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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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69,320 backers pledged $6,333,295 to help bring this project to life.

The Jacket & More

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)


We have created this very special reward due to popular demand. If you were kicking yourself for missing the Original, this is your chance!

Not just any replica of Ryo's trademark leather jacket. This is a Yu Suzuki approved replica of Ryo's trademark leather jacket. Yeah, you want it. 

The jacket and physical rewards are presented by Fangamer. We want to thank them for all of their hard work in making this superb collector's item. Their love for Shenmue really shows! Thank you so much!

Choose your size! We will ask you for your size in a survey later on. Ryo's Jacket - Replica will include the $500 Reward.

*The jacket shown here is a prototype. Actual reward may differ slightly.

*This reward will be added to the explanation and reward list in just a little bit! 

About Message Replies

We are currently receiving an extremely high volume of messages and inquiries - over 10,000 messages, 4,000 comments and counting. If you sent us a message and have been waiting to hear back from us, we are very sorry for the delay. We may not be able to get back to all of you immediately, but we will read and reply to every message as soon as we can. In the meanwhile, please keep an eye out for updates on our FAQ section. We thank you for your patience!

We're Coming to Reddit!

As we mentioned on our previous post, Yu Suzuki will be on Reddit tomorrow, 6/19, starting around 9:30 PST. This is your chance to ask the man anything - bring us your burning questions and Yu-san will do his best to answer!


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    1. Canice Tou on

      A quick question for the Kickstarter admin team: for supporting 500 USD, you get the full set of 4 figures, but it also said in the description that it will also include the smaller prizes, does that mean you actually get 5 figures in total?

    2. Tony Cheek on

      Would love to have that Jacket. Sadly will not pay $3,000. Haha. Even if I had that much money to spend, I'd be too afraid to ever wear it after spending that much.

    3. Missing avatar

      MOE on

      This was just posted in the comment stream, it's apparently PM:

      "Hello Everyone,

      The IamA Reddit will be tonight at 9:30PM. Sorry for the confusion. Yu-san will see you tonight!"

    4. GuardianDemonX on

      9:30 PST is 1:30 PM in tokyo japan, so we have to wait for a little longer, so just chill out

    5. Missing avatar

      Guillermo Monti on

      Still haven't seen anything as of 9:58AM PST.

    6. Missing avatar

      MOE on

      "Yu Suzuki will be on Reddit tomorrow, 6/19, starting around 9:30 PST." Is this AM or PM? I see nothing yet. Anyone have a link?

    7. Chris Lask on

      Super high quality collectors boxset with replica mirrors, soundtrack, map, move scrolls etc. Shenmue themed dual shock 4's, Shenmue themed ps4 skins. These are relatively simple things that should be in various tiers. There's so much potential to get more money out of us. I've pledged 500, and all I'm getting over the 300 tier is an additional 3 capsule toys! We love Shenmue and are willing to spend lots of our hard earned money, this should be the easiest fund raiser imaginable. MORE REWARD TIERS

    8. Missing avatar

      MOE on

      A good introduction to Shenmue (and what was unique about it) can be found here:

      I think this is a good link to introduce Shenmue to friends (and the asking them to please contribute to this Kickstarter :-).

    9. Ross Alan Brendan O'Reilly on

      Vastly overpriced in my opinion.

    10. Missing avatar

      MOE on

      Let's also get more NEW backers joining. A simple plan for everyone reading this:

      1. Backers, ask 2 or 3 of your gaming friends to each give $29 for Shenmue
      2. $29 is very reasonable for this great game (ideal for people who don't know about it yet but are interested in video games in general)
      3. If we all do this and reach 2-3 new friends this Kickstarter reaches 100K+ backers!

      Let's all do this over the weekend. Ask #3friendsforshenmue3 !

    11. Missing avatar

      Orestes Dago on

      I wish I had the money to contribute at this level of $3,000 USD. That jacket looks nice, and it would have been very useful if I still lived in San Francisco, but where I live now, winter is very short, and most of the time here is hot. Thank you for doing this for others.

    12. Tyler Waldman on

      Dang, that is a nice jacket. Nicer than the classy hoodie Insert Coin was selling a while back. If only I were loaded. Right now, I'm stretching to pledge just the $150ish

    13. シェンムーのアンバサダ on

      Amazing, I am sure the prices for these kind of items in future will be very high,
      fans should act now and become a backer of this awesome reward tier!
      Don't forget to share the KS link:

    14. Missing avatar

      - on

      That's a cool jacket. I can't afford a tier that high, but I may spring for a $700-$750 tier if you decide to diversify a little more.

    15. Zohaib Ghani on

      3k is way out of my price league too .... could have done 1k.......................... :(

    16. Dexter Oliveira on

      The series need new backers. The team needs to think something for the newcomers

    17. Barabos on

      @fitters I totally agree. A better price point would have been $1000 because they would have gotten higher volumes in exchange for a more affordable price

    18. Missing avatar

      Nunes on

      Insert it in the main page, please :-)

      If you suggest the physical version of shenmue III on PS4. You will have a lot of money to make the additionnal things ;-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Magelock on

      I'd like to remind people complaining about the "2500$ jacket" that you're funding a project here, not buying a jacket...

      The jacket you get is just a token of their appreciation for your monetary help, not an item that is supposed to be worth several thousand dollars.

