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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      Thank you yu suzuki! The game looks beautiful! A dream come true!

    2. ResarXam on

      can you add like extra cash in paypal campaign if you donated before to get a higher reward ?

    3. Missing avatar

      RadWulf on

      Not too fussed about PayPal as the extra finance for development is good but nice if the original bikers who took more risk got some extra reward such a cool capsule toy though. I don't use twitter and don't particularly like it so please don't use it for voting in future. In summary, I would like to see Shenmue 3 be as best as it can be so all extra income is good. Also a successful Shenmue 3 is likely to mean the continuation of the franchise which is what I think we would all like to see.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Blevens on

      I don't have a Twitter account that I use; I can't remember the username or password. That said, I'll comment on here that I don't mind if Paypal people get the same perks as the Kickstarter people. It's a community effort and if those particular perks are whats going to get people to donate to make this game better, then by all means, allow them access to those perks. The better the game, the more we all gain.

    5. Bobby Digital on

      I think the original kickstarter rewards should stay exclusive to people who contributed before the PayPal campaign. If you're not fast you're last. Also I don't have a twitter account either.
      This is just my personal opinion.

    6. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      yeah paypal should have same rewards as kickstarter some people aren't able to use kickstarter to pay or didn't have money at the time or maybe they put some in kickstarter and want to put more in now they have a chance. I'm all for being inclusive to make Shenmue 3 best it can be

    7. Scherge on

      I agree with Chris Meichtry, word for word.

    8. Chris Meichtry on

      Like I few others, I don't think it makes much sense to do the voting on Twitter. As they've stated, many of us do not have accounts and it makes the voting open to everyone instead of just backers. And is there even a way of counting votes on Twitter anyway? I'm not entirely sure how that would work.

      As for my opinion, I'm all for making the exclusives available to the PayPal backers. Heck, as far as I'm concerned, you can make them available to everyone who wants to pay for them. The digital items anyway. I really don't care for in-game content being made exclusive and/or available for only a limited time. I think everyone should be able to have the complete experience if they so choose, even if it's something as silly as some extra weapons or outfits.

    9. Trong on

      My vote would be yes, but not at the same price. Maybe $2-5 higher on PayPal?

    10. Missing avatar

      Tomi Valkonen on

      If it helps Yu Suzuki and his team fullfill his vision I'm all up for it. I didn't pay to get prizes, I paid to experience real Shenmue III one day. Yes, make them available. Thank you for another update.

    11. Ghost of Duma on

      yes! it should be include also in paypal

    12. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      As far as giving the same prizes to Slacker Backers and the Supporters from the Kickstarter. What else is new? I don't have strong feelings one way or the other but I am used to it in the Story of my life, you know I don't have Twitter so I miss out, There is a limited number of things like rooms or names they add into Non Playable characters so I miss out. I don't have PSN or XBox Live so the downloadable content in games I miss out. But If I sign up for Kickstarter and some people want to send Cashiers checks instead of a bank card well it would be wrong for it to be exclusive right!?!

    13. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      Supposing that there is a High Definition Remastered Shenmue One and Two. Would those be usable save Data to upload in Shenmue Three?

    14. Missing avatar

      Fernando Lino on

      I think you should have this campaign until Sega confirms the HD remasters and have them in this Slacker Backer Campaign as well!
      That would skyrocket it and allow Yu Suzuki to make the best game possible!
      We want a game that is as revolutionary and legendary as the first Shenmue was when it first came out!

    15. Missing avatar

      Fernando Lino on

      And now what? You're going to wait until there's 10 days left to have the new rewards in Paypal?
      C'mon guys, this kind of poll should have been made at the beginning of the Slacker Backer Campaign...
      At least give the fans more time to buy rewards in the Slacker Backer Campaign... You basically only have to update the money. We want a great game! I'm sure you do as well!

    16. Andrew Pierce on

      If it means more money for development then by all means let in the PayPal backers :)

    17. Marco Antonio Garcia on

      My vote is yes to allowing the Paypal backers to have the same rewards as Kickstarter backers. Whatever helps in continuing to fund the game.

    18. シェンムーのアンバサダ on

      [Let's reach more communities!]

      Looks 100% Promising! This couldn't come so far without fan's support.

