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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Progress Interview with Yu Suzuki

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)

Hello Backers!  

It has been a while since our last post here on Update section. Sorry everyone! We are sure many of your concerns right now boil down to, "How is Shenmue III moving along?". So today, we have a brief interview with Yu about the progress of the project, and future plans. Without further chatter, here we go.


Q: How is the production progress going?

A: Please take a look at this diagram. So far, we have finished the composition, story, planning and the game flow. We will be advancing to the next development step soon.

Q: Can you tell us more about the composition stage?  

A: Shenmue III is based on the 11 chapters created 17 years ago, and each chapter is set in different regions. For example, the first chapter was set in Yokosuka, second was set in Hong Kong and so on. However, we cannot finish with just one chapter in one region, so I had to restructure the story to fit within the scope of Shenmue III.

Q: What is the story stage about?

A: We had to rethink the storyline to make a more coherent flow, such as writing additional stories and making other changes.

Q: What about the planning stage? What is going on in this part?

A: Since we now know the amount of the funding from the Kickstarter campaign, we can plan the overall budget for development. So I have mapped out the game project to fit that budget scope at this stage.

Q: After the plan is written and ready, what happens in game flow stage?

A: It is about placing various cut scenes, events, battles, and quests in order. We have just finished this stage few days ago, and we will be working on the actual game development now.

Q: What other plans will be upcoming?

A: I will promise that I will be updating you about the progress of the development at least once a month. This is what we have for now.

Q: Is there anything big coming up on your schedule?

A: I am thinking about seeing the 2015 Tokyo Game Show which will be held in September. Also, I am planning to travel to China this October to both attend a game show called CHUAPP×2015, and also to do some location scouting for Shenmue III's development.

Q: Lastly, do you have any stories you could give that occurred during development so far?

A: One night, I went to a Thai restaurant with the development team after work. At that restaurant, a man approached me and asked to shake hands. He said he was a fan, and we had a brief talk. He also happened to be in the game industry and we began to hit it off. We talked some more to find out he really knew his job, and on top of that, he was an exceptionaly good person. I was so impressed, I asked him to help with the development. I couldn't help but feel Shenmue's unique gravity to bring interesting things together.

That's all for now everyone. Stay tuned to this update section for more news in future posts!

Wataru (a. k. a. "The blue shirt guy from Twitch") & Shenmue III Kickstarter Team

Hard at Work
Hard at Work


前のアップデートから日が開いてしまいましたがいかがお過ごしでしょうか。バッカーの皆さんはシェンムーIIIを今か今かと待っていることと思います。今日は鈴木裕さんとのインタビューを通してプロジェクトの進捗や今後の予定などについて取り上げたいと思います。 前置きが長くても仕方がないので早速インタビューに入って行きましょう。

Q: 開発の進捗はいかがですか?

A: この表のとおり、構成、ストーリー、企画、ゲームフローまでが終わり、これから次のゲーム開発のステージに進むところです。

 Q: 構成とはどんなことをされるのですか?

A: シェンムーIIIのストーリーは17年前に作った11章からなるストーリーが元になるのですが、それは各章ごとに 地域が分かれています。例えば1章なら横須賀、2章なら香港という風に。しかしシェンムーIIIでは1章分1地域だけで終わらせるわけにはいかないので、皆さんから頂いた予算に応じて、元となるストーリーの再構成を行いました。

Q: ストーリーとは?

A: 今回の構成に合わせた新たなストーリーを書き足したり、修正を行いました。

Q: 企画とは?

A: キックスターターでの支援金額が集まり、開発バジェットの総額が決まったので、そのバジェットにきっちりあわせたゲーム企画を立てました。

Q: ゲームフローとはどんな段階ですか?

A: 企画に沿って、ゲーム内でのリアルタイムムービー、イベント、バトル、クエストなどを配置しました。まさに今、ゲームフローが完成し、明日から次のゲーム開発のステージに進みます。

Q: 次の予定はどのようになりますか?

 A: 皆さんへのゲーム開発の進捗報告は、最低でも月に1度は行っていきます。しかし、今回の開発の進捗はここまでという事で。笑 

 Q: それではその他の今後の予定は?

