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Unleashed is a dark RPG themed around sins and virtues. Discover the story of Mercy, a young woman living in a cursed world.
Unleashed is a dark RPG themed around sins and virtues. Discover the story of Mercy, a young woman living in a cursed world.
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What we've been working on these days

Posted by Florent Goumot-Labesse (Creator)
Hey there,  

We wanted to share some progress with you regarding the different domains our artists have been working on these days. Ans as always, thanks for supporting us and for sharing the project! Before jumping into work presentation, we wanted to let you know that the demo has been updated to version 0.19.6; you can download it via the campaign page as always. Do not hesitate to send your feedback to!  


While we've focused a lot on UI design lastly, creatures and tileset elements are still being created; we want to keep our level of details as it was, even if the production speed isn't as quick as it could be. I'll let you appreciate some level of details with a Wrath creature we've been working on:  


UI items  

We've really been late regarding UI design, since we've been using placeholders for a long time. Unlike creatures, having placeholders for menus wasn't a big issue, but when we started sharing the demo, we felt like it was really messy to mix placeholders and finished UI. So we've put a lot of efforts to design those UI items. Particularly, we wanted to show you some decorations that will enhance menus' quality, and illustrate their function.


What's next?  

It's been a while since we started thinking about stretch goals. Now we're getting closer to our goal, so we may reveal our first stretch goal around when we get around 90%. That's probably what the next update will be about: stretch goals. So stay tuned!


Indie game campaign worth checking: Fatal Flash  

We always keep an eye on new video games projects coming to Kickstarter, and we must say that there's one that recently caught our attention. Fatal Flash is a competitive 2D online multiplayer brawler that features lightning-paced, movement-heavy combat, champions with hundreds of customization options, and varied game modes. Plus, they've already added a demo for PC, MAC and Linux that you can already grab to play online. Lastly, they'll be announcing tournaments soon, where backers and non-backers will be able to compete to win special prizes.  

You can check their project here   


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