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£19,163 pledged of £98,000 goal
By Yradia
£19,163 pledged of £98,000 goal

MEG's 1st week roundup!


A sincere Thank You to all people who backed, supported or just talked about MEG!

MEG's first week (of 4) roundup has seen more than 1K FB Friends and more than 15K $ raised!

Let's push things forward! Time is now and until April 30!

Here's a recap of who's spending a word about MEG: 

Fast Company's Co.Exist (US) - "The best bit is that your greenhouse is part of a crowd of similar devices."

Arduino Blog (Italy) - "...your neighbour’s tomatoes won’t be more red than yours!"

Atmel Corporation blog (US) - " [MEG] is powered by the Atmel-based Arduino MEGA 2560 board."

Knowable (Germany) - MEG is their Project of the Week!

Factor Magazine (UK) - MEG is among their "Most Futuristic Designs"! (US) "Growing plants and vegetables has countless benefits, but it’s not always that straightforward. MEG [...] lets you call on the crowd when you’re not quite sure what to do."

Backer Jack (US) - "There is a ton of potential here for home growers, botany enthusiasts, and especially for scientists. [...] anybody who wants to grow the best plants will need a MEG, or something like it, before long." 

FNG Magazine (Italy) - "In one word: the Future"

KnewOne (China) - "If your home does not have garden nor terrace, but [...] want and find joy in life, then you might be interested in a MEG - the intelligent greenhouse"

Trend Hunter ECO (US) - "As admirable as growing one's own fruits and vegetables would be, it is not an easy task to undertake-alone, that is; MEG [...] changes that by connecting likeminded people together."


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    1. Yradia Creator on April 7, 2014

      Thank you everybody!