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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Thank you from Yu Suzuki

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)

On July 17th, the Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue III drew to a finish. Because of you, the backers and the fans, Shenmue III set the Guinness record for the fastest game to reach $1 million, past the funding goal of $2 million in just 8 and a half hours, set the record for video games on Kickstarter, and became the 6th most funded project on Kickstarter, collecting $6.33 million.  

All of this was accomplished by your efforts. Through the illustrations you drew, the videos you produced, and all that you did throughout the campaign, I could not help but feel the deep love you have for Shenmue.  

Even after 14 years have gone by, to see this outpouring of support is something one as a creator can only dream of. There can be no better feeling than what you have given me, and for that I will be eternally grateful.  

We have just started getting into development, and as we move ahead, I will listen to all of you to make Shenmue III even better.  

I thank you again all for your support, and wholeheartedly look forward to the rest of our journey together.   

Yu Suzuki

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    1. Missing avatar

      William Lam on

      Had some dreams about Shenmue but never knew that kickstarter would fund it and that it will be released in 2017 and never knew my dreams would come true :) and glad to be part of Shenmue 3 even though i just had $5 to help out and donate but could have done better to be part of it and mostly importantly to donate and help out the game of my dreams and for everyone else

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Abrams on

      As always, you took an idea and made it something amazing. You have again, without even having created the game, made a huge accomplishment with kickstarted. It should be obvious that you are talented. I never give compliments lightly and I don't give compliments that are undeserved. But you sir fully deserve the feeling you have. Keep that with you during this next phase of development of what is, even according to Kickstarter, the best game of all time.

      Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Francis Muhawij on

      No sir...THANK YOU...

    4. Missing avatar

      nights on


    5. deafwing on

      You are welcome - thanks for asking.

    6. Missing avatar

      kahei on

      Good luck.
      Bonne chance.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sahacic on

      I've finished 7 times each episode.

      Thanks Yu for those fantastic games, I'm so happy to have the next one.

      Shenmue is a great and unique universe with lots of respect, martial art philosophy, no violence (compare to actual standard), great landscape.

      I'm so happy

    8. Michael Kalus on

      Looking froward to it and I do hope we're not getting a double fine adventure 2.0.

    9. Missing avatar

      Craig Sobolewski on

      I have never been happier to put my money towards something I wanted than I was when I ave my money to this Kickstarter project. Not only am I ecstatic that Shenmue 3 will finally come to be, I'm so happy to have been able to help in getting in created, even in such a small way. Shenmue is very important to myself, and clearly to many, many fans, and it is so amazing to see it finally get the support and respect its always deserved. Shenmue is truly an experience like nothing else and I am so incredibly excited to finally see what's next for this incredible and profoundly important series. Thank you so much, Mr Suzuki, and everyone else who is helping to fund and create this game.

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Crocker on

      Shenmue is my favourite video game of all time. I'm a 40 yr old man & I've been playing games since the Atari. I've dreamed about Shenmue 3 since finishing 2. I can't wait for 3. I currently own a PS3 & Shenmue 3 is the ONLY game that would make me buy a new console. Now I have to buy one! Thank you Yu-san...

    11. Michael Powell on

      im really glad to be apart of history. lets really make this count
      and set precedence for not only Shenmue but independent gaming Gems in General
      Salute, Yu Suzuki!!

    12. Iván González Castro on

      Can't wait for this two years to go by... At last, Ryo is back!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Tizoc Ibarra on

      Thank You! And I can't wait to see the progress and what the future will be like when we finally get to see Shenmue III :D

    14. Zak Wojnar on

      Happy to help.
      I'd never played the original two games, but they were always on my radar when I was a boy. I knew I wouldn't miss this...
      ...Also, I really hope we'll get awesome ragdoll physics even though we didn't quite reach that stretch goal...

    15. Alessandro Saiko on

      THANKS to you, based Suzuki-san to make the dream finally possible after 14 long years of wait!
      The Dreamcast unfortunately was my first and last SEGA console, but beside other games I've LOVED and enjoyed Shenmue the most. Saddly I've never managed to get and play Shenmue II so I really hope you can convince SEGA to bring us a HD remaster port of Shenmue I & II for PC and PS4.

      Beside that I'm excited to be a part on the 60$ PS4 physical copy pledge level of Shenmue III joining you and all the other backers on the journey to finally get the chance the play the long awaited sequel :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Xiaohan Wang on

      How did we get the copy for the game when it comes out?

    17. Jamie Edwards on

      YES WE DID IT!!!! I'm STILL so happy!!!!…

    18. HotScorcher on

      Good luck to Yu and his team to make the Shenmue 3 they and the fans always wanted. On another note, I know this is not Ys Net's responsibility, but I really hope Sega realizes the demand for an HD remaster of Shenmue 1 and 2, for all of those who never played the first 2 games back then but still supported the Kickstarter (and for gamers in general).

