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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. Markus Krause less than a minute ago

      One more Year. You're kidding, this is total Bullshit. I thought this is Shenmue 3 and not Duke Nukem Forever Reloaded

    2. Coolsome 11 minutes ago

      After all this time Ryo face to face with Lan-Di!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jon Neale about 1 hour ago

      Coming out on PS5 then maybe 😜

    4. ShinAkuma about 3 hours ago

      Beto Costa - comekier ?
      Lan Di getting defeated in III ?!
      So who will be the villain for IV !?

    5. Francisco Benitez Martinez about 4 hours ago

      The trailer has left me with literally watery eyes. This is the best day since the Shenmue III announcement and the beginning and success of Kickstarter campaign.
      Can't wait to continue playing the best saga *ever* in videogames history.
      Everything in the trailer is amazing, the presentation, the music, the voice of the first 24 seconds is *awesome*, those scenarios are beautiful (that harbour! etc), see Lan Di... that's how a trailer is made! Character models can be improved (Ryo, Lan Di) but they have time to leave the game in the perfect work. Thanks, what a great day, this and the release of Shenmue I & II !!!

    6. ShenmueFan about 4 hours ago

      What do you guys think the sales will be for shenmue 1 and 2 re-release? Sold out on amazon UK , All my local argos's sold out . Are we looking at Over 500,000 copies sold? I've bought 4 copies anyway two ps4 ,one xbox one and one digital. Might get a physical PC version If released. I think the sales of this hinge on shenmue 4 happening imo.

    7. Missing avatar

      Christopher about 4 hours ago

      @Badgerdisco - I don't think you're quite getting my point. It's not that modern technology should somehow make it easier, but more that it's created a wider aesthetic gap to bridge between then and now.

      Basically what I'm saying is that because it's a LEAP forward rather than a gradual change, characters may appear "off". The developers haven't had the benefit of being able to incrementally refresh the appearances of characters over the last few console generations, and players haven't had a chance to acclimatise to those changes either.

    8. Dillon of Heavens about 4 hours ago

      After a very long wait, shenmue 3 is finally releasing on 8/27/19!!…

    9. Missing avatar

      Rod Stunt about 4 hours ago

      I have the same peeves I already had. Everything looks way too shiny, it's like they are in the gummy bears world (especially that martial artist guy or ryo's jacket). Ryo is off, Shenhua ok but not asian, and the logo is still bad.

    10. Devrim Alas about 4 hours ago

      NYC Shenmue 3 party? Let me know, I work in midtown.

    11. Badgerdisco about 5 hours ago

      @Christopher - 20 years of technological advancements mean it should be easier than ever to replicate the original characters. Sports games have been able to recreate likenesses of players for many years on many different consoles. It's not a big deal (most of the time we will see the back of Ryo's head) but surely achievable.

      I do agree with your other point though, the general mise en scène has been replicated to perfection. It's going to feel like Shenmue.

    12. Beto Acosta about 6 hours ago

      This trailer was amazing! I can't wait to defeat Lan Di and then show mercy. Ryo will not be consumed by revenge.

      Anyone here from Portugal?

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Scott about 6 hours ago

      Don't get peoples complaints personally I can see the development of characters and environments and its all positive steps forwards. I'm definitely impressed... Though I'd probably be happy with stick people if I finally got this game!

    14. Missing avatar

      Christopher about 6 hours ago

      If you want them 1:1 with their Dreamcast counterparts, best start building a time machine. I think they all look fine as updates to the characters after 20 years away. Skipping 20 years of technical iteration between releases is hard to cope with when refreshing a character from an old game, but a reasonably solid attempt has been made. With another year or so in the oven, things will still improve.

      Most importantly from top to bottom, that trailer felt like Shenmue. I would take literal pixel art, as long as those vibes were preserved, and they were practically dripping from that trailer.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andy Hamill about 6 hours ago

      Shenhua looks good enough, they've clearly put the most work into her. Ren looks fine too from what we see. Ryo is unacceptable as is Lan Di, he is unrecognisable apart from his clothes. I know they are capable of making these characters look as good as the shenmue passport models or the Shenmue online trailer. So far it is very worrying what we've seen. Hopefully this lack of advancement in the character models is because they've been focusing on story and game play. They need to use this year wisely and fix these characters.

    16. Badgerdisco about 6 hours ago

      Also - the music is amazing again! The game would not be the same without such a fantastic score

    17. Badgerdisco about 6 hours ago

      I can't wait! The graphics look great and the atmosphere is just as I remember. One thing though that doesn't draw me in is the look of the character models. Can Ryo look less like a cartoon and more life-like. Lan-Di doesn't look as polished and as menacing as he does on the original. I'm sure there's a lot of work to be done, but, I think it's important for fans that they look the same as in the original games.

