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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Poll Results & Fishing Poles


Hello Everyone!

Poll results from your favorite character and mini-game are in, with an outstanding 14,751 people replying! Some questions were not answered by all of the respondents, but it is pretty easy to see where loyalties lay! 

The winner for favorite character, by an overwhelming margin is, of course, our main man Ryo! Ren and Nozomi came in a respectable second and third. Sorry guys, better luck next time! That means Ryo will get an extra special scene (or something, depending on Mr. Suzuki!) to give him that little bit of extra attention.

And the winner for the most popular mini-game is the Lucky Hit! 

QTE Battle and Duck Racing stayed in there, but Lucky Hit took it away big in the end. If you are Lucky Hit fan, The “Be a Technique Scroll Lucky Hit Game Board” could be the reward for you! After Mr. Suzuki saw how popular it the Lucky Hit was, he wanted to make sure it would be the first one you could win the special prizes from. Get rewarded more for straying off the path!

All New for Shenmue 3

What will Ryo be taking up in Shenmue 3? We think this next reward will give just the smallest of hints:

SHENMUE BAIT & TACKLE - $1,800 Get to name a fishing rod or lure. When your item is purchased, it will get a close-up and reaction from Ryo. + Receive the in-game item you named. Let’s get... fishy! Includes the $600 Reward.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tony Bogdan on

      Raised my pledge to $100 that is my max. Hope we get to $6.5 mil $7mil unlikely but hopeful

    2. Missing avatar

      Bruno on

      Yeah, more Xiuying Hong <3

    3. Missing avatar

      TCprod on

      1. Should i be worried that almost six thousand people are this stupid to vote in the main protagonist? Will you all even be able to distinguish his bonus scene from the rest?

      2. Where the hell was this so i could freakin' vote?!

    4. Missing avatar

      Nelson Agarez on

      I need more Xiuying Hong... :(

      She made a great impact on me. She kicks ass!

    5. ghost of dr phil on

      Because she is cute and is going to become more important than Ren of the Heavens, as we all know

    6. Dan Asenlund on

      Or they simply didn't understand the question. I mean, "Who is your favorite Shenmue character?" is a very deceiving headline to put to poll which purpose is to vote for a character we want to see more of. Also, it's still beyond me why Ryo is even it it. I mean, obviously we want ALL scenes with Ryo to be special and memorable, don't we? The whole point of this should be to give more attention to a character who otherwise wouldn't get it. To be honest, I've lost faith in this campaign already...

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean Downey on

      How can Shenhua Ling, who is yet to prove significant, beat Guizhang Chen who is practically Ryo's sidekick for half of Shenmue II!?

    8. James Lee Hall on

      Reply. By that I mean answer the poll!! ;(

    9. James Lee Hall on

      Been meaning to reply, was going to today haha. Obviously Ryo has got to be up there with the favourites. I would say definitely other characters I would like to see however would be Joy. She was ace. Or Tom from toms hot dogs, liked him! Also yes, good memories from playing lucky hit in the alleys. :)

    10. Andrea Collier on

      LOL I can see it now: Ryo is fishing while the end of the world looms! Just like Link!

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric Schumacher on

      Best mini game was operating the Forklift!

    12. Anonymous81 - #ShenmueSaved on

      I feel fishing is a fantastic addition to the game!

      Shenmue has always been about methodical, slow paced, immersive story telling in a lifelike, utterly believable world packed with things to see and do. We could spend hours playing real arcade games, collecting toys, calling and talking to everyone we knew, or training our martial arts techniques. This slow, "live another life" experience for me is what makes Shenmue Shenmue.

      So the idea of Ryo spending a few hours trying to catch the biggest fish he can seems like a perfect fit!

    13. Chris on

      For everyone who is asking where the poll was, Check your emails for updates to this campaign... the poll link was in an update. Unless your new, in which case, check the previous updates.

      Its closed now anyway (obviously)

    14. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      Everyone complains about Ryo Winning. But he won by a large amount so some people must really want to see more.

    15. uphonix on

      hmmm... come to think of it, maybe everyone remembers Xiuying Hong as Li Shao Tao?

    16. uphonix on

      I really want Xiuying Hong (Li Shao Tao) to make Shenmue III

      I DEMAND A RECOUNT! lol.... :'(

    17. Missing avatar

      Roberto Sopo Domínguez on

      Why is Xiuying in 9??? She is the best. Man I really wanted to see her in Shenmue III...

    18. Crimrui on

      Oh man, Joy is so left behind... :/

    19. Alex Craske on

      You guys would have to pay top dollar for my rod...

    20. Missing avatar

      Draikin on

      @Shadowrave The surprising lack of votes for Xiuying is probably explained by the way the poll was designed. Look at it this way: people who don't vote on Ryo are more likely to vote for characters that have a very different personality from Ryo. If Ryo wasn't there, then the people voting for him would probably be more inclined to vote on Xiuying (who acts as a mentor for Ryo). Those are things that need to be taken into account when creating a poll, it's actually not easy to create one that gives you useful data.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andreas O. on

      Haha I can imagine Ryo's reaction: "Tom's rod? What a lame name."

      Also, it's unfortunate that I didn't see the other question in the survey. And I find it weird that so many people like Lucky Hit. I don't think I ever even tried it out, since I can't stand gambling.

