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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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The Plan

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)

Hello Backers and Shenmue Fans!  

So, what about those Stretch Goals? With all of your questions, this couldn't wait any longer! Without further ado, Yu Suzuki talks Stretch Goals:

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As you can see down below, yes, Yu Suzuki has planned a few Stretch Goals for Shenmue 3. It has been 14 + years after all! For the different areas that will make up the game, Yu-san felt that he should focus on making each area as fully immersive as possible before moving on to the next new one, so the area portions of the Stretch Goals have been grouped together.

When it was decided Shenmue 3 would be a go on Kickstarter, Yu-san methodically structured how the game would fit together, knowing that it would change depending on how much could be raised here. The different elements of the game would form a scaffold, building up from each new system and mechanic that would enhance the game as a whole.

This only breaks ice, so on the Twitch session tomorrow, Yu-san will get deeper into the Stretch Goals and explain the different elements he has laid out Shenmue 3. He will also be addressing many of your comments and questions that have amassed thus far, so please tune in! Should you happen to miss it though, we will have a recap on the here on the page, so no sweaty!

The link for the Twitch stream will posted on anUpdate later today and on Twitter @Shenmue_3  

As always! We just can't thank everyone enough for all of your support. Shenmue 3 would not be here without you, so keep those comments, videos, tweets, postings, and everything in between coming! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Wade on

      Thank you for the update Yu-san.
      Also thank you for putting subtitles on the video instead of dubbing it over. Much better to hear Yu-san's voice directly.

      A few days ago I upped my pledge from $120 to $500, I love the idea of all the goodies I'll get with the extra money pledged, and every bit extra helps the game get closer to the stretch goals. I hope the game can reach $11M+.

      I have read some debate regarding subs vs dubs for the actual game, so I thought I'd have my say. I would like to have a dub, but only if the original dub actors can be employed, or only if any new actors can get the voices of the characters sounding exactly 100% the same as they were in the original Dreamcast/Xbox games. NEAR ENOUGH IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, if the voices don't sound exactly the same it is too jarring trying to get used to a new voice and I've found in the past I just couldn't do it (such as the voice actors in the original Pioneeer Sailor Moon S/Super S dubs, for example, and the new voice actors when Nintendo took over the dubbing of Pokemon from WB4kids).

      The voices for Shenhua and Ryo in the promotional video are, quite frankly, awful. If the original dub actors can't be employed or new actors can't get the voices sounding 100% the same as previous games for a new dub, then I would much prefer Shenmue III in the same way Shenmue II was presented on the Dreamcast, in Japanese speech with subtitles only. And even if a good dub can be made, an option to switch to Japanese speech with subtitles would be a great option for the game anyway.

    2. Tony Q. on

      Hi Brian!

      I partially agree with you : I think the way this Kickstarter is run is not the good one and far from perfect.
      For example I also think that the first stretch goals were too low. I think that people are in charge of this Kickstarter thought that it was a good idea to put realistics stretch goals and then add more ambitious ones and take all the money they can.
      It's a bad idea because if they put 5 millions at the beginning we would have made it in the first days thanks to the hype and the enthousiasm of the fans. Then the 11'000'000 would have been easier to reach.

      My post was mostly made to maybe motivate again the few fans who would read these lines. Even if this Kickstarter is not perfectly run (really not) I think we should note it but keep our enthusiasm and trust in this project and Yu Suzuki.

      Then if this new Shenmue is bad... the next Shenmue Kickstarter won't succed.
      We'll see in few years.

    3. spyro on

      Please just make a new video, the current one is just awkward and tells newbies nothing about the game. Oh, and replace the voice actors, for heavens sake!

    4. Missing avatar

      brian on

      @Tony Q: My problem, which many share, is that the game was listed as needing a certain amount only to learn that said amount wouldn't even cover the base game. The stretch goals are ridiculous; putting subtitles in for different regions will boost sales far more than the difference made up by making the goals for example. Why should I fund a sound business decision that realistically would be made either way? I want the game, this whole Kickstarter thing is trivial and if a mini-game wasn't planned then its inclusion upon reaching a goal wouldn't matter either way. I don't want to have the game release, be a let down, and then hear that "fans didn't collectively donate as much". Many people pledging have been gaming for a long time (Shenmue isn't a new franchise) and we're jaded by current practices. I put my faith in Yu and it took him all of a couple days to let me down. The idea that the game all the sudden couldn't be funded at the original amount requested but we're here wasting time figuring out mazes and mini-games makes me sick to my stomach. If the game wasn't planned 14+ years ago as we've been led to believe then why should I trust this to be a masterpiece rather than a cash grab? If I had a vision that I worked so hard to bring to the public I sure as hell wouldn't put mini-games before completing the story arc.

