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Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series.
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    1. Fighter(IRL) about 11 hours ago

      Magic monaco what will dem be?
      Will its be cgi or photoshop to thee?
      Will we get raw footage.
      Or raw sewage?
      Will we be happy.
      Or will we be crazy?
      Will yu drink chateau?
      Or will he go magic monaco?
      Not sure to say yo
      Allya be callin the popo
      If we been scammed
      We be slapped
      If we be helped
      We be delt.
      Whoever smelt it delt it.
      Whoever drinks it makes it
      Cuz when the chateau zippin.
      The shenmue makin

    2. Fighter(IRL) about 11 hours ago

      At josh. One can hope. Let alone of yu shezook is gown be there. If the wine palace is open. He wont be attending monaco. No joke theres a place there called wine palace. Keep yo expectations low. Cuz once they zippin we be knowin no good reavealin

    3. Josh about 11 hours ago

      Will there be a live feed for the monaco event?

    4. Sean Cook about 19 hours ago

      Maybe he has the alertness hood from kiwami, or unlocked the ability than increases attacks when drunk. Remember the drunk NPC in Shenmue one "I'm just fine and dandy!"

      Ayo Dillon, I see the god of war games are available on PS Now, I might try that service out for a couple of months. I did hear Yakuza 4 and 5 were added to PS Now this month, but it seems not in the EU/UK unfortunately.

    5. Fighter(IRL) 1 day ago

      yuuster will win the drink competition nop doubt. ythe dude doezsnt change its like he isnt even drunk

    6. Sean Cook 1 day ago

      Yu's conference runs from 10.40am to 12.00

    7. Sean Cook 1 day ago

      Guys, Dolphin Lundgren is going to be a guest at Monaco, crazy, he and Yu should arm wrestle and have a drinking competition!

    8. Missing avatar

      zach goodwin 1 day ago

      Shenmue shenmue shenmue shenmue shenmue III III III III III just had tonget that off my chest :)

    9. Fighter(IRL) 2 days ago

      I am just hopin
      That we dont be needin
      The pitchforkin
      And that the money is been spendin
      On the shenmue makin
      As for the chateau zippin
      U cant stop poorin
      Cause it is addictin
      But at least we askin
      For some real final gamin
      So that we be havin
      A great amount of satisfaction
      And that have this feelin
      That we were not been scammedin

    10. Dillon Hazuki 2 days ago

      That's the one sequence that felt out of place in the first game and didn't control well on the ps2. They probably made it better on ps4.

    11. Sean Cook 2 days ago

      I still love the game, just hate how unforgiving that one sequence is, and the fact it makes you restart the entire chapter when you fail, not just the chase.

    12. Dillon Hazuki 2 days ago

      Big bootyin and wine palace-in is the real reason Yu is going. We better get the pitchforks and torches ready.

    13. Dillon Hazuki 2 days ago

      The car chase was awful on the ps2 on normal, I can't even imagine legendary. I rat her play all the games in the series and experience the story, I feel like platinuming games like that will make you hate the game.

    14. Sean Cook 2 days ago

      As amazing as the games are, it's easy to get fatigued after 100+ hours, so it's healthy to take a break. The gambling completions are a little easier in Kiwami, as you can get items that increase your win chances for every gambling game. Legendary play through is also slightly more forgiving in Kiwami compared to 0, because you can use a clear game file to start legendary, meaning you keep items, upgraded abilities etc unlike 0 where you HAVE to start legendary bare bones. But be warned, the car chase on legendary I have mentioned WILL break your spirit. It is HORRIBLE!!!

    15. Marwa 2 days ago

      I almost gave up on trying to platinum Yakuza because I was getting bored I guess, but after leaving it for a while, I'm back to trying with Kiwami now.

    16. Tom 2 days ago

      If the Shenmue bus is rockin,
      Don't come a-knockin.

