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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Malin on


    2. Brandon Gibbs on

      Nice job so far Suzuki!

    3. Eder on

      That music is perfect, man! It sounds like a cliche to say "i couldn't help but smile", but quite frankly... I couldn't help but smile. It was instant, inescapable joy that i felt when i heard the first track. It is exactly how it should sound.

    4. Missing avatar

      Romain Siloret on

      'I'm so glad that these new tracks feel so like Shenmue. They are so GREAT, especially the first one. Can't wait to get my hands on the OST (and the game of course)

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      RICCI on

      Ils reminds me shenmue 1 and 2, that is perfect!!! Don't change anything !! Thanks Yu Suzuki!
      Cela me rappel les musiques de shenmue 1 et 2, c'est parfait, surtout ne changez rien du tout !!! C'est magnifique comme ça, Merci Yu Suzuki !
      Arigatou gozaimasu !

    6. Amy on

      The music is beautiful!

    7. Jonatan on

      Shenmue tiene la mejor banda sonora de la historia!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Santiago on

      Beautiful music

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Fairclough on

      that first tune gave me goosepimples

    10. Chris on

      Hearing those clips, I'm even more anxious to play!

    11. Missing avatar

      Batosai on

      I am so happy to hear him say how important audio is to the experience, its lost on so many games (although sometimes due to budget) over other areas. However to that end to have the original experience I would really hope to have the Japanese voice option to experience the game in its original form in addition to English voice for kicks and possibly similar hilarity of previous games.

    12. Kevin Hana on

      It was an honor to hear snippets of the music for Shenmue 3. I would love to see a teaser trailer or final character designs for Ryo and Shenhua!

    13. Missing avatar

      odaryo on

      Never doubted the quality of Shenmue's music.

    14. BlackGauntlet

      Strangely, I didn't even care about the music. I was more concerned about earning money and punching the ever-loving sh!t out of people.

    15. Missing avatar

      The Dewd on

      Damn I was hoping for Kanye West to be doing the music. Oh well maybe for Shenmue 4.

    16. cube_b3 on

      While on the subject of audio design. How can someone so mindful of music be so clueless towards vocals. Shenmue has some of the worst acting English or Japanese. The cast members have accredited their acting to horrible sound direction.

      I would love a response from Team Yu assuring us that we will have quality VA this time.

    17. iPLAY SEGA!! on

      The Music is BEAUTIFUL!! Please use it!! PLEASE!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Max Ingram on

      Very good update. The music sounds excellent. Thank you for all the hard work being put into this.

    19. Adam Clark on

      Loving the music!

    20. Missing avatar

      looking for sailors on

      Like Yu I am also quite fond of the Chinese fiddle. It's sound is so enchanting and evokes so many emotions in me that start to well up as I listen. Somber but joyful, exotic yet homely, I really can't describe why it speaks to me so soulfully. I find it interesting that Yu says it's range is close to that of a human voice. Perhaps that's why it speaks to me.

    21. Leonard Decena on

      Loving the sound track!!!

    22. KazeNoBlast on

      Sure, the audio part of a game is essential to appreciate it... so, what about japanese voices option in western countries PLEASE?!?!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jesse Darnell on

      The music presented certainly feels like it fits in with the previous two games, which I greatly appreciate.

      One concern of mine has been whether, after all these years, a continuation game would feel like the previous two. There are no real differences in the look and feel (and sound for that matter) between the first two games. They felt like one long game you simply needed to switch discs for. They were seamless, in essence.

      With such a large span of time between Shenmue II and Shenmue III I've been concerned that, whether due to advancements in available technology or potential changes in personnel, Shenmue III may not feel like such a seamless continuation.

      However, after hearing the music played in this video, which is such a huge part of the experience of Shenmue, I'm very optimistic! We haven't been able to really see any parts of the game graphically yet, but after hearing how well the music seemed to fit the series my mind is put much more at ease.

      Playing through both games was literally a life-altering experience for me, so a new game for the series is a subject of immense scrutiny for me. I have to keep reminding myself that the game is in the best hands's original creator's.