    18. Marwa about 6 hours ago

      I'll be in NYC for a couple of days in a month, so maybe we can meet up a for a bit if you're down for it. If Roar is around there too, that would be awesome and we can all meet up then.

    19. Marwa about 6 hours ago

      Yay! Finally, a date!

    20. Anonymous81 - #ShenmueSaved about 6 hours ago

      Happy international Shenmue day, everyone. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Sean Downey about 7 hours ago

      So they have 1 year to fix Ryo's face, body dimensions and body movements.

    22. Omar Chawishly about 7 hours ago

      Well done to all the people working on making this a reality!
      Just 1 year to go, good luck to all involved.

    23. Michael Arthey about 7 hours ago

      Oh god. The feelings. Thank you all.

    24. Josh about 7 hours ago

      That trailer is just simply beautiful ... Thr moment the boat is docking ... Thr moon in the starry sky ... That moment ryo sees landi ... OMG 😍😍

    25. Missing avatar

      Christopher about 8 hours ago

      Boom. We have a release date.


      @Josh - Day One patch was supposedly pushed back for a bigger patch, or maybe still stuck in certification on consoles. Games media and fans alike were told a patch was coming, but something seems to have gummed up the works along the way.

    26. Anthony Benfante about 8 hours ago

      New trailer with Lan Di. Release date August 27th 2019.

    27. it's me it's me it's Ernest T. about 8 hours ago

      This is one of the best days in video gaming.

    28. Josh about 18 hours ago

      Yeah so It turns out the 1.01 patch IS the day one patch ... Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear.


    29. Anthony Benfante about 19 hours ago

      Not Shenmue related but... Grandia 1 and 2 HD remasters coming to switch!! I'm stoked.

    30. Devrim Alas about 20 hours ago

      Yeah Im up around Newark. I like to visit the docks and watch the forklifts drive by

    31. Dillon of Heavens about 21 hours ago

      If I remember correctly Ronald also lived in NJ or right by it. NJ seems to be home to a lot of shenmue fans it seems haha, perhaps it makes us yearn to be in a more interesting place like shenmue's asian locations.

    32. Dillon of Heavens about 21 hours ago

      It's technically central Jersey but more north haha

    33. Devrim Alas about 21 hours ago

      @Dillon north or south jersey? dont need to be too specific, im in NJ too.

    34. Dillon of Heavens about 24 hours ago

      Please don't be another "high and bye" announcement.

    35. Dillon of Heavens about 24 hours ago

      @Brian I'd rather get a release date then not get one. To me it doesn't matter how they tell us.

    36. ShinAkuma 1 day ago

      Brian - about that feeling.. we will find out tomorrow!
      Either the final release day or save transfer would be great news!

    37. Missing avatar

      Brian B 1 day ago

      I've not posted a single comment on here yet but I feel strongly on this one. I'd really prefer to hear a release date HERE first and not at some conference as we are the people who made the dream come true. We should get to know the release date before the rest of the world. On top of that, it's easier for people to read an update via email/on here than to watch a live stream - some people have jobs. Side note: is it a coincidence that the announcement will be tomorrow which is the Shenmue 1 and 2 remake release date? Hmm.

    38. Dillon of Heavens 1 day ago

      Awesome announcement 1 day before gamescom. I'm hoping this will be the big gameplay and release date announcement. It would be perfect timing with the hd releases coming out.

    39. The Wild Man of Borneo 1 day ago

      U P
      Y O U R
      P L E D G E S ! ! !

    40. Josh 1 day ago

      @Cristopher - Yup! I must admit im genuinely shocked!! 😍😍

    41. Missing avatar

      Victor 1 day ago

      Anybody saw the latest update!?

      I guess Shenmue 3 release date may be announced tomorrow in Gamescom

    42. Missing avatar

      Christopher 1 day ago

      @zach goodwin - An unfunny meme, started by a moron.


      But in other news... we're getting a Gamescom surprise after all.

    43. Robert Brown 1 day ago

      Ultimately I’d rather have a game tomorrow with a day one patch fixing some bugs. Rather than wait for November have a bug free version on the disc.

      That is of course assuming that the day one patch does fix all the bugs.

    44. Missing avatar

      zach goodwin 2 days ago

      What's all this yu suzuki has a drinking problem stuff about ?

    45. Devrim Alas 2 days ago

      Maybe I should bust out my old CRT TV from my parents house for this. Add to the nostalgia and mask the issue 👍

    46. Missing avatar

      Djawed 2 days ago

      What are ya'll thoughts on suzuki's drinking problems?

    47. Marwa 2 days ago

      Roar, K2B,
      Remind me guys. Which states you live in exactly?

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