    5. Mark L

      Just to inform those that have not pledged many Kickstarter campaigns before - nearly ALL Kickstarter campaigns have a 'mid-campaign doldrums' where pledges flatten out in the middle of the campaign. Nearly all also have a strong jump at the end (often larger than the beginning surge). If you haven't seen Kicktraq projections before, they have algorithms that take all this into account. They are not always correct, but usually reasonably close, as ballpark estimates go. Kicktraq is currently (6/26@9:00 pm EST) projecting approx. $10 Million for this campaign, so it is FAR too early to start panicking. It should not be impossible, or even unlikely, to hit $8-9 Million before the end of the campaign, even without Paypal after-campaign additions or super new reward tiers and add-ons.

      As for the less-than specific $10 & $11 Million Stretch goals, that gives them something to announce later on, if/when we get close to it. I see some people complaining that they have mentioned $11 Million stretch goals at all, and others complaining that they didn't go into great detail on $11 Million goals. Personally, I'm happy with the way they did it - a little 'teaser' now, with more detail if we ever get to the point where it would be relevant/helpful. In general, stretch goals are to add 'extras' to a base game. If you didn't think the game sounded interesting/exciting/playable before the stretch goals were announced, you really shouldn't have pledged for it. If you DID think it sounded interesting/exciting/playable, then you shouldn't be too upset if a few stretch goals don't happen. And as I already said, the campaign is still on track to meet most of them, anyway. I would advise relaxing and taking a deep breath. ;)

    6. Tony Q. on

      @ic_UK I totally approve your post.

    7. Tony Q. on

      Hello Ys net and every one!

      I'm surprised so many backers seem to be defaitists...

      I must say I don't see the problem with the Strechgoals : in my mind when you invest on a kickstarter project you don't know if it'll really be released, or exactly how it will be the day it'll be in store. I think the stretchgoals need to be taken as intentions, estimations of what the game will be if we reach this one or this one. Maybe during the developpement this feature will be abandonned and this one saved...

      You loved Shenmue I and II? Then just close your eyes and trust Yu ;-)
      He's not a thief or a lyer, just a genius and the creator of the best two games ever. Shenmue is his baby, he will do his best to do the best game possible with the money available at the start of the developpement.
      I want to see this magic maze!! I just uped my pledge! I really hope we'll see what Suzuki-san thinks about when he imagines a magic maze!!!

      To Ys net I have some suggestions:

      I' m french but I'm happy you added portuguese subs and think that would be a good idea too add chinese subs.

      About the 3 villages: I'm pretty sure we will see them in the game independantly of the result of the kickstarter campaign but could you confirm it (or not)?

      Like some of my Shenmuers friends said : please let us give you money by paypal after the campaign. Then we will surely get to 11 millions or, let's dream, why not more?

      When you release the game I think you should change the name. Shenmue "III" will affraid new gamers. I think Shenmue "something" "magic maze ;-)" or something else would be better to sell more games!

      Please don't listen the backer (Sorry buddy I don't remember you name) who asks for mini games or other things ON DLC. Beurk! Please no DLC...

      And... please avoid fan service. It's the problem for many Kickstarter projects. I like Kurita san but I don't think that putting his evil twin brother at the head of the Chi Yu Men should be a good idea. Please make a game as different as the second was to the first. I prefer to be surprised than to be flattered! MAGIC MAZE!!!

      I think you should sell exclusive rewards independantly from the pledges like what Revolution Software did for Broken Sword 5 : If I remember right I added 80 $ to my pledge to obtain a goat T shirt and a goat USB key. Then it's good fan service... outside of the game!

      One last thing: could you please allow us to obtain the physical version on pc AND the digital version on PS4? I won't play on pc but I want my beloved game in a physical version...

      Sorry for my loooong message and my approximate english!

      I love you, Suzuki-san!! Thank you very much for bringing us a new Shenmue!


    8. ic_UK on

      Before this Kickstarter project was announced, I think many people who wanted Shenmue III also wanted some sort of conclusion to the story. I'm not a fan of the so called traditional JRPG genere....walk/random battle/walk some more/another random battle etc etc. Shenmue gets the balance right for me, a nice story with involving gameplay that can be taken at a relaxed pace.

      Also, some people may be disappointed that there wont be total closure to the story with Shenmue III, but I truly think Yu-San will do a wonderful task of guiding this project to it's conclusion. Yu-San is known to be meticulous and incredibly fixed on what he wants to achieve. But the reality is will Yu-San be motivated to continue game development well into his 60's? Only Yu-San can answer that.

