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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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      José Silva on

      Great post. Nevermind those who say they don't like it. They'd be complaining if they didn't get any updates and nobody forces them to watch

    2. Ryan Lloyd on

      thanks for making the video, this is excellent. Its cool to be able to see and hear from the original people involved with the first 2 games, like getting a free 'behind the scenes' collection. Keep the updates coming, its amazing there are so many and they are good quality. Really shows the commitment and professionalism of the team making the game. I am looking forward to seeing how the writing work turns out in the new game :)

    3. Tony Q. on

      Great video! I love these updates! Don't listen about the two strange ones who complain.

      About rewards I think that if there was a physical PS4 version many of the 29 $ backers would increase their pledge.

    4. Ari Tomi Stenberg on

      Translator guy has good and interesting voice. I can give a that!

    5. Gabriele Gubinelli on

      Shenmue the best game ever made!
      Keep up guysss :D
      Thanks you so much Yoshimoto-San :D

    6. Long Tran on

      thanks for the awesome interview and insights! :-)

    7. Vaev on

      Shenmue FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      Thank you for these awesome videos and interviews!

    9. JetStrange on

      Okay this is to every that has commented about them making better updates... You are 100%

      Now for the Ys Net Team. Once again every interesting piece of history about shenmue :) and I'm happy that you have shared it. And I really hope this new reward adjustment your talking about Is great and I hope you will adjust some of the stretch goals because I really Really Really want to know what that mystery stretch goal is.

    10. mvd85 on

      Completely agree with Rodolfo Silva. These videos are great and it's good to see many faces from the first two games are on board. However, at this stage, priority must be to win new backers and encourage current backers to spread the word and go reach the next stretch goal. The KS page needs an update and a Project Berkley (see Youtube) kind of promo is needed to win new backers!

    11. Missing avatar

      Dave Frear on

      @Scherge Funnily enough I tried that for my first viewing of the video before seeing your comment.

      "It's there is a part that is mobile Iron Man 's Friends"
      "Of two men Effect packed Go to pull the press"
      "Today status and function height seventy-one people made with eating have been but incidents"
      "It looks very own people woman but is also a little Application"
      "Honda lock open this conference"
      "It eliminated the other hand"
      "On the other hand, Shine is doing to eliminate the things that you've done before but I was not out to be"

      It's amusing stuff and (like you said) better than the dubbed edition.

    12. Scherge on

      You want to see something funny? Try turning on auto-subtitles and auto-translations (into whatever language you prefer) for the Japanese video! And it's still better than the horribly stilted dubbed version! :-/

      At this point, I'm starting to take bets around the office when/if we'll see ANY information regarding "Shenmue III" in these updates. After the Twitch session effectively killed the money flow, my bet is on updated reward tiers by the end of this week, and first design info by the middle of the next one. This would lead nicely into the final-10-days home stretch.

      Don't get me wrong: I'm still hoping for a solid game and a great experience, but this campaign has been squandering so much potential, it really makes me sad... At least, I had the subtitles to cheer me up! :-D

    13. Ari Tomi Stenberg on

      Toy capsule machines ?

    14. Marc Pierre Eric FOLLIOT on

      So happy to receive the updates every day ! Makes me feel I'm living the Shenmue adventure and I'm part of the dream !

    15. Richard Gestrich on

      We believe in you Masahiro Yoshimoto!

    16. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      Thanks for the video ! But do you really want to get these 10M ? If so, you must do something NOW with new rewards and tiers... You can't ignore Kicktraq and other statistics, can you ?

      We need some new announcements (Paypal ?), some new backers, some huge rewards (PS4 physical ? XBox version ?...). We're 46,000 backers ready to help you, but please be with us !!

