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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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New Rewards Now Up!

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)

Greetings Shenmuers!

So, who wants to be in Shenmue 3? Here is your chance to get in the game and be a Shenmue superstar!

Also! More dinner parties with Yu Suzuki have been added. One will be in Monaco, and one will be in Los Angeles. Dine with the legend.

I AM SHENMUE 3 - $1,500 Be immortalized in world of Shenmue with your picture in the harbor waiting area for the Choubu passenger boat. Plus, your name will appear on the guest register at a Choubu inn. Show the world how Shenmue you are. Includes the $500 reward. Limit 64.

BE A LUCKY HIT GAME BOARD - $4,000 Do you want to be a game of lucky hit? Get your face and name on an in-game Lucky Hit board. Includes the RYO VOICE MESSAGE BY COREY MARSHALL Reward. Limit 15.

BE A SHENMUE 3 NPC - $10,000 Your face will be featured on a Chi You Men member to do battle with Ryo! To maintain character setting, body style will be up to Mr. Suzuki. You will also be named as a Special Sponsor in the credits.  Includes the RYO VOICE MESSAGE BY COREY MARSHALL Reward. Limit 5.

DINNER WITH YU SUZUKI IN MONACO + RYO'S JACKET – REPLICA - $10,000 Bring a friend to join a dinner party in Monaco with Yu-san and the other backers of this tier. (Date will be tentatively set for the end of February, 2016). You will also be named as a Special Sponsor in the credits.  Includes the RYO'S JACKET - REPLICA Reward. Limit 3.

DINNER WITH YU SUZUKI IN LOS ANGELES + RYO'S JACKET – REPLICA - $10,000 Bring a friend to join a dinner party in Los Angeles with Yu-san and the other backers of this tier. (Date will be tentatively set for June, 2016). You will also be named as a Special Sponsor in the credits. Includes the RYO'S JACKET - REPLICA Reward. Limit 3.

The Shenmue 3 on the 3rd festivities have just begun! Get on your Twitter account and Tweet #SaveShenmue to show the world Shenmue is where it’s at!

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    1. Charles Cosgriff on

      Does "I AM SHENMUE" not include "DREAMS COME TRUE" (and therefore the $800 and $1,200 rewards?)? It only mentions the $500. It'd be a bummer to miss out on those exclusive Technique scrolls and wishes!

    2. Rhett Connelly on

      Itty-bitty Monaco, I hear there's a racetrack, but I doubt the country has room for anything much else :p

    3. シェンムーのアンバサダ on

      What an amazing run of updates!
      Join me on Twitter supporting #Shenmue3 even more>

    4. Phong Thi on

      Personally I would not be distracted see a fellow fan in the game. At the end of the day they are contributing a lot of money (some may even sacrifice important things in their life) to help Shenmue to be even better and hit those stretch goals.... Ideally the 10m for true open world... Hell no, you may not even see them the first time you play-through Shenmue 3

    5. Missing avatar

      Phantom Duck on

      Add the PS4 physical copy on the 100$ description.

      It is mentioned that the only physical option we have is for PC and not many are going to read the updates.

    6. Lost Dutchman on

      I really don't like the idea of backers being added to the game itself, sounds very immersion breaking. I'm going to drop my pledge but if you manage to pull it off then i'll buy the game when its out.

    7. Ivan Chu on

      Not sure I want to see backers' faces on the Lucky Hit board. It's kind of immersion breaking imo. The NPC one sounds really cool though. Not that I have $10,000 to spare ..... :v

    8. Adrian Tullock on

      Shenmue 1 and 2 remaster? If that happens, consider my pledge tripled!

    9. EddyG523 on

      I'd definitely pledge more for a Shenmue 1 and 2 remaster

    10. Missing avatar

      Austin Ellis on

      We need a shenmue 1&2 HD remaster for ps4 also. I'd happily double my pledge($60) for a physical 1&2 remaster

      Also will Sega's logo be printed on the front of the box ?