    19. Missing avatar

      MetalDragon555 on

      Thank Yu! At last the history will continue!
      One of the best sagas ever created that inspired me long time ago :D

    20. Missing avatar

      William Lam on

      I have never dreamed this day would come i waited for years

    21. Jared Bell on

      My prays were answer, God bless you Mr. Yu Suzuki.

    22. Tomas Prilepok on

      Yu , my first system was master system II , than play mega drive and dreamcast . shenmue is a masterpiece compare to legends like ocarina of time or FF7 , Thank yu , god bless yu and your team and all good to development i wish.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jacob Tevendale on

      In Yu we trust. I'm sure you have a game envisaged that others couldn't right now.

    24. Missing avatar

      Toan Thi on

      Thank you Yu-San! I was your fan since the master system, mega drive and arcade days. I was a Sega fanboy because of you and all the games you created back in the 80s and 90s... And then created Shenmue the best game ever made and changed my life....God bless YU and your team!!

    25. Char Lli on

      Thank you Master!

    26. Bogami on

      Good luck with the development,and thank you!

    27. John Mack on


    28. Missing avatar

      Alex Chabot on

      We love you Suzuki-san!

    29. Missing avatar

      John on

      Thank you very much for sharing your passion with us, Mr. Suzuki. I only became a recent fan of the Shenmue series thanks to many years of word-of-mouth praise. While the two copies I own for Dreamcast have disc-reading issues, from what I have been able to play so far, I can truly feel the love put into this game and I look forward to one day being able to play through the entire story of the Shenmue Saga.

      I am greatly looking forward to this game and I am glad to see that classic gaming is safe in the right hands. Until then, I will be singing the Tomato Convenience Store song regularly at my job as the days roll towards the game's release date!

    30. Daniel Aranda on

      gracias a vos Yu Suzuki por haber creado Shenmue. estos 14 años fueron largos pero la espera llego a su fin y miles de fanáticos vamos a ver nuestro sueño hecho realidad. gracias por elegir al PS4 como unas de las plataformas para el juego yo sabia que tarde o temprano vería a shenmue en una consola de Sony. ahora solo queda esperar mi SIGNED KICKSTARTER COLLECTOR'S EDITION!!! X D y nuevamente MUCHAS GRACIAS Yu Suzuki!!!! un saludo desde argentina!!.

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Thanks Yu Suzuki, i m very impatient for my Shemue III on Ps4

    32. Erwan LE CAÏNEC on

      I started a new game this night because I missed the note "Got a lead on Charlie". And it has been my second run for three weeks. Thanks to this kickstarter, I rediscover why Shenmue is so wonderful and marvelous and what makes this game absolutely unique ! Thank you, Suzuki-san ! When you develop the game, think of all the fans who love collect the gatchapons, all the fans who want the notebook back, the fans who want all the scroll moves of the game, the fans who want to "work in the game" perfectly, the fans who want to listen to all the tapes, the fans who want to gamble their money and earn more of it, the fans who want to play the legendary games of AM2, and finally the fans who want to live the story of Shenmue 3 as if it was their own. Because even if the plot is simple, to see life throug Ryo's eyes in the Japan of 1987 is so much different and nostalgic ! You deserve our support, Suzuki-san, because thanks to you, we may believe again in the video game industry. "Vous étiez la seule pierre manquante pour que l'industrie du jeu vidéo se maintienne en tant qu'art". With Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, the last guardian (I guess), the unfinished swan, entwined, flow, flower, journey, Rez, Panzer Dragoon, Shenmue 3 is going to carry on our dream !

    33. Missing avatar

      Frank Gulino on

      Thank you Yu Suzuki! I'm so excited to play this! Good luck with development!

    34. Fernandez Kevin on

      ありがとうございますfrom france! I am so happy to support Shenmue. I play Shenmue since 2000 and i always bought them when they were released for the first time.

