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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Dreams Come True - New Rewards

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)

Hello Again Everyone!  

Put your stamp on the game with these rewards! Yu Suzuki wanted to include both of these rewards, as they draw from the culture and traditions of the Far East in which the game takes place. 

DREAMS COME TRUE - $1,400 Choose one of three wishes. Your name and birth date will be written on a traditional wishing plaque to be displayed at a temple in Bailu Village. Find your plaque and your wish will come true! This is Kickstarter only exclusive! Includes the $500 Reward.

TEMPLE OF THE BLOOMING FLOWER - $1,200 Get a Chinese character of your choice (or specially selected for you) to represent yourself, drawn in ornate calligraphy. Find your character displayed at the Temple of the Blooming Flower and get a special Technique Scroll! + Get the physical, hand-drawn calligraphy of your character! Includes the SHENMUE PATRON Reward.

Please check the previous update with the second half of Kenji Miyawaki's interview. You don't want to miss it!!!

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    1. Marcel on

      This new rewards are cool!

    2. シェンムーのアンバサダ on

      Shenmue fans's dreams come true!
      Let's make it happen. #Shenmue3
      Shenmue Ambassador

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Heilbronner on

      Since the 1200$ reward includes the 800$ reward, you should get all of them when choosing the 1400$ reward.

    4. Missing avatar

      Apollo Fabrice on

      Pledge 1400$ with pledge 1200$ but not 800$ ?

    5. Benjamin Pereira-Lazaro on

      Paypal option soon ? It would be awesome...

    6. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      Has anyone read this: Oh, I don't think they realize just how instrumental Awesome Japan is to the coalition

    7. Missing avatar

      I have pledged $1500 I want to also buy the $1200 one but since I am getting the $500 deal in the $1500 Can I pledge $700 from a different account and get everything in the $1200 stuff barring the $500 stuff

      I don't see why I should pay the full amount to get 2 lots of $ 500 rewards

    8. Anonymous81 - #ShenmueSaved on

      To those critical of these rewards:

      While I understand and respect your opinions (and to a certain extent even share them,) you should know that once rewards are published and pledged for, they cannot be altered or removed from the Kickstarter. So trying to get this substantially changed or removed, sadly, is a waste of energy and time.

      We have 9 days left. At this point, I strongly believe the best possible use of our energy is 1) Politely messaging AJ & Ys Net through the "contact me" button to make productive suggestions about what future rewards or stretch goals should and shouldn't be, rather than trying to change existing rewards. 2) Promoting this KS everywhere we can. 3) Trying to politely persuade existing backers to increase their pledges, especially those at the $29 level or lower. If a good percentage of the digital backers increase to physical, it will have a huge impact on the bottom line.

      Backers at the $29 digital tier reading this: If you're at all able to, please consider upgrading to a $60 physical tier of your choice. If enough of you do this, it will have a positively MASSIVE impact on the success of this campaign. If you can't, that's okay, but please consider it. (Likewise for other lower tier backers. If you can at all, consider upping. If not, that’s okay!)

      Everyone else: This July 15th, tweet #SaveShenmue all day, and retweet all other tweets containing that hashtag, so we can trend on Twitter during the last three days of the campaign. Also, consider increasing your pledge one last time any day from July 15th on, by at least $30 (or whatever you can spare.)

    9. Jérôme Lambert on

      Pledge calculator on King Pledger updated with the two new pledges: DREAMS COME TRUE & TEMPLE OF THE BLOOMING FLOWER.

    10. M B on

      Hi Awesome Japan, Shibuya Productions, and Ys Net:

      I have a few suggestions that I hope you take a look at before the Kickstarter campaign ends:

      1. A video of Yu Suzuki and team *clearly* describing the technique scrolls (and other in-game features). Reason: Right now, a new individual (and even current existing backers) will not and do not completely understand the significance of these scrolls (Why should we get excited about these; why should we care and invest big on these right now?). Are they collectibles? Are they strictly to teach one move? Are they going to help Ryo learn entire styles? Are the scrolls incomplete? Do they affect story? Are they just for laughs? There are several questions and misunderstandings regarding these scrolls.

      2. Explanation of capsule toy tickets and other in-game currency. There seems to be a lot of varying information on this topic, and rumors of in-game micro-transactions have some fans worried.

