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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. Supermitshu 8 minutes ago


    2. Rod 39 minutes ago

      Instead of the weather effects, this video will be included in the game:…

      He calls the viewers "fucks" at 0:16 for some reason

    3. Rod 44 minutes ago

      I'm with the octogenarian Breatharian grandmothers on this one. Good riddance to the weather effects!

    4. Rod about 1 hour ago

      One mustn't lurk in doorways...

    5. SirSceptic about 1 hour ago

      160 ks and 1700 on paypal. Its ok tho i complained to refund on paypal. But i keep it that way. That 1700 was that towards 10 mil. Dillon also funded on paypal i believe. 29 towards 10 mil

    6. Josh about 2 hours ago

      1860 euros? I doubt it ... 🤣🤣

    7. SirSceptic about 4 hours ago

      Robert i agree. Secrets of mana is a very good example of that. That game should have been hd'd and h2q formation of quality. And use same music in higher quality. The thing with shen12. Is that if we have to judge purely by shots. They didnt really gry to make it appealinh to the newskool. And that part angers me. Let me tell u this dont let your love be influenced by me. I say fuck me and u shouldnt care what i think. But im happy u red my opinion regardless. Its not like i hate shenmue. I mean i spend like 1860 euro on this game. But my issues with the game is the effort. If they really used the source then why is it looking lke a downgraded emulation? Come on u know we dont ask a kiwami overhaul. Just change the backgrounds like those hills and small mountains. The snow. Look at ocarina of timr 3ds.that game is the same with a nice ovethaul why didnt sega bother to do this? Thosr are just skins and shaders. And it willmale the game more appealing to the newskool.

    8. Robert Brown about 7 hours ago

      @Waves I would challenge your assumption that modern graphically remakes always look better than the original assets. If you look at secret of mana you can see that even though the PS4 version may be technically superior with 4K graphics to me they actually look worse than the SNES original.

    9. SirSceptic about 8 hours ago

      Christopher take a chill pill. Nobody is a fan of me. Nobody is with me. And thats good cause they have their own opinion. Josh is diff. So is dill and co. U r just looki g for people to circle jerk with u. Well they dont. When an individual has the same opinion as u doesnt mean he is your fuckbuddy. What r u? Millenial?

    10. SirSceptic about 8 hours ago

      At josh. Itsnot really hd. And its downgraded. I love shenmue. I love my wife untill she cheats or anything related to breaking seal of trust. At the time of dc i loved shenmue really much i was a blond sega fanboy. However sheue really kicks ass. I dont like hpw they rerelease it. Do i like shenmue? Yes.
      do i like the impressions of shen3? Certainly not. Do i like the rerelease shen not hd? Ofcpurse not. So do i likr it? No i dont. If it turns out to be good yeah thats the final verdict for shen3.
      as for shen12nothd. Im not buying that filthy piece of trash rereleased with a downgrade

    11. Missing avatar

      Christopher about 15 hours ago

      I find it hilarious he considers himself a sceptic when it's more likely he's just illiterate, ignorant, and probably just stupid too.

      Always said he's a stunning example of the Dunning–Kruger effect (where stupid and inexperienced people consider themselves smart/experts without any actual education or training in the subject they're talking about).

    12. Missing avatar

      Christopher about 15 hours ago

      Waves talking shit again.

      Shenmue I & II confirmed to be from source code, not emulated.

      Doesn't feature the see-through Ryo head bug you see with NullDC (confirmation of this here:

      Dunno wtf he's talking about when it comes to the weather effects considering the teaser trailer had snow and rain shown.

      Even Waves' "fans" should be able to see by now he's just talking shit for the sake of it. You guys indulged him for too long.

    13. Josh about 16 hours ago

      So you say you love Shenmue ... But in a heartbeat say you're not going to buy the HD renasters - Which will directly promote and go towards supporting 3 and hopefully 4... What the fuck ? 🤔

    14. SirSceptic about 16 hours ago

      Thats it im done. Not buying the game. Safed money. Dodged a bullet.