      What I would like from Shenmue III is:

      Continuation of the story to it's eventual conclusion, I don't mind paying for additional episodes as long as the delay between episodes isn't another 14 years!

      An improved fighting experience. As Ryo's style becomes less wooden and more fluid thanks to his experiences, I hope the fighting gameplay elements become more fluid just like Spikeout FE was. Similar to Jeet-Kun-Do, I hope 'Hazuki style' keeps whats useful and throws out whats not so useful as Ryo's style evolves.

      More personal sretch goals for the people who want to pay for the priviledge of being in the game. Whether it's people or their pet animals. There are so many possibilities for people to fulfill their dream of being in a videogame. I imagine someone out there would love to be on a wanted poster plastered all around the village or even the lucky hit stall owner.

      In any case, I have faith in Yu-San and the Shenmue team to make a wonderful addition to the Shenmue franchise. Please do your best guys!

      Thanks again from UK.

    9. VentNord on

      They will have to give great rewards and explain the record straight.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rod Stunt on

      Why aren't Linux & Mac stretch goals there? Every Kickstarter video-game supports them and with Unreal 4 it should not be too complicated.

    11. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      What i think might be a good idea is have a backers survey and ask which of the later stretch goals they woould like pushed to easier too get to 5.3 5.5 and 5.7 that way the 3 fan favorites would get in the game. Think 9-11 m is a pipe dream would be great but without Paypal and physical release not gonna happen.

      Think we will end somewhere between 6 and 7 M.

    12. Mariano Ancos Arias on

      Battle system advanced FREE battle WILL be awesome, AMAZING, sure, l increased my aportación 310 to 510$,

    13. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      There were supposed to be like 15 Chapters total right? I'm happy with what they have now I consider the stuff like Magick stalls and Maze games a fun bonus. We must accept that it's not a perfect world and 2017 is a long ways away. Every manic compulsive detail that will be in the finished version hasn't been invented yet. Remember the Sega Saturn? Shenmue was going to be on that, the Virtua Quest was spawned from Project Berkley. The Sega Dreamcast was just one of those things that the third party support and fans had gotten fed up. Then XBox 360 and Shenmue II came out and I know there is much much more to the story I'm not going to get into but the point is that I'm trying to make. 2008 for all intents and purposes The industry as a whole was looking at popular games and not asking if what people wanted was good. It was telling them. People would demand something and it would be canceled and then the corporations would say we didn't support it enough. Then they would rush a game out that had nothing original and wondered why nobody likes it. The idea that The $2,000,000 Goal in other words 14 years of people asking for EarthBound, and getting told Metal Gear Solid is what people want. Dusty old shortcoming Shenmue that had every reason to faultier and that wasn't enough to end it. There is still so much love for it. Just think of in 2002 Before funding like this how much money would have been made. So maybe the next few chapters will come into Shenmue Four and Shenmue Five. Who knows? The Shenmue 5 campaign might have Shenmue One Remastered with Smell-o-Vision included. Don't be distraught for we are blessed...

    14. Missing avatar

      FlyingShadow on

      I like those new goals but I feel like they might not be reached at this point.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jindrich Gorner on

      As other guys said, just allows us to donate after the kickstarter is finished and I am pretty sure we will get pretty near to that 10 million mark. I would be able to donate much more as well.

    16. Missing avatar

      Shadowrave on

      What worries me is for the last few days its only been making between $25,000 to $30,000 per day. Which is terrible, cant Yu and his team see that much more needs to be done to make more money? Even $6 million seems like a big accomplishment at this point. $10 million is just insanity. Pretty much if it continues like this till the end we are in for a disappointment.

    17. FLO on

      @Christopher , the important is that we will get shenmue 3 ;) Yu said that if people are not satisfied with the 3 , then it will be over more shenmue ! so last chance for us ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      Christopher Waling on

      We're not gonna make it...are we? $11 million? Really! Absolutely zero chance of getting that, highest video game KS ever is Bloodstained at 5.5 million...does this mean we will never get to experience all that missing stuff....

    19. FLO on

      all of you give me back optimism about all of this ;) shenmue 3 wit 4M it is better than nothing !!!!!!! go go go go go go ;)

    20. David Brown on

      We've waited 14 years for a sequel. Let's not choose now to act like entitled little brats who demand everything and then complain anyway. All of this negativity WILL impact on the development team, who will feel sad and under pressure, so let's encourage them instead of making demands. Trust in Yu Suzuki.

