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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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One more week closer to III

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)

Greetings Shenmue Fans Everywhere!

It has been a very emotional week! Tears of joy have been shed, hugs and heartfelt stories have been shared, and shouts of, “(explicative) Shenmue!” reverberate from every corner of the internet. Your unwavering love and dedication have made this moment one to remember, a moment that will be forever remembered in the annals of gaming-dom!

Thanks again everyone for all of your support! Shenmue 3 is real, and here for everyone to enjoy and be part of! But we have lots of campaign left to make our dream and Yu Suzuki’s vision ever more perfected, ever more Shenmue, so please keep up all the sharing!

Messages and Comments  

And the messages and comments keep pouring in! We are doing everything we can to keep up, and while it may take some time to get back to each and every one of you individually, rest assured your voices have been heard and the Lucky Hit ball is in motion.

Portuguese Confirmed as Stretch Goal

The Portuguese Shenmue community has spoken, and Portuguese language support will be added as a Stretch Goal. The image graphic and details will be up soon, so stay tuned!

We hope that in the next few days we will be able to address many of your requests and concerns. Please keep a look out for updates and keep your comments coming.

Meet Ryo

As we head into our second week, get ready to meet more members of the Shenmue team and hear about their experiences making Shenmue. All exclusive, behind the scenes info you won’t want to miss.

Today we have Masaya Matsukaze, the actor who played, and did the Japanese voicing for Ryo. He speaks about his first encounters with Shenmue, the process involved in doing the motion capture acting, and gives a few pointers on the finer points of "Ryo Hazuki Style."

You know by the way he walks his walk, put your hands together for Masaya Matsukaze!

With English voice over

In Japanese

Thank you Matsukaze-san! 

Part two of our interview with Matsukaze-san will be coming up later in the campaign. 

Shenmue 3 is now on Twitter!

The official Shenmue 3 Twitter is now up @Shenmue_3 If you Shenmue, we will follow!

Thank you everyone! Keep spreading the Shenmue love!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ezra Ramos on

      I like the English dub for these videos.

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam Wade on

      Interesting listening, but next time, instead of an English voice over, can we have just subtitles?
      I would much prefer to hear Matsukaze-san's original voice instead of an English voice over, and read subtitles of what he's saying instead.

    3. Michelle Vietor on

      The Big or Small table cloth is a good idea! I'd pitch in more for one of those.

    4. Antonio Campos Jr from McAllen Texas

      I agree with Lim Yeow Seng! Traditional and Simplified!

    5. Antonio Campos Jr from McAllen Texas

      What about having a replica of a Lucky Hit board or a Big or Small table cloth as a reward?

    6. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      Ryo hazuki! Love you!

    7. BlackGauntlet

      I'm fluent in English but I'd like Chinese subtitles as well. The game would feel more authentic since there's a lot of Sino-influence.

    8. GuardianDemonX on

      boy i want a vietnamese subtitle for this game too since im vietnamese but that will never happen, i want my language to be in the game

    9. Missing avatar

      manuel on

      Sony already said it isn't funding it, mostly marketing and ps4 development help.

      The media did mass damage to this KS.

    10. Missing avatar

      Allan on

      Wondering if the momentum for donations would have kept up more steam if Sony had kept their position a little less public. I could see people less willing to donate knowing they are basically just giving money to a massive corperation that doesn't really need it.

    11. fitters on

      Please add Chinese subtitles to the game since the story is set there. Think of all the Chinese backers you will get for this. I don't even speak Chinese and I want it for our fellow Chinese Shenmue fans.

    12. FlamingFirewire on

      As much as I hope all of the Japanese VA return for Shenmue III, I really hope they can do the same with any possible English VA. As much as the acting was (admittedly) spotty in Shenmue II, I'd appreciate continuing to play the series with the English VA. Having never played the first two in Japanese (only PAL got that for I, and II on XBOX didn't have a Japanese VA option in NA), I'd have to hunt down those releases before I'd play III if the VA were only in Japanese.

