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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. Tiso Spencer


      I was talking about the industry as a whole but the only shady dealings with this is how the KS was announced and how much involvement Sony and the other investors have.

    2. Tiso Spencer


      You know what I love? These absolutes people want to place on others. I can be supportive I.E. pledge for the game while still being critical of the project transperency. Also I did vote with my money as I was one of the few backing the game before they even went out on stage. I went from $300-50 to base $29 for the game because after the hype of the reveal the uneasiness of how this was announced settled in. I never said I didn't want to back the game.

    3. Terrence K Dickson on

      THANK YOU YU!!! Now hopefully people will feel comfortable pledging!

    4. Eldart on


    5. Tyler Waldman on

      @Stephen The Kickstarter FAQ doesn't totally rule out the game coming to another console. But yeah, smart money says it won't happen right away, at the very least.

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Tristan on

      @Tiso Spencer For someone so offended by this you sure are slow at pulling out of your own pledge since well you know "It is short sighted thinking that allows for the game industry to get away with deceptive business practices in the first place".

      Or maybe what you really want to do is ride your high horse and preach to others on how it is instead eh?

    8. D-Boy

      Good to know. Now, let's make #Shenmue3DRMFree!

    9. Margrit Jurkiewicz on

      Thank you so much for this statement :)

    10. Cameron on

      Thank you for the update. I look forward to the game and only hope we can reach the stretch goals.

    11. Nick Dutko on

      Thank you based Suzuki-san!

    12. Missing avatar

      raye on

      Thank you for the update! It will hopefully help to clear up misunderstandings going forward so that more people will donate!

    13. Daniel Heremi on

      Thank you , Yu suzuki ! You are a king among men.

    14. Tiso Spencer


      I'm actually tired of seeing this argument about not being "real" fans of the series. Questioning the moral ethics of deceptive crowd funding should trump all else.

      "Who cares that publishers buy out favorable reviews? As long as they get people to buy the game who care on the method?"

      It is short sighted thinking that allows for the game industry to get away with deceptive business practices in the first place that "game journalism" won't call out for the right price.

      So yes I am every bit a "true" fan of the series and would want the game to be the best it can be. Funny how those other "real" fans over the Xbox side won't be able to play the game cause nothing says "true fan" when you gotta buy a system you may not have wanted for 1 game.

    15. Riccardo Trillocco on

      Please ask Sony to let you add a physical PS4 copy reward. I think that almost 50% of the bakers would raise their pledge, it could be an incredible boost to the campaign, and it could help to make Shenmue 3 the sequel we've always dreamed about.

    16. Anna on

      Really don't see why people are still making a stink about it... A lot of damage has been done already, sadly, though. I also had hoped for way better transparency than what we all got too. Everyone should have known day 1 that Sony was going to somehow be involved with Shenmue 3 as far as PR/marketing stuff goes.

      It's not as if Sony's crapping out 10mil or however to give ASAP and then saying to Ys Net to make this KS. All the people who are making a stink about this are people who aren't true Shenmue fans should back out of this.

      I also am tired of people I know constantly going,"why should we help pay for something?!" when it comes to this KS and this one ONLY.. It is more annoying with a KS they backed and I just LOVE seeing them turn the other way

    17. Tiso Spencer

      Transperency is what should have happened day 1. Too little too late the damage is done. How can the game be the "true" vision when there are elements that will end up missing? Why didn't you elaborate on how 2 million was enough to make a game of this pedigree possible?

      Also it should have been obvious those partners were not getting money from here and anyone who actually believed otherwise are crazy. That's not what people had an issue with. Having external funding sources wasn't the issue.

      It was how the project was announced on Sony's stage for a paltry 2 million and you expected people to help fund a game that for all intents Sony is actually footing the bill for in more ways than one?

      We get there are NOA that have to be maintained as well. All we asked was for transparency because another popular KS was upfront from the start aka Bloodstained.

    18. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      Thanks for the update, Yu :-) But I do think we CAN'T reach 10 millions with the current tiers... You should really update / upgrade them as soon as possible, or considering a Paypal option : we all want this open-world you're talking about, but please give us the possibility to make it happen !

    19. Stephen on

      So with Sony backing, is it safe to assume an Xbox One version is definitely out of the question? It was alluded to as a possibility that no one looked at originally, but wasn't denied outright.

      I don't mind, I have a PC I can play on, which I will, but would be awesome to blow this out to as many people as possible.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ashley Gittings on

      Shenmue forever!!!

