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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. Dillon of Heavens just now

      Here's a comparison video of the versions. I've only ever played the xbox version.

    2. Robert Brown about 5 hours ago

      I expect them to use the dreamcast originals as dreamcast to PC emulators are available so they can use them as a starting point.

      Original Xbox to Xbox one port are not all that easy. (There are relatively small number of original Xbox games with backward compatible and some are broken ). That will also probably want to maintain consistency across the two games.

    3. Bule about 6 hours ago


      But there is no Shenmue 1 for Xbox, so what will be done there?

      Xbox version of Shmue 2 also does not have any shadows on characters.

      Personally I think they will make a pseudo-Dreamcast emulator shell and port/tweak the Dreamcast version of both games.

    4. Missing avatar

      Christopher about 6 hours ago

      @Josh - Yes.

      The OG Xbox is architecturally closer to what we have now, as opposed to the DC. Shenmue IIx also has improvements worked in on an engine level like stencil shadows, bloom, motion blur, and proper texture filtering/mipmaps, plus other bonuses like higher resolution textures and an increased polycount on Ryo. It's a superior* version of the game that's easier to port, and likely the one being used for Shenmue I & II.

      *technologically speaking. The bloom and motion blur are excessive but I wouldn't be surprised if their implementation is reassessed and toned down for the rerelease, and will probably include an option to turn it off entirely. At the very least, someone will figure out how to turn it off/tone it down in the PC version through modding.

    5. Josh about 15 hours ago

      I have a feeling that maybe the conversion from Xbox to modern consoles may be easier than DC.

    6. Missing avatar

      zach goodwin about 20 hours ago

      I'd say Dreamcast Xbox used way to much bloom effect and transparent objects had to be omitted also the controlls on arcade games was analogue only which pretty much broke space harrier

    7. Dillon of Heavens 1 day ago

      And what would make you choose that, Josh?

    8. Josh 1 day ago

      @Dillon - I reckon it will probably be the Xbox version.

    9. Dillon of Heavens 1 day ago

      I wonder if it will be the xbox or dreamcast shenmue. Both had different visuals and features.

    10. Josh 1 day ago

      If im not mistaken Shenmue 2 had a similar feature right? Which allowed you to play unlocked content on disc 4 ... Street fights, arcade games ...?
      Or am I mistaken?

    11. Bule 1 day ago

      Yeah, I would have thought so, Josh, perhaps accessible through an option on the main menu and gradually unlockable throughout the game.

    12. Josh 2 days ago

      I wonder if the Shenmue 1 HD remaster will have an equivalent of the Passport disc. 🤔

    13. acidrain82 2 days ago

      I need to start thinking of my message for the guest book.

    14. ghost of dr phil 3 days ago

      The coldest, rottenest, moldiest revenge ever served. The Klingons will be proud.

    15. Robert Brown 3 days ago

      It’s a good thing revenge is a dish best served cold because if it is not now It will be by the time it arrives.

    16. ghost of dr phil 4 days ago

      I will have my revenge.

    17. Dillon of Heavens 4 days ago


    18. Dillon of Heavens 4 days ago

      Ya know, that's very deep...

    19. Josh 5 days ago

      Life is a survey in general. Always filling in information. 🤔

    20. Bule 5 days ago

      I had a survey once, but I took it for granted, so it left me... :/

    21. Devrim Alas 5 days ago

      I want a survey :'(

    22. ghost of dr phil 5 days ago

      Just got the survey and sent it in. It was the most amazing experience of my life.

    23. Missing avatar

      Christopher 6 days ago

      @Josh - Even after submitting the survey you may still be able to alter your address. Hopefully you don't move between the point where surveys are closed and the game releases.

      And yes, it's a test using a small sample size of backers so they can tweak the system and compile an FAQ for when the surveys go out widely.

      @Dillon - I'm sure you've read it by now, but the update makes clear this isn't an announcement of an announcement. Random backers are getting their surveys so a dry run of the system can be performed. If you look in the right places you can find screenshots and information about what's contained in the survey, plus stuff like the ability to add-on to your pledge if you want, and some details on minimum PC specs too.