      Peace to all.

    24. slot9 on

      This video was great! Also, that first music track that Yu played from the Library was AMAZING!

    25. Zzhh on

      Musiche fantastiche, ricreano alla perfezione l'atmosfera che solo Shenmue può avere! Keep up the good work! �

    26. Leo Jerez on

      AWWW YEEESS. Loved the music of course in 1 and 2. so excited!

    27. Vaev on

      We love you Yu-san!!!!!!!!!

    28. Alex Clifton on

      Oh my goodness I cant wait, the music brought back memories indeed. great job :)

    29. Juan José Vélez on

      Thanks for the update, Shenmue III gets even better!

    30. Mel Saint Marceaux on

      I'm a huge fan of video game music, this was a treat!
      I had no idea Yu-san was in rock band when he was young! :P

    31. Brandon Hill on

      Wow, its like occasionally sitting in and watching a master chef select the recipe items going into his next famous dish. I feel privileged to watch a Master work.

    32. Doug Walsh on

      What a nice surprise to see in my inbox today. The Shenmue music, particularly the orchestral scores, have long been one of my favorite collections of music. Not just game music, but of all music. Enjoyed hearing Yu-san's thoughts on the topic.

    33. Missing avatar

      Abraham on

      The Shenmue series has my favourite game music so it's great to see emphasis being placed on it here (and the two new songs we heard sounded pretty great). Here's hoping we will see Shenmue 3 at PSX

    34. Missing avatar

      Fernando Lino on

      Awesome! Keep going, Yu-san!

      @David Ian Harold Walker
      There's always the chance of pledging to the Slacker Backer Campaign:
      I think that they really should make the PC version available. I can't see a reason why not to.

    35. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      Awesome,keep up the great work!

    36. Dewyne Lindsay on

      Music reinforces the illusion of being immersed in those environments. Sound was the gatekeeper of emotion, especially Ryo's pitifully inquisitive voice.

      The music accompanying that dusky little reminder moment every evening at about 7pm where you saw the street lamps, empty streets and night sky, made me look beyond this as a video game and more an experience. Those moments felt so warm and real and full of adventure, like you had a hard day's work and now it was time to either go home and relax or prepare to meet some real dodgy dudes of the night in a dingy bar or warehouse!

    37. Missing avatar

      Sean Abrams on

      Strongly agree, music was a very important aspect of Shenmue. Seeing this update really made my week! We all await whilst praying for another great addition to the series!

    38. Missing avatar

      Manuel Sanchez Romero "Manwe" on

      La música de esta saga es algo que ha trascendido en el tiempo.Seguro que esta tercera entrega está a la altura :D.
      Un saludo!!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bardsley on

      Music sounds just as one would hope.

    40. John Paul on

      Music was such an important aspect of Shenmue. Those gentle tunes into the Battle music were so beautiful and moving. I hope the new songs make it into the final cut, but just hearing the direction of the style definitely gets me excited for what is to come. :)

    41. David Ian Harold Walker

      Please allow us to upgrade our pledges, I'd like to put mine up by another few hundred pounds!

    42. シェンムーのアンバサダ on

      Wondering who has got goosebumps over the battle music here? :D

      Spread the word about this update over twitter by retweeting:

      And be sure to frequently visit: (simply bookmark it!)

    43. David O Gara on

      The music in the first two was some of the best I've ever heard in any video game. It's a major contributor to the whole Shenmue experience. SO glad they are adapting the same level of focus to it this time around. This potentially could be the best Shenmue game ever. Go Yu Suzuki & team!

    44. Missing avatar

      Noud van Harskamp on

      This is the best update sofar! I love the first two games and the music is indeed one of the biggest influence for the right emotion. Listening to a few cues is reallly make my day! Thanks for the update!!

    45. Scoey

      Great to see Yu Suzuki in such good spirits!

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      An update to Shenmue 3 always brightens my day.

      Currently re playing through Shenmue 1 on an emulator on my phone. Can't wait to experience whatever Shenmue 3 has to offer.