    11. Edward -EI-O- on

      These are all great high tier rewards! I hope you guys can add in some more inexpensive rewards that may bring people up from $60 or take people from $300 to $400 or something... Perhaps you could to a PS4 Shenmue theme or something?

    12. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      Much too expensive for people like, those reward are almost at a full month of wages. That limits those reward to a few wealthy or wanting to get a loan :p

    13. Alex Craske on

      These are great rewards, but there still needs to be some more that are realistic for the everyday person! Something that makes the increase from $29 to $100 seem worth it!

    14. Tiso Spencer

      Guys, high priced limited tiers is not the way to go. $10k to be a NPC in the game? Why not let me just cut my damn arm off while I'm at it as well.

    15. David Brown on

      Holy crap dudes, these are some nice rewards!! Well done everyone at Team Yu and Awesome Japan! You pulled it back :D

    16. Missing avatar

      James Brown on

      I understand that because there's 64 of them Corey voice message might not be included in the $1500 tier, but please!!! I really want a voice message from Corey Marshall, and i've just upgraded to the $1500 tier, it's the most I can go, you literally have all and more of my money in this tier right now, I would love a message from Corey aswell! <3

    17. Jérôme Lambert on

      Pledge calculator on King Pledger updated with the last new pledges!

    18. Missing avatar

      love bump on

      hmm... why would your picture be shown in the harbor?

    19. Matthew on

      Love the reward to get your pic at the harbor. Brilliant. The pic of an individual donor on the lucky hit is kind of funky. I hope it doesn't break the immersion of the game seeing some Caucasian dude from Nebraska on the board lol.

    20. Giovanni Pecenco on

      I think the true Shenmue fans have given enough already ! In my opinion we have to draw all the other people adding cheapers goals !

    21. Sarsons on

      Limited high tier rewards is not going to help this campaign hit its stretch goals, you need affordable, tangible rewards to bring in new backers, I don't think this will do it.

    22. Tyler Waldman on

      @Wong Fai People will pay it. Other $10k rewards sold out.

    23. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      ps4 physical and paypal would be great. Nice rewards but out of my range. 10k NPC reward is cool. If it were me what i would do is have a normal physical ps4 copy and a limited edition version saying "Limited Edition" on the front with a different picture on the front and costing 50 or so more.

      Collectors go crazy for those kind of things.

    24. Guillermo Oseguera on

      That's cool and all, but where's the PS4 physical version? You guys really need to get your priorities straight.

    25. Tyler Waldman on

      Would you like to try some Lucky Hit?

      Also, I'm glad that it sounds like the NPC reward won't *necessarily* detract from the game.

    26. Ammar Al-Tai on

      This is a great update! The first of many? Ultimately we need more than this however. These new rewards will only create a temporary funding boost. We need something significant to strengthen the campaign and increase funding over the long-term. For example: PS4 physical version. PayPal support. Lower priced rewards that are open to more people.

      Just some ideas. Great updates today so far! It has been an exciting day observing this campaign.

    27. Zed_psx on

      Go gets yours nw

    28. Missing avatar

      Simon Young on

      For those asking for physical PS4 copy, it is up in the $60 tier

    29. Zed_psx on

      Ps 4 physical confirmed !

    30. Ryan Lloyd on

      thanks for the new reward tiers, some nice stuff for people who have lots of cash :). Maybe if I sell my Car I can get to be an NPC in the game... I will check with my wife.

      I was excited about today, hoping for PS4 physical, I know its still a possibility in the future though. Also thought there might be some news about 1 & 2. I am too greedy, making 3 should enough to make any gamer happy :)

    31. Gromber Fox on

      a cheap physical edition with physical ost please.

    32. ShenmueFan on

      Great new rewards !! spread the message and lets get shenmue over 4 million!!!

    33. Wong Fai on

      The rewards are cool but too expensive for many people. Pls add some rewards at around $300 to 500 tiers like collectible cards

    34. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bardsley on

      When is the new video explaining Shenmue up? Also, any news on PS4 physical and paypal?