      Everyone please let's keep sharing the word this last month about the fan requested Shenmue 3 PayPal campaign! Together we can reach other communities such as Martial Arts, Anime and Movies to further spread the word about #Shenmue3 and the last chance to pre-order it for now.


      Feel free to follow official Shenmue Ambassador for more:

      #Shenmue3 #PS4 #PC

    19. Missing avatar

      blujay on



      Wow. Shenmue III is progressing nicely.

    21. Missing avatar

      Scott Neil on

      How am I supposed to take part in the polls when I do not use twitter?.

    22. legolad

      I can't wait to try my hand at the Marital Arts of China.

      Lonely English Major

    23. Missing avatar

      The Dewd on

      I wasn't able to back the Kickstarter as much as I would have liked as I was unemployed at the time. I would really love an opportunity to get that S3 World Telecom card so I'm voting yes.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      I see absolutely nothing wrong with offering Paypal backers the same rewards as us Kickstarter backers. Their money is just as good as ours and will go to help flesh out the game further!
      I Dont have a Twitter account so i cant vote there. but i say yes, let the paypal backers get the same rewards.

    25. Karol Świątek on

      More rewards will mean more funds for the game which will in turn mean a better game for ALL. I'm in for even treating of everybody, no matter if earned their pledge before or after the KS campaign end.

      What about the pledge upgrades?

    26. Joshua Tester on

      Twitter-based polling, bah!

      I say let backers from Paypal and all other platforms get the same rewards as the Kickstarter folks. The better the "rewards" for backing (from currently-available platforms), the more people you'll get backing the game!

    27. Missing avatar

      Kevin Trieu

      Here's my take on it. The point of Kickstarter-exclusive rewards is to reward those who helped fund a project BEFORE it's been brought to fruition, to reward those who put their faith in you and their money on the line. As the final product is obviously not complete yet, I don't see why we should restrict people from having a chance at the same rewards just because they missed a certain period of time when you were running a campaign.

      Also echo what others have said about using Twitter as a polling platform. To sum it up, there are two dimensions to the problem - first, not all Kickstarter backers have a Twitter account, so you're restricting some of your backers from voting, and second, not all the people who can vote in your poll are Kickstarter backers, so you're getting an opinion skewed by outsiders. Though, from the looks of it, I'm pretty sure it'll be an overwhelming majority in favor of letting them in either way.

    28. Adam Clark on

      It's good to see those pictures up close. Loving the graphics. I can't wait until 2 more years for Shenmue 3! Oh and yeah paypal backers should get the same rewards. It will only makes things better for us and Shenmue 3.

    29. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      Go for it, the more rewards that can bring in funds the better. Let's share the love.

    30. Jack Kelly on

      Love the images, but any chance we can see the full-res screens?

    31. Missing avatar

      Benjamin smith on

      I don't mind if the same rewards are offered, just want best game possible

    32. Missing avatar

      Mundus on

      Still don't get why paypal site aren't offering the PC version as a reward. Never did get to donate for the digital release for PC. And now when paypal is up its gone, you would have gotten an additional $30 from me if PC was on the table.

    33. Adrian Tullock on

      I don't have a twitter account, but I support being more inclusive than exclusive for the poll. What's a few months between fan support and the means to show it? If its all supporting a greater product in time to make a difference, we're all putting money in the same bucket anyway.

    34. Missing avatar

      Village Monk on

      Great update, I really hope that this game ends up being as enjoyable as Shenmue 2.

      As for the Paypal backers, I'm happy for them to have to have the Kickstarter rewards, the more Shenmue love the better.

    35. Davis Bailey on

      I see absolutely nothing wrong with offering Paypal backers the same rewards as us Kickstarter backers. Their money is just as good as ours and will go to help flesh out the game further!

    36. Anonymous81 - #ShenmueSaved on

      Nice update! :) Keep up the great work, and we'll keep spreading the word and doing what we can to support! ^_^

      On the issue of PayPal rewards... since I would happily give up all my rewards if it would make Shenmue 3 even one iota better, I have NO problem whatsoever with PayPal backers getting our Kickstarter rewards, too.

      The point of this endeavor for me is to see Shenmue 3 realized to its fullest possible potential under the circumstances, not to get cool stuff for myself! (Though that's nice too!)