    21. Missing avatar

      Padraic on
      almost 3k comments in 5 and 1/2 hours. Done all i can am an exahusted Swordsman now. Should tweet this and try and reply to at least the people commenting intersted in donating
      another article i found from a RPG site

    22. JetStrange on

      @Brandon, the game will continue how it is....without half of them.

    23. Missing avatar

      Brandon Knott on

      What happens if the stretch goals are not met?

    24. JetStrange on

      I think some of these goals needed to be bunched up thank scattered.



    26. Missing avatar

      Bruno Albino on

      @FLO I'm not afraid to be disappointed, specially when there wasn't going to be a Shenmue 3 to begin with!

      Sure, I'd like to play a full Shenmue 3 experience, but I'll be glad enough to be able to even play Shenmue 3 at all!

    27. Crimrui on

      An utter unrealistic milestone to reach with unexplained goals will do them no good. Honestly, half a million for a ragdoll reaction? Shouldn't that be included already in the game? Kung Fu mastery? What is that!? Is it a one move or complete set of new moves? If he gave a bit more explanation then we people could have invested it more. But honestly, those stretch goals are shameful. What is he gonna ask for next, half a million for realistic pigeon physics?

      I'm a fan of Shenmue, but I need to know more if I'm to blindly throw my money around. They need to put better rewards as well. For 100$ on limited editions I can get a bunch of goodies with DLC and even a physical artbook. Come one man...

    28. Missing avatar

      Safet Islamovic on

      Whats wrong with many of You complaining?

      Surely Yu Suzuki has many stretch goals in place, which would make the game even better. Maybe he even has an stretch goal in place if we reach 20m. I ask You all, WHY NOT?

      He already stated that all the towns will be ingame and our support will help to make them better. And thats what I can see in these stretch goals. More mini games, more part time jobs, better fighting system. These are improvements, which Sony and other partners won´t fund. So either we do it, or no one will do it.

      And whats up with the ppl wondering that subtitles are ahead of content? OF COURSE IT IS. What was the problem again with Shenmue 1 and 2? Yes, I guess we all remember. It didnt sell well enough. How can You improve that? May be, just maybe, if You reach more customers. How do You do that? YES, correct, you translate a game in many languages, so that ppl who cant speak english can enjoy that game too.

      It is a very smart move to put the subtitles ahead.

      Ppl here should try to think about stutt they are posting, not just complaining.

      I am still confident that we reach 6-7m. And if I look at the stretch goals. It will be a nice game, even without the stretch goals it would be nice.

    29. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      @MOE -- "I hope and am pretty sure they will update the rewards soon" => Yes, but... WHEN ?

      Let's hope it's not too late, but what is certain is that momentum is lost for several days now...

    30. Missing avatar

      MOE on

      A simple and effective plan to help Shenmue is adding NEW backers among people you know:

      1.) Backers, kindly ask 2 or 3 of your gaming friends to each give $29 for Shenmue. This video serves as a good introduction:… This article is another good intro to Shenmue:

      2.) $29 is very reasonable for this great game (ideal amount for people who don't know about it yet but are interested in video games generally)

      3.) If we all do this and reach 2-3 new people among our friends/co-workers etc. this Kickstarter reaches well over 100K backers!

      Keep posting on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels and PERSONALLY contact people you know or speak to friends about this campaign...thanks.

    31. Missing avatar

      MOE on

      @Thierry and others. They did a survey on new stretch goals. I hope and am pretty sure they will update the rewards soon (for example, backers as NPC characters in the game etc. etc.). It's quite obvious to many that additional rewards between $29-100 and between $500-3000 are needed.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark McCartin-Lim on

      Let's hope there are enough people in Brazil who like Shenmue to push the funding to 5.1 million!

      For all the people saying there needs to be a PS4 physical copy as a reward, I'm guessing the reason that probably hasn't been offered yet is because they will need to pay Sony a hefty licensing fee for every physical PS4 copy sold? So if they did that, they might get more money, but Sony would take a chunk of it. That's my guess at least.

    33. Missing avatar

      Art Sir on

      Gameplay over mini/betting games, we are here to play shenmue not a game in a game

    34. Missing avatar

      Art Sir on

      We only need 4 mini games. Not 21.

      Please make
      Choubu Kung Fu Master – Part Time Job
      Bailu Village – Kung Fu Mastery – Magic Maze

      A higher priority and higher on the list.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nears on

      En attente d'un miracle...
      Waiting for miracle...

