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A men's bikini-style brief with an enhancing pouch printed with a salute to the digital age.
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Shipping Undies Tuesday!

Phew! Long process but should be shipping the underwear on Tuesday... Posters will be a little longer because I have to have photos taken.

Fabric is being printed now :)


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Woot! Success!


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

WOOT! Success!

The goal has been reached! So anybody standing on the sidelines to see if I'd get close can go ahead and jump in now, assured that they'll get a pair of briefs!

As for sending Rep. Weiner a pair... well, he's no longer Rep. Weiner, so I'm not sure about the feasibility of sending him a pair. If he responds to my letter I'll be happy to :). Lol, my kickstarter campaign outlasted his career.

Anyway, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for helping me. There's still a few days left, so if you know any friends that would like some briefs, please share the link with them. Back to work!

Got my samples back

Had an interesting time Tuesday, when I got my samples back. First, my sample fabric is pink and blue... it's what my supplier had in stock for samples at the time. Yet when my cut/sew person pulled the sample out of the bag, they were black. Oh, and more surprise- how about a thong!

The thong stayed in the bag but the briefs were tried on. They felt weird though, so I compared them to the pattern... they were cut 2 inches larger in the leg than they should have been! So he's making me another sample, out of my material, and shipping it to me. I should have it o Monday/Tuesday.

The second sample is made out of a different material, but I ironed on a rough draft of the pattern. Since it's an iron on, the pattern is wanting to flake off, but it was good enough for me to get some pictures and give all you a clearer picture of my design.


Thank you guys for helping make this possible. I can't wait for this project to be successful so I can get some fabric DYED, cut, and sewn into sexy briefs :). There's one week left of funding and there's a way to go, but I'm confidant we'll get there.