    24. Ruben Castillo Jimenez 6 days ago

      Do you know which is the hightest upgrade I can do??

    25. Dillon of Heavens 6 days ago

      I wonder who the lucky ones will be that get the limited edition surveys?

    26. Missing avatar

      WAI-HAI 6 days ago

      my friend received and completed the survey !

    27. Robert Brown 6 days ago

      @Peter Kadlec you gave money to a Japanese company using a US website. They know nothing of your European rights, regulations and taxes.

    28. Dillon of Heavens 6 days ago

      @Josh we still probably have another year until release, I'm sure you will be able to change it before then if your moving.

    29. Dillon of Heavens 6 days ago

      So an announcement to announce that they are sending a survey soon. It has been a long time running but should signify (hopefully) that the game is nearing completion.

    30. Josh 6 days ago

      I wonder why that is?? A test of somewhat or.. ?

    31. Devrim Alas 6 days ago

      But it says the surveys are going out to a random few backers. Wonder how many that actually means....

    32. Josh 6 days ago

      Only thing im worried about is I may be changing homes in the next year or so ... so dont know what to do regarding the shipping address 🤔

    33. Missing avatar

      Larvagator 6 days ago

      @Dillon, you didn't receive the e-mail from KS? There's a new update here.

    34. Dillon of Heavens 6 days ago

      where did you hear about the surveys? This is big news if true!

    35. Thomas 6 days ago

      Hey Marwa hope you are well. I check In from time to time but then leave when I see all the crying/hating on Yu Suzuki.

    36. Missing avatar

      Larvagator 6 days ago

      I wonder how many surveys they send me.. I've sent money their way using different email addresses both here and on that paypal page.

    37. Marwa 6 days ago

      Welcome back! it's been a while since I've seen you commenting here

    38. Thomas 7 days ago

      @Malin I doubt it. I am hearing people can upgrade pledges on the survey apparently.

    39. Missing avatar

      Malin 7 days ago

      Hi! i have a question i backed the kickstarter with 12 dollars and used the slacker backer paypal for 29 dollars for the digital game. Do you think i could collapse the two into one and get the physical version?

    40. Josh 7 days ago

      @Peter - Then i guess no rewards for you then ...? 🤗

    41. Missing avatar

      Christopher 7 days ago

      @Michele - I would say it's unlikely SEGA included such a clause, but even then the licencing agreement would pre-date SEGA starting to use Denuvo in their PC releases anyway.

    42. Missing avatar

      Michele 7 days ago

      I know SEGA is not the publisher here, but maybe there was a clause upon grant the license. Let's hope it is as you say.

    43. Missing avatar

      Christopher 7 days ago

      @Michele - SEGA isn't publishing Shenmue III on PC, Deep Silver/THQ Nordic are. Obviously can't 100% confirm that means no Denuvo, but out of their upcoming games of Metro Exodus, Wreckfest, and Darksiders III, none of them are listed as having Denuvo DRM.

    44. Michael Barnhart 7 days ago

      Dillon has a man crush on Trump, but he is still unsure of his sexuality so he hides the crush by hating on Trump instead.

      It is ok Dillon, we won't think less of you of you out yourself. :-)

    45. Missing avatar

      Peter Kadlec 7 days ago

      Dear Ys Net support,

      since May 25th you arent allowed anymore to bypass personal data to third parties without the permission of the users. I will kindly support you on any questions you have via Kickstarter, but i dont agree to transfer my personal data to a third party company. That problem was also already solved at a different campaign that way.

    46. Marwa 7 days ago

      You're gonna have to change your answer to the surveys question, it seems

    47. Missing avatar

      Michele 7 days ago

      After the recent SEGA fiasco with drm (Sonic Mania and now Yakuza 0), should we expect Denuvo on the pc version of Shenmue 3?

    48. Anthony Benfante 7 days ago

      Surveys incoming!!!

    49. Dillon of Heavens on June 14, 2018

      @Josh you lucked out because there wasn't many surprises.

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