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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Masaya Matsukaze Back with More

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all of your #YouaskYu questions! All of the questions and answers from today's session will be posted on a later update. Keep your unasked questions safe, because Yu-san will return on #YouaskYu!

*** *** ***

Masaya Matsukaze, the actor who played Ryo in Shenmue 1 & 2, is back to give the second half of his interview. He shares his experiences with the audition, the Shenmue phenomenon, and even gets into his love/hate relationship with video games and how it helped him get the part.



Thanks again Masaya-san! We look forward to seeing you again!

*** *** ***

Last up for today, we have one more reward for all you believers of fate. 

LEND SHENMUE A HAND -  Your hand and all the mysteries that lie within its palm will be featured in a book at a fortune teller. See what your future will hold! $600 Reward included.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Esche on

      I'm still waiting for someone to tell me if Fangmei will be available to call with the phone card

      Fangyo for life! {once she's old enough]

    2. Yohmi on

      So much positive energy from Masaya Matsukaze on this interview :D
      Thank you very much for this interview, I feel like with that kind of energy, things can only be great :D

    3. Anonymous81 - #ShenmueSaved on

      Awesome! I hope some people pick these up. :)

      Everyone, we're closing in on the home stretch, so please consider checking out these fan-organized initiatives to raise awareness for this Kickstarter!

      Please consider taking part in the "QTE" even this July 15th. Register and create an account at the Team Yu website, and then on July 15th go here:… to enter! This event will aim to not only get #SaveShenmue trending but also to make people stand up, take notice, and PLEDGE to this Kickstarter while there's still time. :) Note the synchronized TIMES on the QTE website, for the ideal times on July 15th to enter in your time zone, so we can all make a united last stand! :)

      The same day, unleash #TheFinalBlow! July 15th through the 17th, get #TheFinalBlow and #SaveShenmue trending, and increase your pledges if you can at all during those days (if you can’t that’s okay! Every contribution is welcome and appreciated!) |

      These are the final two fan organized major offensives to bring this Kickstarter campaign home! Participate if you can July 15th through 17th! For Yu, for Shenmue, and for ourselves!

      Also you can check out Shenmue Collective’s Facebook event for July 15th as well! Win a Sega Dreamcast with Shenmue!

      July 15th - 17th: our last chance.

    4. dave00dance on

      is there going to be a Japanese voices with English subs version?,
      For me it made the game feel so much more authentic, couldn't believe there wasn't the option for the xbox version of shenmue2 with original audio, so I didn't buy it

    5. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      Yay yes thank u yu suzuki to make shenmue3!!

    6. shenmueyokosk on


    7. Leks Wyatt on

      Would love to see an interview with Corey Marshall also. He's very passionate about the #SaveShenmue campaign and has been for years.

    8. Anna on

      I think Awesome Japan is the one doing a poor job with the KS, not Yu Suzuki. I will have to watch out for anymore Awesome Japan kickstarters so I can avoid them.

    9. Noah Jung on

      I do not like fortune tellers... this reward tier is very off-putting.

    10. VentNord on

      I prefer the PC version physicist I have confidence in Yu Suzuki is a perfectionist and it has spent years trying to pull Shenmue 3.

      I am aware that this third party will be more mystical by the project berkley and how was the end of the second part.
      The game Shenmue in each part had its meaning:

      1 The Lost.
      2 The Journey.
      3 The Learning.

      I would really like to be a millionaire to finance you video game but for all the consoles including the Dreamcast and PC.

    11. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      @Jake Griffin lmao

    12. Missing avatar

      Jake Griffin on

      I'd still like a answer to where I can find some sailors, I'm gonna remove my pledge for physical PC-version before the campaign ends if not getting a answer.
      (and I know I'm not alone in this).
      Just getting a answer as this: "As to why there are no current plans to have sailors in the game, we are unable to answer at this time." is avoiding the question and just pissing people off.
      If Y's Net is not a big fan of nostalgia and because of that, we're not getting any sailors, then just bloody say so instead of avoiding the question!

    13. Lishao Tao on

      @Mattias Borgström: You should complain with Microsoft, not with Suzuki & co...

