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The YRG-pro is a MIDI guitar based on our proven technology designed for studio and performing musicians.
The YRG-pro is a MIDI guitar based on our proven technology designed for studio and performing musicians.
117 backers pledged $89,398 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John Nguyen on

      Been trying to get an update on my guitar but no luck (I'm located in Australia). I've tried emailing Got an initial response from a Chasey Elion but have been emailing since week after week and no response.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony DeFusco on

      Hello Gavin:

      I look forward to seeing the comments from you and other backers there.

      If I recall correctly, backers outside the USA had to pledge extra for shipping. Although we backers here in the States did not need to pledge extra for shipping, domestic shipping and handling within the continental USA (FedEx Ground) did set me back about about $40 but took just seven days to travel from the West Coast to the East Coast.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gavin on


      I'll definitely head over to the GS thread once i receive mine. Backed this on the 9th July 2012 and still waiting.
      Any backers outside the U.S. received theirs?

    4. Missing avatar

      Tony DeFusco on

      Now that the first batch of Lineage MIDI guitars have been delivered to us KickStarter backers, I wanted to start a new thread on GearSlutz where we backers could share our impressions regarding this eagerly anticipated new instrument/MIDI controller. Come share your experiences with me here:

    5. You Rock Guitar Creator on


      LINEAGE KS's, please consider posting comments and opinions on our FORUM page on - this will be more beneficial to any LINEAGE users or others where technical notes and other things can be talked about. KS is not the right forum for discussion.

      Ken, you had mentioned you would like to have purchased a LINEAGE and it became too expensive for you. We do have a few that we will offer up at a discounted price. These are new but have slight blemishes and cannot be sold as "new" - we will be working on pricing for these. Send any messages to

      Thanks again!
      Emma ~ Team LINEAGE // YRG

    6. Ken Baugh on

      Fellow backers, when you receive your Lineage and have had a chance to use it, please post your opinions here. Thank you.

    7. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      Hi Everyone,

      Please note that we have started to ship em out in order of pledges. In response to David's note, there is a fledgling user guide on our site under the Support Tab, or directly here:

      We will continue to grow this document and support video material.

      If you have questions about usage etc .. please open a ticket at or write to

    8. David Hasty on

      Fellow backers: I just received my Lineage guitar, although the website form listed my order as awaiting fulfillment -- no shipping or tracking information was ever given. It is packed very well; the gig bag is impressive, and the guitar itself appears to be well-made and professional looking beyond my expectations. I'm afraid to turn it on, or plug it in and test it out because there is zero documentation to help figure out how anything works. So, it's finally over. I only hope that a previous promise will be kept: "We will probably make a simple tutorial video on how to use the display." Congratulations, YRG, you did it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gavin on

      Anyone had word their Lineage is on the way ?

    10. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      Ken, We have had to invest a lot of time and money into this to get the product out for our backers. Backers got a real good deal at $500, the retail price is a function of the economic reality.

    11. Ken Baugh on

      I wanted to add, after several years of waiting for its release, the cost increase has brought to the cost of the Lineage out of range for me.

    12. Ken Baugh on

      It looks like the Lineage is going to be a nice guitar controller, but I have to admit, I'm a bit disapointed that the price keeps going up. When the kick starter begun, the expected retail price was $899, with a street price of $500-$599-ish. Now I see the retail price is $1,299 with a street price of $999.00.

    13. Peter Stumpf

      Sean McKee about the Lineage (taken from the comments of the Youtube video the last update referred to, Sounds like somebody is having genuine fun.

      "I did all my parts with the new Lineage MIDI Guitar from Inspired Instruments ( makers of the You Rock Guitar. Lineage is a big step up. It is simply the most incredible way for guitarists to express themselves with synth and sampled sounds, with perfect tracking, no false triggers or latency. I've got MIDI pickups on a few other guitars, but Inspired Instruments are the only ones that let me pull off a notey solo like I did in this song, without all the usual side effects associated with traditional MIDI guitars. The built in touchscreen gives some really cool options for modulations via XY pad, switchable whammy bar and other methods. The build quality and feel and look of the Lineage is top notch, beautiful, modern and classic at the same time. I'm doing things that were impossible before and having a lot of fun. Cliff Elion, inventor, sat with me to go over the features, and there was more than a few times a light bulb went off in my head and a big smile appeared on my face when I thought about the possibilities... The album Jon and I have been working on absolutely wouldn't be possible with Inspired Instruments, as I composed all the orchestral parts via their guitars, and if you're looking for a MIDI guitar, the Lineage is the best you can get."

      Looks like the wait was worthwhile :-).

