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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Masaya Matsukaze Confirmed & Monaco Meeting Upgrade

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)

Greeting Shenmue Allied Forces!  

We have been getting a lot of questions asking if Masaya Matsukaze will be the Japanese voice of Ryo for Shenmue 3. Yes, it is official, Mr. Matsukaze will be reprising his role as the voice of Ryo!

Yu-san said Masaya-san and Corey-san were the best fit for the respective Japanese/English voice of Ryo, and couldn’t imagine any different. Big cheers to that!  

*** *** *** 

Monaco Dinner Reward Gets a Special Upgrade  

Yu-san has upped the ante for the Monaco Dinner Reward. The location will now be slightly moved to the nearby town of Eze, famous for its history and old world beauty. There, you will actually work with Yu-san to plan a part of Shenmue 3. After the planning session, enjoy a dinner party with Yu-san among this picturesque world of times past.

 Work on Shenmue 3? Here? With Yu Suzuki? Yes, that’s right.

Stairway in Eze
Stairway in Eze
"Azure Sky of the Alleyway" by Yu Suzuki
"Azure Sky of the Alleyway" by Yu Suzuki

Spend some time with Yu-san in one of his favorite places.


Bring a friend to participate in a Shenmue 3 project meeting with Yu-san in the medieval and marvelously scenic town of Eze, followed by a dinner party. (Date will be tentatively set for the end of February, 2016). + Be named as a Special Sponsor in the credits. Includes the RYO'S JACKET - REPLICA Reward. Transportation and lodging not included.

Next Stretch Goal $5.6M for the new Kickstarter record in the video games category! This is the Shenmue fan’s time to shine. Show the world Shenmue is the force to be reckoned with! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Carles Pascual ferrer on

      I think that on ps4 it is not difficult to insert English and Japanese voices in a blu Ray (dream cast was a CD and was diferent...) , why anybody says clearly if we could have the possibility of chose or not? I am sorry, buy I don't want to play with the English voice of ryu Hazuki... This is a sacred point to me.

    2. Missing avatar

      Carles Pascual ferrer on

      This is very important thing.
      I want to play de game in Japanese (I have shenmue 1 and 2 in Japanese in my Japanese dream cast) will be able to choose between both languages in Europe version? If not, can we chose the Japanese edition of the game from outside of Japan?

    3. Kenshiro Otomo on

      I´m very glad Masaya Matsukaze is going to do Ryo´s voice.. I like more the japanese voice.

    4. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      would be nice if we had something in at 5.5 or 5.6M as a stretch goal instead of just world record

    5. Missing avatar

      Draikin on

      More affordable rewards would indeed be welcome. The Kickstarter has focused too much on the higher rewards, which the vast majority of backers can't afford. Concerning the Japanese voice acting, has dual audio been confirmed for the English release? I'm surprised this hasn't been confirmed, as this is really relevant to backers. Same with a DRM-free PC version. I imagine a lot of people are backing this project assuming that you'll deliver both, but it's not certain at this point.

    6. shenmueyokosk on


    7. Missing avatar

      SolidSonicTH on

      I thought Mr. Matsukaze was onboard since day one. He was confirmed long before even Corey Marshall was said to be coming back.

    8. David Brown on

      So pleased about Masaya Matsukaze :D

      He did an amazing job on Shenmue 1 and 2!

    9. Missing avatar

      Bruno Albino on

      Guys, the fans have already gave as much money as they can.

      Please try to bring in new backers too! :)

      It would be great to also allow donations after the Kickstarter campaign is over.

    10. Guillermo Oseguera on

      Wasn't Matsukaze confirmed since the beginning or did I miss something?

    11. Missing avatar

      Larvagator on

      Please, please, please give us more affordable rewards. I can't just pay many months worth of salary (after normal living costs) just to donate on a project. We need incentives to pledge quantities of small to medium amounts of money. How about digital download of game + digital download of soundtrack for $40, digital download of game + physical game for $70, physical version of both PC and PS4 for $90, both physical and digital version for both PC and PS4 for $110 and trial version reward + physical CD soundtrack for $140. Also there's no reward between $300 and $500, why is there such a gap?

    12. Peter Campbell on

      I changed from this reward to one of the Japan spaces that became available, and now my mind is on overdrive not knowing what to do. There are so many positives to both i honestly cant decide which one to attend! HELP!







    14. Bobby Digital on

      If I had 10k I'd snap up the Monaco reward it looks beautiful

    15. Jose Luis Tur on

      10.000$ is completely out of my reach, everthing I can pledge is the 390$ I already did, but I hope someone can get this rewards as now look more promising than before.

    16. D-Boy

      36 hours left to make #Shenmue3DRMFree. You can do it, Ys Net. Come on!

    17. João on

      Please, please, please, do give people outside Japan the choice of Japanese Voice acting!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jerry Neighbors on

      I would up my amount if I got something better than basically a music CD for almost 100 dollars.

    19. Missing avatar

      Xscape2040 on

      Thats nice, really.
      But what part of you need more attractive rewards for the masses between 5-250 did you not unterstand?

    20. Criege Pennant on

      Snap, if only I was rich.