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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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...and Shenmue 3 begins

Posted by Ys Net (Creator)
Hello Shenmuers!

Thanks to everyone backing, supporting, and getting the word out. Every retweet and repost will bring more backers, and more backers means more Shenmue 3.

Yes, we are at day four of the Kickstarter of the Shenmue of the century. And today we have a special message from someone who has many a “of the” attached to his name—Mark Cerny! If you have played video games before, you probably have played something Mark has either programmed, designed, produced or directed. Oh yeah, he was the lead architect for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita, too!

Mark was one of the first people to suggest to Yu-san that he do a Kickstarter for Shenmue 3. It was Mark who then introduced Ryan Payton to Yu-san, and that was that!

"It's really exciting to see Yu Suzuki back hard at work in the universe of Shenmue. The first two titles innovated in so many ways - the combination of revolutionary cinematic experiences, deep world simulation, and fresh approaches to gameplay was truly memorable. I can't wait to see how Shenmue 3 turns out!"  

Mark Cerny, President of Cerny Games   

Thank you very much Mark!!! We all owe you a lot! Just a little while back, Kotaku had a nice sit down with Mark, so please take a look-see!

And before we sign off for today, this Friday Yu Suzuki will be on Reddit! You will have your chance to ask him anything! Time to be announced. Get your questions ready!  

Thank you again everyone, see you on Reddit tomorrow!

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    1. Vince Vazquez

      Man, Mark Cerny is the best :D

    2. シェンムーのアンバサダ on

      Mark Cerny ROCKS, love you Sir.
      (I told you the same when we met first before GDC14 Choice Awards)
      Thank you for supporting #SaveShenmue

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Banks on

      Mark Cerny is the fucking man

    4. shenmueyokosk on

      Thank You Mark Cerny

    5. MAL Custom Consoles on

      THanks someone that has the ability took the initiative to get this thing moving! Also stay away kotaku they are not helping the cause at the moment. Thats the word on the streets

    6. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      Thank you mark cerny! I love shenmue3, ps4, and vita! Now we can remote play shenmue3 in the future on vita!!!! So awesome!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      You're the best Cerny! Thanks!

    8. Tony Q. on

      @ David Reis : I don't think we'll see Ren or Gui Zhang. Not now. I hope Ys Net won't put too much fan service because it's a real problem for Kickstarter games. Shenmue 2 was a great game because it was a wonderful journey with amazing new characters like Joy, Ren, Dou Niu, Lishao Tao, etc. Not because it was the same game as the first one.

    9. Tony Q. on

      Thanks Mark!
      Now we forgive you for Knack ;-P

    10. Jeffrey Lewis on

      I will always love that man (Cerny) for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Simply the best.

    11. Missing avatar

      David Reis on

      Can we expect to see Ren and Gui Zhang again in this game?

    12. VentNord on

      Ryo Hazuki has to work on Shenmue 3 as happened in 1 and 2.

    13. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Awesome tándem

    14. Gromber Fox on

      cerny you rules!!!!!! when i see you with yu on postmorhem i think on this a kickstarter proyect xD

    15. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      This is the usual way Kickstarter projects progress, people raise or lower their pledges or cancel them completely. It's also normal that the pledges become very slow after a few days and get to another peak aat the end of the campaign.

    16. Mattias Borgström on

      Come on, Xbox One version already!!

    17. Jason on

      Y'all need to galvanize the community to keep this thing rolling and spend these updates talking more about the game and community.

      Also I hope you guys are working to get a physical version made for the PS4.

    18. Craig Hutchings on

      Thank you all for making the dream of Shenmue a reality.Many gamers will be very grateful:)

    19. Matthew Clark on

      Here's hoping this is a real success. I love Shenmue and want to see it do well. Many thanks to all involved!

    20. Missing avatar

      Johannes Burkart on

      What's going on with the Money Counter? It's been going up and down. It's been well over 3.2M $ already and now it's going at a snais pace and has even been back to below 3.2M several times.

    21. Missing avatar

      Orestes Dago on

      Thank you very much for your comments. I hope that Shenmue III gets released before 2018 rolls around. Good luck!

    22. Missing avatar

      Francisco Delgado on

      Can't wait for the day this game loads up on my screen... I think I might shed a tear...�

    23. Missing avatar

      SolidSonicTH on

      Cerny was the guy we put our faith into a couple of years ago to save Shenmue originally. It seemed like he was behind getting this onto the PS4 back when we saw those pictures of him and Yu standing together and having secret meetings.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jules on

      Sooo how long till we kickstart Crash? Or Marble Madness VR edition. You are the marble.

    25. Tracey Craig

      I love Mark Cerny
      His best work was the Playstation 4 and Knack :)

    26. Pierre Laporte on

      Thank you Mark Cemy ! And thanks to all Shenmuers ! ;)

    27. Zzhh on

      Thanks to Mark Cerny, off course!

    28. Zzhh on

      @David Browne: i completely agree with you. Is Shenmue 3. Is Yu Suzuki! Enought for me �

    29. Marc Weisinger on

      First of all I'm so happy, so so happy, Shenmue 3.