    21. Gareth Simpson on


      thankyou Suzuki-san It has been a very long wait for Shenmue III to become reality and this is really happening i really would like shenmue kickstater to get to 10 million and i will help push this through promoting in communities and firends as shenmue deserves it i will also be increasing my pledge from $160 to $250 as i wanna help #SaveShenmue

      i will dust off my dreamcast and original xbox and play through shenmue and shenmue 2 many times untill the release of shenmue 3, i hope shenmue 3 could also go onto the xbox and nintendo consoles aswell as shenmue needs to be multiplatform to ensure the series moves on and hopefully sega could release hd versions of shenmue 1 and 2 multiplatform so we can get new shenmue fans which would be a very big boost for shenmue 3. lets do this shenmuers!

    22. Mariano Ancos Arias on

      Sorry, l WILL can that if everyone SHENMUE fan will can edit your aportes and make growed the SHENMUE 3 really fine, sure, l know that IS your money but OTHER chance as this ni repeat, please before 14 years this IS the moment, SHENMUE IS LIFE US

    23. benoit RAYNAUD on

      This statement comes very late, although you are aware of it! Unfortunately it seems that the frenzy around this kickstarter slowed down a lot this past week: it's time now for new rewards, like a PS4 game in a box! Shenmue aims to collectors, don't forget fetishists! And how about new platforms, if sony isn't investing directly into the making: Xboxone, wiiU and even PSVita (studio Armature will port UE4 soon, thanks to IGA's bloodstained successfull kickstarter...).
      Shenmue-on-the-go: TAKE MY MONEY!

    24. jibaycay on

      At this moment, I just backed for $1, just to follow the updates, and eventually, comment.
      I'm really happy to know there will be a new Shenmue, but, lets be honest, how many cost the two others? 50 millions/each? Maybe more? I know the engines are evolving, but the work to do nice thing too.
      So, what I want to know is, does Sony's co-fund Shenmue III? And at which rate?

      I'm an happy backer of Bloodstained, which is co-fund too by some editor, because I basically know what is its true budget (around $10 millions). I would be happy to back Shenmue III too, but not before I know the true part of Sony on this deal, I don't want my contribution only count as a long-time pre-order.

      Thank you.
      (btw, sorry for my broken English).

    25. Mariano Ancos Arias on

      This IS for all SHENMUE fan as me, if your can write me, edit yor aportes and growing please l do that, IS the moment

    26. Mariano Ancos Arias on

      YU SUZUKI, thank you VERY MUCH again, l contribuited with 570 dollar and because don't can more, my month salary IS only 1000 €, but l wait many time for this, do it and WE are sure than you WILL GREAT job, you are our hero.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeremie Voluisant on

      Thanks for this statement Mr Suzuki ! It only confirm that you need to raise more funds to develop the nice game we are all waiting for, because you don't get the investment of a (big) company like sony or else for this development... So I increase my pledge from 29$ to 175$ and want to buck your team up ! Develop Shenmue 3 the best way you can and with all your heart, we will be waiting !
      Jeremie Voluisant.

    28. Juergen Szolay on

      Dear Mr Suzuki!

      Your statement is highly appreciated.
      I believe that you will guarantee that we will get the best Shenmue 3 we can hope for.

      And I am looking so much forward to it :)

      Thanks a lot and cheers,
      J. Szolay

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephen Lakeman on

      I hope there's no Multiplayer, the single player experience (Ryo's Experience) is the one everyone has wanted to be apart of. I feel multiplayer would only take away from that.

    30. Jonathan Goldberg, the harmony artist on

      Thank you very much Yu Suzuki-san. Thank you.


      I deeply appreciate this courteous statement you have made. And I deeply appreciate your concern for your fans. I truly do. However, there was never a need for you to apologize, because there was nothing that you did that was ever wrong. If anything, it is certain fans and backers of this kickstarter, that have wronged you. They became selfish for extra goodies and physical rewards. They lost faith in your campaign. And they forgot the sole purpose of donating money to Shenmue III's kickstarter. So really, it is those very particular people that own you an apology.

      I am sorry but for arguments sake, some of these people don't deserve Shenmue III. They don't deserve your new sequel because you, your time and your attention are way too good for their jaded selves. Of course, that is not in regards to all of the Shenmue fans and backers, as many of them have just been incredibly amazing and supportive over the years. If anybody deserves Shenmue III, it's them.

