11. Krystian Rudziński on

      I know it's still early in development, but these kinds of posed and enhanced "screenshots" make me worry a little about the game. I believe in Yu Suzuki and his team, but I'm also biased by how current game marketing works worldwide - making everything looking great and fancy early, then downgrading and not delivering promises at the end.

      Please, lets not go this way!

      As for me, I would like to see more "raw" content if anything, even some kind of non-spoiler development diary

    12. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Perry on

      Still looks a bit over contrasty

    13. Ryo Hazuki on

      I love Nozomi. Don't tell her I said that.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jesse Kimbley on

      Love these images! The hype is real!

    15. Kevin Hana on

      The screenshots are looking good. I sure hope Ryo is wearing a mask (kidding)! The character models remind me of the Suzuki inspired design from previous work though hope the polygons are higher in the final game.

      The environmentsecond have been looking realing good, keep up the wonderful work!

    16. FLO on

      "4k" on the shoes , is that a sign ?

    17. Anonymous81 - #ShenmueSaved on

      Beautiful update! Thank-you! They are definitely WIP and there's even a little photoshop, but if that's what the team is aiming for, it's BEAUTIFUL.

      I can definitely see the desired "feel" of the game taking shape. The color and contrast, the "sense" of night time and sunset or sunrise. The grass in particular looks fantastic.

      SO happy to see the game finally available on PC via PayPal. Anyone who hasn't and was waiting for this PC news to order, head over to and choose a tier that allows a PC copy!

    18. Scoey

      Is that a ninja in the silhouette of the moon? Beautiful art work!

    19. Mel Saint Marceaux on

      Glorious!! Keep up the good work!

    20. ic_UK on

      Every update fills me with happiness.

      Thank you Yu-San and also to all the team for all your combined efforts in making Shenmue 3 the best it can be.


    21. シェンムーのアンバサダ on

      Glad to see the positivity with the PC version news, dev report, new WIP images and survey update, it is very critical to have faith and support Yu Suzuki at these stages, please let's continue spreading the word about update 63, retweet this to easily share:


      Kindly note whenever important news such as update 63 gets published web pages such as including it's pre order section may experience small temporary performance issues so be sure to retry visiting until the issue is gone. Thank you very much. Connect on Twitter @novinworksplus for further support.

    22. Missing avatar

      Davidson Lucas Reis Pereira on


    23. Missing avatar

      Davidson Lucas Reis Pereira on

      YS, あなたは、ゲームの世界で伝説です。

    24. Missing avatar

      Davidson Lucas Reis Pereira on

      Thanks for the update!SO so so thanks at lot!!

    25. KosiKosa on

      Thank you for sharing the development progress with us! Looks good! In Yu we trust!

    26. Missing avatar

      ChumiFu on

      Looks awesome! Keep up the good work but also get enough rest ~

    27. Missing avatar

      Manuel Sanchez Romero "Manwe" on

      Deseando que llegue el verano para poder tramitar mi pedido :D.
      Que pinta está pillando el juego por dios!!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Hazuki00 on

      Thanks for the update!

      This pictures begin to give that feel Shenmue atmosphere!

      Even with the placeholders (enemies repeated) and Ryo's photoshopped face the images are stunning!

      Keep up the good work!

    29. iPLAY SEGA!! on

      Looks good!! Can't wait to play this new Forklift mini game!! ☺

    30. Adam Clark on

      Loving the photos! Oh man I can't wait until next December. One more year guys!

    31. Missing avatar

      Bruno Tran on

      possible to post all your screens in HD please ?

    32. Ernesto Vergés on

      When are we going to by asked for the name to appear on the credits? I would like to use my girlfriend's and not mine. Since she is the real fan.

    33. Missing avatar

      Eric Svensson on

      Wonderful! I'm looking so much forward to experiencing and playing the continuation of the saga :) Great work, visual style is gorgeous! Don't get yourself too tired by staying up too late, Yu ;)

    34. Lee Donagh on

      Lovin' it! TY team.

    35. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      Looking good,keep up the good work!

    36. Missing avatar

      Cameron Cameron on

      @ varsas They said in the last paragraph that it will be summer next year. That's a full year from now, not half a year.

    37. Tristan on

      Thanks for the update.

    38. Ed D. on

      Yea, photo shopped Ryo looks a little rough lol. Doesn't inspire confidence. I know this youtuber, kid nocon, as seen here:…

      Is now on the team, he used the sega made Ryo from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and did some polish on it, methinks the team could maybe take that approach?

    39. JustADude on

      Looking great overall. Nice!!!

    40. Missing avatar

      Noud van Harskamp on

      Awesome pictures! I am looking forward to it:D

    41. Don Reba on

      I wish you posted full-resolution screenshots, and not just the thumbnails.

    42. varsas on

      Are upgrades to pledges still planned?

      @Cameron Cameron: it's half a year for the survey and why would they need to know more than half a year in advance of shipping?

    43. varsas on

      It's great to hear that production is going well though I expect this next stage to be more difficult to keep in track!

    44. Missing avatar

      Timothy Hodges on

      Amazing work guys.
      ryo looks a little photoshopped. but you guys are playing it safe.
      loving the updates this looks beyond beautiful. If Dec 2017 isnt the date i dont us fans will be to dissapointed, but i believe if we hae a for sure realistic date, the fans will back you up 100%.
      you guys have a special fanbase. youve taught us the word "patience"

    45. Missing avatar

      Cameron Cameron on

      Wow, a whole year until the surveys are ready. I'm OK with that, but I thought you were aiming to be finished by December.

      Whatever you need to deliver your best \(^_^)/

    46. Jcgamer60 on

      They are clearly playing it safe with these blurry photos. Also, that forklift image looks wrong on so many levels. I know it is all work in progress but seeing a bright clean image like that does not portray the Shenmue 'look'.

      I know they are under pressure to release screenshots and all so I am simply stating this as a mild criticism and - what I stated before - they are playing it safe because they are not satisfied with the 'look' yet.

      They temple image is the best looking one.

    47. Matthew Waterman on

      Is that Chai up on the mountain?

    48. Ronald Zimmerman JR on

      This is looking better than I thought. Can't wait!