    36. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      @Barabos -- I think your analysis is just perfect. How the hell will we reach 11M, without any new tiers / rewards ? That's currently totally unrealistic... I won't give you more money if I don't have any nice reward in return... PLEASE update the tiers as soon as possible, and make realistic stretch goals... The gap of 900,000$ is just crazy, knowing that the momentum has been lost for several days.
      As others say, you won't reach 11M for a Kickstarter campaign with just a trailer and such a lack of management, even if it's Shenmue 3. We do need Paypal, extended funding period or highly praised rewards such as PS4 physical copies or HD remakes of the first two games...

    37. Missing avatar

      Padraic on
      Didn't take long for one of the media to catch on. Very few favorable comments a lot of dissing towards Suzuki and also us backers

    38. Missing avatar

      MOE on

      "$11 million + goals?! The only way that would work is if there is Paypal and he continues to accept donations after the Kickstarter ends. Take a page out of Star Citizen's book. Star Citizen got over $80 million in donations/funding for their game while it was still a concept."

      I agree with this idea, in an open Paypal funding (say until the end of 2015) $5 or 6 additional million could be realistic, people could donate eyvery month, thus reaching above $10 million.

    39. Missing avatar

      SephVin on

      @Raiiban can you just leave and don't spread your bad mood around here or just shut up? Because your words don't help. If you chose cancel you pledge than do it, it's your choice.

    40. Missing avatar

      TCprod on

      oh, you did it already... and i read it already, as i just realized... maybe didn't remember because it's far from the clear straight statement i was talking about.

    41. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Thanks for the update on the stretch goals. Hopefully, within the next couple of days, we'll get an update on some new rewards to generate more interest in funding.

    42. Missing avatar

      TCprod on

      CREATE A 'FAQ' LINE GOING "SONY'S INVOLVEMENT", and clearly state there what really is going on! You could even link in at the end some video statement right from the fat Sony PR guy do i care. This would be a nice, simple, efficient way of clearing thing up once and for all.

    43. Missing avatar

      TCprod on

      Yes, the goals are in kind of a wrong order.

      Subtitles were the silliest thing, show me a Shenmue fan who wouldn't do the job for free? Even if it is 50K+ lines like before. I would be freakin honoured if i could do Hungarian as a mean of support. It's not THAT extreme of a job stretched up to a 3 years long period. 50 lines per day, i can do that upside down.

      Back to the order of things, it is silly to go location by location, this will result in a very detailed first half of the game, and a minimalist linear story telling on tracks after. You didn't think this one through folks.

      Also they need to be clickable so some info could be accessed about what they ACTUALLY mean. Nothing special, some sketches and 3-5 sentences for each is enough.

      The straightest info needed, right on the frontpage, not in interviews scattered around, and all, i mean really, there are still people out there spewing "Sony handles everything maaaaan!"

    44. Raiiban on

      @varsas Then as much as I hate to say it, the game's just not meant to be made. Fans of the originals won't be happy with some stripped down point and click adventure or graphic novel or whatever 2 million gets us. The best option is to release the rest of the story in another form, like a book, or audio drama and see if you can raise capital from that, then fund a game version of it properly. If you can't do a game right, your best option is to not do it at all, because this will just stain the series legacy and sour the fans on supporting anything done in the future.

      A niche game won't raise $11 million on kickstarter. You need to have serious wide appeal for that amount. The anemic existing rewards aren't helping. Exclusive in game content to higher paid tiers aren't helping. No stretch goals for additional platform and a choice of platform physical version is not helping. No rewards for between $500 and $3000 is not helping. Asking for 2 million and then expending stretch goals after it's been reached to 11 million IS NOT HELPING.

    45. FLO on

      @Bruno ; aren't you afraid to be dessapointed when the game will be there ? with only 4M ?
      We are all thinking how good were shenmue I and II , and to see the slow donw of the pledges get me nervous. But i will never remove my pledge or want to cancel this kickstarter , for sure :)

    46. Missing avatar

      SephVin on

      OMG. First they saying: give us all streatch goals, now thay saying: WTF, how can we do that?!

    47. Missing avatar

      Bruno Albino on

      I am really disappointed with the lack of manners from some of these comments, how can some of these people call themselves Shenmue fans?

      The bad press around Sony paying for the game was really harmful for the campaign :(
      Try to debunk that notion in as many channels as possible.

      Add more rewards and tiers if possble to entice more backers.
      I do believe you should look into a way to receive donations after the Kickstarter event is over.

      Keep up the good work ;)

    48. FLO on

      @Raiiban , I agree with you , it's sad but I agree.

    49. Goro on

      I feel the whole stretch goal situation is going in the wrong direction, only me?