    17. Fighter(IRL) 2 days ago

      Only gameplay we be seeyin
      Then Then we be fundin
      Cuz we be havin
      A whole lotta motivation.
      And we also b fundin
      The chateau zippin
      So that the shenmue makin
      And there be no shakin
      Except dem hoes ass bootyin

    18. Sean Cook 3 days ago

      And Yu no be shakin
      The game he be makin
      Got a nice presentation
      Gameplay demonstration
      Cedric be pop and lockin
      Cuz there's no photoshoppin

    19. Fighter(IRL) 3 days ago

      The monaco nearin
      And we be waitin
      And we hopin
      That after all the waitin
      We be gettin
      A major updatin with a lot of chantin
      Cuz we be happy within
      Our heart be tickin boomin
      But if we no updatin
      We be goin freakin
      Cuz after payin and waitin
      We want the real dealin
      We be deservin
      After all that we be payin

    20. Fighter(IRL) 3 days ago

      So sean what should we do. Block the entrance? We dont want yuuster to have shaky hands. He's strictly chateau. The dude knows quality. But i want it 2 b like. Chateau zippin shenmue makin. And not chateau zippin no updatin and we waitin

    21. Sean Cook 3 days ago

      There is a place called wine Palace in Monaco no joke, that's where Yu is really going, he might pop into magic if time permits. Cedric needs to get the good bottles out, it will loosen yus lips

    22. Sean Cook 3 days ago

      Surprised the 79 coins isn't a trophy achievement. I really need a break now, this car chase on legendary is f****** b*******. I can't express enough. Karim, if Yu has shaky hands we know the chateau has run out and he is having withdrawl symptoms.

    23. Fighter(IRL) 3 days ago

      Guys. 3 days.

    24. Anthony Benfante 4 days ago

      Anybody watch the live action full metal alchemist on Netflix yet? Thoughts?
      Also, I platinum'd SoTC. Going for all 79 coins now.

    25. Dillon Hazuki 4 days ago

      @Sean you'll like god of war if you like action games (with alot of blood) and if you like Greek mythology. All 3 games are great, ascension was just good. I haven't heard much about yakuza 6, hopefully what you heard is wrong, because a great character like kazuma deserves the best ending.
      @Tom I really liked yakuza 0 story, it was unpredictable and interesting.

    26. Fighter(IRL) 4 days ago

      Bad news for system shock reboot. The game is in dire straits and kn need for money. The money of KS and publishers has run out and the game even tho success of KS might be cancelled. If yu suzuki keeps playing us with footage that is just a cgi ro make us hot. W might get cold real soon. The game is slowly turning in to 30 million game. I do not have good feelings

    27. Tom 4 days ago

      Good! In that case, I'll call off the lynch mob :)

    28. Sean Cook 5 days ago

      Tom, I'm gonna look at a few videos but 90% sure I will pick it up already.

      Ant. In Zero I think the climax battles are in the main menu from the start and you unlock new ones as you go through the story. In Kiwami you don't see climax battles in main menu until you finish the story and then they are all unlocked at once. Funny though, I thought they were hard, but now, I'm playing on legendary difficulty, which hasn't been challenging really in Kiwami upto now. Now I am on a car chase scene, and it is ridiculously hard, what makes it worse is when you fail, you must restart the chapter which entails a long fight through a building followed by a boss. My patience is battered!

    29. Tom 5 days ago

      And Sean, Shadow of the Colossus isn't a puzzle game, not really. I mean, you have to figure out how to beat each Colossus, but the main focus is on dexterity and action. I would compare it to another game, but there aren't really any other games I can think of where you have to climb onto huge creatures and stab them in the head. Maybe Horizon Zero Dawn? But I haven't played that yet (cos of backlog)...

    30. Tom 5 days ago

      Nice one, Anthony. That third Colossus can be a real pain. It's all plain sailing to that platinum now!

    31. Anthony Benfante 5 days ago

      I haven't played Kiwami yet. I've made it a good chunk through 0 but haven't beat it yet. I'm trying to complete as much as possible along the way. But I need to take breaks from that game is to play other stuff, I've got like 80 hours into it. When do you have access to climax battles?

    32. Sean Cook 5 days ago

      Well done ant. I don't know if anyone else has tried them yet but the climax battles you unlock in Kiwami seem much more difficult than those in 0. I haven't completed all on either game yet. Well done for persevering!

    33. Anthony Benfante 6 days ago

      All hard time attacks done except the third Colossus. The 15th was definitely a challenge but three is just whooping my ass. I need that Queen sword so I can blow through the rest of the trophies and get that platinum!

    34. Sean Cook 6 days ago

      The plot becomes more intricate and the characters and their motivations are really quite captivating. It's written and executed very well and builds up nicely from a simplistic starting plot line. Kiwami pales in comparison but that's fair given the age difference of games, it's still enjoyable don't get me wrong but yeah 0 just raises the bar right the way through (stick around post credits!)