      3. A focused Twitch Q&A/Interview(s) between Yu Suzuki and a willing, level-headed third party such as GameTrailers, The Attack (Super Creative), or Kinda Funny Games -- all of whom would most-likely be glad to speak to a legendary game development veteran through their existing streams (Twitch and YouTube). I believe this has to be pursued in order to speak to an audience of gamers who may not understand or have little interest Shenmue. Speaking with these outlets and giving some exclusive, non-spoiler information (such as announcements, clarifications, new visuals, new art, team introductions, etc) can generate additional interest in the series among gamers who do not currently have a reason to care about Shenmue's and Yu Suzuki's "revival." Updates like these on Kickstarter only speak to the existing base and people who've most likely put money down already. It is critical that a new audience be spoken to now that there are a wide variety of backing-options and a set of content on the campaign page.

      4. A clean up of the current Kickstarter page. These swift additions, while welcome by many, have led to some confusion in regards to reward tiers and upcoming in-game content. Removal of redundant information, removal of dated content, updating of the FAQs, clearly sectioning out the page, and updating the opening video (crucial since Shenmue III is Kickstart Project of the Day) may sway individuals who may be on the fence about backing this project and/or sway those who are hesitant to boost their pledge(s).

      5. Lastly, investment in a simplified, smooth, and easy-to-remember web-site with adequate maintenance, moderation, testing, and community staff. The current web site is not bad at all, but aspects of it seem really dated; and I imagine if additional funds will be gathered outside of Kickstarter after this initial campaign (such as PayPal), then the first place new, existing, and potential backers will want to look is the official web site. This will especially be relevant when the trial versions of the game are distributed for testing and feedback. Backers will want a direct channel to staff for direct communication—especially in situations where the web site or trial game (for example) encounters issues. Additionally, a solid web site can be the perfect place to gather a great amount of fan feedback and survey-based information.

      Overall, the clearer and more direct the campaign can be, the greater chance it may have of continuing its momentum through the last day and through development. All the suggestions are based off general thoughts and some feedback I have been seeing from backers on different web outlets. Anyway, I hope you take these into some consideration at some point.

      Thank you.

    11. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      The root of problems in the industry of gaming as a whole, I feel really starts with freedom and that is why Free Roaming Sandbox games are becoming hits. Even from the get go of real life. In the United States of America we used to have Babbages, GameStop, Game Crazy, Ryno, and Play 'N' Trade. And each would carry a separate prize like a preorder controller, one Orange, one Blue, one Violet, one Red, or one Green then people had a choice of bonuses. Now they are all pretty much owned by GameStop. So unless you get from them everyone is either missing out or has the same preorder as everyone else. There was more intrigue when Someone could say oh you got the Orange controller I got the Violet one want to play together and see how different our way of playing is?

    12. Missing avatar

      Arturo on

      Most of these tiers are still worth it with out exclusive content being locked to them

    13. Missing avatar

      Arturo on

      @Brett Simon

      there are exclusive move scrolls tied to these tiers. please read comments and descriptions thoroughly before writing off what others here have to say.

      We may only have this short time to have an influence on the finished product so please consider feedback rationally. If we can pool our voices/opinions together towards a common goal we may actually be able to change something.

    14. Edward -EI-O- on

      These are great ideas for current backers and current fans of the series...but what can be done or is being done to entice new backers to this page?

    15. Scherge on

      @Brett Simon
      Arturo is not talking about the plaques in the temple, he's talking about the special technique scrolls. I'm not sure if there's been a proper explanation (there rarely is around here), but I assume that every scroll is a special move that only this particular backer can learn in the game. Thus, it is in fact DLC. Personally, I didn't mind when it was just one or two, but with this slew of new "exclusive" tiers, there have to be at last four or five now. At least, it feels that way. Worse: As someone below already pointed out, the backers at the 1,500+ dollar tiers apparently DON'T get the scrolls included in the 800- and 1,200-dollar tiers and will be locked out of this content, same as a 29-dollar backer.

      This - if I understand it correctly, of course - would be rather bizarre, don't you agree?

    16. Riccardo Trillocco on

      @ApolloFabrice You get your name and your birth date on a plaque in a temple in Bailu village. Wishes are just a part of Shinto culture, you don't get 'em in the game ;-)
      My wish has come true on the E3 stage when Yu san appeared!!!