      Doesn't change how much I want to give to the project, but I'd prefer to have options between both.

      Also, I know it was mentioned in the FAQ that if might be impossible to do, but I hope a Shenmue I+II HD can happen one day where the option between the different VA and subtitles is made available in the future :)

      Can't wait to see this project grow and come to fruition!

    13. VentNord on

      Convinces me more hear the voices in Japanese when hearing the voice of Matsukaze-san.

      Which is not needed dubbing of english only this subtitle.

    14. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      Still just over 3 weeks to go the Portugese sub will definatly help. Also spreading the word to sites of the other languages included would have a great effect on funding. Most people assume will just be English and Japanese.

      The creators have heard us asking for more reward tiers i believe it will be coming when they are ready. Still have just over 3 weeks and the potential of Paypal would be nice.

    15. The Wild Man of Borneo on

      We are running out of time. This Kickstarter is counting down and we are barely reach our stretch goals due to the terrible management of this project. List to the fans and set more reward tiers $750, $1000, $1500, $2000

    16. Missing avatar

      Jordan Zwack on

      That was a great interview. I had no idea there was so much put into the choreography of the fighting like that, that was really interesting. It just goes to show how much ahead of the times Shenmue really was, and why the fighting still looks good to this day.

    17. mjqjazzbar on

      Please move the stretch goals to the top of the Kickstarter.

    18. Christopher Schmenk on

      Cool interview. Very glad to see the original Japanese voice actor on board with Shenmue 3. If it would mean a better overall Shenmue experience then there really is no need for any English actors. I enjoyee playing through the Japanese release of Shenmue and the PAL version of Shenmue 2 with the Japanese voices. So stoked!

    19. Missing avatar

      Sérgio Marques on

      Love the japanese Ryo!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      i'd be ok with Chinese subs if there was enough potential support by adding that. From what iv'e seen there isn't. Think Russian is 2nd in requesting after Portugese but might be 100% wrong.

      I'd rather have quest chains or new skill tiers or towns expanded something that gets doners like us pumped up enough to increase funding. What others have been saying is great idea having a reward between 500-3000 think would add great funding

    21. Pyke on

      @Padraic there is a huge community of chinese fans, I'm sure they all been very vocal

    22. Pyke on

      Chinese subs must be the new top priority for stretch goals! I will be a shame a game with all these chinese elements and no chinese subtitles at all....

    23. Pyke on

      @Margrit Jurkiewicz nice words, you said exactly all I wanted to say

    24. Missing avatar

      Padraic on

      Nice adding Portugese should get in some more funding. As for Chinese are you sure there are enough Chinese people wanting to fund this game to warrant adding that as a stretch goal. I would say Portugese have been the most vocal in the community followed by some Russian but not sure how much. Haven't seen any Chinese support just fans looking for Chinese because game is based in China.

      Looking forward to more updates. I don't mind the english dub. Wouldn't bother me if interviews were subbed either

    25. Carlos Hernandez on

      Also adding a +1 for subbed Japanese vids ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      Phantom Duck on

      +1 vote for subbed videos.

    27. Tristan on

      The motion capture fight sequence sounded painful. but probably a lot of fun lol.

    28. mvd85 on

      Nice interview, keep the updates coming and consider subtitles for the next videos instead of dubbing!

    29. Missing avatar

      Bobby on

      We need some updates to our stretch goals

    30. Missing avatar

      Dave Frear on

      Another vote for subbed videos here.

    31. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Chinese subtitles next, please. Don't want anyone left out.

    32. Missing avatar

      hang on I thought Ryo done Jiu Jitsu?

    33. Missing avatar

      I would like a reward where I can get the Japanese Ryo Hazuki autograph, maybe his seal as well

    34. Missing avatar

      Art Sir on

      I don't mind the english voice over. As for the game i personally dont care if its japanese with english subtitle but i feel for a mass audience a good english dub is important.