A: 9月の東京ゲームショウは見学したいと思っています。それと10月には、中国のCHUAPP×2015というゲームショウにロケハンも兼ねて行きたいと思っています。

Q: 最後にゲーム開発中のエピソードなどありましたら聞かせて下さい。

A: この前、仕事が終わり、ゲーム開発のメンバーとタイ料理を食べに行った時のことなんですが、近くのテーブルに座っていた方から握手をしてくださいと声をかけてもらったんです。わたしのファンだということで少し話をしました。その話の中で、その方もゲーム関係の仕事にしているとの事で意気投合して、次の日にさらに詳しく話したところ仕事も出来て、人間的にも素晴らしい方だったので今後の開発に参加してもらう事になりました。シェンムーの不思議な力を感じました。


シェンムーIII Kickstarterチーム

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    1. Frank Lopez on

      Shenmue is such a special game to me. It was the game that made me want to visit Japan because of how detailed the game was. So I decided to go to Japan in June 2015. On the second day of my visit I made a trip to Yokosuka and visited Dobuita. I was in awe the whole time by looking at the infulences it had on the game. When I got back to my AirBnB I get news that Shenmue 3 was announced. So imagine how that felt.

      I'm just glad the game is getting made. I hope they stay true to the story.



    3. Alessandro Saiko on

      Thanks for the update! Meanwhile please, Yu, try to convince SEGA of bringing Shenmue I & II HD Remaster to PC and PS4!

    4. Bule on

      How is no-one commenting on there possibly being 4 boss battles in this game?? How awesome is that?!!!

    5. Bule on

      @João Dinis: to clarify:

      Shenmue was originally intended to be 16 chapters but got trimmed down to 11 early on. Shenmue 1 represents chapter 1 and Shenmue 2 covers chapters 2,3, and 4.

      Yu Suzuki's original intention was for 5 games, but when it looked like he wasn't going to get that, in 2003 Sega-AM2 announced that the third game would include all the remaining 7 chapters. However poor sales of Shenmue 2 (not helped probably by it not being released in America) meant even that was cancelled.

      Now Shenmue 3 has been kickstarted. Yu has set out his intention to make more Shenmue games after number 3, which some agree with and some do not. Until in year different, I'm going to assume that Shenmue 3 will not be the last game of the series.

    6. Bule on

      To all backers:

      Yu Suzuki has done another, more in-depth (and more interesting) interview recently. You can find it here:

      All thanks for finding this should go to backer Marwa.

    7. Bule on

      @João Dinis: in an attempt to sooth that nutsack burn:

      PayPal is still on:

      And the thing about 3 being the last Shenmue game could quite easily be interpreted in a number of ways or could be a simple translation error.

    8. Ari Tomi Stenberg on

      Heh seems no matter where Yu go people know that is Shenmue 3 guy. Least he can now proudly say game is under developing finally.

    9. João Dinis on

      This update 44 felt like a kick in the nuts to me and here is why:

      - Shenmue III is based on the 11 chapters created 17 years ago, and each chapter is set in different regions.

      The above phrase gives me the sense that shenmue 3 will be the last shenmue which yu said wasnt.

      - Since we now know the amount of the funding from the Kickstarter campaign, we can plan the overall budget for development. So I have mapped out the game project to fit that budget scope at this stage.

      Reads as 0 paypal we are just gonna use your Money and not ask you for more even though you really want to give more and even though we ended last twitch saying paypal would be considered.

    10. Stan on

      Thanks for the update Mr. Suzuki, I know it's not easy doing this when you have such a busy schedule. :)

    11. Bule on

      @Goro: I think it's more complex for a company to set up than an individual (might be wrong), but yeah, a more detailed explanation for the delay would be helpful, so people can pass their judgements holding all the facts.

    12. Goro on

      Why dont they just set up the paypal already lol?
      It takes maybe 10 minutes to do it?
      Its like "here, we have $1million dollar for you, do you want it"?

    13. Bule on

      @Larvagator2: Don't think Paypal can be either confirmed or denied based on this.

      There is also some confusion regarding the wording over whether this will be the final Shenmue game or whether more are planned after this one.

    14. Missing avatar

      Larvagator2 on

      Does this confirm that there will be a PayPal option or does this confirm that there won't be one?? I'm confused..

    15. Missing avatar

      Ben Simon on

      Really good to see developmwnt underway after so long. Do you have much to do with the Yakuza Ryu Ga Gotoku development team?
      Shenmue 3 is going to be a blast.

    16. Miles Reynolds on

      Sounds great! LOVE the story about the fan at the Thai restaurant! #ThankYu

    17. Vince Vazquez

      Awesome to see a roadmap of sorts, and it's exciting to know that real-deal development is starting up next! Can't wait to watch Shenmue 3 come together over the coming months and years!

    18. Bule on

      @Neel: lol, is that sarcasm? Lol.

    19. Angelo Joseph on


      There is no Sony funding. Apparently they are just handling production of PS4 physical copies and probably some PSN store advertisements when the game draws near to release.

