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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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From the Dev Room


Hello Everyone,  

The August development report comes straight from the Shenmue III Dev Room where we are hard at work doing the nitty-gritty of putting the game together.  

So come on in and let us show you what we are doing!  

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Thank you everyone for continued support! And please keep sending your questions and comments! 

See you next time!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joshua Schoemmell on September 25, 2016


      Just kidding, haha. I like how you are recreated the river QTE from Shenmue 2 to kind of bridge the games in a sense. Wonderful work! Keep up the great work! Yu Suzuki, you're amazing!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      William Ibarrondo on September 25, 2016

      Great job. Keep up the hard work

    3. Clayton Baker on September 21, 2016

      I'm really enjoying watching all the update videos! Makes me really confident about the progress on Shenmue 3. :D

    4. Brandon Gibbs on September 9, 2016

      Alright I see its coming along GOOD! Keep it up people!!!

    5. Andrew Mai on September 5, 2016

      Always look forward to these progress videos. Keep up the great work guys!

    6. Alex Clifton on September 5, 2016

      Very excited to see this game progress. Thanks team and keep up the good work :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Yannick Lessard on September 5, 2016

      Well this video show basically... nothing ... LOL. But hey i had faith into Yu Suzuki when i back this project and ill have this i have the game in my hands. We have been waiting what? 16 years or so... We can wait 1 or 2 more.. lol.

    8. Amy Mizuna on September 5, 2016

      I hope this game would be great. I can´t wait for it.^^ Do your best, thanks.

    9. Missing avatar

      holy_3051 on September 4, 2016

      Am I the only one who thinks that they are showing NOTHING in this video?
      The river crossing QTE was done before the E3 kickstarter trailer, and the falling rocks one doesn't show much and would say that they are using the same animation for jumping.

      Very disappointing.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ukiome on September 2, 2016

      Shenmue 3 without QTE:s? Hell no!

      Thanks for the update!

    11. JetStrange on September 1, 2016

      NO QTE;s!!! >_< BLAAHH!

    12. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Perna on September 1, 2016

      What is the software under which they're doing QTE test ?

    13. Felipe Elizalde on September 1, 2016

      Thanks for sharing that video keep up the good work

    14. Missing avatar

      Marc on September 1, 2016

      Not reassuring. I'd rather have a video of one person talking about the current state of dev and being honest about what's going on than a video showing boring "test" scenes, one of which seems to be pasted from the KS video. : S

      Question : QTE's are, somehow, Shenmue's trademark but are seen today as a cheap way to transform any video (real time or pre-rendered) into an annoying experience. It was original at the time when it was well employed to make branching storylines where what seemed to be a failure or, on the opposite, an uncontrolled reflex, could lead to unwanted results but still sometimes interesting none the least.
      Have you though about other ways to give control to the player during such events rather than simply having flashing prompts on the screen ? If so, could you give us examples of what we should expect ?

      On the falling rocks example in this video. What if the player still had full control over Ryu and could move and jump in any direction while the camera moves to show which rock is going to touch him, letting the player pick what he thinks is the best direction and evading manoeuvre in a slow-motion sequence ?
      No UI on screen, just the player's common sense and experience playing. Maybe there would be a "perfect" path during the free run'n jump where Ryu could avoid all the rocks without even triggering the slow-mo events ?

      Anyway. Have fun.

    15. Micah Gunnell on September 1, 2016

      I love seeing these update videos! Thanks for sharing and for everyone's hard work and commitment to this game. I am so happy that soon we will all finally be able to return to Ryu's world. All of the scenes are looking beautiful!

    16. Beethoven on September 1, 2016

      This is looking so good! So awesome to see the hard work the dev team is putting into the game.

    17. Tristan High Cultist of Cthulhu on September 1, 2016

      Very interesting seeing this side of game development and a great peak into the game. Thanks guys for this video.

    18. Cary Pichler on September 1, 2016

      Great stuff, thanks guys, keep up the awesome work!

    19. Alexius on September 1, 2016

      Awesome scene. Keep up the good work and surprise us again :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Gaston Jaunet on September 1, 2016

      Great video ! Yu Suzuki team have the spirit of Shenmue with this funny music ! Gambate for the most awaited game of the world !!! You are the BEST ! :-)

    21. Mel Saint Marceaux on September 1, 2016

      It was awesome to see how the game is being developed. Thanks!

    22. Samuel on August 31, 2016

      Really good update. Thanks

    23. Missing avatar

      John Veley on August 31, 2016

      Thanks for the update.Cant wait to see more!!!

    24. Connor Belding on August 31, 2016

      can't wait to see some in game footage in the months to come!

    25. Zed_psx on August 31, 2016

      Thanks for the update !!

    26. Missing avatar

      Max Ingram on August 31, 2016

      Very cool update. I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing.

    27. Michael Way on August 31, 2016

      So we get a copy of that music right?

    28. Missing avatar

      Dekstar on August 31, 2016

      I really like those updates!
      But we really need a special event which gets big publicity to all media to gain a lot more backers for reachin some of the next extended goals.
      Since the end of the kickstarter campaign, i think only one next goal was reached.

    29. Missing avatar

      Manuel Sanchez Romero "Manwe" on August 31, 2016

      Esto empieza a tomar pintaza de la buena!.Muchas gracias por el update :D.

    30. Ellen Martins on August 31, 2016

      Amazing :D Thank you very much

    31. Marcel on August 31, 2016

      Nice update, thank you!

    32. Ross Romeo on August 31, 2016

      Wow, things are moving along really great with the new QTE events being worked on. Keep the good work, guys! Thanks for working hard to make this dream a reality. Also, thank you for sharing! Very promising, indeed. :)

    33. Vyse Legendaire on August 31, 2016

      Looks like things are moving along.

    34. ShenmueFan on August 31, 2016

      looking great so far guys !! Thanks for working hard to make our dreams come true .

    35. Samuel Batista on August 31, 2016

      That was fun, thanks for sharing guys!

    36. Missing avatar

      danwarb on August 31, 2016

      The Xbox controller is very good and well supported on PC. You get the Xbox button prompts in many games.

    37. Missing avatar

      danwarb on August 31, 2016

      I got the email notification. Checked your spam folders?

    38. Missing avatar

      Seth Sipe on August 31, 2016

      @Andreas Laudien
      I'm only here because I got an e-mail about it. Strange that you didn't get one, then.

    39. Missing avatar

      Andreas Laudien on August 31, 2016

      No Email about the update? Thanks to Shenmue500k for spreading the message...

    40. Missing avatar

      Lenlee Hosang on August 31, 2016

      Have they asked what system we want the game on yet? I can't wait for this to become reality

    41. Ryo Hazuki on August 31, 2016

      I'm really looking forward to the adventure! Thank you Shenmue team.

    42. Daniel Benayun on August 31, 2016

      That Cliff scene/ everything looks amazing. Wonderful work guys!

    43. fitters on August 31, 2016

      @Anthony Lobato It's just easier to get XB controller working on PC. However a new tool called has made it easy to get PS4 dual shock working as well.

    44. MindChamber on August 31, 2016

      Haha, youve been using this QTE sequence for the last 2 years, lets hope you're further along than this. <3... Im getting Mighty No9 flashbacks

    45. Anthony Lobato on August 31, 2016

      Why show you playing it on an Xbox controller if it isn't coming to xbox? ���