    35. Chris on

      Really enjoyed that interview.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ping on

      As Shenmue story takes place in Guilin China, Chinese language should be part of the game T_T. Please add Chinese language in the game, which will no doubt enhance fans' experience of traditional Chinese / Japanese culture in Shenmue 3 >_<

    37. Missing avatar

      MOE on

      "please add some new reward tiers, especially between $500 and $3000." I second this. New tiers between $29 and $100 could also help for people with more limited budgets.

    38. Naomi Daniels on

      For your interviews, please subtitle them in English.

    39. Missing avatar

      Orestes Dago on

      Thank you very much for the English version of this video. It could have been in Spanish too since I speak, read, and write both languages; however, even though I visited Japan with my daughter in 2006, I don't speak Japanese. I used to practice Judo when I was in my teens and early twenties, and when I was in Tokyo, I forgot to visit Kodokan. Again, thank you very much for showing this wonderful video. And long live Shenmue III!

    40. Three Blades on

      What you should do is take the money you would be spending on an English dub and use it to make the game better. That's probably a million or more bucks right there. All we need is subtitles. Yakuza is great with subs and Shenmue would be too.

    41. Missing avatar

      g.yefimovich on

      I would also include more tiers between 29$ and 60$, and between 60$ and 100$. Let's be honest, the vast majority of pledges will be in that range.
      I, for instance, have chosen the 29$ tier because the physical copy doesn't interest me much. I would gladly upgrade to a 45 - 50$ pledge for an all digital reward: game + soundtrack + art book, for example.

    42. Tahnna on

      For the people that don't know even when the kickstarter campaign ends next month that doesn't mean its completely over to donate to Shenmue III, theres a plan afterwards to add the paypal option so we can keep donating to reach the 10 Million dollar goal. $30 on the 3rd each month we can make it happen ☺

    43. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      There's probably an explanation, but new pledge levels / rewards are REALLY long to come... There are still huge gaps between existing tiers, and I'm afraid it makes the project lose a lot of potential money :(

    44. Canice Tou on

      A quick question for the Kickstarter admin team: for supporting 500 USD, you get the full set of 4 figures, but it also said in the description that it will also include the smaller prizes, does that mean you actually get 5 figures in total?

    45. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      Not sure if this has been answered in the AMA or something, but will there be a backer site up after the campaign is over for post-campaign pledges, to possibly raise more money towards stretch goals in the coming months?

    46. Margrit Jurkiewicz on

      Thanks for the update it's very much appreciated. However, please add some new reward tiers, especially between $500 and $3000. Some people are considering to increase their pledges, but you should give them more incentives to do so.
      You can be assured that the fans are doing their utmost to make this a success, but we need your help.

      I think new rewards are top priority. However, if you don't mind consider this:
      If possible please change the voice acting in the trailer. Corey Marshall has already said that he wants to help the project so you can get in contact with him.
      Some people refrain from supporting the project because they think that Sony pays for the game and they think this kickstarter campaign is just "to test the waters". However, we've heard that Sony only pays for marketing and people said that the money from kickstarter is essential to make Yu's vision come true. Please clarify this situation in a statement, if possible. I trust Yu and his development team and I love being able to support this project. But not everyone thinks so.
      Yu said that he needs $10mio to make a true open world game. Some people don't want to back because they say the project has been already funded. Please include Yu's reddit quote, so people know that it is essential that we get $10 mio.
      Also, please update more frequently.

      I appreciate the hard work you put into this kickstarter, but there is room for improvement.

    47. Missing avatar

      Rod Stunt on

      Please, just add english subtitles and stop with this voice over nonsense.

    48. D-Boy

      "Shenmue 3 is real, and here for everyone to enjoy and be part of!"

      Make #Shenmue3DRMFree and then we can talk. Until then, it's not for everyone. Sorry.

    49. Missing avatar

      Maicon Wiliam Heiber on

      Thats is great, but dont forget the PayPal Please!!!