    37. Missing avatar

      Omnibot2000 on

      I'm not on Twitter, but I don't care if any of the rewards are exclusive or not. The more money can be collected for the game, the better.

    38. Stan on

      Well I was really hoping for an update on when we can up our Kickstarter pledges on Paypal, but I guess you'll get to it when you can. ^^ So thanks for the update since I know that many were probably getting a bit restless waiting, lol.

    39. Loneck on

      I don't have twitter as well. It is not good idea to put poll on twitter I think. I would also like to ask if there will be option to donate any amount of money with paypal without reward for those who already pledged and want donate more. I already asked this Ys Net and answer was that Mr. Suzuki will be informed about this proposition.

    40. Christoph Zürcher on

      Thank you for sharing the presentation, enjoyed reading it.

    41. James Brown on

      Thanks for the update! I am also happy to give Paypal backers the kickstarter exclusive rewards, and this is coming from a $1500 I am Shenmue 3 backer.

      The chapter structure spoken about in this update is still extremely confusing. As fans we have been debating exactly what chapters Shenmue 2 covers, so we know roughly where abouts we are for Shenmue 3 and how many chapters are remaining to be told in the story. Based on the above information, what is chapter 3? And how did S2 incorporate parts of Chapter 4 and 5, and Shenmue 3 begins with Chapter 5. It doesn't make much sense. It would be nice for more accurate clarification, such as Shenmue 1 = Chapter 1, Shenmue 2 = Chapter 2, 3 and 4. Shenmue 3 = Chapter 5 and 6 (by the sounds of it). People always go on about how chapter 2 was the boat chapter and was cut, but since it was cut, and Shenmue 2 was released without it, should it even be considered a missing chapter, surely the start of Shenmue now becomes chapter 2. This is why as fans we are still quite confused by the chapter structure :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Bruno Albino on

      Thanks for the update! :)
      Here's my opinion, sorry if it seems too rough.

      Please don't use Twitter in future polls, not every backer has a Twitter account and everyone (even non-backers and people who dislike Shenmue) can vote on those polls, hence ruining its purpose.

      Since I don't have a Twitter account I'll vote here, I think kickstarter exclusive content should be available through Paypal.

      Also, please read your updates thoroughly, I found several typos.
      It's unprofessional.

    43. Missing avatar

      Antonella Altieri on

      I don't have a Twitter account but I'd like to vote in favor of opening those rewards to PayPal backers. The more money we earn, the best Shenmue 3 we get!
      Thank Yu-San, keep up the good work!

    44. "Wakko" on

      I'm also in the same boat in thinking that perhaps asking on Twitter wasn't the best idea. Sure I'd vote "yes" regardless, but I would want people who wants to keep this exclusive to get a fair chance in having their votes count!

      On another note though, thank you for actually asking your backers on the matter. After witnessing how terrible Mighty No 9 was managed, it's refreshing to see a company who actually looks for backer input.

    45. Don Reba on

      I hope the developers have read the discussion about the potential of open-world games at RPS and will avoid an icon-based open world.

    46. P. Rabbit on

      At first I thought it was great that we were asked to vote on this as they are our exclusives. Personally, I don't mind at all and never cared for exclusivity. But the poll being on twitter (open to anyone) rather than just for backers sullies it completely and makes me think they wanted to be sure the outcome would be in favour of no exclusivity to bring in more money. This I don't approve of.

    47. Don Reba on

      @David Maher
      > While I'm in favor of opening those rewards to PayPal backers, I feel like making it a public poll on Twitter isn't a fair way to run it. The people who's opinion you need is the Kickstarter backers, but just anyone can vote in that poll.

      That's right. Nor do all the Kickstarter backers have Twitter accounts.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jamie Scanlon on

      Cheers for the update as I haven't got twitter I'll comment here.
      More backers the better as long as they don't get a better deal than the ones who pledged on kick-start and got the project started I don't care if they Have the same as what I got!

    49. Luke Murthwaite on

      I can't vote on twitter at the moment...but I can comment here. I backed the campaign at the $5 level with the intention of upping my pledge through PayPal when I was financially in a better position. however, because the items that i mostwanted (exclusive game content) is not available I will not be doing this. I see no benefit to pledging more through PayPal than waiting for retail. However should items such as the telecom card become available I would have incentive to pledge more.


      Give the same rewards, the more backers in the end the better for the whole game.