    15. SirSceptic about 17 hours ago

      At bulethe weather effect is not only not hd. But alsomeans downgrade

    16. SirSceptic about 17 hours ago

      At bule. 2 plus 2 is fo minus free is 1 quick maffs

    17. SirSceptic about 17 hours ago

      You are right sean. But solehow the productcost was lower thus profit higher withlower sales. U know it was a thing that yakuza didnt sell enough. It was a break even with every yakuza. I dont debate your facts. With yakuza 5 being digital must have played a role. With kiwami sega took of big time

    18. Bule about 18 hours ago

      Also, the reason Sega have removed the weather effects entirely from Shenmue 1 and 2 (possibly HD), is because it is offensive to octogenarian Breatharian grandmothers who wear tartan and drink tea backwards through a record player.

    19. Bule about 18 hours ago

      Karim, Captain Schnurbles called, he said you have earned your doctorate in Trollology and if you buy your cap and gown you can collect on Thnurbsday aftermorn.

    20. Sean Cook about 18 hours ago

      You say Yakuza 5 good sales bought hope, but Yakuza 5 sold less than 1,2,3 and 4...

    21. Sean Cook about 18 hours ago

      Karim, I think you would be good at writing articles on Kotaku, this is your calling.

    22. SirSceptic about 18 hours ago

      At sean. U need to go simple.
      yakuza ps2 yakuza kiwami
      Shen 12. Shen 12(not hd) and no weather effects

      This is the focus to me.
      and sega said they wanted to make it full fledged and all we got is a downgraded emulation to preven bugs and a transparent ryo to see his inside head. Look man im not hating. Im going to buy it. But the comparison is there and sega is doinh a horrible job. Concerning yakuza. Have u forgot that with every yakuza sega detested wether the next mart would come out due to low sales? Segabits was all over back then. Dont tell me why. But it was yakuza 5 good sales that brought hope. It sold good enough to convince sega to produce. Very edgy. Yakuza's fight agains the storm has done a good job. Also kiryu kicks ass and more and more see that. What do they see in shenmue. I mean we r fans so cool aight? But i mean as a millenial hardcore gamer. U see lies and scams. Photoshopped screenshots. 3 fake placehold trailers. Screenshots with ryo withoitforehead. With oversized hands. Some cgi. Hi and bye updates. Woooohooooo shenmue is great guys lets have a jolly gpod laugh and partay. And then to add salt to injury. Shen 12 remake remaster hd as it was assumed and sega confirmed that they would only make it if the quality was high. Well it turned out to be shen 12 not hd. And im absolutely sure that the collabiration with d3t poor bums has been recent. They just wanna rerelease. The disease of refelease. Sega is good at it. The freakinh segamegadrive emu on steam is based on jar files. And ps4 is goin to get the same lmao. The only trough collection was on ps3 and x360. They are diarea spreeying on us with shen 12notHD and we are catching the sprees with our tongues. It tastes filthy. But some will say it tastes good. Christopher incoming.

    23. SirSceptic about 18 hours ago

      That is the case of the present dear josh. But yakuza up untill 5 was a forced zero. Theyeven almost didnt bring yakuza 5.many dobt know that yakuza flopped on psp as well. It wasnt untillps4 came into play that yakuza started to grow tremendously. The proof is there on several sega sites. Yakuza 5 came only ouy after crying for it by the vocal minority. Im happy they did tho. It created PR. And people started to buy them games. With yakuza kiwami came the succes. Also the one in old ages was very succesfull in japan. Result. Present : yakuza has become a succes and has a healthy fan base to keep it afloat. Shenmue could have been just that if sega decided to go against the storm. But u cant blame sega fully. So this is me contradicting myself. Yu drained it badly. But its also sega fault. It was supposed to be on saturn. And they ditched saturn so yu had to male the game from scratch with dc devkits and such. So the game drained on sat and on dc. The shenmue fan base as much as i think their blind geeks. But u gotta admire the pr we give and how we shill for free. Yu and sega are horrendous in their pr. Placehold trailers photoshops and cgi dont get me started. And look at shen 12(not hd=. Back in circle. Look at the once forced zero yakuza became succesfull by going against the storm. That was a fight. That is what sega lacked. They even went against the storm with colonial marines. Bringing alien isolation. We get buttficled in our narrow tight asses without durex or astroglider. They are so greedy the wont even waste maisoil on our asses. Thats how sega does. If the shen fan base wouldnt eat crap and started to go realistic we could have a shenmue kiwami. Im just saying man

    24. Josh about 19 hours ago

      I meant to imply that the Yakuza fanbase is most likely more than double that of Shenmue ...