    17. mvd85 on

      Please no!! This game needs to feel authentic, I don't want to see names/photos everywhere in the game.

    18. Missing avatar

      Xscape2040 on

      Nice rewards! Too bad they are not affordable for normal people.

      How about something additional for the low tiers:
      -Your photo at a wall behind the desk of a shop
      -Be among the photo possessions of a character (like friends, distant relatives)
      -Be an ingame capsule toy with your face which Ryo can collect
      -Be on ingame collectible cards with photo (perhaps with a comic/manga filter) which Ryo can collect
      -Your name and face as a graffiti somewhere on a wall/shop
      -Your name/likeness on some supermarket product/invented brand
      -Your (maybe stylized) name mentioned by a character or written as part of the story/some mythology
      -your name mentioned in a karaoke bar
      -your name/photo in a random book on a shelf
      -choose the name of a character
      -yourself or your artwork hanged on the wall at someones home
      -your name carved in stone/wood in some cave
      -Be featured at some festival (as part of decoration, a mask someone wears,...)
      -A special move named after the backer
      -Record a message which can be called to with the phonecard and a hidden number you can find somewhere.

    19. Three Blades on

      Arturo, stop with the DLC nonsense. This is not DLC. It's something everyone will see, and is just another way for high level backers to get their name into the game.

    20. Missing avatar

      Apollo Fabrice on

      Yes but, which are the wishes ?

    21. Missing avatar

      Arturo on

      this is disappointing. I assume that this means more exclusive DLC locked behind pay way available only for kickstarter backers?

      Shenmue has always been a group effort and I think most of us would agree that we want a complete experience for every one ! at least i would like to think that way.

      especially in the case of technique scrolls.

      Please at least consider polling the community.

      I want the complete Shenmue experience to be accessible to every one. I don't think I am the only one that has this opinion .

    22. Riccardo Trillocco on

      @Octavia @Padraic
      I think that "three wishes" are Shinto prayer plaques where people visiting temples write their names on, after giving an offer and making a wish. "Three" because after the kickstarter ends you can choose one of three plaques where to put your name and birth date on.

    23. Roland on

      They have to keep these awards expensive because otherwise the temple in the game will have to model thousands of plaques.

    24. Missing avatar

      Shadowrave on

      Nice rewards! but too expensive for me...

    25. Three Blades on

      These 2 new rewards are a little silly to me... but I'm not worried. It seems like they definitely have a plan for each day this week. They're getting this out there in case someone is interested, and that's great. Every little bit helps. I think they're saving the big guns they have left for the final 3 days, hopefully things that will get people who aren't already fans a little bit more interested.

    26. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      It looks really nice but too rich for me, I'm really stretching myself at $120 - $160. $1,000 is just way over my head. But I hope people can still enjoy it.

    27. Riccardo Trillocco on

      When I read "dreams come true- new rewards" I immediately thought that hd versions of Shenmue 1 and 2 were added. Unfortunately I was wrong :-(.
      These are very good rewards though, keep them coming!!!

    28. Kevin Kuhl on

      While I'm super excited about this game, I have to say... It's a little obnoxious that every day (sometimes twice a day) there is an update and very often they are just adding another permutation of 'stuff' for people to pledge for. If there are new things, or new funding is necessary that's great. But I think adding new things and announcing them in a video-doc or something every couple weeks is more than enough... Let's not ride the hype train to lamesville :)


    29. Trong on

      I think it means it won't be available as DLC or any form for those who buy the game when it's available.

    30. Missing avatar

      So I paid for the $1500 so I won't get no secret scroll ?

    31. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      I think everyone is hoping for paypal after kickstarter is over.

      They should elaborate on what exactly these 3 wishes are im confused about that reward

    32. mabec on

      This is a weird update. You say "This is Kickstarter only exclusive!" (You missed an 'a' in there but lets leave that for now). Does this means there will be other ways to support the campaign after the KS have ended?

    33. Princess Vivian on

      What are the three wishes?

    34. John Cannon on

      Wish I could afford it, but I can't. Anything in the $750-1000 range like I suggested in the last update?

    35. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      still it's nice to see them adding new rewards

    36. Scherge on

      So... the 1,200-dollar tier is basically a double 800-dollar Patron tier (two name signs, two secret scrolls)? Strange.