    22. Missing avatar

      Shadowrave on

      I'd like to see Jianmin return, it would be pretty badass if he teamed up with Ryo and took out loads of Chi Yo Men guys.

    23. Yohmi on

      Same as Daniele Paladini, I've also voted for Jianmin Tao, and I'm surprised to actually not see much love for him or Lishao Tao / Xiuying. These are definitely the characters (with Ren, Fangmei and Yuanda Zu) that really made an impression on me… especially because I consider Jianmin as a real master, the kind of secular old man who knows but never lost his curiosity. Expected to be doddery, looks worn out and sort of worthless from the outside, but reveals incredible strength and wisdom if you come to know him. Being the first master we meet in Shenmue II, the very first time Ryo learns to look beyond appearances, the first step of his inner journey.
      Anyway, most people voted that stupid Dou Niu instead :( Haha, I guess we really all had a different Shenmue experience, it's also what makes it unique :)
      As for the fishing rod, I wish I could get it, but it's way beyond what I can afford… I'd rather buy a real one instead :P That's typically the kind of digital reward I would expect for low-tiers backers to up their pledge by 10 to 20 $… still nothing for us/them :(

    24. Lishao Tao on

      I don't understand why so many people voted Ryo. He's the MAIN character, doesn't need extra scene :/
      Sorry Ren, that was close XD

    25. Not Another Esper on

      And so they have voted. Sorry, Guizhang Chen. D:

    26. Long Tran on

      Shit!! I didn't know we had a poll....Why the heck Ryo...he is the main character!! What about Nozomi, Hong, Joy, and Xun Fang Mei ?!

    27. Daniele Paladini on

      I voted for Jianmin Tao :'(

    28. Gabriel Montreuil on

      I will not pledged for Tom's Rod.... lol

    29. Missing avatar

      Heath Bunch on

      But Ryo will have plenty of scenes....he's the main character. Oh well....sorry Joy, I tried!

    30. Missing avatar

      batfax on

      What were the stats on the write-in characters?

    31. Andrew Letson on

      why was goro not on the list?

    32. Missing avatar

      Shadowrave on

      I even voted for Xiuying, she was the only 1 I picked. Very surprised at the lack of support for her.

    33. Missing avatar

      Shadowrave on

      @Draikin - couldnt agree more Ryo really does not need any more extra scenes. I'd be literally happy with anyone else.

    34. ShenmueFan on

      How did xiuying get so little votes ? She is one of the best characters .

    35. Missing avatar

      Draikin on

      There's a big difference between asking people who their favorite character is, and which character they want to see more of. The game's main character is obviously not in need of an extra scene, he's already in practically every scene to begin with. Evidently, if you're going to decide to pay more attention to a particular character based on this poll, Ren and Nozomi are the ones you need to pick. But even then, it's often the less popular characters whose character is really in need of being explored, rather than the ones that people already like.

    36. Missing avatar

      Nickas Edvinsson on

      I never cared for the capsule toys or the gambling mini games. Fishing sounds like a fun diversion though.

    37. Walter Guimarães Rocha on

      Yeah...i hope Yu-san gives attention to second and third place too!!! or maybe more...there's no point in making anything special for Ryo, he's already the protagonist!!! i voted for Ren, by the way xP

    38. Missing avatar

      Bruno Albino on

      Why vote for Ryo? Everyone knows we all like Ryo, it would have been better to have a special scene with a minor character...

      Anyways, nice update, please consider receiving donations after the Kickstarter campaign is over :)

    39. Marc Pierre Eric FOLLIOT on

      Well... I just don't get the inner beauty of Luck Hit I guess...

    40. Marc Pierre Eric FOLLIOT on

      Tom, more popular than Joy ? That's news ! lol ;-)

    41. Missing avatar

      Shadowrave on

      Hey guys can we all re-vote please? I'd rather have any other character than Ryo TBH. I want more insight with the OTHER characters, Ryo gets too much......

    42. GuardianDemonX on

      ask yu suzki do another poll cuz everybody is voting for ryo and we all know that ryo will be coming back in shenmue 3 so ask yu suzuki do another poll so we can vote for other characters cuz i wanna see fangmei back in shenmue 3

    43. Elias on


      Totally agree this was an opportunity to have an special scene from any other character from SI or SII, what's the point in having an special one from Ryo...

    44. WPack911 on

      First off other cool people are still on the Phone card so it's still truly worth it (plus you never know they might have Fengmei), but I do feel you completely on Fengmei, she was so cute and awesome. I always thought "damn if I was Ryo I would be trying to get with this chick, she is amazing" lol!

    45. Missing avatar

      Shadowrave on

      lol I voted Xiuying whose second from bottom and Duck Racing (3rd) quite disappointed Ryo won though. Doesn't he get enough focus anyway, so giving him MORE attention just feels like a waste.

    46. WPack911 on

      The Poll was fairly early on in the updates. Remember all, check all the updates cause there is a lot of good info in them! :) I am super excited we are gonns get to go fishing in Shenmue III, fishing mini-games never get old!

    47. Gio Gonzalez on

      I didn't notice the poll either, I would have voted for Nozomi

    48. Missing avatar

      Mike Schulz on

      Hmm... where was that poll? :-)

    49. James Bailey on

      Wasn't even aware of the poll never seen anything about it, anyways surprised to not see Chai on there lol.

    50. Missing avatar

      Joey Gaskin Jr. on

      Lets get fishy LOL!