    25. Sean Cook about 20 hours ago

      1. I don't see evidence that the yakuza fan base is smaller.

      2. You say it was a forced zero upto yakuza 5, yet global sales for 1-4 individually were all higher than 5.

      3. Money, shenmue sold OK globally but not enough to make expected profits, Yakuza has consistently yielded a return, surely you can see the business side of that. Sega of Europe have been wanting these ports for a while but you need Sega of japan's go ahead for anything really and in Japan shenmue was a big loss so its understandable its taken so long. This ks helped change that for sure. I am happy with a glossy port, the comparisons with yakuza are pointless karim, I don't think your points are valid.

    26. SirSceptic about 21 hours ago

      At josh. I agree. The yakuza base is way smaller. And that yet again amazes me how shenmue was dorment only because well dc died and so had shenmue. Well its not dead no mo cuz well KS funding. Yakuza was a forced zero all the way to yakuza 5.but they kep making them. And even a full kiwami re invention. A'd so i get back. Shenmue waaaaaay bigger fanbase. Even theres some that didnt fund or preordered. The impact is huge. Well what does sega do? Shen12(not hd)
      Yakuza the better game but basically a forced zero. Gets remales reimagining of the whole franchise possibly. Highly possible. U get me josh?

    27. Sean Cook about 22 hours ago

      For all the advancements gaming has made since, Shenmue still offers a very unique experience in terms of pacing, immersion and attention to detail. Still one of the best ost in a game ever. Gameplay over graphics all day, I know where your coming from Robert.

    28. Robert Brown 1 day ago

      I think that the platform where people first start out set the baseline for graphical quality they find acceptable. The first console I played on was the NES so I think of NES as acceptable, Atari as unacceptable bad and dreamcast is okay although the current generation is clearly better. Someone who’s first experience of gaming was HD would probably never go back to 1 and 2. The new audiences is probably people who owned earlier consoles but never upgraded to the dreamcast.

      On release dates Sega have published release date up to Valkria Chronicles 4 on October 16 2018 So I assume the first two games will be released after that. Given what that have shown us I seriously doubt Shenmue 3 will be released this year.

    29. Josh 1 day ago

      You cant compare the fanbase of Yakuza games with that of Shenmue...

    30. SirSceptic 1 day ago

      Shen12 isnt just ment to be for fans. It is to get into the previous stories. It is disgusting when u see the strong difference yakuza1 and kiwami. Shen12 shen12(not hd). Thats a strong difference. Yakuza is niche yet gets a full remake with a new source. Shen is a huge succes trapped in a dreamcast console flop. But numbers dont lie that the game sold a lot despite that. Yakuza has always struggled but they somehow just kept investing in it. Tbh i like yakuza more then shenmue. But yakuza up untill yakuza 5.was a forced zero money drainer. Wanna know why yakuza sees succes now? Cause of loyal continuation. Shenmue is treated as sega of the old. Yu the money drainer sega the money draining. And disloyalty of any franchise. Assassins creed had one floppy assassins creed yet the francvise continued. Sega is not a company withlogic. Its a hot mess. Sor 1 succes. Sor2 succes. 3 flop why cuz megadrive was ole

    31. Dillon of Heavens 2 days ago

      I'll be playing GOW and yakuza 6 to hold me over. I'm hearing nothing but perfect reviews for GOW and high reviews for yakuza 6.

      My guess is shen12 hd will release during the holidays.

    32. Dillon of Heavens 2 days ago

      No forehead Ryo confirmed for shenmue 1 and 2 hd!!!!

    33. Sean Cook 2 days ago

      I know what you mean, just nice to get it out while there's a bit of a lull in new releases so bored gamers going into shops may notice it. No more move promts on our vmu? Flicking through the journal with touch pad might be nice though.

      I'm only a couple of trophies off platinum for bloodborne now, then I will give mad max a spin. My birthdays next month so hopefully will get SotC and or horizon zero dawn. I don't know much about the latter. Anyways, all that should keep me occupied until Kiwami 2 and Shenmue releases.

    34. Bule 2 days ago

      I hope for a release soon, but I reckon it will be autumn time (October-ish).

