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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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Who’s Your Favorite Shenmue Character?

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)

Hello Shenmue Backers!

Today we have special backer only poll to see who the most popular Shenmue character is. So confident are we, Ryo? Think you got this one in the bag, do you? We’ll just see now, won’t we?

By voting, the top ranked character will get some VIP treatment in Shenmue 3. Depending on the character, they might get an extended cut scene, a flashback sequence, or a cameo appearance. Or something else entirely?

Click on the link here to vote!

Results will be announced here on the update page, so stay front and center to see which character gets to bathe in the glory of being voted Mr. or Ms. Popular.

More rewards you say? Demand is high for more rewards, so included in the survey is a question for what you would like to see added to the pledge list. What do you want from Santa?

Favorite mini-game? Is there a must-have mini-game that absolutely you cannot live without? Yu-san will see what he can do.

Who will you vote for?

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    1. Ivan Čupić on

      Xiuying Hong!

      She is the best, on par with Boss from MGS3: Snake Eater!

    2. Walter Guimarães Rocha on

      I voted for Ren as my favorite character, since I saw him, i have wanted him to be a playable character, somehow.... anyways, there's a lot of stuff i'd love to see in the game...basically, all the same mini-games as before, some arcade games to play...and it would be nice to be able to have a home or something, so you could buy stuff, and use it at your home...
      a couple of different jobs should be amazing too...and of course, vending machines and snacks S2

    3. Brandon A. C. Kilgore on

      I put that Billiards was my favorite mini game, (I'm a real fan of 9-Ball.) The feline that I tried to name however the girl who later adopts it changed it to Chibi was my favorite, I seriously got a kick out of coming home after a day of work in the Harbor and giving a treat to that loving fuzzy kitten made me happy. I personally can't write on behalf of all the Shenmue Three fans but I'd like to see new games implemented maybe Go or something.

    4. Daniel LaBouef on

      Who's Joel Tess?

    5. Carles Salvadó on

      I think it's very important to create a lot of side quest or events which bring us news about the characters of the previous games, specially Ryo's family and friends. Imagine a phone call, sending or reciving letters/photos... Everyone who goes into a trip wants to have news and have contact with the important people. So We must make happy Ryo and let him know that everything goes well! Poor Ine-san must be worried... There's a lot to explore!

    6. Missing avatar

      blujay on

      Lan Di! >:D

    7. Missing avatar

      blujay on

      Lan Di! >:D

    8. Missing avatar

      Henrik Augustsson on

      I vote for Jianmin, the Tai Chi master by the red leafed tree. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      g.yefimovich on

      Lan-Di Sama for the win.

    10. R. Cruz on

      It was tough to choose between Gui Zhang Chen, who I thought just oozed awesomeness with how quiet and composed he was, and Nozomi. Just hearing her theme pop up in the second game at the campfire made all the good memories of the first game come back. I had to go with Nozomi, but I'd love for Gui Zhang to return too, with Xiu Ying being close behind.

    11. Jonathan Goldberg, the harmony artist on

      Based from what I remember and what I have researched, the characters most likely to return in Shenmue III, besides the obvious characters, are Guizhang Chen, Xiuying Hong and Chai.

      I would love to see all 3 of those characters return. They were great.

    12. IsolatedAbyss on

      Like many people have mentioned thousands of times before, it will be difficult to get the PS4 crowd to pledge more. We get the digital copy for $29, and if we look at the $60 tier, there's no incentive to up our pledge since that only gets us the physical copy, and we lose the PS4 digital copy if we do that.

    13. Jonathan Goldberg, the harmony artist on

      Though I'm glad Chai wasn't in Shenmue II, because he played a major role in Chapters 1 and 2.

    14. Jonathan Goldberg, the harmony artist on

      Chai needs to come back for Shenmue III, plain and simple. He was a rather important villain, with a motivation and agenda that involved Lan Di-sama himself.

    15. Thitipan Ma on

      Harasaki nozomi ^ ^

    16. GuardianDemonX on

      joy is hot i wanna bang her

    17. Missing avatar

      Henrique on

      Regarding mini-games, I really appreciated the fact that Ryo needed to work to get money. Not that you should repeat the forklift or the book-carrying, but that made our involvement with the plot much stronger.

      I think that it would be great to have ways to get money apart from those based on gambling.

      For me, including classic Sega games is not mandatory.

    18. Missing avatar

      Adam Wade on

      What, no love for Fangmei? Come on, people!
      So many People loved Joy in Shenmue 2, and sure, while I can see the attraction (she is so god damn hot after all), The first time I laid eyes on Fangmei Xun, I had a massive crush like never before up to that time in my life. She is just so damn cute!
      When she said 'I love you' to Ryo in the game, I said, 'right back at ya babe'. I just felt like reaching into the screen and give her such a big hug, she's so cute and innocent.
      Unfortunately for me, she may never be seen in a Shenmue game again, but I await to be surprised (HUGE PLEASE), and anyway, Ryo had to go back and see Fangmei at least one more time, Fangmei said she'd be waiting for his return.

    19. Missing avatar

      Henrique on

      The sequences with Hong Xiu Ying (Tao Li Shao) were very nice. I would like to see her participation longer next time.

    20. John Schulz on

      I picked Nozomi because I want an extended Nozomi cutscene.