    20. Missing avatar

      capconchi on

      PS4 physical disc is all I want. Make it happen.

    21. Tony Q. on

      It's also a good idea to put new stretch goals between 500 $ and 10000 $

    22. Tony Q. on

      Great idea! If I had the money...

    23. Missing avatar

      Francis Lou on

      I really want to ks more for a physical copy but it only has PC version. Why no PS4 physical CD?(sign)

    24. Islam Mohamed on

      Will the AMA be at 9:30 AM or PM?

    25. Missing avatar

      CountBird on

      Some people here seem to think that they are shopping at H&M. Guys, if they give you the jacket for the price you'd normally buy it for in a shop, there would be no money left to fund the game. It can only be worth 10 or 20 percent, otherwise the purpose of this kickstarter, to get money for Shenmue 3, would be changed to fund some nice Shenmue merchandise.

    26. Missing avatar

      FlyingShadow on

      That jacket looks awesome.

    27. Andrew Schweitzer on

      @Guillermo I agree.

    28. Erik Hernandez on

      Can you guys please make it so we can share updates onto facebook. Just updates, so I can get others to see what you guys are offering. Thank you.

    29. romeoteknik on

      I have the hoodie from insert-coin clothing, this jacket is awesome though.

    30. Goro on

      Please make more exciting stretch goals for fans!
      For example add a part where ryo goes back to dobuita, his home etc with the new graphics.
      Like that would boost the donations!!

    31. Guillermo Oseguera on

      If you truly are listening to popular demand, then please PLEASE make a PS4 physical version!

    32. Rong Ma on

      My input from a fashion perspective:

      Foe a regular fit coated leather A2 bomber jacket, it would be built from various high quality materials in order to suit that price tag. At $3000, I would expect vegetable tanned cow leather from European regions for the upper, fine merino wool for the patches, cashmere for the rib cuff, and probably silk or cotton for the lining because that would increase the wearing comfort. Also last but not least, it has to be made in the European regions and not some Indian or Chinese sweat shop, to make up for that quality. I wouldn't expect Made in Italy because obviously the cost and quality control would not on par with those experienced designer brands or fashion houses. Please don't do it like the Resident Evil 6 replica Leon leather jacket, especially with your given price tag.

    33. Missing avatar

      MaxCui on

      It is too much just for a jacket. I hope this price won't hurt all fans who love Shenmue deeply. Give a warm hug to all supporters, not to slaughter them to make a big margin.

    34. Missing avatar

      Carrie Lasher on

      it's just too much....really i want to get it but i already did the max i could possibly do. i have been a fan since the dreamcast launch and i can assure how badly i would like this.

    35. fitters on

      I think a better price point would have been $1000. Higher volumes at an more affordable price. They would still have margin for developer mentioned costs.

    36. Missing avatar

      AngerdX on

      Fantasic i would love to get one but 3k is out of my league, i do wish that we could just outright buy just the jacket later heh

    37. Missing avatar

      Bheleu on

      Feel horrible for the backer who paid for the original. Reproductions always hurt the value of such a collectible. Wait a few months and buy a knockoff for less than 10% of the cost of an authorized reproduction.

    38. VentNord on

      Shenmue would have to run at 60fps without black bands taking advantage the graphical the PC.

    39. GuardianDemonX on

      Yu Suzuki himself said that they going to use Unreal Engine 4 to make the game and here is Unreal Engine 4 graphics

    40. GuardianDemonX on

      Yu Suzuki himself said that they going to use Unreal Engine 4 to make the game and here is Unreal Engine 4 graphics

    41. Missing avatar

      NEXTAltair on


    42. Missing avatar

      Phantom Duck on

      With all due respect, I think you are missing on a ton of extra money. People are willing to spend a lot more than they already have, but they can't spend more, due to the limited tiers. You have to move fast if you don't want to lose the momentum of the Kickstarter.

      Suggestion: For a game that is so heavily NPC demanded, you could put more tiers about them. For example:

      4.000$: Put your face on an NPC
      5.000$: Put your face & your name on an NPC
      7.000$: Put your face, your name & your daily schedule on your NPC
      9.000$: Put your face, name, schedule and residence on your NPC
      or something like this

      Now, I understand that the game takes place in Asia, and putting foreign NPCs from all over the world would lead to inconsistencies, but I think you get the general idea. You could "Japanize" their faces, or something like that.

      Why do I suggest it:
      From the developer's perspective, it won't cost that much, since you will create NPCs either way. From the fan's perspective, there are MANY hardcores that have waited ~15 years for the chance to help the game get out there. I think that seeing themselves on the game, even for a few scenes, is a great way to encourage them back it.

      You have to realize the unique passion your backers have about the game. People want to support you with much more money. GIVE THEM THE CHANCE.

    43. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sansom on

      The arm patch is the wrong shape :S

    44. Save Shenmue on

      If only I had 3000 dollars ;_;

    45. JetStrange on

      @dan you never know it might have the ability to make you shoot fire balls

    46. Tyler Waldman on

      That's 9:30 AM, right? As in 12:30 PM eastern?

    47. Missing avatar

      dan gegner on

      I'm sorry but $2,500 for a jacket? This is getting crazy.

    48. shenmueyokosk on

      I want a jacket!

    49. Phong Thi on

      My mother gonna kill me.... Sorry mom!!