    14. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      @Mattias Borgström
      Why woud sony do that.
      You do know that sony is gonna fund the marketing for the game after its complete?
      The game was announced on Sonys stage, not Microsoft.
      You dont see us getting Halo.

    15. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      @Mattias Borgström
      I wish Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and PC would have came to an agreement to help further Shenmue, but not a lot of publishers believed in it. I believe this will turn around even though we still have a lot of stretch goals to hit, publishers now know there is a market for Shenmue.

    16. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      @Mattias Borgström

      Shenmue was not a priority Phil Spencer was more concerned with Xbox first party IPs. I'm not saying that a bad thing just Shenmue was not high on the list.

    17. Mattias Borgström on

      I'd still like a answer to why there is not a Xbox One-version planned, I'm gonna remove my pledge for physical PC-version before the campaign ends if not getting a answer.
      (and I know I'm not alone in this).
      Just getting a answer as this: "As to why there are no current plans to have the game on other platforms, we are unable to answer at this time." is avoiding the question and just pissing people off.
      If Sony is a big part of funding the game and because of that, we're not getting a Xbox One-version, then just bloody say so instead of avoiding the question!

    18. Lishao Tao on

      I love japanese dub. I'm from Europe, I hope this doesn't mean I'll be forced to play with the english one :/

    19. Missing avatar

      Mikedie1 on

      Masaya Matsukaze! For me the only real Ryo voice.
      His voiceacting is amazing.. and way way better than anything done in the english version.

    20. Missing avatar

      Village Monk on

      The new tiers are nice in all, but could you add a tier where I can get the PS4 and PC version without creating another Kickstarter account? Maybe if we donate $60 above the selected tier then we could get a second copy?

      Also usually when most projects are funded they add a Paypal option - there's a section of gamers who will will be waiting for this.

    21. Ari Tomi Stenberg on

      Updatre of sunday? nice. I think they shyold working on weekends too.

    22. Missing avatar

      Tsoek Cheung on

      I have not been in the comments section for a few days straight! This is getting really boring now. With no interaction with the fans and backers.

      AJ is back to their usual self again. The campaign is a success, but overall it could have been better. Theres no way of getting rid of AJ now, but I surely hope no one ever uses them ever again. Complete waste of time!!!

    23. Grizzlor Alpha on

      For the last Time, when is December 2017!?! ;)

    24. Missing avatar

      Xscape2040 on

      Nice reward, and I wish I could have them all, BUT only a handful of people can, so to reach your goals you need to add attractive low-end rewards (5-250) for the masses, do add-ons and promote the game to new backers with some real news!

      Since add-ons is like you said not an option for you, you could also do new rewards like this:

      -for amount x, choose 3 items from the reward list below
      -for amount x, choose 4 items from the reward list below
      for amount x, choose 5 items from the reward list below and get a random bonus item from the list

      - and so on...

    25. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      @Aditya Odedra
      No its not the 600 tier is include with the 1500 tier

    26. Missing avatar

      - on

      Please, STOP adding new tiers. It is getting confusing and people keep switching their pledges down to the newer, lower rewards. Either focus on new low-end tiers or leave it alone.

      It's five days before the end of the campaign and there's not ONE story about the Kickstarter in the major western gaming press. Focus on fixing that instead of adding more tiers.

    27. Missing avatar

      Aditya Odedra on

      Is this included with the $1500 reward? I see a lot of people changing their pledges to lower amounts because it now seems like you get more for your money on some of the lower tier rewards.

      I also feel like the chart should be updated to include these new rewards as it's confusing knowing which rewards are included with the higher rewards.

      I want to donate as much as I can but it's hard to feel justified doing that when I don't even know what I'll be getting.

    28. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      Well, this is strange... I've got a feeling that 99% of your updates have been planned before the launch of this Kickstarter. They don't seem "live", for example this one doesn't take into account the fact that there's only 5 days left. I thought you would be with us, trying to reach new backers, ask us for giving more money but... Just one more reward, one more interview, etc.

      I mean, this is not entertaining at all, as if you had never believed in the 10M goal yourselves... That's... strange, really.

    29. Carlo (BoC-Dread-King) Krampe on

      Come on more $ for Shenmue III :)