    17. Missing avatar

      MOE on

      A simple and effective plan to help Shenmue is adding NEW backers among people you know:

      1.) Backers, kindly ask 2 or 3 of your gaming friends to each give $29 for Shenmue. This video serves as a good introduction:… This article is another good intro to Shenmue:

      2.) $29 is very reasonable for this great game (ideal amount for people who don't know about it yet but are interested in video games generally)

      3.) If we all do this and reach 2-3 new people among our friends/co-workers etc. this Kickstarter reaches well over 100K backers!

      Keep posting on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels and PERSONALLY contact people you know or speak to friends about this campaign...thanks.


      Thank you Masahiro-sama! Your wondrous writing in Shenmue will inspire humanity forever!

    19. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      Another really nice interview.

      Thank you for these. I have great confidence that you will deliver some amazing updates in the next 2 weeks.

    20. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      Thanks for the update looking forward to the new rewards and more interviews. These daily updates are always nice and something to look forward to.

    21. Rodolfo Silva on

      Love these videos :D but seriously we need videos that target new audience and not already fans of the series. these are great and get me excited to play, but that is because I already know what shenmue is all about because I played the originals and still play them... please AJ make some videos to target NEW BACKERS and not already die hard fans of shenmue. these don't even target casual fans of the series who actually played back then, loved it, and now don't play video games as much (trust me, there are alot of people like this). :)

      Sincerely yours,
      A true Shenmue Fan

    22. Missing avatar

      Gadie on


    23. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      Japanese voices and english subtitles on Videos please.

      There are people who can´t understand japanese and oral english.

    24. Jann Lee on

      Great video to watch! Looking forward to see more. Is nice to listen to the people who work so hard on Shenmue speak about their exprience making the game. Thank you.

    25. mvd85 on

      You should make your youtube videos set to public! Now you can only watch it with the url, so it won't show up in search results or browsing youtube. Fix this please!

    26. Zzhh on

      thank you Masahiro Yoshimoto. Great interview!

    27. Missing avatar

      Daidj on

      Hey Awesome Japan !
      If you really want to fund this project, stop working on new pledges that 100's of fans will buy, and work on a video that will make 1000's of non-fans want to play the game !

      Show them Shenmue 2 footage with free battles, QTE's, arcade, digital daily life, intrigue...
      Who will wanna pledge for leaves in a river and people saying "Wanna jump ?" - "Yeah !" ? Besides the fans... There is an alternative youtube video you can use when working on your own video...

      Of course, I'd be happy to pledge more for other rewards, but what will help the project will be new players who will send 29$, so please stop losing time... Thanks.

    28. FLO on

      Only mature people in the staff , for mature gamer. Shenmue III will be good !!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I love how much passion all these guys have and the respect they show for Yu Suzuki.

      All these updates are very welcome and I look forward to future ones.

    30. mjqjazzbar on

      Yeah, Nagyfi. It's easy to unsubscribe from updates. The fact you haven't figured that out after whining about it publicly several times sort of paints you as the moron.

      On the other hand, what a delightful video. Great update, guys.

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bardsley on

      Just to clarify, I very much enjoy these videos. I just think we need some updates that will boost the pot. At the moment we are like a paralyzed snail.

    32. WhiteLikePaste on

      If people aren't complaining about not getting updates, they're complaint about getting them lol

    33. Toni "O" on

      Thanks for those great Updates, it gives the Project a much more personel touch. Im counting the Days until i see the final Game!!!!

    34. Missing avatar

      José Silva on

      @ Nagyfi Richárd
      I like these updates. Most people do. Just hit unsubscribe, moron...

    35. JetStrange on

      That was a wonderful interview :P and as for the Coming soon part... O boy O boy I hope its good.

    36. mabec on

      Not sure updates like this have the power to bring new people to the party or even making us increase our pledge. Please reconsider and update more often, with valuable information about the project.

    37. Nagyfi Richárd on

      can't wait to see this kickstarter project get funded


    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bardsley on

      Guys, I appreciate that rewards are in the works but they really need to be up soon.(like, now?) We are suffering. Have you seen kicktraq since the last rewards? It has come to a stand still.