      So, let me conclude by saying that, with the combined efforts of all us Shenmue fans and backers, knowing and holding the one true mission of crowdfunding this project, in our minds and in our hearts, and by exercising persistent and consistent action in spreading the awareness of this kickstarter.... We WILL hit that $10 million mark.

      ; )

      Domo arigato Suzuki Yu-san!


      - Jonathan Fernando Goldberg

    31. Missing avatar

      Nunes on

      Thanks for this letter Yu suzuki. I believe in you. The shenmue story is so fantastic.
      I will increase my pledge. I need no more gift, it's why I said 0$ at each questions :-)

    32. Zzhh on

      Thank you very much sensei!

    33. Paddy 'Fly Swatter' Ashton on

      As long as the 5mil mark isn't multiplayer... Although in this day and age it seems inevitable to ruin single player franchies with multiplayer that doesn't work.

    34. Lisa Medin on

      Thank you for the clear-up. We who frequent the kickstarter have pieced it together, but newcomers really need to hear this. It was well phrased, on-point and straightforward.

      Is it possible to update the video and the information on the first page of the kickstarter? We've come so far, new potential backers need the essential information.

    35. Missing avatar

      g.yefimovich on

      Glad to read this. This said, more all-digital tiers, please.

    36. Dexter Oliveira on

      I hope that calm down some external pressure about money. Thank you Sensei

    37. Antonio Campos Jr from McAllen Texas

      Sega, thank you as well for allowing Yu to use Shenmue liscence!

    38. Antonio Grasso on

      Thanks for the update! As someone said, hopefully this will clear doubts from any potential backer. I believe we all understand is a big project, and as it shows from the record breaking funding... we believe in the capabilities, expertise and passion of the team to make this game a reality. So thank you, Yu, your team, us backers, Sony and Shibuya Productions.

    39. Missing avatar

      Lee on

      Thank you for the statement. Hopefully it satiates the would-be backers who had reservations due to the nature of the funding.

      As with many others here, I would like to record my thanks for keeping faith with this project over the long-term. I had long since resigned myself to the likelihood that we would never see a continuation of the Shenmue story. I have made my pledge and intend to increase it before the Kickstarter finishes. I can't wait to follow the game's development, which I hope will be shared with the backer community in a way that supports and holds the group together.

      More than anything, though, I can't wait to see the final product. Thanks again :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Xscape2040 on

      Thank you very much for this, that was overdue.

    41. Long Tran on

      Suzuki-San, thank you so much for your help in bringing Shenmue III to us fans--kudos to Sega, Sony and other unknown contributers who has made this possible. Please, Yu-san, make Shenmue III the way you've envisioned it, because otherwise, Shenmue wouldn't be the Shenmue many fans originally grew to love. Arigato!!

    42. Patrick SAYET

      with that clarified, is the reason for not having a physical PS4 game due to this Sony relationship? Because it's more easy for them to priduce a physical game and they'll get the revenue from it?

    43. BlackGauntlet

      $10 Million... wow. This will be the largest amount any video game had ever raised. Even the top 2 funded games combined could not amass this amount. Just... wow. Hopefully, it can be done.

    44. Antonio Campos Jr from McAllen Texas

      Since Unreal Engine is free, it will certainly give us bigger! :)

    45. Christopher Hodgkinson on

      Will 10 million get us Shenmue 2 size world or bigger?

    46. Missing avatar

      Chao Yu on

      Just do what's best for the game, we'll support it all the way even after the kickstarter.

    47. Blueurien on

      Yu-San, Thank you , Do what ever you want , just be free in making Shenmue III. I've do my part and wait for our next epic. Thank you again.

    48. Scherge on

      Thank you, Yu-san, for finally clearing up that there is indeed outside investment. I'm feeling much more confident now that someone is taking charge of this campaign and has addressed backer concerns for the first time. I still don't quite understand why it doesn't seem possible to hammer out an agreement with Sony regarding physical discs (it should be fairly easy to amend the contract and just reduce/eliminate their royalties to Ys Net for the backed number of copies, without giving any money from the KS directly to another company), but I kinda rest easier now. Judging by the comments, EVERYONE here feels exactly the same.

      I'm looking forward to the campaign smashing the 5 million goal at least! Should we get close to 10 million dollars in the end, this would be a great opportunity for Sony (or even Shibuya, if they have the funds) to pitch in and forever cement their image as the "good guys". :-)

    49. Ari Tomi Stenberg on

      That is great master Yu-san! Take you time. It was only being 15 years. We can wait.