      COMBOOO! I really really loved killer instinct for the SNES. Never got into N64 so missed that one and the one on the 360. I was a bit of a button masher and I still fondly somehow accidentally triggering the (wolf looking dudes name?) finishing move, and obviously to enter such a unique sequence of buttons by accident felt amazing, complete one off.

      SotC looks quite intriguing, though I have never been a fan of puzzle games, maybe this can win me over though and open a new door. I'm already seeing it around the £23 mark.

    35. Tom 6 days ago

      As for Friday the 13th, I backed it via Kickstarter but the first few weeks of release were a real shitshow, even getting a game was a struggle - so I just gave up essentially. The idea of an asymmetric multiplayer game was appealing, but the execution was apparently poor. Maybe I'll give it a try soon.

      Final note, if you haven't played Shadow of the Colossus yet Sean, now is the prime time to do so :) By all accounts it's been nicely jazzed up for the PS4. Will be playing it right after Yakuza Zero.

      When did my gaming backlog get so long? :\

    36. Tom 6 days ago


      I'm about half way through the story on Zero, I think. And it's a very intriguing story, if you ask me. I definitely want to find out how things pan out in the end.

      Regarding fighting games, I always liked Killer Instinct because you could do those ridiculously long combos.

    37. Sean Cook 6 days ago

      Karim, I haven't really played any fighting games in a long time. I really loved them in the 16 bit era upto dreamcast times, then I just stopped playing them. I have many of the old kofs on my handheld emulator and they play quite nicely. I like the look of it and also the street fighter collection coming soon, it's got sf1, like 5 versions of 2, 3of 3 and alpha 1-3, online too so might be good fun. Fighter Z looks quite nice, I enjoyed raging blast 2 a lot.

      I never played any GOWs dil, there's a cheap remastered one I often see posted though. I really need to play 3-5 before I will look at 6. It sounds like people were a bit disappointed with the story and how kiryus arc ends, I'm sure it will still be an enjoyable play though and the heads up helps keep the hype in check I guess.

    38. Dillon Hazuki 6 days ago

      Right now I'm just waiting for yakuza 6 and God of war to cone out.

    39. Fighter(IRL) 6 days ago

      it is either sfv or kof14. u gotta buy one of them man. kof14 is the better game. sfv is the populair game. kof 14 has all what sfv dont. 50 character rosters not even counting dlc. balanced players. adult community. no top tier characters. roll dash projectiles. there is an answer for every move. and the netcode is perfect. well sfv is the most populair but the rest its the opposite of kof 14 unfortunately. oh and guess what kof14 is also cheaper

    40. Sean Cook 6 days ago

      Let's see some of that fishing! Really though we should reign in the expectation when nothings been promised for Monaco aside from Yu being there.

      Hey Tom, how are you getting on with Zero? Are you getting Secret of Mana? Also I noticed in your trophies you have played Friday 13th, is it any good?

      I can see some good deals on SotC, wipeout and a few others.

      Karim those king of fighters invitations you send me always seem to be expired when I click on them, not sure if I can accept a match without owning the game.

    41. Fighter(IRL) 6 days ago

      I am lively. And if its good i will give a compliment. If its bad imma be really vocal

    42. Anthony Benfante 7 days ago

      The biggest thing I'm looking forward to from Monaco is this comment section getting a little more lively.

    43. Dillon Hazuki 7 days ago

      The Yuuster better blow our minds at Monaco. Lots of hype indeed.

    44. Dillon Hazuki 7 days ago

      Gog and magog I believe is a great battle right before armeggedon.

    45. Fighter(IRL) 7 days ago

      So we can conclude that we the fans were but tools. And the for the fans by the fans speech was just a void sentiment. Logo changed and no forehead. Rendering hazuki unrecognizable

    46. Fighter(IRL) 7 days ago

      By the way guys. The way shenmue is handled is disgusting. I always have that look of a fearfull man when anticipate stuff like monaco and e3. And with shenmue its even more of a stretch. We have to realize if igarashi with simple 2d game delays a lot. Then expect yuuster to take another decade of delays and the slurping of liquor b2b all day everyday non stoppin without doubtin

    47. Fighter(IRL) on February 16

      Let me clarify. Not the americans who live in it perse. Its the khazar government letbthat be clear

    48. Fighter(IRL) on February 16

      Ghos dont joke about that. Gog and magog is a real thing. Since the brrier was broken they have been spreading mischief in the world. Gog and magog is the khazar. And they are identified as america and west europe. They make wars and decieve people. And they will keep doing so untill the one eyed man comes.

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