    20. Neel Sawhney on

      Glad to know despite Kickstarter and Sony funding you guys that you have to make the game smaller than originally intended. Cool.

    21. Jack Kelly on

      Great news! You guys have been busy! Keep it up :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Thomas Cheng on

      This is great. Please post more about the workflow and how you guys develop the game. I'm looking to make my own game someday and the behind the scene information would be helpful.

    23. KTR on

      So Suzuki changed his mind? Didn't he state clearly that he wouldn't force all of the remaining chapters into one game or cut important materials? hmmm

    24. Bule on

      @Mojo: yes, sorry should have said the original actual plan as opposed to the original original plan :)

    25. Vyse Legendaire on

      The part about meeting the game industry guy in the Thai restaurant, then ending up having him help with the project, heh. Dat Yu ;)

      Be looking forward to updates. ~

    26. Missing avatar

      Mojo on

      @Tom The original plan was at least 5 games,
      Although in an interview from 2002 Yu said "In the end the saga will span three installments", but I think that is something he said when the future of the franchise was very uncertain and he realised Sega would never fund the expansive series he originally envisioned.

    27. Don Reba on

      Q: Is it true that the music for the original Shenmue was written before the story?

    28. Ricardo Esteves on

      Thanks for the update, glad that we'll be hearing from you guys at least once a month :) Keep up the good work!

    29. fitters on

      Nice, thanks for the update. The right kind of project plan update that explains progress and doesn't give away spoliers.

    30. Bule on

      @Mojo: the original plan was to fit the last 7 chapters into one game, but I'm with you, I hope they make at least another one after number 3 and keep as much content as possible. Cutting parts out would be not good.

    31. Bule on

      @Lim: maybe the profit is one of the ??? parts...they want to keep it a secret ;)

    32. BlackGauntlet

      I thought the diagram would look like this:
      "Start->Composition->Story->Planning->Game Flow->???->PROFIT!!!"

    33. Missing avatar

      Mojo on

      I don't think this means S3 is the final installment. I certainly don't hope so. I would rather have another unresolved cliffhanger or even no game at all than a truncated S3.

    34. Karol Świątek on

      "Since we now know the amount of the funding from the Kickstarter campaign, we can plan the overall budget for development."
      No, you can plan the kickstarter part of the budget. You still have PayPal ahead of you, guys.

    35. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      Great update, thank you.

      Cedric mentioned (A few weeks ago) that we'll be hearing about PayPal in September.

      It'd be amazing if the scope of the project expanded with PayPal funds to stretch to that magical $10m target.

    36. Bule on

      Originally the game was meant to be 16 chapters, but got reduced to 11 a long time ago. The manga comic that links the first and second games was a part of the original 16 chapter vision. I think.

    37. Bule on

      @Alexander Moore: the first Shenmue covered chapter 1, Shenmue 2 covered chapters 2,3, and 4. Originally, AM2 intended for Shenmue 3 to cover the remaining 7 chapters, but Yu Suzuki has spoken recently about there being future Shenmue games also. Either they have reverted to the original idea of finishing everything with 3, or else there has been a misunderstanding/misinterpretation...

    38. Bule on

      'Solution of a Mystery'....ooh, mysterious! :D

    39. Missing avatar

      Tomi Valkonen on

      Hello again folks. Glad to see another Shenmue III update.
      Also hello to Wataru (a. k. a. "The blue shirt guy from Twitch") :)

    40. Alexander Moore on

      I had thought that Chapter 2 was in between Shenmue and Shenmue II. Perhaps he misspoke? Or I was misinformed, all those years ago. So, it seems, that if 11 Chapters are being crammed into this game, Yu Suzuki is looking to finish the story. I don't know about all of you, but I'm glad, if that the plan. I don't want to see any more possible setbacks for this series �

    41. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      Alright I guess. Good to see an update again. Hope to see a new website soon for slacker backers and a good forum where fans' questions might be answered quicker. Will keep busy with Metal Gear Solid V and Stasis for quite a while now though.

    42. Silverwings on

      They forgot to add "Profit" at the end of that diagram. ; )

    43. Missing avatar

      Andrew Nelson on

      I hate to be that guy, but I'm hoping for news about the Paypal option soon and that the game won't be forced to sacrifice anything until funds from that come in.

    44. Anonymous81 - #ShenmueSaved on

      Very very happy to see this update! :) I knew leaving for a while and distracting myself would make time pass more quickly... and I was right! Next thing I knew... update! :)

      Thank YU and keep up the great work! And thanks for promising to keep us updated every month! That will be great.