    14. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      @kickstarters - note update has been sent today. Please check your spam folder if you have not been receiving them.
      ~ Team YRG

    15. Ken Baugh on

      I'm glad to see things are moving along nicely. Will you be able to video tape someone play it so we can see it in action?
      Thanks, Ken

    16. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      David - You just emailed through info and was responded to immediately. The last update was just over a month ago. Weeks turn into months around here while we are working hard. We are available via phone or email at any time, and we respond accordingly.
      ~ Team YRG

    17. David Hasty on

      I just called 1-805-426-5000 and was told that the latest update was two weeks ago; looking at the kickstarter website and the ios app reveals that this is clearly a lie. I'm at beginning to get annoyed that the backers are being ignored!

    18. David Hasty on

      "I've got a bad feeling about this..."

    19. Missing avatar

      Jaden on

      Guys an update would be good since you have gotten the pieces from the update last month...

    20. David Hasty on

      Could you PLEASE not make us beg for an update? It's mid-December on year four and my frustration continues to grow. I am beginning to lose faith...

    21. Missing avatar

      Gavin on

      Do you have any kind of an update to share ? A few Pictures ?

    22. Ken Baugh on

      No way to edit...The second 'are' was a typo.

      Video or pics of the new YRG/lineage, or it didn't happen. :]

    23. Ken Baugh on

      If you don't post a video of one of you playing the new YRG's from the new shipment, I'm going to start thing you guys are like are squaresville man. :]

    24. Missing avatar

      Jaden on


      Is there any update? It is November now :)

    25. Gerard Lynch on

      In time for Christmas?

    26. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      Standby for an update in the next day or two.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gavin on

      It's been around 6 weeks since our last update, Throw us a bone.

    28. Missing avatar

      Gavin on

      Whats the latest ?

    29. Ken Baugh on

      Thanks for your response. Could you elaborate a bit on the "more stable mechanics"
      What are they specifically?

    30. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      @Ken The basic technology has the same engine as the most recent Gen2 + RADIUS neck. However, the solid body and more stable mechanics make a big difference to the feel and responsiveness of the instrument.

    31. Ken Baugh on

      Oops, i meant to say "right hand triggers"

    32. Ken Baugh on

      I just saw the short demo video of the lineage at
      Is it my imagination or did you improve the responsiveness of the six right hard triggers?

    33. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      Samples came in and I'll be publishing another quick update shortly!

      @Ken That was the idea, yes. I like to think that the name also alludes to broader implications of change within the music industry.

    34. Ken Baugh on

      Thanks for your reply... so I'm guessing Lineage would imply it is the next step in the evolution from its predecessor the YRG 2nd generation?

    35. Gerard Lynch on

      An advance (beta) user manual would be nice!

    36. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      @Ken We wanted this product to have its own identity.

    37. Ken Baugh on

      Just wondering, why did YRG decide to change the name for the new Midi controller from YRG Pro to Lineage?

    38. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      An update will come shortly. We just received some information from our CM.

    39. David Hasty on

      update, please?

    40. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      I'll try to put something together for you all over the weekend or early next week. If you haven't already please fill out your backer surveys.

    41. Missing avatar

      Gavin on

      Ahh yes, I saw that. The way i read it, It was a more recent post.

    42. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      Gavin, it was in response to a backer on May 15th. Like David, are you unable to see any comments on that update?

      I'll compile the latest and put it in a formal update.

    43. Missing avatar

      Gavin on

      Josh, Is the info your referring to posted in the last 24hrs ? If so i cant see anything either (viewing on desktop pc)

    44. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      I'm not sure why you can't see the comments on your iPhone. I can imagine that there are other backers who are equally as frustrated as you. That said, we're doing everything we can to make this happen as quickly as possible.
      The product is coming; we're in the final stretch. Please hang in there for just a little longer.

    45. David Hasty on

      Nice. I see no comments to update 30, at least not on the iPhone app. Q2 is running out, and I was expecting product in hand by your own estimate! I can't believe no one else is annoyed by this deafening silence so close to delivery. It's hard to be completely civil when what I perceive is a lack of urgency. This is no $20 phone case, it's a big ticket item, three YEARS in the making! We deserve better, IMHO.

    46. You Rock Guitar Creator on


      I'll put some information together for an update shortly. In the meanwhile I posted some information in the comment section of update 30.


    47. David Hasty on

      Update please!

    48. Bob on

      I like the wood body look. Also it is nearing mid March and was just wondering about is there any update on the production run for the backers?


    49. You Rock Guitar Creator on

      Hi David,

      In theory it should be easier to use at the top level than the current YRG because the LCD allows access to parameters and adjustments that were programmed via the 2 digit, 7-segment display on the YRG-1000. There are more complex modulation and control configurations, but they are pretty easy to set up. We will probably make a simple tutorial video on how to use the display.


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