      But I agree with Save Shenmue, if you look at what Igavania did for their campaign every single KS should try to emulate that, was so awesome how engaging it was.

      Looking forward to some awesome stretch goals, hope people keep contributing and the game is awesome.

      Lots of interesting stuff on Polygon on this KS interesting topics, ultimately I'm more than happy to donate and help fund the effort.

      Lan Di must die

    30. Missing avatar

      Thiago Manuel da Silva Vieira on

      Why don't you make PORTUGUESE translation?
      Brazil is one of the biggest games market.
      Every one of the big titles come with PORTUGUESE option

    31. Save Shenmue on

      The marketing for this KS is really bad, you can do better. The video tells nobody who doesn't know what Shenmue is anything about it or why it's special. The video, rather than recapping the story of a boy driven by anger and revenge as he goes to extremes to find his fathers killer on an epic coming of age Kung fu story, is about potential village expansions. But no, Yu talks about move scrolls instead. Rather than show Shenmue's legacy and how it has impacted modern games it foolishly assumes that new players know what Shenmue is when it has had a new 20 year absence from the market.

      It has been coasting on the goodwill of Shenmue fans and the interest of non-fans. It needs more than that and to articulate why such a game would make Huber act like an excited child and end up grasping his co-workers hands in tears. It needs to show WHY it's so special to us so it can be passed on to a new generation. Tell new people about the story, tell them about the innovations that can still be seen today such as the cinematic cutscenes, attention to detail, weather effects, and QTE's.

      Unveil more reward tiers. There's almost nothing between $500 tier and the $10,000 tier. You need to give more reasons to make people want to upgrade their tier. Please unveal the entire list of stretch goals so we know what we are dealing with.

      How come Yu isn't going to every gaming news outlet and interviewing them on Shenmue III and why it's special? How many of them are in English? Please stop with the French stuff. The game will only be at Monaco? But not TGS or GDC or PAX? I realize that some of the developers are from France but France doesn't have a monopoly on Shenmue fans. Try marketing this in China, for instance.

      The marketing for this KS can be better than this. Yu doing a Reddit AMA is a good place to start but you can do better than this. Take a look at the Bloodstained Kickstarter for an example on how to communicate with the fans and potential backers in a more transparent manner.

      Thank you, looking forward to III.

    32. Jessica Kwon on

      Thank you Mark and thanks to all Shenmu-ers for supporting in KS.. Let's all fund this project as much as we can!!

    33. Jacob Wisner

      @Jeffrey Hey, maybe that might end up being a stretch goal at some point. I mean Bard's Tale IV is reworking Bard's Tale I-III as part of their kickstarter, so it's not *too* crazy. Though porting might be more involved for the Shenmue titles since it's possible that the licensed encoders (if any) used for some art might simply no longer be available or unsupported on modern systems.

    34. Missing avatar

      BenShenmue1988 on

      I knew Mr. Cerny was involved in this and was an advocate of sorts to the Shenmue fans' cause. He saw the value in Yu Suzuki's work and made this possible. Thanks for getting things done and also building the video game business since infancy. Also, I could have sworn I heard your voice in one of these recent Shenmue III teasers.

    35. Missing avatar

      Sulaiman AL-BaKr on

      I'm a Shenmuer You are a Shenmuer We all Shenmuers

    36. David Brown on

      Please don't listen too much to the demands of all of these self-entitled people. Yu Suzuki once said, "if you listen to too many people your game becomes like everyone else's." True fans trust in Yu and don't make demands; we just want to help him achieve what he always envisioned.

    37. Missing avatar

      scott griffiths on

      Is a proud Shenmuer!!

    38. Jeffrey on

      I'd really like I way to replay 1 and 2 without resorting to finding a Dreamcast

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    40. VentNord on

      What have dubbing in Japanese?

    41. Dexter Oliveira on

      Thanks Mark you're the man!

    42. Missing avatar

      Demetrius Mitchell on

      I recall seeing a photo of Mark and yu like a year or 2 ago
      Rumors were speculated all over the place of this very possibility.
      Thanks Mark for helping back shenmue 3 in a major way

    43. Missing avatar

      Ismaele SOCCIO on

      Thank you Mark !!!

    44. iDannes on

      Mark, just thank you! From Marble Madness to Playstation 4 (and now Shenmue), the video game era could not be the same without your work.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jordan Zwack on

      Thank you Mark Cerny! I look forward to the AMA, hopefully we'll get some good answers. Particularly I wonder why there's no ps4 physical edition, a 60 dollars pledge for ps4 physical edition would be really helpful for the campaign I feel, there's definitely demand for it including myself.

    46. Guillermo Oseguera on

      I will not stop posting this (no matter the subject) until it is confirmed: PS4 PHYSICAL RELEASE!!! PLEASE!!

    47. mabec on

      That reddit is going to be helpful

    48. Chris on

      I agree with jamie.

    49. The Wild Man of Borneo on

      Whoever is posting these updates, can you please review the comments board and respond to the fans demands.