    35. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      I hope this does not make me sound irascible, I just am very grateful that we are getting a voice this time and the bigwigs aren't taking all the creative features away and shoehorning a game out for the holiday rush and just slapping a cool fan-base appealing SHENMUE title on it. If Sega is not going to fade into obscurity like the industry of the 1980's did that is what counts. So as far as listening to suggestions-

      Input variables like Bonus Points/ and spend them on the character traits when starting the Game: For example Sensei Iwao Hazuki

      -Pictures Selecting a number of them like *Storyline*
      For example Nozomi Harasaki: You have no choice but to get that photo in Shenmue one however the Descriptive calender system makes it Day\Rain\Snow Etcetra
      Then choose from *Optional* photos like Wong with his fish.
      manage inventory like selecting a certain number of capsule toys: so it could be mixed or matched depending on the players preference. Trucks, Virtua Fighter, or Super bouncy balls. There are many more things that need to be done with Dates, moves scrolls, hidden moves when practiced that become more advanced, belongings like the possible gift you receive after giving a birthday gift to Feng Mei. The Flashlight, Tapes, and Saturn CDs just to name a couple. If they do utilize my idea(s) I would like acknowledgment but nothing much. LOL

    36. Missing avatar

      Luis Del Rio on

      All i can say is Thank You for making the best game ever, Shenmue 2 is by far my number 1 best game i ever played, and i play a lot, what the shenmue experience make me feel when i was playing is something just a few games can do, the magic, shenmue play with our emotions in an awesome way, the joy, excitement, the adventure, the fighting spirit, omg i will not finish how shenmue story makes me feel, i will help through paypal if you want. Thank You a million times and i will love to see shenmue 4 and shenmue 5, and you can even do spin offs like shenmue tournament fighters, that you can create your character and ryo is the master or shenhua and teach you skills and how to fight, and you fight in tournaments around the world to earn money and you can play coop or versus online, its an idea that i would love to see ;)

    37. R. Cruz on

      Like the others here, I'm thanking Yu Suzuki for playing a such large part of what made me so excited to visit the arcades when I was younger, always looking forward to the next inspiring and groundbreaking title, and giving us a visionary game such as Shenmue. Being a part of helping to bring back Shenmue is probably the least I could do to show my appreciation.

    38. Kaptain Kewl on

      I thank you, Yu-san, for having done all those amazing games i played at home or at the arcade. I grew up accompanied with your games. The first Virtua Fighter was a real shock for me, and when Shenmue was released, i experienced the most amazing video game i've ever played in my life. I wish you the best for the developement of Shenmue 3. I've painted one eye of one of my Daruma doll, i look forward painting the other eye in december 2017.

    39. Kaptain Kewl on

      It's amazing we are living an era where visionnary directors like Yu Suzuki for video games and Martin Scorcese or even Clint Eastwood have so many difficulties to fund their projects.

    40. Arturo Carpenter on

      Let me tell everybody here, (and I know the thought crossed some of your minds too) if I would've win the lottery before the campaign was over I would've completed the 11 WHAT! even $12,000,000 if it was necessary to fund EVERYTHING. I mean the lottery these days is ridiculous I don't need $30 or 40 or 50 or $100,000,000 two million dollars in the bank is around $7,200.00 a month for 20 years and thats more than a decent living.

    41. Arturo Carpenter on

      You made a 36 year old man, from Puerto Rico, feel 15 again. My wife was sleeping as I saw the Kick Starter anouncement on E3, as soon as I heard the theme song I jumped out of my couch put a cushion from my sofa over my mouth and yelled NO WAY SHENMUE 3!!! LAN DI I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!!! Please even if we don't get to kill him or not kill him at least let me beat him up a little bit, it don't matter if his body guards separate us and take him away, I just want to GIVE HIM A LITTLE TASTE OF WHAT'S MORE TO COME! Please, please, please, at least a few QTE's. And if it's possible incorporate some Jeet Kune Do mechanics like their traping and countering, just like Brandon Lee on Rapid Fire, and Bruce Lee on Enter the Dragon. Please, please, please.
      Wathever you decide Mr Yu, I trust you'll change the way we see games once more. Blessings to you and your team, always.

    42. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      Thank you yu suzuki! You have made my dream come true with shenmue3! The game i waited my life since 2001 for! I am so excited beyond words thank you and i look forward to playing this legendary game. Arigatougozaimasu!!!!!! Fan for life

    43. Missing avatar

      Allan Shek on

      no need to thank us, you could have just left this alone, but no, doing everything in you power to get the Shenmue licence and making sure you have full direction for the game to be just like the old Shenmue games after all these years

      thank yu in believing in us to fund you and not leave your reputation only in the past

    44. Atom on

      My dream is realized thank you Yu! and i trust you to keep the spirit of shenmue 1&2 in the third.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sean Basci on

      I'm happy to say - stop thanking us and get back to work on Shenmue 3!

    46. Giga_Force on

      No, Yu Suzuki-- THANK YU! :)

    47. SchwartZero on

      I've never played Shenmue, but dedicated developers deserve the best support they can get. To keep making good games and keep this industry filled with talent.

    48. Anonymous81 - #ShenmueSaved on

      You are most welcome! And Thank YU!

      Now bring on PayPal so we can continue to support development for the next two years! :)