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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. chateauzipper just now

      Suzook be like.
      Wine, dine, sixtynine. Would u be my valentine

    2. Dillon Hazuki 39 minutes ago

      New plan, destroy all alcohol! Suzook needs to finish this game without di distractions!

    3. Dillon Hazuki 40 minutes ago

      @Robert careful, you might attract Suzukis and delay the project even more.

    4. Robert Brown about 13 hours ago

      Has anyone got the Xbox X?
      Is it any good?

      Anyway I’m off to see if I can find a bottle of scotch whiskey to bribe homeless man with.

    5. chateauzipper about 16 hours ago

      Let dem chateau pour in
      Cuz we got da ks fundin
      Therefor chateau buyin
      And drainin n zippin
      Untill money gone
      Thank u shezook for drinkin chateau with our money

    6. chateauzipper about 16 hours ago

      I think shezook is doin chateau n weed n hoes. Cuz we aint be seeyin no update. These bozo's do not have honor. And do not know what promises mean. They only update when they smell money. Ks funding and deep silver. The signs r quiet clear

    7. Robert Brown 5 days ago

      I would Normally expect the trial version about three months before the expected release date. The need to have finalised Ryo model and all his moves as well as have a working camera and have build their world. It’ll still have lots of placeholders and bugs but there’s no point if you’re not trialling the full extent of the game.

    8. chateauzipper 5 days ago

      At robert. The main mac daddy question is now. When is the demo trial? The survey is looooooong away. The trial should be coming either christmas or first 3 monthss next year

    9. Robert Brown 5 days ago

      @BaneRain No they have not sent out surveys yet. The game has been delayed till the end of the 2018. So surveys are in unlikely to come any time soon.

    10. chateauzipper 6 days ago

      We be waitin
      But no updatin
      Shezook laughin
      Cuz money spendin
      And chateau drinkin
      While we end meetin
      Like poor peeps pay taxin
      We eat cheap meat toxin
      Just to ks fundin
      But no updatin
      Cuz shezook hoes fuckin

    11. chateauzipper 6 days ago

      At cliff. Shezook will answer if u bring him chateau or bewlewlew. Bewlewlew is cheaper. U can order it at my website.

    12. Missing avatar

      BaneRain 6 days ago

      Does anyone know if they sent out the surveys yet?

    13. Dillon Hazuki 6 days ago

      @rod haha not quit though that is interesting

    14. Dillon Hazuki 6 days ago

      With all those hoes and wine, it's amazing he would even have time to do normal chores like laundry and brushing teeth, not to mention making an open world game.

    15. Rod 6 days ago

      I'm pretty sure Shezook is in fact a rabbit...

    16. Tom 6 days ago

      Tweventy-Eight Hoes, Eleventy-Sporg Thousand Chateaus. And Fnorteen brandies.

    17. chateauzipper 7 days ago

      Means 356 hours a year. How many days from the beginning of Ks? U didnt count the bitches he works to do at the red light. Shezook is not a rabbit. He needs at least 5 hours. 356 x 5 is? How many days hoes and chateau?

    18. Dillon Hazuki on November 15

      Tom is right, it takes way longer to drink wine, especially chatteau. Dont let anyone fool you into thinking they only drink one glass of wine, one glass is just a tease. He would have to atleast spend 1 hr per day drinking wine.

    19. Dillon Hazuki on November 15

      Ayyyy watch the spelling! Haha I never thought of doing that for the form lift. It definitely would add more immersion to an already super immersive game.

    20. chateauzipper on November 15

      Tom. I just wanted to exagerate lol

    21. Tom on November 15

      I'm looking forward to replaying Shenmue too, Dollion.

      I recommend getting a Dreamcast steering wheel for when you hit the warehouses. It makes the game even more of a joy.

    22. Tom on November 15

      It's OK, Karim, you're a poet not a mathematics boffin...

      By the way, I think Yu spends waaay longer than 5 minutes a day drinking chateau. I mean, 5 minutes isn't even enough time to let it breathe, let alone drink it...

      Chateau makes the game grow stronger for longer.

    23. Tom on November 15

      Someone else be at that chateau, Karim. It's 1560 minutes, not hours. That's 26 hours, or just over a day, that Yu Suzuki hypothetically spends drinkin the good ol' chateau.


    24. chateauzipper on November 15

      Is 65 days. Is 2 months gone one shenmue 3. All cuz chateau

    25. chateauzipper on November 15

      Nozomo. Oolaalaa

    26. chateauzipper on November 15

      I know man. I'm just being an ass. Lol. Just venting cuz this KS thing has been not so consistent. If he can drink chateau 5 minutes a day is 30 minutes a week. 52x30 is 1560 hours is how many days ? Nitpicking at best i know

    27. Dillon Hazuki on November 15

      Just started a new play through of shenmue. I plan on playing shenmue 1 now, then 2 in the spring and hopefully 3 will come out before the summer.
      There's something really nice about the small town feel of the original, not to mention Karim's favorite part... Nazomi!

    28. Dillon Hazuki on November 15

      Suzuki has never been into making cash grab games. If Suzuki wanted dough he would make mobile games not kickstarter, especially with his passion of finishing this game he created years ago. A little chatteau here and there never hurt anyone right?

    29. chateauzipper on November 15

      It is crystal clear that yu suzuki and his mob friends are only in this for the money. They were too attentive when KS was running. Then when they got money they faded into oblivion. Then when they saw deep silver money they started delivering updates. And now that the contract has been signed they fade again into oblivion. It is safe to assume that yu suzuki is only in it for chateau and dough. I hate to say it. But these actions portray this clearly. Can u refute this?

    30. Missing avatar

      Victor on November 14

      Sent them email to ask for monthly update, promised before

    31. Gromber Fox on November 14

      any update? what happened?

    32. chateauzipper on November 13

      As long as shezook delivers.

    33. Dillon Hazuki on November 13

      @rod yeah anything beats those dreaded no plans years. I remember thinking it would be impossible for this game to be made.

    34. Dillon Hazuki on November 13

      I managed to finally hook my dreamcast to my 4k tv using a Toro box and atlona vga to HDMI box. Lets just say it wasn't easy but shenmue looks beautiful. This will definitely do until we get an hd remake.

    35. Rod on November 13

      for some reason no matter what happens with the ysnet and the updates and everything, all I can do remember the "currently no plans" years and feel thankful. I would have happily settled for a manga to finish the story back then

    36. Rod on November 13

      Still looking for the lyrics to "Attack the Barbarian." Why were they not included in the Data Discs album??

    37. chateauzipper on November 13

      Shenmue really has to do with ones personality. And this time i am not trolling. The chateau is only a part of it

    38. chateauzipper on November 13

      To be honest people shouldnt be surprised if it gets delayed again. The trial should come really soon. Even if just this year december. The drag and tear and shred with this game is strong.

    39. Supermitshu on November 13

      Fathers heaven...

    40. Supermitshu on November 13

      I checked some updates � in my eyes it doesn‘t look like they are pretty far in their creation process hahaha

    41. Supermitshu on November 13

      Thanks Tom :)
      Well then, I hope we get a trial soon.... because I think once we get a trial, we will still have to wait a long time don‘t we?

    42. Gordon Wong on November 13

      Damnn, that's ages away :(

    43. Tom on November 13

      Hi Gordon Wong,

      Hopefully end of next year.

    44. Gordon Wong on November 13

      When is the release date for this game? Sorry, i haven't been keeping up with the updates.

    45. chateauzipper on November 12

      Honestly tho. We need the promised demo trial

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