      The point about it clashing with big releases is true, but this Shenmue 1&2 re-release is more of a budget kind of a title. If newcomers find it and like it, great, but this is mainly being done for the fans. And kudos to Sega for that. I don't care about graphical updates, just being able to play the games on a modern system is a boon.

    35. Sean Cook 2 days ago

      Maybe a bit optimistic but I think July could be a good release date, the following months become quite saturated with big releases like GOW, Spiderman, Yakuza 6 etc. The fans will buy whenever but you don't want too many games competing when you are trying to get new players on board.

    36. SirSceptic 2 days ago

      No updates no real hd. Place hold trailers. Cgi photo's and photoshopped photos. No forehead ryo with oversized limbs. This is what we get

    37. SirSceptic 2 days ago

      We are betterof buying kiwami 2 and 6.shenmueis made to bleed us dry

    38. SirSceptic 2 days ago

      Sega and yu suzuki havent changed the smallest bit. Crooks on chateau. Thats what it is. Be prepared for a telltale game with occasional real time fights.

    39. SirSceptic 2 days ago

      Justlook ps2 yakuza and then kiwami remake. Look how fucked up shen 12 is. Its the very same game. They didnt even bother to make it. They are releasing it worst then the dc version. Yakuza kiwami was even build from scratch. No source engine needed. Guys like christopher try to talk it good here. But all i see is cashowing us. I lost my respect for the game industry long time ago. But sega just clearly fucked us dry. Yakuza ps2 yakuza kiwami. Shen 12dc shen 12 so called hd. Look into that and be prepared to be depressed and disappointed

    40. Bule 2 days ago


      Kickstarter-exclusive rewards:
      I AM SHENMUE 3

    41. SirSceptic 2 days ago

      As for shen3. Stilldidnt see an update

    42. SirSceptic 2 days ago

      My end verdict shen 12.notHD.
      i will buy the physical ps4 version purely cuz i dont have dc no more. And emulation is horrible. However i am deeply dissapointed in the yet other lies and contra of what sega said.sega clearly said if we r going to release and announce we want to make sure that it is fully realised remaster remake. Which is why it would take a long time to makeit. So i get an announcement and the game looks damned exactly like the dc version. U can barely compare the game. And even the snow is gone. And what i think it will stay gone. Cause that snow process was the reason why the emulator went wacko. So what did they do. They upscaled the resolution and tremendously downgraded some shaders and weather effects. This is a fact. And i doubt it will change. D3tis way too small. We are fucked in our asses without astroglider

    43. Dillon of Heavens 2 days ago

      Here's a video about all the answered questions so far on shenmue hd.…

    44. Missing avatar

      Victor 2 days ago

      What rewards are really kickstarter exclusive ?

    45. Bule 2 days ago

      Well, there are quite a few kickstarter rewards not available through the slacker backer route. And also some that were termed kickstarter exclusive that nevertheless are available on the slacker backer page (such as the capsule toy set). But let's not open that can of worms again...

    46. Robert Brown 2 days ago

      The S3 World Telecom Card is Kickstarter exclusive and therefore not available to PayPal backers. Everything else is the same.

    47. Geno Anthony 2 days ago

      @Christopher. Yes, I am the same person. I was just updating the profile as you typed. It's been awhile since I have been here. Thank you, so slacker backers will get their rewards. That's great news. It was SO confusing looking for that definitive answer. Cheers and thanks again.-Geno

    48. Missing avatar

      Christopher 2 days ago

      I guess that's @Geno Anthony now. What are the odds you'd change your username while I'm typing? Anyway, the answer still applies.

    49. Missing avatar

      Christopher 2 days ago

      @Eugene Lopez

      That was an invention by games journos who can't read well/didn't bother to do their jobs properly/looking for clicks.

      Basically there was a poll to determine if the rewards tiers still exclusive to Kickstarter backers would be added to the PayPal campaign. The poll didn't show much preference either way, so the PayPal rewards tiers stayed as they were when the Slacker Backer site launched.

    50. Geno Anthony 2 days ago

      Hey all!
      I backed the project on here and wanted to back it again via slacker backer. I want to get the $250 tier reward. I know there was a big thing about slacker backers not getting paypal rewards. I also know there is conflicting info out there. Can someone clarify this for me?

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