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The Civility is a precision-machined aluminum yoyo designed to help players learn the most advanced yoyo tricks on

This Kickstarter project will give us the funds we need to bring the Civility Yoyo to market. We already have working prototypes - seen in the video and pictured below - and now we just need your help to raise the funds necessary to make a full run of yoyos which will then be distributed to our Kickstarter supporters and made available to our users on (Our intention is to retail the Civility for $90, but for those who support our Kickstarter project we are making this first run available for a pledge of $75.)

The Civility is a precision-machined aluminum yoyo. The final product will be anodized in bright colors as well as grey and black. The Civility also features the YoYoFactory Center Trac bearing which has high edges to keep the string centered on the axle to ensure minimum friction during play allowing for extra long spins.

Anodized Civility Yoyo Colors
Anodized Civility Yoyo Colors

The Civility yoyo was designed by Colin Leland, who has designed some of the yoyo community's favorite yoyos for advanced players. His ability to combine elegant design without skimping on performance has made him a legend in the yoyo world. We at couldn't be happier with what he has achieved with the Civility's design. (Colin is also the founder of TMBR Toys, and will be personally crafting the limited edition TMBR wood yoyos we are making available for a pledge of $50. *Although we are fans of One Drop yoyos, One Drop did not participate in the production of the Civility Yoyo.)

The Civility is a more advanced yoyo than anything we currently carry on By bringing this yoyo to market we will be able to teach much more advanced tricks on our yoyo tutorial website. Teaching the most advanced tricks is a critical part of our business; these are the tricks that our customers are the most interested in learning.

Since we will be using the Civility Yoyo to teach the advanced tricks on, anyone who purchases this yoyo will know for certain that their yoyo is capable of doing the tricks they wish to learn. Nothing is more frustrating than wondering if you are having difficulty with a trick because your yoyo is not good enough to do the trick. Because we have designed the yoyo for advanced learning, and since we will be using the yoyo to teach the most advanced tricks, we know the Civility will give any player the tools they need for success.

The Rewards

$1 - Get A sticker and our thanks!

$15 - Get a YoYoFactory One yoyo. This yoyo is designed for beginners, but can be modified for advanced play. YoYoFactory (who makes the bearings we will use in the Civility) has agreed to show their support by offering to make a special limited run of One yoyos just for the Civility Kickstarter Project. Those who pledge $15 will receive the limited edition One yoyo with Civility inspired caps! And we'll throw in a sticker.

$25 - Get the limited edition One yoyo along with everything you need to thrive as a new yoyoer: 10 extra strings, yoyo finger wrap so you can practice longer without the string hurting your finger, and the YoTricks Bloop yoyo holder so you can keep your yoyo with you at all times! And a sticker.

$50 - Colin Leland, the designer of the Civility and owner of TMBR toys, has offered to hand craft an exclusive run of Civility inspired fixed-axle wood yoyos. We have not yet seen what he has in store, but we know he means to impress! Those who pledge $50 will get this very limited edition handmade wooden yoyo by TMBR Toys. Along with a sticker.

$75 - Get the Civility yoyo itself. Not only will our Kickstarter supporters be the first to get their hands on a Civility yoyo, this is $15 off the retail price of the yoyo. And, what the heck, we'll throw in a sticker.

$85 - Get the Civility yoyo kit. This kit includes everything you need to keep your Civility in perfect working condition: the Civility yoyo, yoyo bearing lube, 10 extra strings, and the YoTricks Bloop yoyo holder. We'll even throw in a sticker, just because.

$160 - Get the complete set: the YoYoFactory One along with the Beginner Kit, the Civility inspired wooden TMBR yoyo, and the Civility along with its kit. And, of course, a sticker.

The song in this video is called grapes, check it out: 

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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The Civility's design is complete and tested. We have also worked out packaging for both domestic and international orders. While we are currently satisfied with the Civility's performance, we are also continuing to experiment with various tumbling and finishing methods prior to the anodizing process. We will continue to experiment with these methods to ensure that the first run is as good as possible.

Once we have enough capital for a full production-run we feel there are few risks, since we have already produced a satisfactory prototype using the same methods that will be used in production.

The only difficulty we foresee has to do with estimating production times. It is difficult to know at any given time how many projects will come in to the machine shop before we can submit our final order. The shop prioritizes orders based on a first-come first-served basis, so it is possible that it will take up to a month or two longer to receive our order than we expect. We have tried to give an appropriate estimate for when the yoyos will be delivered, but it is difficult to say whether our estimate is conservative or generous.


  • Yes. Once the project is closed you will receive communication for us where you will be given the option to select the color of your Civility Yoyo. The Civility will be made available in Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Grey, and Raw (i.e. non-anodized).

    Besides the pictures available in the project itself, you can see the Red, Green, and Purple Civility colors in the trick videos we have completed with the Civility. These can be seen by clicking the videos in the sidebar on the homepage of

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  • Aluminum - 6061

    Diameter - Just over 55mm.

    Width - 42mm (the catch zone is the full width of the yoyo, practically speaking).

    Weight - Around 69g (we are still working to match the weight with this yoyo's shape and size, but we are pretty sure it will come in around 69g or so).

    Bearing - YoYoFactory Size C Center Trac

    Response system - We will be using our own custom pads (made out of a cream colored silicone), but the yoyo is compatible with YoYoFactory slim pads and YoYoJam silicone pads as well.

    Finishing method - Our intention with the first run of yoyos was to tumble and anodize the yoyos. However, because of the Kickstarter project's early success we are going to start experimenting with a few other options as well. We are going to try out polishing the raw aluminum to make a "raw" polished edition available. We are also going to experiment with soda-blasting and possibly bead-blasting for a smoother anodized finish. We will keep you updated if and when we make progress these fronts.

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    A sticker, complete with our thanks! (All rewards include free U.S. shipping.)

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    A YoTricks Edition Beginner Yoyo - Get a YoYoFactory One Yoyo with limited edition Civility inspired caps. A great yoyo for learning the basics on

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    Beginner Yoyo Kit - Get the YoYoFactory One yoyo with limited edition Civility inspired caps, along with 10 extra yoyo strings, yoyo finger wrap to protect your yoyo finger, and the YoTricks Bloop belt-loop yoyo holder.

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    A Civility inspired Limited Edition TMBR Toys high performance handmade wood yoyo. Only available through the Civility yoyo Kickstarter Project.

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    The Civility Yoyo. Get a YoTricks Civility Yoyo before anyone else. This will be a finished (anodized) Civility Yoyo ready for advanced play.

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    The Civility Yoyo Kit. Includes the Civility Yoyo, Thin Yoyo Lube to protect the bearing, 10 extra strings, and the YoTricks Bloop belt-loop yoyo holder.

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    Get the complete set- A YoTricks Edition One with the Beginner Kit (reward #3), the limited edition TMBR Toys wood yoyo (reward #4), and the Civility Yoyo Kit (reward #6). Be ready for anything!

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