    21. Steve Lipinski on

      Guizhang without a doubt. He was so cunning, composed and skillful. The fight scene between him and Ryo was a series highlight and I'd love for him to come back in Shenmue 3 to teach Ryo some more Yan Qing Style. He intended to go with Ryo to China but got injured. I'm pretty sure his injury recovered by now ;). He even told Ryo that he'll catch up soon once his leg has healed. Don't forget he was with Ryo during the 70 man gang fight and the two of them took them all out.

    22. JetStrange on

      @João Dinis, seriously dude?

    23. strider16 on

      Takano Izumi FTW!

    24. João Dinis on

      Fix that ryo face :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      Make a trailer that highlights the game for people who have never seen or heard of Shenmue. Why this is such an amazing project to put money in. The current trailer is only really good for those fans of the series or people who know of the series

    26. Missing avatar

      OniRyo on

      I hope not everyone is voting too high now ;) Would love a great 750-1000 dollar tier reward!

    27. Matthew on

      REWARD REQUEST: How about a cd-r or gd-rom playable on the dreamcast with Shenmue 3 screenshots, artwork, gameplay footage. Come on now, tell me that's not the BEST idea ever!

    28. Matthew on

      I picked Tom, because a fan service flashback with his words of wisdom would be a hoot. GOTTA GET UH UH UH THE FUNKY RHYTHM UH UH. I remember being addicted to darts once, so darts.

      What's unique about shenmue is that many games can have minigames in them at this point(GTA, etc.), but Shenmue's pace and immersive atmosphere actually makes them worth playing.

    29. Missing avatar

      Xscape2040 on

      The physical and digital PC Version needs to be DRM Free. Bring the digital Version to

    30. Erwan LE CAÏNEC on

      I voted for Joy because I think it could be interesting to see her way of thinking. I mean, Ryo and Shenhua will already be very developed but I always thought that Joy was too demonstrative not to have a mask in her personality. So, yes,Joy for me ! (ah ah)

      Concerning the pledge, I put 500 $ and it's my limit, I can't spend more because I'm borrowing to buy a house right now, it's not the right time then. But clearly, if I am a NPC with my voice over and my name in the credits, I will be the happiest man in the world. To be the contributor for a game which has changed your life is more than an honor !!! It's one of the best presents you can receive in your life. So, yes, carry on giving us dreams !

    31. Missing avatar

      Cal on

      Make a physical Dreamcast copy

    32. Ed D. on

      The number 1 most requested physical item is a ps4 copy.

    33. Missing avatar

      Maicon Wiliam Heiber on


      This trailer is so Bad!!

    34. @xqjonah on

      Xiuying Hong is one hot ticket.

    35. Missing avatar

      Villazim on

      I really want a dragon mirror & a phoenix mirror replica but i also want darts, lucky hit & of course forklifts to return in shenmue 3!
      I voted for Ryo in the survey!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jan Frimodig on

      Shenhua. Been in love with her ever since I first played through that last disc.

    37. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Huszar on

      And yes, please a physical PS4 version, maybe make it available on more consoles and you will get more backers. The kickstarter has slowed down, we need more awards, but I think adding Xbox 1 would help. And maybe, just maybe, you can add a stretch goal at the 10 million mark for Shenmue 1 and 2 HD, people will pay, and newcomers will be more inclined to put their money down.

    38. Missing avatar

      batfax on

      Yoooo dude! Goro Mihashi is definitely one of the most memorable characters to me.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Huszar on

      The two characters I would like to see back would be Ren Wu Ying and Chen Gui Zhang, he was supposed to go with him anyway. Tom and Nozomi would be cool too!

    40. Missing avatar

      Joseph Cooper on

      I cannot live without darts in Shenmue! I spent a lot of the down time between events playing darts. It's easy, fun, and addicting. I'd love to see the QTE games come back though.

    41. Missing avatar

      Giro Urashima on

      Of course it's Izumi, the girl who knows more about Hong Kong than Joy, as evidenced by her knowledge of duck racing. She's not some frightened little girl either, she's just as skilled in martial arts as Ryo. To be that good, Izumi has to practice whenever she's off work and has a break in her studies. I'm glad we were able to say goodbye to her in Shenmue II, she was the best. Learning more about her or seeing her again would be great, maybe Ryo could stumble upon her while she's traveling China during one of her longer breaks. She'd definitely want a rematch!

    42. Guillermo Oseguera on

      Still no physical version for PS4? Come on, now you're just being lazy.

    43. David Hernández Martínez on

      That Chai's artwork... He seems to be in China!

    44. Missing avatar

      taidgh carr on

      All the character's had their own uniqueness and I loved them all.... but as a 15 year old boy (who also loves motorbikes) playing shenmue II, you could imagine my face when I saw her for the first time... of course I voted for Joy!!!! I had a crush on her throughout the rest of the damn game!! :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Sean Sullivan on

      Mishima Mayumi. Come on, I need this! What were she an Ryo like together as kids? Also, this was the most difficult three question survey ever. I almost had to vote for Itoi-ojisan, just for the possibility of him coming out from behind a tree to ask Ryo if he'd like a special patch on his jacket with plenty of color. Even Mario or the white sailor from Heart Beats for more of the best lines ever: 'Hahaha! Hikkakatta ne manuke na school boy!' I'd love to learn more about Xiuying, too.
      For my money, Lucky Hit needs to be in III. It was difficult for me to choose between that, darts, and Roll it on Top, though. If Power Drift made it into the game, I would probably lose my mind.
      None of the choices in the survey are bad at all. I would gladly take any of it.